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TE876 Kerri Jones 6/21/16 Technology Proposal 1:1 iPads or 1:1 Chromebooks Technology has become the here and now for our students. The need to integrate technology into our classrooms is evident. With technology integration in place, we can move our students into a student-centered 21st Century learning atmosphere, engage students in higher-level thinking and move our students towards a collaborative effort and project based learning (Morphew, 2012). Our district is choosing to put a 1:1 init
   TE876Kerri Jones6/21/16 Technology Proposal 1:1 iPads or 1:1 Chromebooks  Technology has become the here and now for our students. The need to integrate technology into our classrooms is eident. !ith technology integration in lace# we can moe our students into a student$centered 21 st  %entury learning atmos here# engage students in higher$leel thin&ing and moe our students towards a collaboratie e'ort and ro(ect based learning )*or hew# 2+12,. -ur district is choosing to ut a 11 initiatie in lace. hould we moe forward with i0ads or %hromeboo&s Proposal:  beliee that 11 %hromeboo&s are the technology tool that would be the most aluable technology tool for our school district.  There are seeral reasons that %hromeboo&s would be the best choice for our district Staf Training  The 3rst reason is that we hae seeral teachers on sta' that hae been trained in 4oogle and would be able to lend their e5 ertise to hel train our sta' in 4oogle a lications# cloud storage# e5ternal storage# and the best rograms aailable to integrate technology into our curriculum across all sub(ects. !e are ery luc&y to hae this resource in lace. Training for sta' is im eratie so that teachers feel comfortable with the technology and hae &nowledge on how to moe forward with integration. ta' will need time to collaborate with others to be able to share best ractices# be able to use a ariety of methods and o ortunities to deelo their own technology com etencies and to &now how to successfully integrate technology into their lesson lans and curriculum )Tech ecision *a&er,. This will ta&e training through in$serices with our trained sta' as well as outside resources. Productivity   The second reason is roductiity. %hromeboo&s hae the ability to o en seeral tabs at once. tudents would not hae to close an a and start a new one such as with i0ads. This gies the users multitudesof information at their 3ngerti s. tudents and sta' can wor& oine as well as online. -ur district also needs to loo& at which rocessor to hae in the %hromeboo& to ma&e ecient use of time. 9 study com ared two  ty es of rocessors the ntel rocessor and an 9:* rocessor. The ntel rocessor was found to be a much faster rocessor# saing students and sta'# time waiting and more time focused on learning.  The ntel rocessor also has a longer battery life );an <ame = %atchings# 2+1>,. ?ess time in the classroom will be wasted with a faster rocessor. Student Engagement  9nother reason for initiating 11 %hromeboo&s is student engagement. tudies hae shown that with the %hromeboo&s in lace# students hae scored higher on testing. n a study that too& lace in 4eorgia# the district@s ninth grade students scored ABC on year$end testing for those that used chromeboo&s. The students that used traditional resources scored at 8+C. The students using the technologyhad interactie software that included curriculum for all core standardsand was also lin&ed to the state standards. This technology was free to educators and was used at no cost to the district )*arshall# 2+1D,. n *ichigan# students@ scores on the *E90 increased after their artici ation in the 11 com uter rogram )Tech ecision *a&er, This brings u another ositie for using this technology in our district. There are many wonderful rograms aailable for free or at great discounts for educators. !e (ust need to do the research to 3nd what will wor& for our school system@s technology and students@ needs.tudents can also wor& collaboratiely in grou s with 0ro(ect$ased ?earning. Cost   The last factor to consider is cost. !e all &now that this inestment will come with a considerable cost. %hromeboo&s are ery a'ordable in com arison with other technology roducts. Technology com anies will gie an educator discount to schools loo&ing to inest inour children@s futures with technology. There are also seeral grants that are aailable to a ly for to hel bring cost down. -ur district will also need to ma&e sure we hae enough infrastructure bandwidth to handle the increase in in nternet use. This will ta&e some research and robably some increase in dollars as well. Conclusion  beliee that our district would bene3t greatly from a 11 %hromeboo& initiatie. Through this moe into 21 st  %entury technology# our teachers and sta' can learn how to become more e'ectie teachers# using technology to rede3ne lesson lans and curriculum to romote# su ort and model creatie and innoatie thin&ing to engage our students in higher$leel thin&ing. !e will be re aring our students for future endeaors and success )*or hew# 2+12,.  :eferences;an <ame# *. = %atchings# . )2+1B# ecember,. %hromeboo&s in the classroom 9 com arison $ 0T. :etrieed June 21# 2+16# fromhtt //www. rinci ledtechnologies.com/ntel/%hromeboo&FeducationF121BFB. df *arshall# !. )2+1D# *ay 26,. 7 ?essons ?earned Grom a uccessful 1$to$1 ?a to 0rogram $$ THE Journal. :etrieed June 21# 2+16# from htt s//the(ournal.com/articles/2+1D/+D/26/7$lessons$learned$from$a$successful$1$to$1$la to $ rogram.as 5 *or hew# ;. <. )2+12,.  A constructivist approach to the NETS for teachers . nternational ociety for Technology in Education )TE,. < A781D6>8>B1BD Tech ecision *a&er )n.d., www.techlearning.com/tech. :etrieed June 21# 2+16.
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