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This evaluation report focuses on the effects and impacts specifically achieved from the 2011 to 2014 round of PPA funding. Specifically, the evaluation seeks to understand the investment decisions that PPA holders have been able to make because of the unrestricted and flexible nature of PPA funding and the effects of these investments. The evaluation was conducted by Coffey International which was contracted as the Evaluation Manager in 2011 to design and manage the overall evaluation functions of the PPAs.
    2014 Programme Partnership  Arrangements (PPA) Evaluation Report    This document has been approved for submission by Coffey’s Project Director, based on a review of satisfactory adherence to our policies on:  Quality management  HSSE and risk management  Financial management and Value for Money  Personnel recruitment and management  Performance Management and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Simon Griffiths, Project Director Signature: Client: DFID Civil Society Department Project: Evaluation Manager for the Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF) and Programme Partnership Arrangements (PPAs)  Authors: Simon Griffiths, Project Director, Coffey Neil MacDonald, Team Leader Peter Mayers, Evaluation Manager, Coffey Project No: IDEVFARR10033GB Date: 3 September 2015 Version: 3 Coffey International Development Ltd The Malthouse 1 Northfield Road Reading Berkshire RG1 8AH United Kingdom T (+44) (0) 1189 566 066 F (+44) (0) 1189 576 066 www.coffey.com Registered Office: 1 Northfield Road Reading Berkshire RG1 8AH United Kingdom Reistered in Enland No. 3799145 Vat Number: GB 724 5309 45 Cover photo: Woman farmer at the Nyando Climate Smart Villages. Photo: K. Trautmann. Taken on June 15, 2011. Kisumu, Nyanza, KE.  2014 Programme Partnership  Arrangements (PPA) Evaluation Report    Disclaimer This report is provided on the basis that it is for the use of DFID’s Civil Society Department only. Coffey International Development Ltd will not be bound to discuss, explain or reply to queries raised by any agency other than the intended recipients of this report. Coffey International Development Ltd. disclaims all liability to any third party who may place reliance on this report and therefore does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any such third party in reliance thereon.    2014 PROGRAMME PARTNERSHIP ARRANGEMENTS (PPA) EVALUATION REPORT PPA AND GPAF EVALUATION MANAGER  –  SEPTEMBER 2015  –  COFFEY Contents Executive summary 1 Section 1: Introduction 5 1.1 Background to the 2014 PPA Evaluation 5 1.2 Strategic funding through the PPAs 5 1.3 Evaluation approach and research methods 8 Section 2: Summary of key findings 12 2.1 What results did strategic funding deliver and how? 12 2.2 What is the strategic added value of unrestricted funding? 25 2.3 How effective was strategic funding in supporting innovation and learning? 30 2.4 To what extent are the benefits of strategic funding sustainable? 38 2.5 How PPA funding achieved good value for money? 41 Section 3: Conclusions 45 Section 4: Lessons Learned 49 Section 5: Recommendations 53  Annexes: Annex A: Revised PPA Theory of Change  Annex B: 2014 PPA Evaluation Strategy  Annex C: 2014 PPA Evaluation Framework  Annex D: Evaluation Management and Timescales  Annex E: Review of the 2014 PPA Annual Reports  Annex F: Primary Research with Sampled Agencies  Annex G: Review of the Learning Partnership  Annex H: Primary Research with Strategic Stakeholders  Annex I: 2014 PPA Online Survey  Annex J: Analysis of CHASE agencies
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