12 to Transpose a Matrix

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12 to Transpose a Matrix
  C program to transpose amatrix This c program prints transpose of a matrix. It is obtained by interchanging rows and columns of a matrix. For example if a matrix is1 23 45 then transpose of abo!e matrix will be1 3 52 4   hen we transpose a matrix then the order of matrix changes#  but for a s$uare matrix order remains same. #include <stdio.h> int main(){ int m, n, c, d, matrix[10][10], transpose[10] [10];  printf(!nter the num er of ros and columns of matrix \n ); scanf($d$d, %m, %n);  printf(!nter the elements of matrix \n ); for (c & 0; c < m; c'')  for(d & 0; d < n; d'')  scanf($d,%matrix[c][d]);  for (c & 0; c < m; c'')  for( d & 0 ; d < n ; d'' )  transpose[d][c] & matrix[c][d];  printf(ranspose of entered matrix * \n ); for (c & 0; c < n; c'') {  for (d & 0; d < m; d'')  printf($d \t ,transpose[c][d]);  printf( \n ); + return 0; +
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