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The Arl(ansas Family Historian Volume 11, No.1, Jan/Feb/Mar 1973 published by Arkansas Genealogical Society po Box 908 Hot Springs, AR THE ARKANSAS FAMILY HISTORIAN VOL.XI, NO. 1 JAN. - ft:b.
The Arl(ansas Family Historian Volume 11, No.1, Jan/Feb/Mar 1973 published by Arkansas Genealogical Society po Box 908 Hot Springs, AR THE ARKANSAS FAMILY HISTORIAN VOL.XI, NO. 1 JAN. - ft:b. - MAR., 1973,. I ' '~ Pu1li.hed Quarterly By ARKANSAS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY BOX 283 HAZEN, ARKANSAS 72064 -1- OFFICERS Mrs, Wilma H. Newton President Hampton, Arkansas Mr s. Mario B. Cia, Sr., Vice-President. Little Rock, Arkansas Mrs. M. A. Neel Rec,Sec. - Treas. Hazen, Arkansas Miss Annie Laurie Spencer Corres. El Dorado, Arkansas Dr. James S. Upton Historian Conway, Arkansas Capt. John C. Hammock Herald Dermott, Arkansas DIRECTORS Mrs. Duncan B. Brown, Jr. Alonzo D. Camp Mrs. He R. Garner Mrs. F. O. Griffin, Sr. Mrs. Johnita Glover Capt. John C. Hammock Mrs. Hayle P. Hollis Mrs. Mark T. Jordan Sec. Miss Jennie Belle Lyle Mrs. Lillian McGowan Mrs. Gerald B. McLane Mrs. M. A. Neel Major Perkins Nunnally Mrs. Leister E. Presley Little Rock Little Rock Rison Helena Pine Bluff Dermott Camden Little Rock Little Roc!k El Dorado Hot Springs Hazen Pine Bluff Searcy THE ARKANSAS FAMILY HISTORIAN ASSOCIATE EDITORS, Mrs. Mario B. Cia, Sr. (Managing Editor) 4200 IA St. Little Rock, Ark Mrs. Hershel R. Garner~ 700 E. Magnolia Street~ Rison, Arkansas Mrs. M. A. Neel, Box 2d3, Hazen, Arkansas Mrs. F. O. Griffin, Sr., Rt. 1, Box 125, Helena, Arkansas Mrs. Robert Hubbard, Rt. 6, Box 238, Hot Springs, Arkansas Miss Annie Laurie Spencer, Box 429, El Dorado, A.rkansas CONTENTS PAGE OUR NEW PRESIDENT Q~ MRSQ WILMA H. NEWTON,.~q o.2 THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Mrs. Wilma H. Newton, 3 FRIDDLE-RANKIN FAMILIES Frieda L. Kellie 4 THE MEADORjMEADOW FAMILy Maj or Perltins Nunnally 9 CONSTITUTION of the ARKANSAS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY Mrs. Wilma H. Newton 16 SURNAME LIST CENSUS, CHICOT COUNTY, ARKANSAS 21 FROM OUR NOTE BOOK Major Perkins Nunnally, C.G 24 HISTORY of the STILLWELL FAMILY By Roy B. Young, 26 MARRIAGES REPORTED IN THE EARLY FILES OF THE ARKANSAS GAZETTE, 33 BOOK REVIEW-- THE LEGACY OF PETER HENRY DIERKS ... By Mary D. Hudgins 38 GRUBBS FAMILY CEMETERY Chamberville, Arkansas 40 QUERIES &.Mrs. Leister E. Presley~ ~~42 WORKSHOP of the ARKANSAS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY May 5, ~ The Arkansas Genealogical Society supplies the Quarterly to its members. Membership is open to anyone interested in helping collect and preserve the Famil~ history of Arkansas Ancestors and Descendants. Membership for one year $ 5. Single issues mailed. Neither the Associate, Managing Editor nor the Arkansas Genealogical Society assume any responsibility for information or material made by contributors. Correspondence concerning any article should be addressed to the authors. Copyright Arkansas Genealogical Society, Box 283, Hazen, Ark OUR NEW PRESIDENT Our new President, Mrs. Willma Humphreys Newton of Hampton needs no introduction to A.G.S. members. When she assumed the Presidency in January. she also began her tenth year of service to this organization in an executive capacity. Although she has been in Arkansas since 1946, she is a native of Jennings, Louisiana. She was born in a turn-of-the-century victorian house called Sunnymeade that has been the home of four generations of her family. If all goes well, Christmas 1974 will be the 75th Christmas of the Humphreys family at Sunnymeade. Three factors in Mrs. Newton's life have made basic contributions to her love for genealogy~ (a) A grandmother who was well versed in family history which she instilled in her grandchildren; (b) a college Minor in History; and (c) her chosen profession as a land title abstracter. In this field, she has worked in Ouachita, calhoun, Dallas, and Garland Counties and has done special assignments in other counties. She has accumulated much source material that is not generally known to the layman who makes a cursory search at the Court House. Our new President has traced several of her family lines into the 1500's. Her earliest known ancestor in America, according to documentary evidence, was here in 1613, when the French Hugenot William (Guilliame) De Vigne, and his wife, born Adrienne Cuevellier, came with the Dutch to settle New Amsterdam. Six years later, her Pilgrim Ancestors, John and Elizabeth Tilley Howland and Richard Warren, came on the MAYFLOWER. In 1630, John Chipman of Dorset, England came and founded the Chipman family in America. Perez Chipman,Jr. of Camden, Delaware (later Guilford County, N.C.) was Mrs. Newton's Revolutionary War Ancestor. Thanks to her ancestors, she is eligible for most patriotic societies, except U.D.C. As she expresses it, I had a brace of Yankee grandfathers in the War Between the States. Mrs. Newton has two profound beliefs about Genealogy: (1) It is the best defense against Communism in America today. As one learns of his forebears and the interesting part they played in each period of American History, he learns a greater sense of apprciation of his country, and he loves it more. (2) Genealogy, in order to be enjoyed, must be shared. She explains, It was the good work of those on-the-ground workers who shared what they had found that enabled me to learn so much about my early ancestors. TO KEEP THE CHANNEL OPEN, I try to share the vitally interesting things that I have learned about people who have lived in Arkansas. The mailing address of the President is: P.O. Box 41, Hampton,Arkansas page -2- -3- THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE As we begin our ELEVENTH YEAR, we find it to be one of GREAT CHANGE. CHANGE NO.1: Although we are retaining our Post Office BOx until June 30, 1973, our Headquarters is no longer in conway. NEW HEADQUARTERS ADDRESS IS, BOx 293, Hazen, Arkansas All correspondence of a general nature should be sent here.. ~ in ConwflY... CHANGE NO. 21 We have set up the following Standing committees, as provided in the constitution and By-Laws of the A.G.S., MEMBERSHIP, Mrs. Robert Hubbard (Margaret), Rt. 6, BOX 238, Hot Springs, Arkansas Send all dues, applications for memberships, etc. to Mrs. Hubbard. PROGRAM, Mrs. Mario B. Cia (Elaine), Vice President, 4200 A st., Little Rock, Arkansas PROMOTION & PUBLICITY, Mrs. Hayle P. Hollis (Roberta) 628 Banner Street, camden, Arkansas , PUBLICATIONS~ Chairman & Editor, Mrs. Mario B. Cia, 4200 A St., Little Rock, Arkansas Mrs. Hershel R. Garner, 700 E. Magnolia St., Rison, Arkansas Mrs. M. A. Neel BOX 283, Hazen, Arkansas Mrs. F. O. Griffin,Sr., Rt. I, BOX 125, Helena, Arkansas Mrs. Robert Hubbard, Rt. 6, Box 238, Hot Springs, Arkansas Miss Annie Laurie Spencer, Box 429, El Dorado, Arkansas GENEALOGICAL ASSISTANCE, Please refer to QUERY SECTION of this magazine for Members of this committee. CHANGE NO. 3s Our principal aim this year is to get our Quarterly out on time. We have deferred releasing this issue slightly to allow members to renew for We plan to use the publication to keep our membership informed about the workings of our society. WATCH YOUR MAGAZINE FOR NOTICES OF MEETINGS AND OTHER MESSAGES OF IMPORTANCE. With this in view, we are printing in this issue the Constitution and By-Laws of the A.G.S. PLEASE KEEP THIS FOR REFERENCE. We plan to offer some amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws in the next issue. These will be voted on at the Annual Meeting in october in Hot Springs. Date to be anno~nced. OUR LIBRARY is no longer housed at the Chamber of Commerce in Conway. Mrs. Jerry P. Glover, 4008 Holly Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601, is our LIBRARIAN. She has been authorized by The Board of Directors to set up the Library under accepted regulations for libraries with the view to making it available to membership. FINAL PLANS ON THIS TO BE ANNOUNCED. THE MURPHYS: Here, we express thanks to GUy and Dolores Murphy of conway for their ardent work in behalf of this society. Mrs. Murphy has resigned as Editor, effective December 31, 1972, after holding the post since Mr. Murphy, through his work in the conway Chamber of Commerce has given our society many boosts and has smoothed the (Continued on page -41-) FRIDDLE -, RANKIN FAMILIES By Frieda L. Kellie 4 I know little of the actual travels of the Fridd1es that can,be proved, However, it is believed they migrated from Germany to the Carolina states, From there they have migrated all over the U.S.A.. The variant of the spellings are Freddel, Freidel and PradelL I know my gr gr~grandfather lived and married in Illinois. Perhaps he was the son of George Friddle of North Carolina, either in Orange County or around this area, This George married Miss Kirnery (?), Some of their descendants were: George; Peter; John; Frederick; Elizabeth and Katie. However, I cannot prove this is my f~mily but there are,too many similar things that fit for me to ignore, The above mentioned John did move to Illinois then married, then had a son named John Riley Friddle_ My gr-gr-'grandfather, John Friddle, married Emily Kinnon (Kinman) in 1838 Her father was Jerimiah Kinnon. Nothing more is actually known of the Kinnons and perhaps it is misspelled. The Kinnon and other in my lineage, Stephens and Tungate, were among the orignal settl~rs of, at that time, Schuyler County, Illinois, region. Previous tothat it was a wildernes.s. The Kinnons and Tungates were believed of Cherokee lineage. My gr-grandfather, John Riley Friddle, married Mary Jane Stephens (Stevens) in 1870., Mary's parents were Argill Stepehns Ilnd Nancy Tungate, married in 1838 Nancy'ls father was John Tungate; here, again nothing more is known of the Tungate family. John R, Friddle and Mary Stephens were married in Rushville, Ill. He was a minister and we are fortunate to have his credentials in our possession. We do know John R, and Mary moved to Crawford Coo.' Ark before 1896 by proof of his credentials as they were dated June 14, Crawford Co,, Ark. The church was Mt. Olive Free Will Baptist Church in Chester, Ark, This building still stands and is in use as my own grandmother still attends; she is nearing eighty years old John R., Friddle's son and my grandfather was Bert Theodore. He married Sarah E., Rankin on April I, 1908, in Chester, Ark, He was well known as a Frisco Railroad man for many years, For some years my grandparents lived in Conway, Ark , until their home bur'ned, nothing saved except the old family Bible with all these records They then moved back to 'the old home in Chester FRIDDLE = RANKIN FAMILIES 5 My father is Howard H, Friddle, who married Vaneda V. Mullens July 25, 1936, in Crawford Co., Ark. It was a double wedding with dad's cousin by Rev. Joe Lovett. They presently reside in LaSalle, Michigan JOHN and EMILY KINNON FRIDDLE descendants are: 1, George 2. Eli 3. MaryJane 4. Oliver 5. Angeline 6. John Riley, b, 1850, d. 1917; married Mary Stephens, b, 1852, d Their family: a. Mrs, Della May Carter, ; she had five children. b. James Curtis m. Irene Ridenoure; they had three children. c. Mary Ollie --- Friddle who married four times, outliving them all: 1st. Ramuth, 2nd Kaufman, 3rd.. Collins, 4th Reniff, She had -- no family. She was --born 1878 and 'di'ed d. Rhoda Ann, , m, Andrew Ridenoure and had at least five children. e. John Henry, l884-l965,m, Eva Fry and had two sons. f. Bert T., , m, Sarah Rankin, These are my grandparents: their children are Arthur; Louis; Howard; Donald; Franklin and Johnny Ray. g. Emerson Rosco , m, Flore Pace; they had two daughters. h y Bessie Cecil. b and m, Ora Brandenburg. They had a large family, also live in Bartlesville, Okla. I i. Willie Ellis (Bill) , m, Minnie Pearl Pace; they have no family and are both dead. 7. Charlie Friddle married Julia Stephens; they had ten children: a, Nora m. 1st Pierce Leak, 2nd Robert McConnell, no living family. b. William m. Susie Cornelliousj they had six children. c. Effie, , d. Infant girl (Pearl?) e. James Henry m. Dessie Wright in 1911; they had two daughters, f, Walter m. Alice McCubbin; they had two children, g. Stella m. Hugh Hammersley; they had two children. h. Ella mo Clyde Denton; I have no family records for them. i. Georgia m. Henry Shepard; they had two daughters. j. Charley m. Mable Tombleson; they,too,had two daughters. FRIDDLE - RANKIN FAMILIES -6- Arg~ll Stephen was born 1810 and Nancy Tungate was born 18~2. Their family: 1. Calvin m. Nancy Smith and had several children. One son was Albert, died after 'surgery in in Calvin was born 2. Elias; no~thing more is known of him except he was born in 1849, 3 Kida; no~ing more is known of (her?). Born in Mary Jane married John Riley Friddle. Their family is listed, ' 5. Julia A. married Charley Friddle, Their,family is listed above, 6 Maro; nothing more is known of hill\. or her as the date is not clear. According to 1860 census, he was born in At present I have considerable data of the Rankin family and I must thank Mrs, Mabel Rastall for this,. However, I cannot prove where they are from but believe England, My gr-gr-gr-grandfather, Moses Rankin, married Sarah Toombs. She came from a well known Southland family, with political background. Their son, Henderson Clark Rankin (known as H.C,R,) m. Elizabeth Shepard in After her death he remarried a widow whose maiden name was Wright about 1867, His first wife is the mother of my gr-grandfather,who lived to be 98 years old, Thomas J. Rankin m. Martha E. Strong in Sarah E., married a Friddle. Ellen E. Strong is related to William Penn. She was the daughter of a well known druggist who practiced near Winslow, Arkansas. Benjamin F. Strong and Sarah Antill m. in 1833 and were her parents (Antills are related to Wm Penn). Sarah Antill's parents were James ( ) and Elizabeth Guess Antill (d 1852), T. R, Strong's parents were Samuel, d. 1815, and Elizabeth Huffman Strong, b. 1790, d They were born in Ohio County, West Virginia. Elizabeth's parents were Benjamin and Sarah Huffman, migrants from Germany, They settled on the Potomac to become farmers. Their daughte~, T.R. Strong was also born in Ohio County, West Virginia, came to Arkansas about The year of birth was 1810 and he died in He enlisted in Militia in 1863 and discharged the same year due to injury, He was also a carpenter and millwright. friddle - RANKIN FAMILIES -7- Back to the Rankins: Thomas Rankin was mainly a farmer and worked on Frisco Railroad company. He was known fondly as Uncle Tom , He and Martha Strong were married 1876 in Mercer County, Mo., by Rev. Henry Harvey. H, C. Rankin was born in Murry County, Tenn. (however, I believe Murry County is an error as studying Tennessee history I find no Murry County bur Maury County).H,CoR. joined Confederate forces, then later taken as prisoner at battle of Pea Ridge December Later was listed as Union Soldier in 1863; he had been an Union sympathizer. He was discharged at Memphis, Tenn., by close of war. He was injured in 1864 by a shell exploding which a figment struck his right side. He had become a resident of Crawford Co Ark., by His daugher, Sabra Rankin, married into the well known family of Gen.Robert E. Lee, She married Edmund Lee, his parents being Henry Lee and Lucy Furrow. The family of MOSES RANKIN and SARAH TOOMBS: 1, Henderson Clark Rankin, , married Elizabeth Shepard, : a. Thomas Jefferson Rankin, this data will be listed ~ter. b; J. N. Rankin l86l--? c. Eliza R. Rankin, ? d. William E. Rankin, e. Ezra Rankin, l868--? f. Robert Rankin, l870--? g. Mary Emma Rankin, Note: a through c were by H,C.R,' s first wife; the remaining d through g were by his second wife: no other date is known. 2. Sabra Rankin m. Edmund Lee: a. Francis Lee m. James Osborn; they had one daughter and several grandchildren. b. Emaline Lee m. Frank Sims; I have no family recorded for them. c, Mary Lee m. John McClendon; they had one daugher named Alice. ' 3, Mary Rankin, , m. Mr. Furlow: a. Bush Furlow; no other information available. b. Sarah Furlow, m. Mr. Henson, and 2nd. Mr. Paschal c. Pamela Furlow, m. Mr. Preston and 2nd, Mr. Brady; had one son. d. John Furlow, m, Delia Rhodes; they had eleven children. FRIDDLE - RANKIN FAMILIES -8- The family of THOMAS J, RANKIN, , and MARTHA E. STRONG, : 1, Carl R , mo Eva Huckleberry, They had eight children, 2, George Kingston, , mo Mary Simpson; they had three.children. 30 Grace May ?, m, Joseph Valliquette and had five children. She now lives in Oklahoma, 4. Laura, , m. Robert Lee Duggin and had two children, 5, William Eo, , mo Daisy Collins and had two children, 6, Sarah E., b and married Bert Friddle, This family is listed previously and these are my grandparents, 7, Luther, , m. Kate Wilson; they had several children, 8, Walter Scott, , mo 1st Linnie Wilson, had no family, He then rem. Elsa Carrol; they had one daughter, Mrs, Juanita London, who was married the same time as my parents at the double wedding. The family of B. F, STRONG, , and SARAH ANTILL, , are: 10 George W, Strong 2, Emeline Strong Lane 3., Samuel Strong 4, James 5. William H, 6. Thomas J, 7, Benjamin 8. Ellen Strong who married T. J. Rankin, and their family is listed above. She and her sister, Sarah, were midwives and well thought of for their talent, 9, Sarah Elizabeth Strong, l848--?, m, Reese Ballew in I have most of his lineage also since there is a book written about him: a. Maude Augusta, ? b. Edward Thomas l872--? c,. Harriet, , m, Lewis Emory Pryor; they have one daughter, Mrs. Vera J, Alker, who did live in Washington, D, C, and worked in the Archives there 0 do Seward l879--? e, Weslow Theadore, ? f, Sallie High1ane, g. Adda, ? h. Cazzy, l891--?, m. Jessie Summers. Mrso Frieda L., Kellie 5125 Evergreen Dr, Monroe, Mich -9- THE MEADOR/MEADOW FAMILY by Major Perkins Nunnally, C, G, There are many of the name of MEADOR and variant spellings located in all areas of the State of Ar~nsas. More than a dozen families are located in our County of Jefferson, A large percen~ tage descend from one of the five sons of John Meador of Essex County in the section later known as Caroline County, Virginia. John.was the grandson of Thomas Meador and son of Thomas Meador, Jr., both of Essex County, Virginia section, though previously known as Lancaster, then later Rappahannock. John Meador (Meades, Meados, Meadows) was born ca 1650 and in 1677 married Elizabeth White, who died , leaving four sons and three daughters, John married second ca 1695; name not proven, At his death in 1721 only Thomas of his sons had survived; however, by second marriage ther was Jonas (of age); Job, Joshua and Jason, minors 0 Please note the four latter sons have Biblical names beginning with letter J . This tradition followed by most son and grandsons with a large number of the earlier descendants having a name beginning with j or the then interchangeable I . Job and Jason moved into South West Virginia and then by 176,1 into North Carolina, their issue moving into the other Southern states of South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia. Joshua is believed to have migrated into the Western Section of Virginia in what is now the State of West Virginia. Thomas has not been definitely traced, but is believed to have remained in South Side Virginia. Jonas in 1750 moved into Cumberland County, Virginia, with his seven sons: Joel, Jonas Jr., John, Jehu, Joab, Josiah and Jesse. In turn many of their children, the grandchildren of Jonas, migrated into the Carolinas to join their cousins; some into Kentucky, Texas, Missouri and later into Arkansas. Prior to the advent of railroads, all traffic was by water, by animals or on foot. For obvious reasons, the need of manpower enroute across country required a convoy of from six to a dozen families. THE MEADOR/MEADOW FAMILY Nunnally In 1838 a related family group left Cumberland County, Virginia, and settled in what is now Cabell, Wayne and Lincoln Counties, West Virginia, in the Ohio Valley near the settlement of Guyandotte. Among the families were Daniel Boatwright Meador, his father-inlaw, Samuel Brown, brother-in-law, Thomas Brown; the Brad1eys, Hyars and others. Daniel B. Meador was son of Jehu Meader, Jr., grandson of Jehu, the son of Jonas. Daniel was very methodical and kept a r
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