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SAMSUNG WASHER WITH UPDATES Brought to you by: Presented by: Rick Kuemin, MSA Training Director Washers and Dryers for cleaner living 1 Version WF520 WF410 WF350 WF330 WF220 WF210 2 Versions
SAMSUNG WASHER WITH UPDATES Brought to you by: Presented by: Rick Kuemin, MSA Training Director Washers and Dryers for cleaner living 1 Version WF520 WF410 WF350 WF330 WF220 WF210 2 Versions 2 Versions 2 Versions 1 Version 2 Versions 2010 Models Above WF409 WF448 WF419 WF328 WF219 WF218 WF209 2 Versions 5 Versions 4 Versions 3 Versions 2 Versions 2 Versions 2 Versions Critical Parts Look-up Information Always look for a Version Number on all products, if you are looking up parts, ask tech to verify Version. Always get the Serial Number on all products. There are Running Changes that have Bulletins referring to part number changes at a production Serial Number. If you are looking up parts, ask tech to verify Serial Number. Laundry Software Code could be important. Any Doubt Call GPCA Refurbished Products have no Serial or Version #s SERVICE BULLETIN WF209ANW/XAA, WF218ANB/XAA, WF218ANW/XAA WF219ANB/XAA, WF219ANW/XAA SYMPTOM: When the cold water temperature is low, especially in winter months, the washer has a more difficult time balancing, creating excessive vibration. The washer may extend the spin time or finish the last spin with clothes remaining wet. REPAIR: First verify the current version of software in the unit. This can be done by pressing the SPIN, SOIL LEVEL and POWER buttons simultaneously with the power off. The software version will be displayed on the front panel display followed by 1e. Refer to the version table listed below to determine if a new main PCB is required. SERVICE BULLETIN WF209ANW/XAA, WF218ANB/XAA, WF218ANW/XAA WF219ANB/XAA, WF219ANW/XAA The Tech is expected to meet higher standards What advice would you give to a technician who questions the customer s intelligence by saying something like: We ve had nothing but trouble with this model. I see this problem all the time. Why did you buy this Brand Samsung product? Brand Z is much better. You should have purchased a simpler machine. This one has too many bells and whistles and doesn t clean/dry/cook/cool any better than a cheaper one. Laundry Serial Number Production Year R : 2001 T : 2002 W : 2003 X : 2004 Y : 2005 A : 2006 Jan L : From 02/2006 P : 2007 Q : 2008 S : 2009 Z : 2010 B:2011 C:2012 D:2013 F:2014 G:2015 H:2016 J:2017 K:2018 M:2019 N: C P A Model Name Production Country Korea 2,3 China A Thailand D Mexico G India Z USA??? Production Line Check Digit Pro. Month 1~9 : Jan~Sep A : October B : November C : December Reject Reasons: Missing the /XAA Missing the Check Digit Samsung HA Warranty ALL Warranties are subject to change, always verify. 1 Year Parts & Labor Base Warranty, Labor may not apply over 1 year Some items may have longer Warranties, Check Owners Manual or 800-SAMSUNG Refrigerator Sealed System Five Years Parts & Labor Laundry 2 years on Control Boards, 3 years on Stainless tubs, 10 years on DD washer motors M/W oven 10 years on Magnetron Tubes Range 5 years on Glass Cooktop and Radiant Surface Units D/W 5 years Printed Circuit Board, Racking and Lifetime Stainless Door Liner & Tub for leakage. No Damage Warranty, Consumer or Stock One Year, One Call for Consumer Education Stock Repair, 24 months from date of manufacture Two Stock Repairs allowed under Warranty Refurbished Product has no Warranty Fast Track Troubleshooting 1 2 3 Fast Track Manual Example page I hope in the future to change it to Multiple Versions, the number may be wrong here Refurbished Product will not have the Version Numbers Look for Version # anytime parts or service information are needed for a product. WF328*** Version 02 has front pump Samsung Laundry NEW: WF cu. ft. VRT PLUS PowerFoam Steam POWER FOAM FUNCTION (WF520) The Power Foam Technology generates foam, or suds which allows the detergent to evenly penetrate the fabrics faster. The basic technology is the detergent is dissolved with air and water before the normal wash cycle starts. 1)The normal wash was selected. (Time 56 minutes) 2)The start/pause button was then pressed to activate the wash cycle. 3)The drain pump was then activated. 4)Once the wash cycle reached 52 minutes (remaining time, which means 4 minutes into the cycle) the Power Foam function was then activated. 5)The Power Foam function lasted for a total of 5 minutes. Air is being drawn in from this nozzle. The air passes through this hose to the bottom of the outer drum. At this point the air mixes with the detergent and water that is in the outer tub. Recirculation Pump is our new Bubble creating device. Air is drawn in from the inner tub and recirculated down into the bottom of the outer tub. Once the air enters the bottom of the outer tub it then mixes with the water and detergent that is at the bottom of the tub which creates the foam. Changed Part List WF520 Hose Drawer Tub Basic (Purple) Grace Water Supply : Front Water Supply : Side (Tub Front) Changed Part List WF520 ASSY-Spin Drum Basic (Purple) Grace 1 품명 비고 2 1 Ass'y-F/Shaft (Ring-OG 적용 ) 3 2 Ass'y-Balance ( 후면 ) Same 3 Drum-Back Drum-Wrapper 5 Drum-Lifter 6 Drum-Front 7 Ass'y-Balance ( 전면 ) Capacity Same 7 Window/Diaphragm Cleaning Original Design WF210 WF220 Updated Design WF330 WF350 WF410 Temperatures Location Considerations Do not install your washer in areas where water may freeze, since your washer will always maintain some water in its water valve, pump, and hose areas. This can cause damage the belts, the pump, hoses and other components. Operating temperature should be above 60 F on all Models. Extended Cycle Time Sometimes No Spin What causes extended time Spin/Wash issue? Out of Balance 45 min. or more, at Spin Cycle Over Sudsing - 1 hour or more, at Spin Cycle Poor Drain - up to 15 minutes for each drain cycle Slow Fill minutes each fill What Monitors Out of Balance? Over Sudsing? PCB / Motor Wet/Damp clothes, stopping in spin or heavy wash load, noise from motor. The wire can be locked back in the connector 3E fault all models be Error Code WF210, WF220 be Error Code This error code indicates a Motor drive, or Hall sensor error. WF210 and WF220 be error code units. All of these issues, to date, were corrected by replacing the Main PCB. 2E Faults (Failed Electrolytic Capacitor) Examine PCB for burned or leaking components. WF520 Leak under washer Don t over tighten FAILED DAMPER SHOCK 1 Stage Damper Shock 2 Stage Damper Shock DC B DAMPER-SHOCK; TUB- BACK ONLY 1 Stage Single VRT DC A DAMPER-SHOCK; TUB- FRONT & BACK 2 Stage Double VRT The symptoms that could occur from a failed Damper shock. Noise Vibration Intermittent No Spin Does not achieve maximum RPMs Clothes wet after spin cycle or sometimes very damp, but not dry GOOD FAILED There are no visual indication between a failed, or good damper shock. You need to physically grab the shock and move it to determine if it s failed or not. Grab the damper shock and move it back and forth. A good shock will have very little wobble, or play in it. A failed shock will have a wobble to it. GOOD FAILED The wobble is caused because the foam, which has the lubricant, has become dislodged. Single VRT WF330, 350, 407, 409, 410, 419 DC B DAMPER-SHOCK; TUB-BACK 1 stage Single VRT VRT Models with weight on the back, are Single VRT What if we have trouble with excess vibration on certain floors with these models? DC A DAMPER-SHOCK; TUB-FRONT 2 stage Single VRT WF520 VRT + Dual MEMs Out of Balance When the unbalance time exceeds 15 minutes during the spin cycle, it executes the untying operation to balance the load. It will tumble at 50 RPM and add water and pump out twice, then generate an error (dc) the third time. This will last about 30 minutes. Temperatures under 60 may cause unit not to spin and generate an error (dc) See bulletin for software change on Main PCB - WF209ANW/XAA, WF218ANB/XAA, WF218ANW/XAA,WF219ANB/XAA,WF219ANW/XAA Installation issues Not leveled, Not locking the lock nuts, Bending legs or frame when lifting, Shipping bolts in place, Springs or struts broken or loose. Installed on slippery floor without rubber foot pads. Not Questions properly or comments? locked Please on pedestal. Vibration/Balance Issues Use on slippery floors for stability. There is one in each package, so order 4 of them New models have Plastic on the front and rubber on the back, and should not slip. When installing a washer and dryer on the first, or second floor this is not recommended. When installing a washer and dryer on the first, or second floor this is recommended. PEDESTAL INSTALLATION Plastic Leg on the Front Leg doesn t lock in clamp Turn Leg ¼ turn CW Leg will now Lock The washers now come from the factory with two different type leveling legs. The washer is usually shipped from the factory with the plastic type leveling legs on the front and the rubber type mounted on the rear. PEDESTAL INSTALLATION When the plastic leveling legs are mounted on the rear, the leg does not sit as deep in the clamp as when mounted in the front. This is causing the bottom of the clamp to hit the top of the leg and prevents the clamp from closing. In order to fix this situation you need to remove the plastic legs from the rear and remount them on the front of the washer. Washer foot damage This will cause the washer to walk during spin cycles and may cause a no spin condition. Floor Model sale. Washer slid across warehouse concrete floor Washer sliding/walking on consumer s concrete floor over time. Washer Vibration Testing No Description Image TEST RESULTS ASK 1 Tighten the lock-nut up against the base frame. 2 Put a couple of articles of clothing inside and place paper strips under each leg. And then, put the unit into Spin Mode as follows. 1. Power ON press SIGNAL and EXTRA RINSE for 3 seconds 2. Press the Delay Start and Silver Care Keys for 3 seconds to enter Quick Spin Test Mode. As its speed increases, try to pull out the paper stripes. Notice! If you find foot-print on the paper, or the paper is slipped out, lower the regarding leg slightly and tighten up its lock-nut against the bottom plate. And, repeat the test until there is no slip-out or footprint. Paper Notice! Partial circle footprint on paper could Questions indicate or a comments? bent leg Please or frame. Over Sudsing ALWAYS USE HE Detergents When using the recommended amount of detergent in soft water with clean clothes, it is possible to get Oversudsing. Unless clothing is dirty, in soft water use ½ or less of the recommended detergent. Bedding/Towels retain detergent most Over Sudsing, Drawer Leak Consumers wash clean clothes in soft water, no soil for the detergent to hold in suspension, creating over sudsing. Over Sudsing, Drawer Leak Over Sudsing, Drawer Leak Small puddle under the drawer usually means over sudsing LEAKAGE FROM THE FRONT DOOR Even when using the recommended HE detergent, if too much detergent is used suds will be created. LEAKAGE FROM THE FRONT DOOR Suds have gathered between the door and the front panel. Hair or threads will also cause wicking, clean the boot area. LEAKAGE FROM THE FRONT DOOR Once the suds start to dissipate it will leak from the front door area. A small puddle under the door usually means over sudsing or water being wicked out. Over Sudsing Washer Troubleshooting What s done when tech arrives at home? TEST RESULTS ASK Talk to the Consumer, don t trust the work order The Diagnostic Mode is the most valuable troubleshooting tool you have for troubleshooting a Washer. When you are at the product this MUST be the first test you should do. Removing power will not erase Fault Codes. When some models are put into the Quick Test Mode all fault codes will be erased. No LED Display 1 nd 1 3 nf 3 Code Description Corrective Action The water level fails to drop below the Reset Water Level within 15 minutes. When the water fill continues for more than 16 minutes or there is no change of water level for 3 minutes Check for Foreign material in pump or hoses. Verify the wiring harness is connected properly. Check the water pump terminal. Check for freezing Check the water valve wiring harness. Check the water supply valve for clogging with foreign material and whether water is supplied properly. Check for reversed fill hoses. Check water temperature, if sensed as higher than 50 C in the Wool or Lingerie cycle it will create error. Check the relays, if they operate correctly replace the Main PCB. 5 nf1 5 The Hot/Cold water connection is not correct Correct Hot/Cold hose connections 6 LeE or LE 8 7 OE E 8 dc 10 Water Level Sensor Trouble. (When the input signal from the water level sensor is out of range, the unit will send out beeping sounds and halt the cycle.) A fault is detected in the water level sensor. Data (frequency) shows the water level is at or above the overflow water level. Drain process may also occur. Unbalance or cabinet bump is detected during final spin, which prevents the drum from spinning over 400 rpm. (Never exceeds 400 RPM due to unbalanced load) 9-11 EEPROM Fault. (Program settings are being reset.) 10 E dl ds LO FL Sr 34 Jammed/Stuck Key. (When key input signals are detected for more than 30 seconds, it is a stuck key.) Door is detected as open when the motor is operating. Door is detected as open while trying to lock the door. Door fails to unlock after 3 attempts. Door fails to lock after 3 attempts. Abnormal high/low temperature or resistance (Thermal sensor or PBA) resistance. System Relay (Main Relay) Failure. (PCB does not notice the relay operation when there should be.) 17 Hr 36 Heater Relay Failure (No Heater Relay Check Signal) 18 3E 2E E3 be 3E Motor Drive Error or Hall Sensor error Check the Hose where the sensor is connected, may be loose, pinched, damaged or clogged. Also check the sensor it may be disconnected or defective. The Main PCB may also be defective Water is supplied continually because the water level detection does not work. - Verify the drain is working properly. Verify the water valves shut off fully. Finally check the water level sensor. Check type of laundry. Check whether it may cause an unbalanced situation.- Educate the consumer to press pause, reposition the load or remove a few items. Check bulletin on WF218 Go to EEPROM Clear Mode If display shows FAiL, Replace Machine Control Board Check all of keys. If A key is sensed to be pressed, all keys will not respond Check the door switch and latch alignment. Check the latch for damage. Check the wiring harness to the latch. Check the door switch. Replace if faulty. Finally verify the operation of the Main PCB Check loose or pinched wires. Check thermistor if OK Replace PCB. Replace PCB. Check for short or a wire disconnected to the heater circuit. Check for tub contacting the heater or if the water in the tub is frozen or there is no water. The error is triggered by temperatures above 145C. If the heater is OK, replace PCB. An Hr error occurs if the steam heater is faulty, replace it. Check the motor drive & Hall sensor connector. Check for foreign object inside the motor/stator or motor/stator damage. The drum may be overloaded with clothes or the relay or PCB may be defective. 21 8E 8E MEMS Sensor Failure. (No MEMS Sensor Check Signal) Check MEMS PCB,Main PCB & Wire-harness 22 7E 7E Silver Care Kit (Silver Care PCB) Failure. Check Silver Care PCB,Main PCB & Wire-harness 23 PF - It occurs when there is power failure during the washing. ( PF is not an error. It is to inform of power failure.) - 24 SUdS or Sd - Suds is detected during the washing session. ( SUdS may light up instead of remaining time.) 25 9E1 EMC Filter issue or a noise spike from an external device 26 AE 27 SF1, SF2, SF3 Samsung 'Washer' Diagnostic Code Quick Guide Communication error between SUB PBA and MAIN PBA System error SUdS is not an error. Guide a user to reduce amount of detergent usage. Check Main PCB & Sub PCB Wiring harness. If OK replace PCB Replace PCB Replace PCB Replace PCB TEST RESULTS ASK Test Mode & Error Check TEST RESULTS Service Mode ASK Definition of Service Mode: - Service Mode enables service technicians to verify the operation of the washing machine and do troubleshooting. - Service Mode can be entered during all washing cycle without interrupting the cycle except some of test modes. - Various tests can be done with Service Mode. So, troubleshooting can be done based on the resulting diagnostic codes. How to Enter: - To enter the Service Mode, press the Signal and Extra Rinse Keys for 3 seconds or until the unit sends out beeping sounds. Error Check TEST RESULTS Diagnostic Code Check Mode ASK Service Mode Silver Care Definition of Diagnostic Code Check Mode: - Diagnostic Code Check Mode is to bring up the stored diagnostic codes (reference codes for service technicians). How to Enter: - To enter the Diagnostic Code Check Mode with code d flashing, press the Silver Care (Rinse Water +) during Service Mode. Test Mode Quick Spin Test Mode Note: Stay with the washer during this test (out of balance detection may be bypassed and door may not lock). TEST RESULTS ASK Service Mode Delay Start + Silver Care While it is not in Hold Speed Mode Delay Start + Silver Care 3 Sec While a cycle is not running Quick Spin Test Mode Definition of Quick Spin Test Mode: - Quick Spin Test Mode is to do Spin Check. (High RPM) How to Enter: - During Service Mode, press the Delay Start and Silver Care Keys for 3 seconds to enter Quick Spin Test Mode. - Cannot enter once the washing cycle has started. Test Mode TEST RESULTS Cycle Count Check Mode ASK Service Mode Definition of Cycle Count Check Mode: - Cycle Count Check Mode is to tally up the number of washings. How to Enter: - To enter the Cycle Count Check Mode, press the Signal Key during Service Mode. Cycle Count Check Mode: 1. Activate the Service Mode in advance. 2. When the Signal key is pressed, the total number of washings will light up and a signal LED will glow (Louder, Softer, Off LED). 3. The maximum number of cycles will be The counter will roll over to 0 and start counting again after The counting will be carried out at the end of the normal cycle. 5. To exit the Cycle Count Check Mode, press the Signal key again. Test Mode TEST RESULTS S/W Version Check Mode ASK Service Mode Definition of S/W Version Check Mode: - S/W Version Check Mode is to bring up S/W Version information. How to Enter: - To enter the S/W Version Check Mode, press the Soil Level Key during Service Mode. (same for all Frontier models.) S/W Version Check Mode: 1. Activate the Service Mode in advance. 2. Press the Soil Level Key to bring up its software Version Ex) Generate F020 for version 20.(F0 is micom code, 20 is it s software version 3. To exit the S/W Version Check Mode, press the Soil Level S/W once again. Then, it returns to the Service Mode with motor RPM illuminating. Test Mode TEST RESULTS Board Input Test Mode ASK Service Mode Definition of Board Input Test Mode: - Board Input Test Mode is to displays a specified input after a key press. How to Enter: - To enter the Board Input Test Mode, press the Extra Wash key during Service Mode. (same for all Frontier2 models.) Board Input Test Mode: 1. Activate the Service Mode first. 2. Press the Extra Wash key to start Board Input Test. 3. Turn the Jog-Dial so that the Extra Wash LED is turned on, and Press the Start/Pause Key. The Water Temperature will be displayed in Celsius. 4. Turn the Jog-Dial so that the Extra Rinse LED is turned on, and Press the Start/Pause Key. The Water Temperature will be displayed in Fahrenheit. 5. Turn the Jog-Dial so that the Extra Spin LED is turned on, and Press the Start/Pause Key. The door status will be displayed (OP if open, CL if closed). NOTE: #7 can be done during fill, to verify frequency change 6. Turn the Jog-Dial so that the Delay Start LED is turned on, and Press the Start/Pause Key. The door lock Switch status will be displayed (UL if unlocked, Lo if locked). 7. Turn the Jog-Dial so that the Pre Wash LED is turned on, and Press the Start/Pause Key. The Water Frequency will be displayed. 8. Turn the Jog-Dial so t
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