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   Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 3 Test A Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press Solutions 2 nd  edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 3 1  Name: ___________________________________________ Grammar 1 Choose the correct words. 1 We have much / a lot of   / a little  students at our school this year. 2 A few  / Any / A little  friends are coming to dinner this evening. 3 I haven’t got some / much  / many  time before I catch the train. 4 Do you like some  / much  / any  of the songs on their new album? 5 Terry can speak a few  / a little  / much  Greek. 6 I hope you like black co ffee. There isn’t many / some  / any  milk! 7 I haven’t seen much  / many / a few  films this year. Have you? Mark: ___ /7 2 Complete the sentences. Use a, the or nothing   (no article). 1 Do you want to speak to Mum? She’s in ______ kitchen. 2 ______ fast cars can be dangerous. 3 There’s a barn and a small house at the end of the lane. Freya lives in ______ house. 4 There’s ______ beautiful lake near our house. 5 Did you see ______ Queen on TV last night? 6 Bella’s dad is ______ teacher at o ur school, but he doesn't teach our class. 7 We don’t buy a lot of food from ______ shop in the village. Mark: ___ /7 3 Write affirmative (   ) or negative (   ) sentences or questions (?) with the correct form of there is or there are. 1   a lot of young people / in the village _______________________________________ 2 ? much pollution / in the city centre _______________________________________ 3   a lot of monuments / in my city _______________________________________ 4   any space / in the car park _______________________________________ 5 ? any cinemas / in your town _______________________________________ 6   a lot of traffic / on Friday afternoons _______________________________________ Mark: ___ /6   Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 3 Test A Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press Solutions 2 nd  edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 3 2 Vocabulary 4 Read the sentences and complete the words. 1 She lives in a small v_ _ _ _ _e with only a few houses and one shop. 2 There’s a f_ _ _ _ _ _h across the fields to the campsite. It’s nicer than walking on the road.  3 It’s safer to cross the road at the p_ _ _ _t_ _ _n crossing.  4 Don’t t hrow the paper on the ground! Put it in the r_ _ _ _ _ _ b_ _. 5 The road s_ _ _ says that cars can’t go down this street.  6 We live in a small, traditional c_ _ _ _ _e in the countryside. 7 A car is coming! Walk on the p_ _ _ _ _ _t! 8 When the t_ _ _ _ _ _ l_ _ _ _s are red, you have to stop. Mark: ___ /8 5 Complete the sentences with the words below. There are two words you do not need. ban crops economy farmyard law plough respect wheat 1 Fox hunting was important to the rural ____________. It created jobs. 2 The hunt sometimes went across farmers ’  fields and damaged the ____________. 3 We must ____________ nature and try to protect the environment. 4 The farm welcomes tourists, and children can see the animals in the ____________. 5 My grandfather grows ____________ for the bakeries in town. 6 Many people in the countryside didn’t want the government to  ____________ hunting. Mark: ___ /6 6 Choose the correct words. 1 Drive  at / through / over   the gate and you will see the main road. 2 He turned in /  –  / up  left. 3 Turn in / to / onto Churchill Road. 4 She was walking at / straight / along  Queen Street. 5 Go past / on / after   the supermarket. 6 Just follow / along / across  the lane towards t he café and you’ll see the post box. Mark: ___ /6   Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 3 Test A Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press Solutions 2 nd  edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 3 3 Use of English 7 Complete the text. Choose the correct options, A, B, C or D. Venice, 1  ____________ the north east of Italy, is 2  ____________ city with a difference  –  it's all built on water! There aren't 3  ____________ roads on the islands, only narrow streets that you can walk around. There are hundreds of small 4  ____________ too, so that you can walk 5  ____________ the canals from one street to another. There are 6  ____________ shops where you can buy souvenirs and a lot of museums to 7  ____________ too. Or you can go on a   8  ____________ trip on one of the water buses or famous gondolas. One of the best times to go is for the 'Carnival of Venice' in February or March every year. The city gets really 9  ____________ with tourists but it's a very 10  ____________ experience. 1 A at B in C on D to 2 A a B an C the D there 3 A any B few C much D some 4 A bridges B cafés C parks D roundabout 5 A into B over C past D through 6 A any B a little C many D much 7 A go B sell C take D visit 8 A boat B shopping C traffic D walking 9 A crowded B empty C outdoors D relaxing 10 A enjoyable B scary C stressful D sunny Mark: ___ /10 Listening 8 Listen to the people talking about online games. Complete the sentences with the correct speaker, A, B, C, D or E. There is one extra sentence you do not need. 1 Speaker ______ spends his/her money on things for his/her online farm. 2 Speaker ______ thinks online games are violent and the government should ban them. 3 Speaker ______ spent someone else’s money buying virtual things. 4 Speaker ______ thinks the online game he/she plays is useful for the future. 5 Speaker ______ thinks online games are for children. 6 Speaker ______ likes games that are creative and free. Mark: ___ /5   Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 3 Test A Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press Solutions 2 nd  edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 3 4 Reading 9 Read the text. Match the sentences A  – F with the gaps 1  – 5 in the text. There is one extra sentence you do not need. A buzz about town I’ m in an expensive hotel in the centre of Paris. 1  _____ The hotel owner, Jean Leforestier, tells me that the honey is fr  om the hotel’s own bees. I imagine that the hotel has a farm somewhere in the countryside,  but Jean is smiling. ‘Would you like to see the bees?’ he asks. ‘They’re upstairs.’   I’m surprised, but I follow Jean up the stairs. On the roof of the hotel, far ab ove the busy streets of Paris, there is a roof garden. 2  _____ I can see them flying around. They live in six small hives made of wood, and they make honey for the hotel’s guests. 3  _____ Some people have gardens, but you don’t need much room for a small hive. Like Jean at the hotel, people are building them on rooftops or on balconies. In the city of Paris there are over 400 hives. It’s surprising, but research shows that  bees in the city are healthier and produce more honey than their country cousins. Research suggests that the use of chemicals on farms, and the size of modern farms are not good for  bees. The farmers plant huge fields with just one type of crop. 4  _____ When the farmers cut their crops to sell them, the bees have almost no food left. In the city, bees visit our parks, gardens, balconies and flower beds. 5  _____ They can produce honey for longer each year. Next time you’re in the park, look out for bees buzzing among the flowers. There might be an urban bee keeper in your town too!  A In fact, more and more people in big cities are keeping bees. _____ B Alice Jennings keeps bees at her farm in Devon. _____ C It’s breakfast time and I’m putting some honey on my bread. _____ D This means that bees have only one type of food. _____ E Urban bees can have up to 250 different types of food. _____ F This is where the hotel keeps its bees. _____ Mark: ___ /5 Writing 10 You are on a city break with your parents. Write a postcard to an English-speaking friend.   Say where you are.   Say whether you are having a good time and why.   Say what you did yesterday.   Say when you are coming home. Mark: ___ /10 Total: ___ /70
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