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Ryan Kuhn 2.2 Career Research Career Title: Management Analysts Description of career: Come up with new ways to improve a business’s efficiency. They advise managers on how to make high profits through reduced costs and increased revenues. Skills needed for career: Less than 5 years of related work experience. Minimum education/ training requirements: Most management analysts have at least a bachelor’s degree. The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation may improve job pr
  Ryan Kuhn2.2 Career ResearchCareer Title: Management AnalystsDescription of career: Come up with new ways to improve a businesss efficiency. They a!vise managers on how to ma e high profits through re!uce! costs an! increase! revenues.# ills nee!e! for career: $ess than % years of relate! wor e&perience.Minimum e!ucation' training re(uirements: Most management analysts have at least a bachelors!egree. The Certifie! Management Consultant )CMC* !esignation may improve +ob prospects.,rofessional !egree re(uirement: -ot necessary but never hurts.ears to complete !egree: / year bachelors !egree. 0 am about a year an! a half away.#alary range: 134526 7 158.36 per hour 9ob utloo : 3/; )Much faster than average*pportunities for growth an! a!vancement: <pper level e&ecutive positions achieve! through har! wor . Also wor as a consultant in a variety of fiel!s.#ources of information in this fiel!: search !atabases for potential employers.ther research necessary to !eci!e on career: =hich types of companies are loo ing to hire in this fiel!.
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