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U.S. MARINE CORPS TECHNICAL MANUAL PRINCIPAL TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF U.S. MARINE CORPS COMMUNICATION-ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT THIS PUBLICATION IS REQUIRED FOR OFFICIAL USE OR FOR ADMINISTRATIVE OR OPERATIONAL PURPOSES. DISTRIBUTION IS LIMITED TO U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ONLY. OTHER REQUESTS FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE REFERRED TO: COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS (ARD) WASHINGTON, D.C DESTRUCTION NOTICE: FOR UNCLASSIFIED, LIMITED DOCUMENTS, DESTROY BY ANY METHOD THAT WILL PREVENT DISCLOSURE OF CONTENTS OR RECONSTRUCTION OF THE DOCUMENTS. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY DECEMBER 2005 PCN UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Marine Corps Systems Command Quantico, Virginia December This Technical Manual (TM), authenticated for Marine Corps use and effective upon receipt, provides technical characteristics information for Marine Corps Communication-Electronics Equipment. 2. This manual supersedes TM /2B dated April Submit notice of discrepancies or suggested changes on a NAVMC The NAVMC may be submitted via the Internet using website, scrolling down to the NAVMC Tracking Program and following instructions provided. It may also be submitted by electronic mail to or by mailing paper copy NAVMC in an envelope addressed to Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command, Attn: Assistant Commander Acquisition and Logistics (LOG/TP), 814 Radford Blvd, Suite 20343, Albany, Georgia BY DIRECTION OF THE COMMANDER MARINE CORPS SYSTEMS COMMAND OFFICIAL: KATRINA G. WAHL Product Group Director, PGD-11 Marine Corps Systems Command JAMES L. RIORDAN Product Group Director, PGD-12 Marine Corps Systems Command DISTRIBUTION: PCN /(2 blank) CHANGE NO. DATE RECORD OF CHANGES TITLE OR BRIEF DESCRIPTION ENTERED BY INSERT LATEST CHANGED PAGES. DESTROY SUPERSEDED PAGES. LIST OF EFFECTIVE PAGES NOTE: The portion of the text affected by the changes is indicated by a vertical line in the outer margin of the page. Changes to illustrations are indicated by miniature pointing hands. Changes to wiring diagrams are indicated by shaded areas. Dates of issue for original and changed pages are: Original December 2005 TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES IN THIS PUBLICATION IS 364 CONSISTING OF THE FOLLOWING: Page No. *Change No. Page No. *Change No. Title 0 Blank blank 0 A - B blank 0 Legend 0 i-viii blank A-1 - A-14 blank 0 B-1 - B-22 blank 0 Index I-1 - Index I-8 0 Index II-1 - Index II-8 0 *ZERO IN THIS COLUMN INDICATES AN ORIGINAL PAGE DATA SHEET LEGEND The following information is meant as a legend for information presented on TM 2000-OD/2C data sheets. As a quick search option, a Model Number Index I and TAMCN Index II are provided at the end of this manual. NOMENCLATURE (LONG TITLE, ACRONYM, MODEL NUMBER) TAMCN NSN ID (Table of Authorized Material Control Number) (National Stock Number) (Identification Number) Digital Photo or No Illustration Available (One or more paragraphs which provides the systems basic information.) Manufacturer: (System integrator or fabricator) Marine Corps Systems Command: MC2I Product Group 11 or CINS Product Group 12 (Lists system specifics by columns, the first column should designate a function (i.e., power requirement, installation, and size and weight). The second column represents a value corresponding to the first column (i.e., 28 VDC, fixed or manpackable, and weight, length, width and height)). This section should only list the major components of the end item. These items are in a table with the first column designating a quantity and the second column representing the specific name of the component. LEGEND TABLE OF CONTENTS TAMCN PAGE SECTION I. EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS/PRINCIPAL END ITEMS 1-1 Advanced Air Delivered Sensor (AADS)... A00017G 1-2 Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), AN/GYK A25557G 1-3 Air Defense Communications Platform (ADCP), AN/MSQ A00257G 1-4 Air Defense Communications Platform (ADCP) Enhancement Package (EP)... A00487G 1-6 Amphibious Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, AAVC7A1... E07967K 1-7 Antenna Group, OE-254/GRC... H20472G 1-8 Basic Network Virtual Storage Wide Area Network (VSWAN) A00087G 1-9 Blackjack Facsimile Set, AN/UXC A08927G 1-10 Blue Force Tracker (BFT), Backpack Variant... TBD 1-11 Blue Force Tracker (BFT), V-4 Variant... HL Central Office, Telephone, Automatic, AN/TTC-42(V)... A02487G 1-13 Combat Operations Center (COC) Tactical Command System, AN/TSQ-XXX(V)3... A02547G 1-14 Combat Operations Center (COC) Tactical Command System, AN/TSQ-XXX(V)4... A02557G 1-16 Command Communication System, AN/MSQ A02607G 1-18 Command and Control On-The-Move Network, Digital Over-The-Horizon Relay (CONDOR)... TBD 1-19 Command Tactical Terminal Three (CTT/H3), Intelligence Broadcast Receiver (IBR), AN/USC-55A... A25517G 1-20 Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S)... A00307G 1-22 Communication Emitter Sensing and Attacking System (CESAS), AN/USQ-146(V)3... TBD 1-23 Communication Equipment Interface Device, J-6333/U... A32637G 1-24 Communication Group, Satellite, OS-302/U... A09207G 1-25 Communications Data Link System (CDLS), AN/TYQ-101A. A00217G 1-26 Communications Distribution System (CDS) (V)1... A00237G 1-28 Communications Distribution System (CDS) (V)2... A00247G 1-29 Communications Infrastructure Equipment Suite... A08257G 1-30 Communications Interface System (CIS), AN/MRQ-12(V)1... A32707G 1-31 Communications Interface System (CIS), AN/MRQ-12(V)2... A08217G 1-33 Communications Terminal, AN/UGC-74C(V)3... A02847G 1-34 Composite Tracking Network (CTN)... A26007G 1-35 Control Monitor Set (CMS), AN/PTW-1... A26307G 1-36 Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Equipment Program (CIHEP)... A12807G 1-37 Data Distribution System (DDS), AN/TSQ-228(V)1, -228A(V)1... A25387G 1-38 Data Distribution System (DDS), AN/TSQ-228(V)2... A25347G 1-40 Data Distribution System (DDS), AN/TSQ-228(V)3, -228A(V)3... A25337G 1-41 Day/Night Imager (V)2, (IMAGER 2), AN/PSQ A00037G 1-43 Deployed Ku-band Earth Terminal (DKET)... TBD 1-44 Digital Technical Control (DTC) Facility, AN/TSQ A04997G 1-45 Digital Terrain Analysis Mapping System (DTAMS), AN/PYQ-1... A05047G 1-47 i TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued) TAMCN PAGE Direct Air Support Central, Airborne System (DASC, AS), AN/UYQ-3B... A00207G 1-49 Dismounted-Data Automated Communications Terminal (D-DACT), AN/PSC A02857G 1-50 Enhanced Position Locating and Reporting System Network Manager ((EPLRS) ENM), AN/TSQ-158B... A12257G 1-51 Enterprise-Land Mobile Radio (E-LMR)... TBD 1-52 General Field Artillery Computer Set, AN/GYK-47(V)6... A25427G 1-53 General Field Artillery Computer Set, AN/GYK-47(V)7... A25457G 1-54 Geodetic Survey Set... A24767G 1-55 Geographic Information System-1 (GIS-1), PT-560/TSQ... A08097G 1-56 Geographic Information System-2 (GIS-2), PT-561/TSQ... A08107G 1-57 Geographic Information System-3 (GIS-3), EMG A08117G 1-58 Global Broadcast Service (GBS), Transportable Ground Receive Suite (TGRS) Enhanced, AN/TRS-9... A00907G 1-59 Global Command and Control System (GCCS), AN/GYQ-92(V)1, 92(V)2... A08197G 1-61 Global Command and Control System-Integrated Imagery and Intelligence (GCCS-I³)... TBD 1-62 Horn of Africa-Support Wide Area Network (HOA-SWAN)... TBD 1-63 Improved Air Delivered Sensor II (IADS II)... A00027G 1-64 Intercommunications System, AN/VIC-2(V)... H23012B 1-65 Interconnecting Group, ON-373B/GRC... H23022B 1-66 Interface Device, J-6334/U... A32647G 1-67 Interrogator-Transponder Set, Forward Pass, AN/USQ-80A... A04477G 1-68 Intra Squad Radio (ISR), IC-4008M... H23732G 1-69 Joint Enhanced Core Communications System (JECCS), AN/TSQ-231, -231A... A08867G 1-70 Joint Network Management System (JNMS), AN/USQ-176A(V)1, -176A(V)2... A24907G 1-72 Joint Services Workstation (JSWS), AN/TSQ-220(V)... A00607G 1-73 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS), Common Ground Station (CGS), AN/TSQ-179B(V)2... A15207G 1-74 Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) AN/URC-107(V)10... A08827G 1-76 Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS)... TBD 1-77 Joint Tactical Terminal (JTT), AN/USC-62(V)1... A26897G 1-78 Joint Tactical Terminal-Receive (JTT-R), AN/USC-62(V)11... A26987G 1-79 Light Armored Vehicle, LAV-C2A1... E09467B 1-80 Lightweight Digital Facsimile Set, AN/UXC-7... A08907G 1-81 Lightweight Multi-band Satellite Terminal (LMST), AN/USC-65(V)1... A08067G 1-82 Lightweight Multi-band Satellite Terminal (LMST), AN/USC-65(V)2... A08077G 1-84 Logistics Support Wide Area Network (LSWAN)... A00057G 1-86 Marine Expeditionary Force-Intelligence Analysis System (MEF-IAS), AN/MYQ-7... A10107G 1-87 Miniature Intrusion Detection System (MIDS), AN/GSQ-259. TBD 1-88 Mobile Electronic Warfare Support System (MEWSS) AN/MLQ-36B... A09667G 1-89 ii TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued) TAMCN PAGE Mounted-Data Communications Terminal (M-DACT), AN/GSC A04257G 1-90 Navigation Set, Satellite Signals, AN/PSN-11, -11(V)1, -13, -13A... A12607G 1-91 Personal Role Radio (Single Version), AN/PRC-343(V)1... H23712E 1-93 Portable Autonomous Reports Collection System (PARCS), 2000R... A00827G 1-94 Radar Set, AN/PPS-15(V)2, -15A(V)2... A14157G 1-95 Radar Set, Firefinder, AN/TPQ-46A... A14407G 1-97 Radar Set, AN/TPS-59(V)3... A15037G 1-99 Radar Set, Lightweight Air Surveillance, AN/TPS-63B... A15007G Radio Frequency Monitor Set, AN/USQ-46A... A16957G Radio Reconnaissance Equipment Program Signal Intelligence Suite-3 (RREP SS-3)... A12207G Radio Repeater Set, AN/GRQ A23007G Radio Set, AN/GRC-171B(V)4... A18187G Radio Set, AN/GRC-193, -193B... A17957G Radio Set, AN/GRC-213B... A20717G Radio Set, AN/GRC-231A(V)2... A20727G Radio Set, AN/MRC-138A, -138B... A19357G Radio Set, AN/MRC-145A... A19577G Radio Set, AN/PRC-104, -104B(V)... A20657G Radio Set, AN/PRC-113(V)3... A20697G Radio Set, AN/PRC-119A... A20707G Radio Set, AN/PRC-119D... A20737G Radio Set, AN/PRC-138(V)2... A20407G Radio Set, AN/PSC-5, -5D... A09187G Radio Set, AN/VRC-83, -83(V)2... A21647G Radio Set, AN/VRC-88A... A21677G Radio Set, AN/VRC-89A... A21687G Radio Set, AN/VRC-90A... A21697G Radio Set, AN/VRC-91A... A21707G Radio Set, AN/VRC-92A... A21717G Radio Set, AN/VRC A21737G Radio Set, Control Group, AN/GRA-39B... H23792B Radio Set, Enhanced Position Locating and Reporting System (EPLRS), AN/VSQ-2C(V)2... A21527G Radio Set, High Frequency, Manpack, AN/PRC-150(C)... A20427G Radio Set, Manpack, AN/PRC-119F... A20797G Radio Set, Multi-band, Falcon II, AN/PRC-117F(V)1C... A20687G Radio Set, Multi-band (Maritime), Inter/Intra Team, AN/PRC-148(V)1C... A20447G Radio Set, Multi-band (Urban), Inter/Intra Team, AN/PRC-148(V)2C... A20437G Radio Set, Vehicular, AN/VRC-88D... A20747G Radio Set, Vehicular, AN/VRC-89D... A20757G Radio Set, Vehicular, AN/VRC-90D... A20767G Radio Set, Vehicular, AN/VRC-91D... A20777G Radio Set, Vehicular, AN/VRC-92D... A20787G Radio Terminal Set, AN/MRC-142, -142A... A19557G iii TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued) TAMCN PAGE Radio Terminal Set, Digital Wideband Transmission System (DWTS), AN/MRC-142B... A19547G Radio Terminal Set, AN/TRC-170(V)5... A21797G Satellite Communications Terminal, AN/TSC-85C(V)1... A08127G Satellite Communications Terminal, AN/TSC-93C(V)1, -93D(V)1... A08147G Satellite Communications Terminal, AN/TSC-154, Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical-Terminal (SMART-T)... A32327G Secondary Imagery Dissemination System (SIDS), Manpack, AN/PSQ-13, -13(V)2... A09047G Secondary Imagery Dissemination System, MAGTF (MSIDS)... A09047G Sector Anti-Air Warfare Facility (SAAWF), AN/TYQ A23907G Sensor Mobile Monitoring System (SMMS), AN/MSC A23067G Sensor Monitoring Central, AN/USQ-66(V), -66A(V)... A23057G Sensor, Remote, Audio Relay, AN/GRQ A23047G Tactical Air Operations Module (TAOM), AN/TYQ-23(V)4... A25257G Tactical Battle Management Core System (TBMCS), AN/TYY-2... A00137G Tactical Combat Operations (TCO) System, Intelligence Operations Server (IOS)... A08727G Tactical Combat Operations (TCO) System, Intelligence Workstation (IOW)... A09327G Tactical Data Network (TDN), Gateway, AN/TSQ A25357G Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing and Evaluation System (TERPES), AN/TSQ-90E(V)1, -90E(V)2... A25377G Tactical Elevated Antenna Mast System (TEAMS)... A00617G Tactical Exploitation Group-Main (TEG-M), AN/MSQ A08797G Tactical Exploitation Group-Remote Workstation (TEG-RWS), AN/TSQ A08787G Tactical Remote Sensor Systems-Product Improvement Program (TRSS-PIP)... A25487G Target Location, Designation, and Hand-Off System (TLDHS), AN/PSQ-19, -19A... A25607G Team Portable Collection System-Multiplatform Capable (TPCS-MPC), AN/PSQ-9... A02837G Technical Control and Analysis Center (TCAC), AN/MYQ-9... A26287G Technical Control and Analysis Center-Product Improvement Program (TCAC-PIP), AN/MYQ-8A... A26297G Technical Control and Analysis Center Remote Analysis Workstation (TCAC RAWS), AN/UYQ A26347G Topographic Production Capability (TPC)... A31687G Trojan Special Purpose Intelligence Remote Integrated Terminal II (Trojan SPIRIT II), AN/TSQ-190(V)2... A32357G Trojan Special Purpose Intelligence Remote Integrated Terminal Lightweight Integrated Telecommunications Equipment (Trojan SPIRIT LITE), AN/TSQ-226(V)1... A09217G Tropo/Satellite Support Radio (TSSR), AN/GRC A00197G Unattended Ground Sensor Set (UGSS), AN/GSQ A32557G iv TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued) TAMCN PAGE SECTION II. SYSTEMS, SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS 2-1 Adapter, Tone Signaling, TA-977( )/PT... H20102E 2-2 Antenna, AS-2259-GR... H20442E 2-3 Application Program Set, AN/PSM A00767G 2-4 Application Program Set, AN/PSM A75107G 2-5 Application Program Set, AN/PSM A75117G 2-6 Application Program Set, AN/PSM A00777G 2-7 Application Program Set, AN/PSM A75127G 2-8 Application Program Set, AN/PSM A75907G 2-9 Back Up Computer System (BUCS), Centaur... A90047G 2-10 Cable, Special Purpose... H32202B 2-11 Converter, Telephone Signal, CV-3478/TTC... A03277G 2-12 Field Cartridge Writer (FCW)... A28097G 2-13 Field Test Set, AN/USM A00717G 2-14 Intelligence Operations Server (IOS), AN/UYQ-91(V)2... A08737G 2-15 Interrogator, Digital, AN/UPX A08807G 2-16 Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equipment, MK A19567G 2-17 Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equipment, MK A19587G 2-18 Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equipment, MK-2902/TPQ... A75407G 2-19 Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equipment, MK-2970/USC... A75457G 2-20 Modular Extendable Rigid Wall Shelter (MERWS), S-836/G.. A22937G 2-21 Pocket Sized Forward Entry Device (PFED), AN/PSG A09407G 2-23 Power Supply Module Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) Test Adapter, MX-10141/TT... A00067G 2-24 Reproduction/Distribution Shelter, S-715/T... A22947G 2-25 Shelter, Tactical, Expandable, Two-sided, S-786/G... A23337G 2-26 Tactical Remote Sensor System (TRSS) Electronic Maintenance Kit, MK-3002/U... A30137G 2-27 Tactical Remote Sensor System (TRSS) Test Adapter, RPM-007N... A70407G 2-28 Test Set, TS-4458/GSQ... A30137G 2-29 Test Set, Adapter/Extender, OF-117/U... A28077G 2-30 Test Set, Adapter/Extender, OF-118/U... A28067G 2-31 Test Set, Vinson Inter-Connect Box, AN/USM A30867G 2-32 Tool Kit, Intermediate Maintenance for Tactical Air Operations Module (TAOM), MK-2898U... A79052E 2-33 SECTION III. EQUIPMENT, GENERAL APPLICATION 3-1 Accessory Maintenance Kit, Telephone, MK-1823(V)/TT... A00047G 3-2 Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal/Tactical (ANDVT/TACTERM), CV-3591(P)... A00097G 3-3 Antenna, Communication, Trailer-Mounted, Lightweight, AS-4429/TSC... A13807G 3-4 Antenna Coupler Remote Kit, MK-2560/GRC H20402B 3-5 Axle and Crank Assembly, RL-31-E... H23852B 3-6 Cable Assembly, 100 ft., CX-11230A/G... H20782B 3-7 Cable Assembly, 1,320 ft., CX-11230A/G... H20792B 3-7 Cable Assembly, Fiber Optic, 300m, CX-13295/G... H34582B 3-8 Cable Assembly, Fiber Optic, 1.0 km, CX-13295/G... H34592B 3-8 v TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued) TAMCN PAGE Cable Assembly, Telephone, 15 ft., CX-4760A... H20872B 3-9 Cable Assembly, Telephone, 25 ft., CX-4566A/G... H20812B 3-10 Cable Assembly, Telephone, 100 ft., CX-4566A/G... H20832B 3-10 Cable Assembly, Telephone, 250 ft. w/reel, CX-4566A/G, 250 ft. w/o Reel, CX-4566A/G... H20842B 3-10 Cable Assembly, Telephone, 500 ft., CX-4566A/G... H20862B 3-10 Cable Lashing Machine, LC-231/FT... H20892B 3-11 Cable, Telephone, WF-16/U... H21172B 3-12 Converter Set, Fiber Optic, AN/GSC A06527G 3-13 Digital Non-Secure Voice Terminal (DNVT), TA-1042, -1042A/U... H34652E 3-14 Disk Control Unit (DCU), H22102E 3-15 Distribution Box, J-1077A... H22072B 3-16 Distribution Box, J-2317A/U... H22092B 3-17 Emulator Unit, Data Link, SM-822/GYQ... A06257G 3-18 Hand Held Portable Monitor (HHPM), AN/PSQ A12217G 3-20 Headset, H-182/PT... H22682E 3-21 Heliport Portable Lighting Set... A08157G 3-22 Kit, Maintenance... H Kit, Repair, Cable, MK-2495/G... A22952B 3-24 Multiplexer-Combiner, TD-1234(P)/TTC... A10787G 3-25 Panel, Patching, Communication, SB-3659A/U... H23462B 3-26 Panel, Patching, Communication, SB-4097/U... A12147G 3-27 Reeling Machine, Cable, Hand, RL-27-D... H20552B 3-28 Reeling Machine, RL-26-E... H23872B 3-29 Switchboard, Telephone, Manual SB-22/PT, -22A/PT... A24807G 3-30 Switchboard, Telephone, SB-3614(V)/TT... A25057G 3-31 Switching Unit, Telephone, Automatic, SB-3865(P)/TTC... A25087G 3-32 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Suite... A03807G 3-33 Telephone Set, TA-1/PT... H24422E 3-34 Telephone Set, TA-312A, -312/PT... H24432E 3-35 Telephone Set, TA-838/TT, -838A/TT, -1058/U... A26357G 3-36 Test Set, AN/GRM A28057G 3-37 Test Set, Cable, Fiber Optic, TS-4336/G... H34622B 3-38 Test Set, Field Cable, AN/GTM-3... A24707G 3-39 Test Set, Optical Communications, AN/GSM A28087G 3-40 Trailer, Bolster, M-796A1... A32007G 3-41 Trailer, Cable, Reel, K A31907G 3-42 SECTION IV. COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY EQUIPMENT 4-1 Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT) Communications Security (COMSEC) Module (VACTOR), TSEC/KYV-5... A80817G 4-2 Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal/Miniature Terminal (ANDVT)/(MINTERM), TSEC/KY-99A... A80477G 4-3 Automatic Key Distribution Center, TSEC/KGX A80697G 4-4 Battery Case, Z-AIJ/TSEC... A80507G 4-5 Control Group, Radio, OK-648/U... A81007G 4-6 Data Transfer Device (DTD), AN/CYZ-10(V)2, -10(V)3... A80237G 4-7 vi TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued) TAMCN PAGE Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) Communications Security (COMSEC), KGV-11A, -11C... A80637G 4-9 Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal (DSVT), TSEC/KY A80837G 4-10 Electronic Transfer Device, TSEC/KYK A80257G 4-11 Encryption-Decryption Equipment, TSEC/KIV-7, -7HS, -7HSA, -7HSB... A80847G 4-12 Encryption-Decryption Equipment, TSEC/KIV-19, -19A... A80857G 4-14 Encryptor, Network, In-Line, KG A80887G 4-15 Fleet Broadcast Security Equipment, TSEC/KWR A80677G 4-16 General Purpose Encryption Equipment, TSEC/KG-84A, -84C A80827G 4-17 General Purpose Tape Reader, TSEC/KOI A80247G 4-18 Generator, Data, Random, AN/CSZ-9... A80217G 4-19 Generator, Key, Communications Security (COMSEC), KGV-8C... A80367G 4-20 Half-Duplex Digital Key Generator, TSEC/KG A80387G 4-21 Interface Adapter, Z-AHQ/TSEC... A80657G 4-22 Interrogator Computer, TSEC/KIR-1C... A80187G 4-23 Interworking Function (IWF)/Digital Narrowband Voice Terminal (DNVT)... A80487G 4-24 Key Generator Receiver (ACME), TSEC/KGR A80687G 4-25 Kit, Support, Maintenance (New Code Changer Key), TSEC/RGQ A80347G 4-26 Limited Maintenance Spare Parts Kit, TSEC/RGQ-84C... A80787G 4-27 Limited Maintenance Spare Parts Kit, TSEC/RYQ A80437G 4-28 Limited Maintenance Spare Parts Kit, TSEC/RYQ A80447G 4-29 Loop Key Generator (LKG), TSEC/KG A80597G 4-30 Net Control Device, TSEC/KYX-15, -15A... A80267G 4-31 Parts Kit, Electronic Equipment, RYQ-99A... A80617G 4-32 Power Supply, Auxiliary, HYP A80087G 4-33 Rapid Automatic Cryptographic Equipment (RACE), TSEC/KL A80647G 4-34 Remote Rekey Equipment, KOK-13A... A80727G 4-35 Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit (SDNRIU), TSEC/KY A80797G 4-36 Secure Telephone Unit-Third Generation (STU-III), MMT1500/DNVT... A80497G 4-37 Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) Telephone, STE Offic-442 A80107G 4-38 Speech Security Equipment (VINSON), TSEC/KY A80317G 4-39 Speech Securit
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