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Description SSM Total Management Software Professional / Enterprise System Manager Media Gateway Recording Server Revised Virtual Matrix Screen Mirroring Transaction Server Transcoder Federation
Transcript SSM Total Management Software Professional / Enterprise System Manager Media Gateway Recording Server Revised Virtual Matrix Screen Mirroring Transaction Server Transcoder Federation Failover Server TOTAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SSM Features SSM is a one-stop management software platform that maximizes the efficiency of Wisenet network products. Centralized Management The system manager can configure all servers, cameras, recorders as one system in one UI and setup user/group policy for all systems. Distributed Computing Architecture By module-based system architecture, SSM can fit on from small to large system because various combinations of modules can meet any end-user needs and system requirements. Extended Scalability In addition to small biz site, SSM provides a suitable solution for enterprise site with numerous features for high-end market such as federation, failover, 3rd party integration and so on. Guaranteed Reliability Because reliability is the key of surveillance system, SSM will keep your system alive at any time through 1-n failover system, auto network-fail recovery (ARB) and full system dashboard. Flexible System Integration With Transaction server, 3rd party system like access control and intrusion detection will be easily integrated with SSM as one solution. Efficient Monitoring Event action triggered by rule, event-centered monitoring and processing support make operators to focus only on a meaningful subject. Powerful Search Engine 9 types of search methods make operators find evidences very quickly and easily. Especially Video Summary feature shows 1 minute video clip for 24 hours. Media Gateway Virtual Matrix Failover Server System Manager Recording Server Transaction Server 2 SSM SSM System Overview System Manager Centralized System/User Management Configures all servers, cameras as one system and sets up user/group policy for all systems. Event Handling Collects events from all devices and handles events according to customized event handling rules. System Health Monitoring Monitors the system health status of all cameras and servers. Federation Manages multiple sites as one solution at the upper level site. Transaction Server 3rd party Integration Integrates 3rd party access control or intrusion alarm devices as an SSM solution. Virtual Matrix Video Wall Display Makes a video wall display in the CCTV control center. * VMG : Virtual Matrix Gateway VMD : Virtual Matrix Decoder TS SM VMG+VMD VMD Switch Network Cameras HA MG+RS High Availability PC with SC System Failover Alternative system in case of system failure for RS, MG, and VM Screen Mirroring PC Screen Recording Sends captured screen video to RS for recording. Media Gateway Video Stream Distribution Distributes video streams from the camera to clients. Transcoding Sends video data to a mobile phone with reduced bandwidth data. Recording Server Video Recording Records video data from cameras. Search & Playback Retrieves video data with several methods and sends video data to the user. SSM 3 TOTAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Small System Up to 100 cameras, suitable for applications such as Commercial Building, Education, Government Offices (City Hall, Museum, Library and more) Switch Network Camera + Server Recording System Network Cameras SM+MG+RS Only one SM needs to be installed for a surveillance solution. If a server is used RS, SM and MG is preferred to be installed to that server. Even though it depends on performance of the server, one server can handle a solution under 100 cameras. Mid System Up to 300 cameras, suitable for applications such as Industrial Factory, Public Utilities, Commercial Building, Healthcare, Sports Complex, Prison Network Cameras Switch Switch SM+MG+RS MG+RS VMG+VMD VMD Network Camera + Server Recording + Video Wall System Only one SM needs to be installed on site. SM is not needed to be installed to a separated server but can be installed with a recording server. MG and RS can be installed to a server. Only one VMG needs to be installed on site and it can be installed with VMD. For video wall system, a display server with 4 or more monitor output is commonly used instead of the expensive server that has RAID storage system. 4 SSM Enterprise System More than 300 cameras, suitable for applications such as Airport, Convention Center, Railway, Port, Casino 3rd Party Access Control TS SM 3rd Party Failover for SM VMG+VMD VMD Switch Network Cameras HA (for RS) MG+RS Network Camera + Server Recording + Video Wall + Failover + Access Control System SM is recommended to be installed at a separated server because it might need more performance for handling a mid to high site which may cause unstable recording. Failover system for SM and RS is recommended for stable system operation and redundancy for video data. TS is needed for integration with a 3rd party access control or intruder alarm system SSM 5 SERVER FEATURES Multi-site / Multi-client monitoring Conventional monitoring solutions have an on-site administrator to control the local devices; this can limit the scope when expanding the monitoring system. The SSM supports multi-site / multi-client monitoring that removes this limitation making it suited for mid to large sized monitoring applications. Expandability Wisenet network connected products are registered and managed by SSM server. The server can search the connected equipment, support health checks and upgrade each device to ensure that they are maintained in the best condition. Reliability and Security Individual sites, users and user group management is controlled by the system manager. With this level of authorization access and management, certain sites or devices and management function can be controlled at the user level. Admin User group1 User group2 Virtual Matrix SSM Virtual Matrix is designed to controll wall-monitors and ensures that operators maintain a complete control of all monitors, allowing immediate video view control and switching event video to resolve incidents fast. - Provide sequence, event and map monitoring mode for more efficient monitoring. - Multi monitors can be merged as one monitor without any additional devices. Wall monitor Control SSM 6 SSM Transcoder In mobile environment, recorded video with high resolution and framerate cannot be played because of bandwidth limitation. Transcoder transcodes the recorded video to a lower bandwidth steam for more reliable monitoring. High Resolution Low Resolution Recording Server Transcoder (in Media Gateway) Phone Federation SSM s Federation feature makes it possible to connect geographically distributed, independent SSM systems to mimic a larger system. All systems are managed independently, easing the problem of managing a single, centralized system, yet providing the benefits of centralized systems. Connecting two SSM systems takes less than a minute and users will be able to access the remote system s live and recorded video as if it is a local system. Central Monitoring at a HQ with SSM Federation Individual SSM at a branch SSM 7 SERVER FEATURES Transaction Server Transaction Server is an interface between SSM and a third-party system such as access control or intrusion alarm system. It makes SSM be an enterprise system that generally needs system integration with those systems. Access Event Translated Access Event 3 rd Party Access Control System Transaction Server SSM HA(Failover) Server For the sustainable system operation, HA server acts like a watchdog for SSM servers and if a server is corrupted by the network or system itself, HA takes over the role of the system. After recovering the corrupted system, HA will automatically hand over vice versa. - HA is ready for Recording Server, Media Gateway and Virtual Matrix. - For cost reduction, a single HA can watch multi servers because all servers are seldom corrupted simultaneously. Active Recording Server Camera SSM Console Standby HA Server Corrupted Server Camera SSM Console Recording Server (HA) 8 SSM Screen Mirroring The screen of a PC with Screen Mirroring can be displayed on a console or video wall with Virtual Matrix Server and can be recorded in Recording server. This is used for making video evidence of third party software like building management software, energy system, PoS system and so on. PC 1 Recording Server PC 2 SSM RS is designed for easy and efficient recording of network cameras. It supports simultaneous 16CH live stream and real-time recording. SSM Professional version offers a free promotional SW license. * Promotional SW license can store up to 16 cameras for free. The maximum storage period is 15 days. Recording Playback Camera Recording Server SSM Video Summary For rapid video evidence search, Video Summary provides several minute-long video clips for several hours-long video data. It shows only meaning moving objects at extremely reduced time. Several Hours A Minute SSM 9 SERVER FEATURES Auto Recovery Backup In case of network failure, video data from a camera cannot be streamed to Recording Server so important evidence may be missed. However Auto Recovery Backup feature enables the camera to store video data to the SD Card on the camera and when the network comes up the camera sends the stored data to the Recording Server for recording reliability. SD Video Stream Recording Server SD Recording Server SD Restore stored data Recording Server LDAP Integration Companies usually uses their own user authority policy so additional user setup for SSM could be time consuming job. SSM support LDAP so that it can utilize company s pre-defined user authority system such as MS Active Directory. Login Request Authentication SSM System Manager Server LDAP Server of the company 10 SSM CONSOLE FEATURES Bandwidth and performance optimized live monitoring For efficient and reliable monitoring, SSM provide automatic profile change feature in which a high profile video stream is displayed on a big picture screen format such as 1x1, 2x2 and low profile is displayed on a small picture screen format automatically. This is very effective because high profile video quality is not needed on a small picture screen. For screen format like 6x6 or 8x8, I-frame only can be a more comprehensive option because of PC performance limitation. 2x2 HD) 4x4 8x8 Efficient monitoring through powerful event management All event related features such as event priority, event coloring, rule-based event action setup, real-time event thumbnail display and so on are for more efficient monitoring, which means more surveillance coverage is possible with lower budgets. Furthermore, SSM provides a separated event viewer that provides real-time event log with a single channel preview. - Each event could be acknowledged by operator with some notes. - Audio broadcasting for warning people in a dangerous event situation. Live viewer event thumbnail Event viewer SSM 11 CONSOLE FEATURES GPU video decoding By utilizing GPU processing power of Nvidia graphic card, workstation can display almost doubled channels without any additional hardware equipment. For example, a workstation can display 21 channels Full HD real-time streams if only with CPU but with CPU and GPU, 39 channels can be displayed. (Tested with Intel Xeon CPU E GHz, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960, Win10 64bit, 8G RAM) Conventional video decoding Video decoding with GPU CPU Encoded video CPU Decoded video Monitor Encoded video GPU More Decoded video Monitor Map monitoring with Google Map With SSM, an administrator can set a map-based layout to match with the live videos in real-time. Overlaying camera or sensor icons means the resolving of issues becomes extremely easy. By utilizing map based monitoring together with live monitoring, an event pop-up window will appear on the location where the event has happened helping towards a quick resolution to the event. As well as 2D map image, Google map can be used for wide area surveillance. 2D Map Google Map Various searching mode SSM provides totally 9 types of search modes for quick evidence retrieval. - Date/time, event, bookmark, and local folder search are the basic search features. - POS, heat-map is one of business intelligence features for retail shop owners. - Motion search and smart search make it possible to retrieve evidence within a very short period of time. - Video Summary is one of key features of SSM that provides 1 minute video clip for 24 hours. Motion search Smart search POS search 12 SSM System Dashboard All system devices that include servers, cameras and recorders can be monitored with a single dashboard. It shows detailed system information such as device and component status, CPU performance, memory usage, network bandwidth and HDD consumption. It also gives event statistics for efficient event management. For mobile accessibility such as tablet PC and smartphone, Dashboard provides plug-in free web access feature for any browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE. SSM Mobile Security guard can access to SSM system via a SSM mobile with very intuitive user interface. With SSM mobile, the guard can monitor live video and playback recorded video also. If mobile bandwidth is not enough, SSM transcoder can make a stable streaming environment. Bookmark Live 4ch LivePTZ SSM 13 SSM SPECIFICATIONS General Professional Enterprise Maximum number of cameras 288 Unlimited Maximum number of clients 5 Unlimited Centralized management Yes Yes Architecture Multi-server Multi-server Clients SSM Console, Configuration Manager, SSM Mobile SSM Console, Configuration Manager, SSM Mobile Supported devices Network camera/encoder/decoder, DVR/NVR Network camera/encoder/decoder, DVR/NVR Summary Basic Component System Manager Yes Yes Media Gateway Yes Yes Recording Server Yes Yes Screen Mirroring Yes Yes Add-on Component Virtual Matrix - Yes Tranaction Server - Yes Transcoder - Yes Failover Server - Yes Live Monitoring Yes Yes Search Playback Yes Yes Event Monitoring Yes Yes Map Monitoring Yes Yes POS/ATM Monitoring Yes Yes Wall Management - Yes Features Google Map Monitoring - Yes Video Analytics Monitoring - Yes Advanced Health Monitoring - Yes Access Control Monitoring - Yes Video Summary Search - Yes Active Directory Integration - Yes Site Federation - Yes Component Max. Media Gateway 4 Unlimited Media Gateway Max. Bandwidth(In/Out) 400/600Mbps 400/600Mbps* Max. devices per server 128 network cameras or 288 cameras of recorders 128 network cameras or 288 cameras of recorders* Max. cameras Recording performance 400Mbps 400Mbps* Playback performance 100Mbps 100Mbps Recording Server Mode Manual, Continuous, Event(Pre/Post), Schedule Manual, Continuous, Pre/Post Event, Schedule Auto Recovery Backup Yes Yes Video Summary - Yes Event Profile Recording Yes Yes ONVIF protocol Profile S (except SSM-RS00L) Profile S (except SSM-RS00L) PC screen streaming for recording Yes Yes Screen Mirroring Max. monitors 4 4 Max. streaming 5 5 Frame rate Up to 30fps Up to 30fps Max. monitors - 48 Modules - VM Manager, VM Gateway, VM Decoder Sequence monitoring - Yes Virtual Matrix Event monitoring - Yes Map monitoring - Yes Playback on wall monitor - Yes Screen merge - Yes Access Control - Samsung, Honeywell, JCI, Gallagher, Siemens Transaction Server Intrusion Detection - Bosch, Honeywell Intercom - Samsung, Stentofon Video Analytics - Agent Vi Playback transcoding - For console and mobile Transcoder Max. input resolution - 5M Max. output resolution - D1 Max. transcoding channels - 10 Max. site hierarchy level - 4* Federation Max. sites - 25* Cameras per site - 288* Auto system failover - Yes Failover Server Target server - MG, RS, VM Architecture - Active / Standby Configuration & Maintenance Setup file backup/restore Yes Yes General Login fail time limitation Yes Yes Time sync with NTP or a server component with NTP or a server component Data Security SSL SSL Device discovery Auto / Manual Auto / Manual Device name syncronization Server, Recorder to SSM Server, Recorder to SSM System Management Edits mutli-device names Yes Yes Server setup file import/export Yes Yes Device firmware update Yes Yes Device access authority setup Yes Yes User Management Feature level authority setup Yes Yes LDAP Integration - Yes Event priority setup From 1 to 10 with color From 1 to 10 with color Event Management External event integration Yes Yes Rule based event action Setup Yes Yes Real-time system monitoring - Yes System Dashboard System status summary - Yes Detailed system status - Yes Event statistics graph - Yes 14 SSM Operation Professional Enterprise Viewers Live, Search, Event Live Search, Event, Google Map, Plug-in Multi-monitor Up to 4 Up to 4 Video decoding via GPU Nvidia CUDA processor Nvidia CUDA processor System health monitoring Yes Yes General Screen lock Yes Yes Multicast - Yes Auto bandwidth control Changes camera profile, I-frame mode and deblocking by Changes camera profile, I-frame mode and deblocking by split format automatically split format automatically System controller integration SPC-2000, SPC-7000 SPC-2000, SPC-7000, Axis T8310 Number of channels for live 100CH 100CH Sequence monitoring Yes Yes Pre-defined layout Yes Yes User Favorite layout Yes Yes PTZ control Yes Yes PTZ Area Zoom Yes Yes Digital zoom Yes Yes Fisheye camera view Single, quad, panoramic Single, quad, panoramic Live Monitoring Two-way Audio Yes Yes Audio broadcasting Yes Yes Manual Recording Local PC, Recorder Local PC, Recorder Playback on live Yes Yes Video adjustment Brightness, Contrast Brightness, Contrast Video enhancing Deintelace, Flip, Defog Deintelace, Flip, Defog Manual alarm out control Yes Yes Export/print image Yes Yes Video wall control - Yes Live event list Yes Yes Event thumbnail image on live Yes Yes Event acknowledge Normal, abnormal, etc with note Normal, abnormal, etc with note Instant viewer Yes Yes Event Handling Instant player Yes Yes Event search Yes Yes Event sequential playback Yes Yes Rule based event setup Yes Yes Event handling history Yes Yes Event report PDF file with chart and graph PDF file with chart and graph Number of channels for playback 16CH 16CH Date/Time search Yes Yes Event search Yes Yes Local folder search Yes Yes Bookmark search Yes Yes Smart search Yes Yes Search & Playback Video Summary - Yes Heat-map (for NVR) Yes Yes Motion search (for DVR) Yes Yes Multi channel time line Yes with color variaion per recording type Yes with color variaion per recording type Synchronous playback Yes Yes Export video/image SEC, AVI SEC, AVI 2 men rule Yes(Backup for SSM, Search&Backup for NVR) Yes(Backup for SSM, Search&Backup for NVR) Backup Scheduled backup, Masking backup, Onetime Schedule Backup Scheduled backup, Masking backup, Onetime Schedule Backup 2D/3D image map monitoring Yes Yes Number of layout format for map Map link on map Yes Yes Monitoring with Map Set coordinates for 2D map Yes Yes Export image Capture, Print Capture, Print Google map monitoring - Yes Measure distance on Google map - Yes PoS recept display on live Yes Yes PoS integration PoS instant viewer Yes Yes PoS search Yes Yes ETC Customizable Plug-in - Yes Misc. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Language Turkish, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, Croatian, Hungarian, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Taiwanese Turkish, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, Croatian, Hungarian, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Taiwanese Technical Support - Yes SSM 15 HEAD OFFICE 6, Pangyo-ro 319beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. of KOREA Tel : Fax : Hanwha Techwin America 500 Frank W. Burr Blvd. Suite 43 Teaneck, NJ Toll Free : Direct : Fax : Hanwha Techwin Europe Heriot House, Heriot Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9DT, United Kingdom Tel : Fax : Hanwha Techwin Tianjin No.11 Weiliu Rd., Micro-electronic Industrial Park, Jingang Road Tianjin , China T
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