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Jinasena Pumps
    JINASENA   GROUP   OF   COMPANIES   PRODUCT   CATALOG    Adress : No:176/1, Thimbirigasyaya Rd,  Colombo 0 5 , Srilanka.   ZIP: P.O BOX 196, Colombo, Sri Lanka.Phone: +94112584919-23, +94112584974-5   :  Fax:  Sales : +94112584947 E-mail:    Engineering Sales : +94112584948.    C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S   WATER   PUMPS   AGRICULTURAL   MACHINERY   ELECTRIC   MOTORS   WATER   PURIFIERS   DRIP   &   SPRINKLER   IRRIGATION   SYSTEMS   01   13303337    PRODUCT RANGE Jinasena is a diversified organization producing a range of products. These products are escorted with unmatchable services to the customer, ensuring comprehensive customer satisfaction.   Jinasena deals with five product lines and provides pre-sales and after-sales services for these products.   ã   Water Pumps   ã    Agricultural Machinery   ã   Electric Motors   ã   Water Purifiers   ã   Drip & Sprinkler Systems   WATER PUMPS Jinasena is synonymous with the manufacture of water pumps. In the forefront of this field for the five decades past, the range of water pumps now meet every conceivable demand.   P R O D U C T S :   Domestic pumps  –    –   General use   Pressure boosters   Industrial pumps  –    –    –    –    –   General useSubmersible pumps for Waste water   Custom Built package   Booster system   Custom built package fire fighting system    Agricultural pumps  –    –   General use High head / High Volume diesel engine driven.   Jinasena Group of Companies | Water Pumps 1      DOMESTIC PUMPS – GENERAL USE   N SERIES   Traditional cast iron construction, Noryl Impeller. Most popular series in Sri Lanka for the past three decades. N75T/1 ¾” x ¾” H max 50ft   760 gph @ 30ft 0.3 HP   N100T/1   1” x 1” H max 52ft   1000 gph @ 30ft 0.5 HP   N110T/1   1” x 1”    H max 80ft   1000 gph @ 42ft 0.75 HP   N110P/1   1” x 1”    H max 80ft   1000 gph @ 42ft 0.75 HP   NR SERIES   New design with extruded Aluminium motor housing, specially designed for efficient heat dissipation. High quality engineering plastics are used for most of the components.   NR75/1   ¾“ x ¾“   H max 53ft   760 gph @ 30ft 0.3 HP   NR100/1   1” x 1”    H max 73ft   860 gph @ 50ft 0.5 HP   NR110/1   1” x 1”    H max 80ft   1000 gph @ 42ft 0.75 HP   NR115/1   1” x 1”    H max 103ft   700 gph @ 80ft 1.0 HP   HMS SERIES Specially designed as a domestic series for hill country areas.   HMS103/1   1” x 1”    H max   155ft   600 gph @ 105ft 1.0 HP   HMS104/1   1” x 1”    H max   205ft   600 gph @ 150ft 1.5 HP   Jinasena Group of Companies | Water Pumps 2  
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