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SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration Release December 3, 2013 Table of Contents 1 ReleaseNotes Release Notes Installation Requirements Upgrade
SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration Release December 3, 2013 Table of Contents 1 ReleaseNotes Release Notes Installation Requirements Upgrade Important General BIC Mapping Designer SEEBURGER Workbench Message Monitor Property Store Recovery Monitor Resource Management SeeFunctions Front-end System Status Key Center Front-end SeeCPACacheSearch SEEBURGER Data Transmission Adapters Common Adapter Changes 26 SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 1 Redesign of TransmissionReports (2.1Q3) AUTACK EbXML-HTTP Adapter EDIINT AS2 Adapter FTP Adapter and Host FTP Adapter HTTP Adapter OFTP Adapters (TCP, ISDN, X31) P7/X.400 Adapter SFTP Adapter SEEBURGER Modules General Apsec Module AttachmentRename AttribMapper CharsetConversion DSig Module Mailwrapper MessageDump PayloadDump PayloadInfo PGP Module ReplaceString StartLocalApp Zip SEEBURGER Converter Suite General BIC Mapping Designer and BIC Runtime BIC Common 43 SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 2 2.1.6 SEEBURGER Message Tracking / Message Archiving Known Issues New Features General SEEBURGER Solution Content General AUTOMOTIVE Solution CONSUMER PRODUCTS Solution RETAIL Solution Utility Solution 48 3 ReleaseNotes Important Information General Upgrade Known Issues BIC Mapping Designer SEEBURGER Data Transmission Adapters General AS EbXML-HTTP Edifact Secure FTP HTTP OFTP PGP SFTP X400 / P7 55 SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 3 3.3 SEEBURGER Modules General Apsec DSig Message Splitter Payload Dump Replace String Start Local App Zip SEEBURGER Converter Suite General BIC Mapping Designer Workspace Folders Mapping Editor Message Editor Debugger Migration from Older Versions BIC Runtime BIC Compiler BIC Module Classifier Module SeeFunctions Standard Mappings SEEBURGER Workbench Digital Signature Error Monitor Mapping Variables Recovery Monitor 60 SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 4 3.5.5 SEEBURGER CPA Cache Search System Status Frontend SEEBURGER Professional Message Tracking MT-API (Java) Filestore Module 61 Copyright (c) 2013 SEEBURGER AG ( All rights reserved. If (registered or pending) trademarks are named in this document, the rights of the respective proprietors apply. Note: False configuration and/or improper use of communication components may cause high costs. Also consider configuration changes initiated by your telecommunication provider. SEEBURGER is not liable for related additional costs. Note: The information in this document is proprietary to SEEBURGER. No part of this document may be reproduced, copied, or transmitted in any form or purpose without the express prior written permission of SEEBURGER AG. Note: We expressly declare that the document SEEBURGER Legal Information (delivered also with your BIS installation media) is part of this documentation. SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 5 1 ReleaseNotes 1.8 Important We strongly recommend finishing all active recovery jobs before updating from previous releases. Remove the existing commservice application prior to deployment of the latest release (keyname com.seeburger.xi.webapp.commservice). Read the complete Release Notes before starting deployment /installation of component of this release. The Utility Solution's content has been corrected; i.e. FTP now replaces (the previously shipped) OFTP. General The recovery mechanism for technical SEEBURGER adapters has been reworked to ensure improved cluster support. Recovery jobs which have been created by a specific J2EE server node can be processed by another server node if the original node crashes. Major improvements have been implemented to ensure recovery monitoring and stability. The BIC Runtime and BIC Mapping Designer modules have been improved in order to provide a deployment concept that allows development of mappings on multiple Mapping Designer installation without interference of the individual deployment files. 20 independent mapping user deployment files can be generated by BIC Mapping Designer; thus allowing independent development. See the BIC Mapping Designer Configuration Guide for details. New feature: The SEEBURGER workbench contains now the application System status. It can be used to collect relevant information for SEEBURGER technical adapters and modules. The displayed data contains a list of deployed mappings. Known Issue: During deployment of the Extended Tools, a deployment warning might be displayed (Error occurred while starting application It has no negative impact on overall deployment status. The affected application will be started automatically as soon as all dependencies are available (deployed). Updated readme.txt files which are shipped with each solution (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 6 Master Installation Guide Added details about importing content into SLD and Repository. SEEBURGER Workbench Fixed bug #16031: Sorting within the Import window did not work correctly. Improved data selection for SEEBURGER Workbench import/export functionality. Improved Message Splitter Configuration to allow adding meta-information for searching and organizing entries. Fixed Bug # 18099: Front-ends should export to and import from the global directory (sys/global/) (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Workbench Mapping Variables Added input checks. Fixed Bug # 19616: Implement Delete button for each entry ( 1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 20768: SeeFunctions multi-variable column Info1 should be displayed as Info1 (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 20770: Deletion of entries with special characters (like backslash, etc) does not work (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21038: Functions Front-end shows max 100 multi-variables and max 1000 variables/ counters (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21180: Multi-value variable: In case of missing input wrong field name is displayed (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21390: Add group -column for SeeFunctions-front-end (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Workbench Message Monitor Added input checks for date/time values. Fixed Bug # 13933: manual: added note about filters in MIDstore (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Workbench Address Book Fixed Bug#13731: Address book can not be used concurrently. System Status New part of SEEBURGER Workbench which shows a short overview of current system status for monitoring and debugging purposes. SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 7 Fixed Bug # 20987: System Status does not work without BIC (1.8Q1). Enhancement Bug # 21069: System Status Front-end - Policy file check added (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21103: MappingInfoList not deleted if BIC is un-deployed, List not updated upon new mapping deployment (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Property Store Fixed Bug # 21182: Property Store - sorting of columns does not work ( 1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Data Transmission Adapters Common Adapter Changes Adapter recovery has been improved for enhanced cluster support and stability. All Adapters do now set protocol specific or (if not available) default encodings for received messages as dynamic attributes. All adapters do now have a built-in splitting mechanism providing facilities to split messages in receiver channels. Detailed descriptions and supported splitting mechanisms can be found in the adapter-specific configuration guides. Adapters that have polling mechanisms support polling retries in case of failed connection attempts or similar errors. Fixed bug #15765: Faster shutdown of all adapters. The shutdown behavior did wait for a timeout to occur. Fixed bug #15987: If the specified attachment was not available MainDocument was used instead. Now all adapters throw an error instead. Enhancement #15990: In case of initiated reports to the XI system, the XI message now contains the reftomessagid header. Fixed Bug # 20970: Max Retry job is not moved to retry directory (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 18907: Improved adapter shutdown behavior (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19445: Fix Communication Channel Monitoring start/stop behavior (CallbackInterface should no longer be used) (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19758: Node of Queue Processors must be configurable - added MCF property (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 20579: Recovery job is not removed from file system when manual deleted (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 20597: Initiators should be configurable - added MCF property (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 20681: Running out of threads during recovery timer run (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21123: Resource Management does not work with white spaces in resource IDs (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 8 OFTP Adapters (TCP, ISDN, X31) Known Issue: Warning: Do not use the Communication Channel Monitor feature for starting/stopping communication channels with OFTP(TCP/ISDN/X31) channels! Fixed bug # 8670: Improved and correct adapter monitoring. Fixed bug # 10706: Thread pool configuration corrected. Fixed bug # 11003: Added additional info to DtReport after receiving messages (Sender and receiver ODETTE codes, ISDN or TCP details). Fixed Bug #15529: Send EFPA/EERP before the file is initiated to the XI system. In case the module chain takes a long time to process, a session timeout might have occurred. If the initiation fails, the SEEBURGER recovery takes over. Fixed bug # 15987: Outbound messages could have carried a wrong payload, if the specified payload did not exist. Fixed bug # 16420: Messages were stuck and/or one or more of the OFTP processors stopped working. Fixed bug # 16421: Removed race condition. Fixed bug # 17004: Removed deadlock happening during shutdown of the adapter. Fixed bug # 17494: Listeners seem to be not updated correctly Fixed Bug # 17424: Strange behavior when OFTP Sender channel is stopped only in channel monitoring (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 17494: Listeners seem to be not updated correctly (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 18643: EERP still transmitted if Partner sends EERP not selected (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19462: Timeout notifications by missing EERP are generated with wrong channel ID (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21140: OFTP waits for reservation timeout to run out even if no resource available message is received (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21168: Missing configuration of Attachment Name is not detected (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19883: Concurrently processing OFTP adapters may lead to duplicates (because of time-stamp based on seconds instead of ms) (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug#26977: V2 report cannot be verified if 'deliver EERPs' flag disabled - Now if signed eerp is requested, a check before sending the file is made whether a report channel and agreement are configured. Report is also verified, even if it is not delivered (1.8.Q2). Fixed [BUG#26686]: Original V2 payload initiated instead of the processed (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#25743]: CCM does not show error if conflicting listeners detected by adapter startup (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26531]: Secure authentication must not be negotiated (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26436]: TLS listener allows SSL connection (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#25636]: Re-authentication error if channel restarted after these configuration changes (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#22324]: OFTP does not support proxies (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#21939]: Representative is not removed when startlistener fails (1.8Q2) SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 9 Fixed [BUG#21806]: Check TCP listener grouping (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#21528]: 2 OFTP nodes can generate the same secondary id for OFTP mid store entry (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#16983]: DtReport should contain more details (1.8Q2) EDIINT AS2 Adapter Fixed Bug #14259: Reports for failed transaction where initiated via a wrong channel. Fixed Bug #14523: dtsender, dtreceiver, dtattachmentname, dtmsgtype and dtexternalms gid have been added to the list of context-object visible via context object within the receiver determination. Fixed Bug #16120: Non-caught exception causes data loss, if storetemp fails. Fixed bug # 17308: Initiation of corrupt (and possible duplicate) messages fails and leaves recover jobs behind. Fixed bug # 17088: Adjust receiver agreement GUI to hide authentication certificate item. Fixed bug # 17542: AS2 can not find correct Binding for TransmissionReports. Fixed bug # 13669: Negative sync MDN must set error state. Fixed bug # 16927: Parameter detectencoding is not available in Adapter Meta data. Fixed bug # 17040: AS2 does not create pending certificates for unknown SSL peers. Fixed bug # 17310: Adapter-internal split not working with payload mode attachment. Fixed bug # 17543: Asynchronous MDNs can only be received via sender channel of message protocol type AS2. Fixed Bug # 13165: Payload is missing in dump file. Fixed Bug # 11404: AS2 Configuration guide - stati overview not up to date (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19439: IBM JSSE Provider does not support fall back from TLS to SSL (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 20080: SMIME content transfer encoding is not recognized (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21082: HTTP keep-alive is always used (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21296: Creation of pending SSL certs fails on IBMVM (1.8Q1). Fixed [BUG#26644]: Recovery job size up to 80 MB (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26962]: No valid error handling when wrong protocol is entered (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#21090]: MDN can have more information (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#20749]: wrong error message when report channel is missing (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26652]: [MsgIdMon] message id starting with letters is not displayed (1.8Q2) EbXML HTTP Adapter Fixed Bug #13152: EbXML Outbound diaf attachments are not removed after finished task. Fixed Bug # 21296: Creation of pending SSL certs fails on IBMVM (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 17735: Create report for received corrupt files (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 18026: Added configuration compmaxprocesses to MCF properties (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 10 Fixed Bug # 18976: ClassCastException when trying to send an encrypted message (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19906: EbXML-HTTP adapter never returns error code NotSupported (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19907: EbXML does not initiate entries in the Message Id Store for configuration errors (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19908: EbXML does not check the TTL of a received message (1.8Q1). HTTP Adapter Fixed bug # 18687: HTTP adapter does not use channel ID as target ID (duplicate detection for tasks does work for polling). Fixed Bug # 21296: Creation of pending SSL certs fails on IBMVM (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 15525: HTTP Client does not create transmission report if not in QoS: BEST EFFORT (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 17356: HTTP Client caches SSL settings (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 18691: Add MessageIDStore entry for polling (GET) requests (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19115: The value of maxincomingprocesses should be given in the log file (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21235: HTTP Client does not enter MID store entries (1.8Q1). FTP Adapter and Host FTP Adapter Fixed bug #12502: Polling of wrong reports does not fail the FTP communication. Fixed bug #14062: Fixed wrong usage of US_ASCII instead of US-ASCII. Fixed bug #15484: Unsupported SYST command does not break FTP communication. Fixed bug #15864: Added columns to MessageIDMonitor for filtering. Fixed bug #16512: Added new dynamic attributes carrying server information when polling an FTP box. More information is available in FTP Adapter-specific guide. Fixed bug #16928: Fixed some dynamic attributes missing in Receiver Determination. Fixed bug #16699: Unable to send payload as MainDocument. Fixed bug #17524: Missing or faulty description of Lock File in HostFTP User Manual. Fixed bug #18699: Report channels displayed as inactive in Communication Channel Monitor. To solve the issue: Import latest Adapter Meta data, save and activate your report channels again. Fixed [BUG#26480]: GXS connection not working with an alpha numeric SNRF (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26474]: Polling for EBmx ANX FTP Server profile is not working (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26471]: Cwd doesn't accept 200 as a reply code (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26441]: Wrong behavior of dtattachmentname (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26461]: HostDir doesn't allow '(' and ')' (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26437]: If other reports are required, the transmission report should not be set to final report (1.8Q2) SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 11 P7/X.400 Adapter Fixed Bug #11588: Updated adapter error messages. Fixed Bug #12552: Missing link to XI message in MessageID-Store-Monitor. Fixed Bug #15835: Deleting a P7 message twice produces error log entries on provider. Fixed Bug #15862: Adjustments of MessageID-Store-Monitor. Fixed Bug #16584: Fixed recovery problem. Fixed Bug #17061: P7 TransmissionReport contains useless correlation ID. Fixed Bug #17713: Improved error message/description when receiving duplicates. Fixed Bug #18157: Problems sending of payloads larger than 1MB. Fixed Bug # 9321: Key Storage login failure does not result in meaningful error messages (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 17724: if timeout interval too small, then expired report and successful report may both be received (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19321: P7 does not detect constructed IA5 Text (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 19726: Correlation ID is set to wrong value in reports (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 20397: Improved handling of corrupt messages (1.8Q1). EDIINT AS1 Adapter Fixed Bug #15924: Dynamic attributes have been added to the list of context-objects visible via context object within the receiver determination. Fixed Bug #16587: Problems when first attempt of MDN DtReport delivery fails. Fixed Bug #15104: Documentation: Sample scenario contains an error (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug #19662: The sender agreement of report channel has a redundant configuration field (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug #21303: Splitter in mode EOIO - problem with default queue name (1.8Q1). SFTP Adapter Fixed bug # 16115: Updated to latest Maverick version 1.4. Fixed bug # 16185: SFTP/SSH protocol was not configurable. Fixed Bug #16227: Transmission reports were always created, regardless of the receiver channels configuration. Fixed Bug #13489: It was stated that a pending certificate has been created before the actual certificate was written to the keystore, which resulted in a wrong log message if the actual creation failed. Fixed Bug # 21211: Dealing with dtattachmentname (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21218: Improved transmission report handling (including SCP handling) (1.8Q1). Fixed Bug # 21300: SFTP client always downloads ssh2 DSA public host key (1.8Q1). SEEBURGER Release Notes for SAP NW Process Integration 12 Fixed Bug # 21566: Channel status is now active by default. Known issue: DSA key support is limited to key sizes of up to 1024bit. Support for larger keys is planned but not yet available. Fixed [BUG#25102]: SFTP seems to ignore the adapterstatus for report channels (1.8Q2) Fixed [BUG#26149]: Adapter specific message helpers should check initiation channels for delivery semantics (1.8Q2) SeDeB2B Adapter Fixed Bug #14188: Exceptions while executing SeDeB2B, stating: Unable to obtain configuration data! Fixed Bug #16108: Dynamic attributes have been added to the list of context-objects visible via context object within the receiver determination. SeDeB2B Adapter is extended with sending S/MIME capability. Fixed bug # 10917: Meta data VanMAIL and Sedeb2b do not have common structure. Fixed bug # 17030: Default QueueName is still visible, if usesplitter is false. Fixed bug # 17554: Check whether VanMail-based adapters do log correctly. Fixed Bug # 19175: Channel module configuration has solution-id module in report channels (1.8Q1). EdifactSecure/AUTACK Component Update If an update is performed, it is vital that the service SEEBURGER-SeeEdifactSecure, which was used by older versions of EDIFACT Secure Authentication (AUTACK), is undeployed before. Configuration The configuration of the Edifact Secure Authentication Service has been reworked. The service is no longer configured via the Visual Admin tool, the SEEBURGER Property Store Frontend is used instead. E.g. the user and password used for accessing certificates and key by the J2EE Keystoreage Service. The name space for the service properties is Deployment of KEYMAN Mappings The dep
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