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INTERAGENCY COORDINATING BOARD Minutes of March 16, 2016 Meeting Final
   INTERAGENCY COORDINATING BOARD Minutes of March 16, 2016 Meeting Final Present: Dr. Henry Lee (Chair), Ms. Sylvia McPherson, Mike Riley (alternate for Marye Wells-Harley), Ms. Robin Confino, Mr. Mike Durso, Mr. James Song (alternate for Mr. Larry Bowers), Mr. Steve Farber, Ms. Grace Rivera-Oven, Mr. John McLean (alternate for Dr. DeRionne Pollard) Guests: Ms. Jill Ortman-Fouse (MC BOE Member), Mr. Gabe Albornoz (MCRD), Ms. Vivian Yao (County Council), Mark Pharro (MCRD Advisory Committee) Staff: Ms. Ginny Gong, Ms. Elizabeth Habermann, Ms. Amina Harvey, Mr. Ron Maxson, Mr. Blaise DeFazio, Mr. Eric Rasch 1.0   CALL TO ORDER Announcements Dr. Henry Lee, ICB Chair, convened the meeting at 8:09 a.m. in the conference room of the Office of Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF) at 255 Rockville Pike, Suite 201, Rockville, Maryland. Introductions by Boardmembers, staff, and guests were made. 2.0   APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND MINUTES  Today’s agenda was approved and the minutes from December 2, 2015 were approved. 3.0 CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS Chair Lee stated that recommendations regarding the fund balance were forwarded to the County Executive for his review. The County Executive was not supportive of funding artificial turf fields and forwarded his recommendations back to the ICB. Dr. Lee is hopeful that the Board will come to an agreement regarding the recommendations. 4.0 DIRECTOR’S REPORT  Ms. Gong commented on the end of winter and was hopeful that issues related to inclement weather would not be a consideration until next year. She expressed appreciation to Mr. Song and MCPS for their due diligence during the inclement weather season as there were many challenges throughout this past winter. A number of non-CUPF permitted organizations have directed members of their groups to follow CUPF’s inclement weather cancellation decisions. As such, CUPF’s weekend supervisors and staff are getting calls from members of these organizations inquiring as to the status of the decision making – especially when a major tournament is scheduled and would only happen based on CUPF’s decision. We are in the midst of trying to identify the organizations to ask their members to stop contacting CUPF’s emergency line for this  purpose. The members should only contact their organization for inclement weather updates.  ICB Board Draft of March 16, 2016 Minutes Page 2 of 6  No recent personnel changes have taken place but there are challenges faced with employees on extended leave. Ms. Gong commended staff for coming together and filling the service gaps when needed. The CUPF internal audit field work has been completed and the final results have not been determined but the audit should be finished by late March. CUPF’s Subsidy Pilot is being implemented. The determination is underway as to the groups that will benefit the most from this program. Ms. Gong commended Mr. DeFazio for his efforts in taking the lead on this pilot program. To date, ten applications have been submitted and eight have been approved. Construction in County Buildings has created a need to shuffle groups requesting space in the Rockville core area. Similarly, space is limited in Wheaton with the closing of Wheaton Library. The Executive Office Building/ Judicial Center Plaza can now be used as a venue since the construction project is complete. The WiFi project in the Silver Spring Civic Building is almost complete. Tri-State ice skating rink will conclude at the beginning of April and resume in October. Fenton Street market will not continue as a vendor but another market will take the place of the Fenton Street market. As with previous years, CAPP funds are placed in the Community Engagement Cluster’s budget but managed by CUPF. A list of awardees for the CAPP funding was included in the Director’s Report. CUPF has been added as a tenant in the Wheaton Development Project. Although it was a late decision, change is good. Planning sessions for Program of Requirements (POR) have begun. The  projected year for the move is 2019. Staff completed the permitting of summer programming requests. All forms submitted during the window were processed ahead of schedule in comparison to previous years. Ms. Gong acknowledged Mr. Maxson for his management of the Core Services Team in getting the job done with challenges related to ActiveNet and limited resources. Ms. Gong reflected on her 18 years with CUPF and of her respect for the vision of the County and the Board. She noted, on a day to day basis staff is continually connecting with multiple agencies and numerous partners. The mission of the ICB and the operations of the office are truly “interagency” in nature and the potential for Countywide impact is significant. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) with M-NCPPC should be reviewed. The collaboration established by the Council Resolution has been in place for about five years and review is recommended. Presently, there is one full-time and one part-time Parks staff located at CUPF’s Rockville office. With this initiative, as with other scheduling efforts, CUPF serves as the “middle man” and addresses challenges associated with that role. Ms. Gong re-affirmed the commitment on the part of both Directors to the spirit and vision that is in place in order to accommodate customers’ facility scheduling needs.  ICB Board Draft of March 16, 2016 Minutes Page 3 of 6 Ms. McPherson worked closely with Mr. Maxson to reactivate the Procedures & Guidelines Committee (P & G). Approximately 25 people were in attendance for the P&G meeting. On the agenda were issues related to user accountability, schools’ responsiveness, security deposits, and consequences for violations such as late departure, damage to room and equipment, presence of alcohol and other exclusions. The assessment of the security deposit was eliminated due to the added  processing fee of $45 per refund (even when there is no damage to the facility), defeating the purpose of requiring a security deposit. When and if there is damage, a decision would be made as to the extent of damage and the cost for reparations. The sense by some of the committee members was that large monetary fines would serve as a deterrent to hold groups accountable, but the County Attorney’s office was clear in stating that fines could not be collected. As such, focus was turned to the development of a clear step by step process for managing infractions of permit terms. The committee requested a designated staff person to support the scheduling of all large events who would meet with the group, help with logistics and ensure the group has a clear understanding of the  procedures and guidelines. In addition, the turnaround time for schools to respond to CUPF’s requests was set at five business days. This process would be in place as a two-year pilot program. Collaboration with MCPS is important to ensure proper support during these events. There will be instances when events will need to be shut down and CUPF commits to working with MCPS and  providing necessary assistance. The committee had recommended one change to CUPFs disciplinary step process for user violations, supporting an eighteen-month ban from the facility with the third violation. Mr. Song concurred with the plan for a pilot program and noted the unanticipated burden  placed on MCPS staff while hosting such major events. Ms. Gong cautioned against the addition of unreasonable staff fees for security with the proposed pilot. Monitoring the pilot over the two years will provide insight on needed improvements. Mr. Maxson stated the goal of the P& G Committee is to streamline the process so users are held accountable. If consequences are in place to prevent users from violating their contract, the number of violations would decrease. CUPF will fully support MCPS when events need to be shut down. Ms. Gong expressed gratitude to Mr. Maxson for working diligently with Ms. McPherson to get this  pilot program started, and agrees with Mr. Maxson that the two-year timeline for this program will allow CUPF and MCPS staff to iron out any parts of the process that may not benefit CUPF, MCPS or users. Ms. Gong closed by commenting on the uniqueness of situations that occur and, no matter what  process is in place, there will always be the need to consider situations on a case by case basis. 5.0 CHILDCARE REBID PROCESS Mr. DeFazio, manager of the Childcare program, provided an update on the childcare rebid process. Immediately following the December 2, 2015 board meeting, CUPF staff and Ms. Bell-Pearson met  jointly with Council’s PHED and Ed committees. Ms. Bell-Pearson prepared a packet recommending removal of the sunset date permanently. The Committee chose not to remove the sunset date but engaged in a discussion to either extend the sunset to 17 months, concluding two full cycles, or one year, concluding one full cycle and mid-way into another. Ultimately, the decision was to extend the sunset to 17 months, allowing CUPF to complete two cycles for review. Mr. DeFazio mentioned his meeting with the auditor and CUPF efforts to respond to the full scope of review regarding process and materials. Implementation of the rebid for the full cycle has been  ICB Board Draft of March 16, 2016 Minutes Page 4 of 6 challenging with 207 applications submitted for 22 schools, ranging from three to 15 applications per school. Applications were uploaded onto a secured website that allowed reviewers the ability to view the applications easily. The process has been streamlined - forms have been improved to ensure greater accuracy in computation of scores by committee members. This rebid cycle should conclude  by the end of April. Ms. Gong acknowledged Mr. DeFazio’s efforts in managing the program, meeting deadlines, and attending approximately 66 meetings over the span of a couple of months. Mr. Song suggested a survey of stakeholders. Mr. DeFazio noted the survey is already in place for committee members and a new survey will be sent to providers as well after the completion of this cycle. Dr. Lee inquired as to the feedback so far. Mr. DeFazio mentioned the feedback has been positive. Mr. Farber mentioned that he had spoken with Mr. Broglie with regard to his participation in the audit. He indicated he did not feel it necessary to be interviewed at this time but he would welcome the opportunity to review the final draft. Ms. Gong noted that staff have provided the auditors with voluminous documentation and information and is hopeful a review of the materials should serve to  produce a product that demonstrates good understanding of CUPF processes and challenges. 6.0 FUND BALANCE Ms. Habermann reported on the fund balance by noting CUPF’s continued responsible stewardship of the funds and that the budget is off to a good start. CUPF’s facilities continue to be in demand; fees have not changed since 2010. The nice challenge to be in is the spenddown of the fund balance. She noted the recommendations of the ICB were forwarded to Mr. Leggett. He supported most of the recommendations but not ones involving artificial turf fields. He expressed interest in targeting funds towards enhancement of other County facilities used by community groups. Of special note was support for the Silver Spring Civic Building. Additional funds are being recommended for field maintenance and for improvements suggested by Mr. Leggett. Ms. Habermann shared her concerns about the fee adjustments within ActiveNet. This has necessitated the need to review the bundling of fees. The $25 cancellation fee will no longer be in effect because of issues created within the system. An additional $200,000 a year is being assessed  because we are charged for each credit card, check, and internal chargeback transaction. CUPF’s hope is that growth will continue and the fund balance will not experience major cutbacks with the various changes in fee structures. She expressed appreciation for the ICB’s cautious approach to the spenddown. With careful monitoring so as to not over extend commitments, the fund  balance should be spent down in a responsible manner. Ms. Rivera-Oven asked if there is an increase in fees for for-profit users. Ms. Gong mentioned that with the spenddown of the fund balance in mind, and the desire of some ICB members to reduce fees when possible, staff opted to not raise fees at this time. For example, when trying to align fees among for-profit entities, and there was an option to increase fees in ActiveNet for the large versus smaller for-profits, staff elected to not raise the fees of smaller for-profits to match the large but rather reduced the large to match the smaller ones. Ms. Habermann also stated we would rather give the users more advanced notice, if and when the fees would be increased, with all the changes in place with ActiveNet.
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