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Project 1.2.11a Glider Design Challenge Report Student Name: ________Andrew B.___________ In Project 1.2.10 Glider Design Challenge One, you designed a stable glider. In this project, you are going to expand your knowledge through more advanced skills while refining your glider design. This is an importance design step of refining and testing a design to improve your design concept. Glider Design Describe the information that you entered into the AERY software. I first us
  Project 1.2.11a Glider Design Challenge Report Student Name:  ________Andrew B.___________  In Project 1.2.10 Glider Design Challenge One, yo designed a sta!le glider. In this roject, yo are going to e# and yor $nowledge throgh %ore ad&anced s$ills while re'ining yor glider design. (his is an i% ortance design ste o' re'ining and testing a design to i% ro&e yor design conce t. Glider Design Descri!e the in'or%ation that yo entered into the A)*+ so'tware.I 'irst sed the constraints gi&en to s !y the P(- roject. (hen I sed the hints gi&en !y the Aery so'tware to %a$e %y air lane 'lya!le, %a$ing sre I did not e#ceed the gi&en constraints Benefits of Computer Based odels Descri!e the in'or%ation that the A)*+ so'tware ro&ides. Descri!e how yo wold co% te the sa%e in'or%ation sing yor $nowledge o' Aeros ace engineering and a calclator.(he in'or%ation A)*+ ro&ides %a$es it easier to adjst the osition and the sies o' the wings, in order to %a$e the lane %ore e''ecti&e at 'lying. -ithot the rogra% we wold ha&e to do the calclations !y hand to 'igre ot the center o' gra&ity and how to adjst the lane, calclations which I ha&e no idea how to do Glider Construction Based on what yo ha&e learned, descri!e additional s$ills and $nowledge essential 'or trans'or%ing a glider design into an actal %odel.-e need to $now how to wor$ with wood e''ecti&ely, as that is what we are %a$ing the gliders ot o', i.e. gling and ctting.  Glider Design Prints  Attach A)*+ glider design so'tware rints 'ro% the two challenges.Did this on the co% ters withot the A)*+ rints, !t I ha&e the% rinted ot in hysical 'or%, had a %ain ta! ictre o' one on %y 'lash dri&e.
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