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INTERAGENCY COORDINATING BOARD Minutes of June 15, 2016 Meeting Final
    ITEM 2.0 September 2016 INTERAGENCY COORDINATING BOARD Minutes of June 15, 2016 Meeting Final Present: Dr. Henry Lee (Chair), Dr. Clint Wilson, II (Vice Chair), Ms. Ramona Bell-Pearson (alternate for Mr. Timothy Firestine), Mr. Mike Durso, Mr. Steve Farber, Ms. Grace Rivera-Oven, Mr. John McLean (alternate for Dr. DeRionne Pollard) Guests: Ms. Jill Ortman-Fouse (MCPS BOE Member), Ms. Vivian Yao (County Council), Mr. John Cumings (Parent, Rock Creek Forest ES), Haviz Adeojo (M-NCCPC) Staff: Ms. Ginny Gong, Ms. Elizabeth Habermann, Ms. Amina Getaneh, Mr. Ron Maxson, Mr. Blaise DeFazio, Mr. Eric Rasch 1.0 CALL TO ORDER  Announcements Dr. Henry Lee, ICB Chair, convened the meeting at 8:05 a.m. in the conference room of the Office of Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF) at 255 Rockville Pike, Suite 201, Rockville, Maryland. Introductions by Boardmembers, staff, and guests were made. Public Comments Public comments were made by Mr. John Cumings, regarding the latest bid process where Kid’s Adventure, the incumbent, was not re-selected by the committee as the provider for Rock Creek Forest Elementary. Mr. Cumings stated childcare parents should have the “strongest voice” in the selection process and noted his pending complaint with the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board. A copy of his testimony was distributed to Boardmembers. Ms. Rivera-Oven asked if Mr. Cumings was a member of the school’s selection committee for this bid process. Mr. Cumings stated he was not a member of the selection committee and noted that both his children attend Rock Creek Forest, of which the third grader will continue to attend the childcare program. 2.0    APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND MINUTES  Today’s agenda was approved, as were the minutes from March 16, 2016.  ICB Board Draft of June 15, 2016 Minutes Page 2 of 11 In an effort to reduce paper waste, Ms. Gong stated that future packets will include a hard copy of the “draft” minutes of the previous meeting and a copy of the “approved minutes” from two meetings ago only if edits were recommended. If no edits were recommended, the “approved minutes” from two meetings ago will be provided electronically. 3.0 CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS Chair Lee reflected on the meeting agenda items, in particular the continued focus on childcare issues. He was complimentary of the board and the office in that, despite the many challenges, ICB / CUPF has managed to successfully fulfill its mission. 4.0 DIRECTOR’S REPORT  Ms. Gong thanked Mr. Cumings for attending and providing his testimony. She noted some of the information provided in the testimony was not accurate and took the opportunity to present factual data related to childcare programs in schools. Ms. Gong shared that childcare providers constitute 30% of paid hours and approximately 20% of CUPF’s revenue (not the $7million mentioned in Mr. Cumings’ testimony). CUPF’s per hour operational cost is $12. On the average, childcare programs pay $10 per hour with about $2 subsidized. CUPF’s cost for managing the childcare programs’ space needs is approximately $2.1 million annually, which include reimbursements to MCPS and administration of the bid process. CUPF’s revenue from childcare programs is approximately $1.8 million. With approximately $13,000 to $20,000 per site, the childcare program operates at a loss of $200,000 annually. It may be true, according to Mr. Cumings’ testimony, that $35 million is paid in tuition fees by parents for the services offered by providers, but CUPF’s share for use of the facilities is only between 5% to 7% of the total tuition – approximately, $1.8 million. She also noted that fees for use of facilities have not increased for years. Reflecting on just the past six years since the office relocated from 600 Jefferson Plaza to 255 Rockville Pike, Ms. Gong informed the Board of the many changes that have impacted the office in terms of operations, database transition, personnel, etc. She elaborated on personnel changes in the office - employee retirements, relocations, and unfortunately the recent passing of a long time employee. Filling a vacant position is a lengthy process, requiring approval from OMB, advertising, recruiting, and hiring through OHR. Due to the amount of time required to advocate and ultimately fill a position and CUPF’s need for immediate assistance with the transition to  ActiveMONTGOMERY, temporary staff have been hired to provide support during this period. Plans are underway to house CUPF at the new Wheaton building in 2020. Meetings have been held with DOT and other consultants related to our future space needs.  ICB Board Draft of June 15, 2016 Minutes Page 3 of 11 In addition, staff has met with Parks and Recreation on the establishment of an  ActiveNet customer service center on the second floor of the new Wheaton building. The goal for this initiative is to create a cross-trained support team where phone or walk-in customers will receive assistance. Mr. Maxson provided details of the significant changes that have occurred within the core services team. The core services team has been redesigned in order to accommodate the office’s transition to ActiveNet software. Staff had to shift in October 2015 in preparation for going live in August 2016. The final implementation phase will be completed in three steps and will begin on July 1, 2016. Reallocation of staff into new sections and workgroups has been well received by the community. The processing time is typically same day if not next day. In comparison, the response time for requests in the past had taken weeks. Outreach to the community through the hosting of public forums has resulted in positive feedback from users and user groups. Ms. Gong acknowledged the hard work and commitment by Mr. Maxson and his team. In spite of the many ups and downs, the team has persevered. She did ask for the Board’s understanding when complaints surface after CUPF’s go-live date and historical use is no longer honored. This is a major shift in policy that is welcomed by some and problematic for others. Ms. Grace Rivera-Oven requested that literature sent to community user(s) be translated into Spanish which would assist Spanish speaking users in understanding the latest changes in policies. Mr. Maxson concurred and indicated the documents will be translated into Spanish. The extended school year has added an extra day impacting the summer camps already scheduled into schools. Staff has made the adjustments as needed. Mr. Durso stated this extension of the school year was due to the denial of a waiver submitted to the State. Ms. Gong discussed the inclement weather policy and the need for a modification to the current process. Currently the policy states that if MCPS finishes the day the decision to cancel for the evening becomes the decision of CUPF Director. This is ordinarily not an issue until MCPS makes a decision to cancel their school sponsored activities. When CUPF remains open, and MCPS’ decision to cancel school sponsored activities is in place, there is often chaos and both MCPS staff and CUPF users are confused as to which activities are canceled. Ms. Gong asked the Board to consider a modification to the current guidelines – that should MCPS cancel their school sponsored activities, all activities would be canceled. Aligning with MCPS in their weekday cancelation decisions will reduce confusion. Ms. Rivera-Oven added the change would be helpful with the issue of public safety as well. If MCPS cancels, there must be a belief that safety is an issue. Ms. Bell-Pearson questioned the economic impact of this alignment on CUPF’s operations. Ms. Gong confirmed that it would have minimal effect on CUPF economically.  ICB Board Draft of June 15, 2016 Minutes Page 4 of 11 Mr. Durso agreed with a consistent policy that would help with public safety. Chair Lee stated the overall consensus of the Board is to move forward with the modification of the current policy. This modification will be incorporated into the guidelines related to inclement weather cancellations for the upcoming winter season. In 2015 the Board approved the policy that stipulated all summer camps would pay the same summer camp rate. This related to the issue of joint occupant childcare providers in classrooms that were needed for all day kindergarten in 2005. MCPS had indicated to providers in those rooms that the services being provided would be terminated for the following year. In an effort to assist the providers that were in place, CUPF staff recommended to the Board that consideration be given to those joint occupant providers under MCPS to provide childcare services as the schools’ before and after school providers. Since the providers were paying MCPS the year round childcare rate, and wanted that rate continued, staff agreed to grant them the continued reduced rate in lieu of the summer camp rate (even though in reality they were running summer camps). The board accepted staff’s recommendations.  After 10 years of allowing the few providers to pay the lower rates, the Board decided that all providers operating summer camps should be charged the same summer camp rate and that this rate should be phased in over three years. This is the first year that those providers paying the lower rate will see a slight increase in their fees. The providers impacted will have to go through a bid process to remain in the schools. Those schools will be up for bid next year. CUPF partners with MCPS in the adopt-a-field opportunities by accepting the application forms, related materials, advertising on CUPF’s website, and participating as a panelist in the process. MCPS anticipates making award decisions on or about  August 1, 2016. The four elementary schools participating this year are: Carderock Springs Elementary School, Cedar Grove Elementary School, Clarksburg Elementary School, and Westbrook Elementary School. Ms. Gong provided explanation that there will be one partner for each school. The question was raised as to how schools are selected. Ms. Gong explained that principals express their interest in participating to the MCPS Division of Facilities. Park fees have increased slightly for the use of local and regional fields effective January 2, 2017. For local fields, the increase will be from $7 per hour to $9 per hour. The changes in fees stem from rising maintenance costs and the need to remain consistent with other jurisdictions. OMB recommended the fee for school field use remain the same, $5 per hour. Chair Lee noted that the ICB has always tried to align school field fees with those of Parks. However, with Parks fees increasing from $5 to $7 to $9, it should be clarified that ICB fees are remaining the same due to the health of the current fund balance. In the future, should the Enterprise Fund decrease, necessitating an increase in fees, users would have a better understanding of the rationale for the increase.
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