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Samsung-Washer-WA5471ABW XAA-OrCA Washer Training Manual V5
  ORCA-PJT[WA5471*,WA5451*]TRAINING MANUAL Feb. 2011 SAMSUNG Clothes Washer [Top –Loadin Washer! iital Applian#es i$ision  1.1.%rod&#t 'ntrod&#tion%rod&#t 'ntrod&#tion2.2.%art List%art List(.(.)peration )peration *.*.Test Mode + ,rror Che#-Test Mode + ,rror Che#-../eeren#e 'noration/eeren#e 'noration CONTENTS 2  1.Product Introduction 1-1. Washer Me#haniss   ( There are two types of washer mechanisms. A fully automatic (top loading) type that drives the pulsator with a motor to form a water stream which impacts and washes the laundry, and a drum (front loading) type that rotates the drum to wash the laundry by lifting up the laundry and letting the laundry fall cleaning the laundry. ◎ The relationship beteen the ater strea and ashin  A drum washer washes laundry by letting the laundry fall from the top to the bottom of the drum. In addition, The washing tub rotates 36 degrees which beats the laundry with a small amount of water. In addition, the washer has a built!in heater that heats the water providing a sterili ation effect. The other mechanisms for the washing, rinsing and spinning operations, are the same as those of rotating pulsator (top loading) type washers. The most distinguishable difference in the appearance of the washer compared to a normal washer is that the laundry loading door is transparent so that the washing process is seen. #or your reference, you can easily distinguish a drum washer from a rotating pulsator (top loading) type washer by remembering that the laundry loading door of a rotating pulsator (top loading) type washer is at the to. %&lsator   1.Product Introduction 1-2. Comparison of Washer Types 1 * TypeTop Loading Type Front Loading TypeCapacity5.4 cu.ft4.0 cu.ft ~ 5.0 cu.ftHeaterYesYesPriceLowHighWashing Perforance ! #$idHigh%ount of Water &seLarge'a((&nifority of Washing$idHigh)egree of )aage to Fa*ric$idHigh)egree of Fa*ric Tang(ingLowHigh
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