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Pressure Washer User Guide WARNING: READ THIS USER GUIDE BEFORE OPERATING THE UNIT. The Ivation pressure washer removes loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt. It can be used on vehicles and surfaces
Pressure Washer User Guide WARNING: READ THIS USER GUIDE BEFORE OPERATING THE UNIT. The Ivation pressure washer removes loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt. It can be used on vehicles and surfaces such as wood decking and concrete. This User Guide is intended to provide you with guidelines to ensure that operation of this product is safe and does not pose risk to the user. Any use that does not conform to the guidelines described in this User Guide may void the limited warranty. Please read all directions before using the product and retain this guide for reference. This product is covered by a limited one-year warranty. Coverage is subject to limits and exclusions. See warranty for details. Contents Parts... 3 Safety Precautions... 4 Basic Operation... 6 Assembly... 7 Optional Filter...0 Self-suction Function... Troubleshooting Guide...2 Technical Data...4 Box Contents...4 2 Parts Spray Wand 2 Spray Gun Handle 3 High Pressure Hose 4 Holder 5 Power Cord 6 Housing 7 Power Switch 8 Input Water Filter 9 Water Input Hose (not included) 0 Turbo wand Gun Plug Hole 2 Detergent Input 3 Basket 4 Onboard Nozzle Storage 3 Safety Precautions Do not use the appliance with flammable or toxic liquids, or any products that are not compatible with the correct operation of this appliance. EXPLOSION OR POISONING HAZARD Do not direct the water jet toward the unit itself, electrical parts or equipment, or power outlets. ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD Do not direct the water jet toward people or animals. Keep people and animals a minimum of 6 yards away. INJURY HAZARD Do not touch the plug or socket with wet hands. ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD Do not allow children or impaired persons to use the appliance. INJURY HAZARD Do not use the appliance outdoors in the rain. SHORT CIRCUIT HAZARD Do not use the appliance if the electrical cord is damaged. ELECTRIC SHOCK AND SHORT CIRCUIT HAZARD Do not use the appliance if any of its components, electrical parts, high pressure hose, or safety mechanisms are damaged. EXPLOSION AND ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD Do not jam the trigger in the open position. ACCIDENT HAZARD Do not tamper with or attempt to adjust safety valves, settings, or mechanisms. EXPLOSION HAZARD Do not alter the original diameter of the spray head nozzles Make sure the high pressure hose is free is unobstructed and away from sharp objects. Do not move the appliance by pulling electrical cable. SHORT CIRCUIT AND ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD Do not leave the appliance unattended. ACCIDENT HAZARD Do not move the appliance by pulling the high pressure hose. EXPLOSION HAZARD When directed towards tires, tire valves or other pressurized components, the high pressure jet is potentially dangerous. Do not use the rotating nozzle kit, and always keep the jet at a distance of at least 2 feet away. EXPLOSION HAZARD Do not use this appliance to clean fragile objects. DAMAGE HAZARD Check that the electrical supply voltage and frequency correspond to those specified on the appliance data plate. Connect only to an adequate power supply in compliance with all applicable regulations. Use only with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets. ELECTRIC SHOCK AND SHORT CIRCUIT HAZARD 4 Do not use the appliance after drinking alcohol, taking medication, or if you are tired and not alert. Do not direct water jet towards weakened or fragile structures. DAMAGE HAZARD Use only extension cords with waterproof plug and socket. Do not pull the power cord. WARNING! The intake water temperature must not exceed 04ºF/40ºC. The water supply pressure must not exceed 0.7 MPa. IMPORTANT! When the trigger is released, water stops flowing through the pump. The motor automatically turns off to protect the pump from overheating. Operation will resume when the trigger is re-engaged. Before starting up your machine, please check it carefully for any defects. If you find any, do not start up your machine. Contact the manufacturer. Do not operate the machine if the power cord or other components are damaged. Use this appliance only for its intended purpose. CAUTION: High pressure may cause the machine to rebound. Take appropriate measures to protect yourself from slipping. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry while operating the unit. It is strongly advised that the operator wear safety glasses, protective rubber gloves, protective headwear, ear protectors, and non-slip, protective footwear. Use only with cleaning agents that are recommended for use with power washers. Never use with corrosive, toxic, or flammable liquids. To avoid unintentional starting, do not carry the plugged-in machine with your finger on the trigger. Make sure the switch is off before plugging in the machine. Stand on a dry, level surface when operating the unit. Do not lay down or tilt the machine. Use only the nozzles and components supplied. Always switch the machine off before disconnecting it from the power source. Always unplug the machine when it is not in use. Store the unit in a cool, dry environment. Do not place in areas prone to high humidity or temperature extremes. Before operating the unit, always check that the screws AND CONNECTORS are tightened and that no parts are broken, worn, or missing. This machine is not meant to pump hot water. Never connect it to a hot water supply. Do not use water that is dirty, gritty or contains any chemical products. Do not cover or modify the spray wand or the spray nozzles in any way. The operating temperature must be between 32 F (0 C) and 04 F (40 C). In the event of a problem, or if pausing operation: Switch the unit off and unplug it. Relieve pressure by pulling trigger gun. Shut off the water supply and disconnect the hose. 5 Basic Operation To Start Operation. Place the machine in its upright position on a flat, stable, level surface. 2. Check the water entry filter to make sure it is free of blockage. 3. If using detergent, use a product specifically designed for power washers. Use with the foaming nozzle ONLY. 4. Connect the desired nozzle to the spray wand -- or use the turbo wand without an interchangeable nozzle -- and the wand to the spray gun handle. Make sure the nozzle is firmly connected to the spray wand before using to avoid injury or property damage from highly pressurized water. 5. Connect the gun handle to the high pressure hose. 6. Make sure the hose is not coiled or twisted. 7. Connect the hose to the water output on the front of the machine. 8. Connect your water supply hose to the water entry of the machine. 9. Connect other end of the supply hose to water source. 0. Press the gun trigger and turn on the water to expel the air inside the machine.. Plug in and turn on the machine. 2. Hold the gun firmly. 3. CAUTION: High pressure may cause the machine to rebound. To Stop Operation. Turn off the power switch. 2. Shut off the water supply. 3. Unplug the unit. 4. Disconnect garden hose. 5. Press the trigger and discharge all residual water from the nozzle. 6. Engage the gun safety catch. 7. Drain any detergent and wash out the tank. 8. Store the unit in a cool, dry environment. Do not place in areas prone to high humidity or temperature extremes. (Ambient temperature should be between 32 F - 90 F). 9. The unit may be treated with non-corrosive, non-toxic antifreeze before storing it away for winter. 6 Assembly: Water supply Water inlet Switch Water oulet Recommended Process: () Hose to gun (2) hose to water outlet (3) water inlet hose to quick connector attaching to unit 4) water inlet hose to tap (5) spray wand to gun. Set the wand to low pressure step. Open the tap and trigger the gun to remove the air in the unit. Connect to power. Turn on the appliance. Set to high pressure. Locked position: locking button on the side of the handle protrudes; trigger is locked. Locking button pressed in; trigger is unlocked. 7 Connect pressure hose to gun handle. Lock in place by sliding the switch on the bottom to the left as shown. To unlock, push the switch to the right as shown. To connect nozzle to high pressure hose: Pull down the metal collar on the hose. Insert the nozzle. Make sure the nozzle clicks in firmly. Release the collar. Attach wand to gun handle by firmly pushing in and then turning clockwise. 8 Unscrew the cap on the built-in tank and add detergent. Follow detergent manufacturer s instructions. Connect the high pressure hose to the outlet port in the front of the unit by pushing the hose in and turning the screw collar to secure. Connect your garden hose to the water input port in the back of the unit. 9 Optional Filter Use if you have hard water and other water conditions. Please read the following instructions carefully.. Take filter out of bag, open the transparent tube and take the seal ring out. 2. Place the seal ring into the cap as shown and reconnect the tube. 3. Find the input screw shown below. 4. Take off the cover on the input tube. 5. Connect the filter in picture 2 to the input tube In picture Attach the input screw in picture 3 to the other end of the filter. 7. Connect the Input hose to the input screw. Note: Clean the filter frequently. 0 Self-suction Function This function permits the pressure washer to pump standing water from a well, tank, basin or other source, and will work when the water level is approximately.5m (39 59 inches) high. If the machine will not pump after minute, turn it off and check if: The inlet hose is submerged The water level is less than.5m high The hose, wand or filter is blocked The nozzle is producing too much pressure Note: Water flow will be slower than when unit is connected to a running water supply. Troubleshooting Guide 2 3 Make sure you are using the (black) foam nozzle Technical Data Motor: Brush 900W Maximum Pressure: 50bar (2200psi) Flow: 7.0Lmin (.8gpm) Voltage/Frequency: 0-240V, -/50Hz G.W/N.W: 4.3/3.3Kg Electrical Diagram of Brush Motor Box Contents Item Quantity Item Quantity Pressure Washer Storage Basket Gun Handle 0 Nozzle Spray Wand 5 Nozzle Turbo Wand 25 Nozzle Cleaning Pin 40 Nozzle Cord Holder Foam Nozzle Hose Holder Distributed by C & A Marketing 2 Bergen Turnpike Ridgefield Park, NJ Made in China Ivation is a trademark of C&A IP Holdings, LLC 205 All right reserved 4
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