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  Unit test 9B NAME CLASS 1 Headway New Pre-Intermediate FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2012 1 Complete the sentences with although , so or because .  1 He didn’t wake up, although  he had slept for twelve hours. 2 The supermarket was closed ______ we had to do the shopping the next day. 3 ______ we were late, nobody was upset. 4 You’re pale ______ you’re so stressed and anxious! 5 I was angry ______ the children were so badly-behaved. 6 The bus didn’t arrive ______ I called a taxi. 1 point for each correct answer 5 2 Join the sentences using the conjunction. Use one verb in the Past Perfect.  1 I can’t drive. I lost the car keys. BECAUSE  I couldn’t drive because I had lost the car keys.  2 He cried. She told him her secret. AFTER  ________________________________________ 3 She worked hard. She felt nervous about her exams. ALTHOUGH ________________________________________ 4 I said the words. I knew I made a mistake. AS SOON AS ________________________________________ 5 We just got to the station. The train arrived. WHEN ________________________________________ 6 Everyone said the book was awful. Nobody actually read it. BUT ________________________________________ 7 They already ate pizza. They weren’t hungry at dinner time. SO ________________________________________ 8 She fainted. I didn’t realize she was so ill. UNTIL ________________________________________  2 points for each correct answer 14 3 Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or Past Continuous form of the verb. do got lend read call walk  1 I was feeling upset when you  called   me. 2 We ______ divorced and I went to live in New Zealand. 3 She ______ me all her CDs while she went travelling. 4 He twisted his ankle while he ______ in the mountains. 5 I ______ poetry and enjoying a quiet evening at home. 6 What were they ______ when the monster attacked? 1 point for each correct answer   5 4 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it.  1 I refused to talking about my childhood. I refused to talk about my childhood.  2 We didn’t find the money because the thief had hid it so well. _________________________________ 3 Were you seeing the suspect’s face before he ran away? _________________________________ 4 You didn’t tell me that you eat supper already. _________________________________ 5 As soon as I was hearing the cry, I ran to find help. _________________________________ 6 What did you doing last night when I met you? _________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 5 5 Choose the correct options.  1 He cried out that he ______ the monster.a killedb had killedc killing 2 I’m tired because I ______ to bed last night.a had goneb didn’t goc went 3 She was jealous because he ______ to another woman all evening.a had talkedb hadn’t talkedc has talked  NAME CLASS 2 Headway New Pre-Intermediate FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2012 Unit test 9B Continued  4 What ______ at five o’clock yesterday morning?a did sheb she had donec was she doing 5 ______ a nice time at the concert?a Did you haveb Were you havec You hadn’t 6 We got to the stadium after the football match ______ .a startedb had startedc was starting 7 Were you ______ when the doorbell rang?a sleepingb sleptc sleep 8 The police searched for the villain, but he ______ .a had disappearedb disappearingc was disappearing 9 I was terrified when I ______ the wolf in the moonlight.a was seeingb had seenc saw  10 Which novel was he ______ when he died so suddenly?a writingb wrotec written 11 We were wandering for hours in the forest before we ______ at the village.a arriveb were arrivingc arrived 1 point for each correct answer 10 6 Choose the correct options. Once while a lion (1) was sleeping   / slept   a little mouse began (2) run  / running   up and down his back. This soon (3) woke  / was waking   the lion, who (4)  put   / was putting   his huge paw on the mouse and (5) opened   / had opened   his big mouth to swallow him. ‘Pardon, O King,’ cried the little mouse. ‘Forgive me this time and who knows how I might help you in return?’ The lion (6) was having to  / had to  laugh at the thought of the mouse helping him. But 2 he (7) had lifted   / lifted   his paw and let the mouse go. Some time after, some hunters (8) had caught   / were catching   the lion in a trap, and the men, who (9) were wanting   / wanted   to take the lion to the King, (10) were tying   / had tied   him to a tree. Then they (11) looked   / were looking for a cart to carry him on. Just then the little mouse (12)  passed   / had  passed   by and (13) saw  / had seen  the lion. He soon (14) bit / was biting   through the ropes that tied the lion. (15) ‘ Wasn’t I   / Hadn’t I been  right?’ said the little mouse. 1 point for each correct answer   14 7 Match the questions and answers.  1 What did the monster look like? b   2 How were you feeling? ___ 3 Did he drink the potion? ___ 4 What had he done? ___ 5 What did the policemen suspect? ___ 6 Did the murderer show any regret? ___ 7 Where did she hide? ___ 8 Why was she screaming? ___ a That the murderer had killed herself. b Ugly and disgusting. c Because she was terrified. d Yes, he said he was very sorry for what he had done. e He had battled with forces of evil. f Tired and upset. g No, he didn’t drink any. h In a kitchen cupboard. 1 point for each correct answer   7 8 Complete the sentences with so many  , such , such a  or so .  1 It was very busy in town today. There were so many  people there! 2 Her behaviour was really terrible. I was _______ upset! 3 Shakespeare has _______ good characters in his plays! 4 We had _______ bad weather on holiday. We were _______ unlucky! 5 I didn’t know you had _______ well-known author in the family. 6 That was _______ good meal. It was delicious! 7 I visited Prupti at the weekend. She was _______ surprised to see me! 1 point for each correct answer 7  NAME CLASS 3 Headway New Pre-Intermediate FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2012 Unit test 9B Continued 9 Complete the conversation with the words in the box. such a (x3) so many (x2) so (x3) A Did you go to the work party on Friday night? B No, I had (1) such a  tiring day, I went straight to bed. A Oh dear! I’ve had (2) _______ busy week! B Me too. I’ve had (3) _______ things to do. A Well, you should go and see Love Song   at the cinema. We saw it last night – it was (4) _______ romantic story and the actors were (5) _______ good! B I’ve seen (6) _______ romantic films on TV, I’m fed up with them. I think I’d rather read my murder-mystery novel. It’s (7) _______ exciting, I can’t stop reading it! A What are you doing this weekend? B We’re going sailing. The weather has been (8) _______ perfect the last few days … 1 point for each correct answer 7 10 Match the adjectives to the definitions.  1 anxious or worried about something b  2 really pleased ___ 3 not enjoying being on your own ___ 4 angry/unhappy because someone you love is ___ interested in someone else 5 too anxious or tired to be able to relax ___ 6 very surprised ___ 7 feeling unhappy or annoyed about something ___ 8 frightened ___ 9 missing the places and people you know well ___ a stressed b nervous c scared d upset e jealous f homesick  g delighted h amazed i lonely  1 point for each correct answer   8 11 Choose the correct options.  1 ‘Do you miss your friends?’ ‘Yes – I feel pretty nervous  / homesick  .’ 2 ‘Are you pleased about the baby?’ ‘I’m absolutely upset   / delighted  !’ 3 She was very stressed / jealous  because she had so much work to do. 4 Is your little girl upset   / scared   of monsters? 5 I spent a lot of homesick  / lonely   nights at home watching TV before I met you! 6 Why are you so delighted   /  jealous ? You know how much I love you. 7 ‘What’s the matter?’ ‘I’m upset   / disappointed   because I heard that man say something rude about me.’ 8 I’m amazed   / upset   I got such a good score on the test! 9 ‘Are you homesick  / nervous  about the new job?’ ‘A little bit.’ 1 point for each correct answer 8 12 Translate the sentences.  1 After everyone had gone, we took the train home. 2 I wanted to know what you had said to him. 3 She was sure she’d seen him somewhere before. 4 As soon as we heard the shouts, we went to see what the matter was. 5 Did you cut yourself while you were shaving? 6 Although I didn’t feel well, I decided to go to work. 7 Were you frightened and lonely in the empty house? 8 I’ve got such an amazing surprise for you! 9 My mobile rang just as I had sat down to eat dinner. 10 We’d like to go to Venice for our anniversary this year. 1 point for each correct answer 10 Total  100
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