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1-Basic Settings(Configuration Steps)_co
  BASIC SETTINGS (Confguration Steps) 1. Defnition o Enterprise Structure Step 1.1: Defnition o Compan !at : SPRO – Enterprise Structure – Defnition – Financial Accounting – Defne CompanyClick on “Ne entries! uttonCompany # $D%&COCompany name# $D%&CO P't()t*(Street# R* no%+ ,an-ara .illsPO ,o/# 0123Postal Co*e# 14444%City# .y*era a*Country# 5N)anguage 6ey# ENCurrency# 5NRClick on “ Sa#e ! utton an* Click on “ Create re$uest ! uttonS7ort *escription # CompanyClick on “ Sa#e ! an* C%ic& Enter.Step 1.': Defne Compan Coe!at : Same as a o'e+ Click on “E*it+ Copy+ Delete+ C7eck Company Co*e!Dou le Click on “E*it Company Co*e *ata!Click on “ Ne entries !Company Co*e# $D%&Company Name# $D%& Company )t*(City# .y*era a*Country# 5NCurrency# 5NR)anguage# EN C%ic& on *Sa#e+  8itle# CompanyName# $D%& Company )t*(Country# 5NClick on “ Sa#e ! an* C%ic& Enter on Re9uest message . ,asic Settings – Confguration Steps PageNo: %  Step 1.,: Assign Compan Coe to Compan!at : SPRO – Enterprise Structure – Assignment – Financial Accounting – Assign Company co*e to Company Click on “Position! utton+ Company co*e # $D%& C%ic& on *Enter+ Company# $D%&CO C%ic& on *Sa#e+ ,y creating t7is step e are *eclaring to t7e System t7at Ak7ils C7emicals )imite* elongs to Ak7il ;roup o< Companies= Step 1.-: Defne Business Area!at : SPRO – Enterprise Structure – Defnition – Financial Accounting – Defne ,usiness Area,usiness Area# $SEC an* $>5?Description# C%ic& on *Sa#e+ ( '. unctiona% Area: !at : SPRO – Enterprise Structure – Defnition – Financial Accounting –Defne Functional Area or F@FBNC85ONFunctional Area : $D4% Functional Area 8e/t: 8ractors>ali* From : 4%40&4%1 to %%& C%ic& on *Sa#e+ (Functional Area : $D4& Functional Area 8e/t: Dumpers>ali* From : 4%40&4%1 to %%& C%ic& on *Sa#e+ ( (  isca% /ear 0ariant Step '.1: Defne isca% ear #ariant!at : SPRO – Financial Accounting – Financial Accounting ;lo al Settings – Fiscal ear – @aintain Fiscal ear >ariant T.Coe  2B'3 No action re9uire* i< you ant to assign any e/isting Fiscal ear >ariant( $ust i*enti<y 7ic7 Fiscal ear >ariant you ant to use <or your Company Co*e( 5< re9uire* Fiscal ear >ariant is not a'aila le+ e can create it eit7er y copying it or y creating a Ne entry( Step '.' Assign Compan Coe to isca% ear #ariant!at : Same as a o'e – T.Coe 4 2B,5 ,asic Settings – Confguration Steps PageNo: &  Click on “Position!+ Company co*e # $D%% C%ic& on *Enter+ Fiscal year 'ariant#$ C%ic& on *Sa#e+ ( C art o Accounts Step ,.1:   Defne C art o Accounts!at : SPRO – Financial Accounting – ;eneral )e*ger Accounting – ;G) Accounts – @aster recor*s – Preparations – E*it C7art o< Accounts list – T. Coe  2B1,  Click on “Ne entries!C7art o< Accounts #CA$DDescription#COA <or $D%&@aintenance langague #EN)ent7 o< ;) AGc No( #42 C%ic& on *Sa#e+Step ,.': Assign Compan coe to C art o Accounts 4 T. Coe 2B6'!at : Same as a o'e(Click on “ !osition !+ Company Co*e #$D%& C%ic& on *Enter+ C7art o< Accounts#CA$D C%ic& on *Sa#e+Step ,.,: Defne Account Groups  – T. Coe  2BD-!at : Same as a o'e( Done y using )S@HClick on “ Ne entries !C7art o< AccountsAccount ;roupNameFrom AGc(8o AGc(CA$D)ia ility)ia ility%44444%CA$DAssetAsset&44444&CA$DRe'enueRe'enue44444CA$DE/pE/p0444440 C%ic& on *Sa#e+.Step ,.-:   Defne 7etaine Earnings Account   T. Coe 4 2B8,!at : Same as a o'e(C7art o< Accounts # C%ic& on *Enter+ ,asic Settings – Confguration Steps PageNo:   PI) Statment AGc type# /Account# %44%44 C%ic& on *Sa#e+ Harning message appears+ 5gnore it y clicking on  Enter  again( 0( !osting perio #ariant Step -.1: Defnition o posting perio #ariant!at : SPRO – Financial Accounting – Financial Accounting ;lo al Settings – Document – Posting perio*s – Defne 'ariants <or open posting perio*s Click on “ Ne entries !>ariant #Name# C%ic& on *Sa#e+Step -.':   Assign posting perio #ariant to Compan coe!at :  Same as a o'e(Click on “ !osition ! uttonCompany Co*e# C%ic& on *Enter+ >ariant# C%ic& on *Sa#e+Step -.,:   2pen an C%ose posting perios!at :  Same as a o'e(Click on “ Ne entries !>ariant#Account type# J8o open Normal posting perio*s=From perio* %# % ear#&4% 8o perio* # %&ear#&4%8o open Special posting perio*s=From perio* &#%ear#&4% 8o perio*#%2ear#&4% 1: Num9er ranges or Documents Step:   Creation o num9er ranges or ocument tpe *SA+!at : SPRO – Financial Accounting – Financial Accounting ;lo al Settings – Document – Document .ea*er – Defne *ocument types – T.Coe 4 2BA5 ,asic Settings – Confguration Steps PageNo: 0
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