Sedecal HF Series X-Ray Generator - Service Manual

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Sedecal HF Series X-Ray Generator - Service Manual
  Technical PublicationPI-1005R3 Pre-Installation HF Series Generators  HF Series Generators Pre-Installation PI-1005R3 REVISION HISTORY  REVISION DATE REASON FOR CHANGE 0 JUL 15, 2002 First edition1 SEP 20, 2003 kW corrections for SHF-5xx model2 FEB 17, 2004 New equipments3 SEP 15, 2005 Revision of environmental and electrical requirementsThis Document is the English srcinal version, edited and supplied by the manufacturer.The Revision state of this Document is indicated in the code number shown at the bottom of this page. ADVISORY SYMBOLS The following advisory symbols will be used throughout this manual. Theirapplication and meaning are described below.  DANGERS ADVISE OF CONDITIONS OR SITUATIONS THAT  IF NOT HEEDED OR AVOIDED WILL CAUSE SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. ADVISE OF CONDITIONS OR SITUATIONS THAT IF NOTHEEDEDORAVOIDEDCOULDCAUSESERIOUSPERSONALINJURY, OR CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE OF EQUIPMENT ORDATA.  Advise of conditions or situations that if not heeded or  avoidedcouldcausepersonalinjuryordamagetoequipment or data. Note  .  Alert readers to pertinent facts and conditions. Notes represent  informationthatisimportanttoknowbutwhichdonotnecessarily  relate to possible injury or damage to equipment.
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