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Intermediate Accounting
  Intermediate Financial Accounting I Inventories: Additional Valuation Issues  Inventories: Additional Issues2 Objectives of this Chapter I.Introduce Inventory estimation methods: the gross profit method and the retail inventory method.II.Determine ending inventory cost by applying the gross profit method.III.Determine ending inventory cost by applying the retail inventory method.  Inventories: Additional Issues3 Objectives of this Chapter (contd.) IV.Compare the gross profit method and the retail inventory method.V.Eplain dollar!value I#$ retail method.VI.Discuss accounting issues related to purchase commitments.  Inventories: Additional Issues% I. Estimating Inventory:   Gross Profit Method and etai! Inventory Method  &easons: #or some companies' inventory information is needed bet(een accounting periods . Companies cannot afford to do physical inventory count every )uarter.  *hus' either the gross profit method or the retail inventory method can be used to estimate value of ending inventory for interim reports.
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