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  Unit test 8B 1 Put the words in order to make questions. 1 better / cooking / Are / girls / at? Are girls better at cooking? 2 conversation / better / making / Are / boys / at?  ______________________________________  3 sports / is / Who / at / playing / best / the ?  ______________________________________  4 their / feelings / about / can / Who / talk ?  ______________________________________  5 think / best / Do / maths / girls / are / at / you / the ?  ______________________________________   than / men / !rivers / Are / omen / better?  ______________________________________  1 point for each correct answer  5 2 Write your own answers to the questions in exercise 1. 1 I think girls are better at cooking. 2  ______________________________________  3  ______________________________________  4  ______________________________________  5  ______________________________________    ______________________________________  1 point for each correct answer  5 3 Choose the correct options. 1 # orry too much$ %verything&s going to be 'ne$a(ou shoul!b (ou mustn&t 2 ) think you # be resting * you&ve +ust ha! the ,u-amustn&tbshoul!3 (ou # train every !ay to be a successful heptathlete$a shoul!n&tbmust4 ) # smoke here$ )t&s not allo e!$amustbmustn&t5 ) !on&t think you # !rive if you !i!n&t sleep last night$a shoul!bshoul!n&t (ou # prepare ell for your e.am if you ant to pass$a mustbshoul!n&t (ou # get professional help to !eal ith this problem$ (ou can&t !o it on your o n$a mustbshoul!n&t0 # ear a suit for my 'rst !ay at ork?a ) shoul! bhoul!n&t ) ) !on&t think artos # ask for an 6ray$ )t&s +ust a t iste! ankle$amustn&tbshoul!17# talk to your parents about this$ ullying isvery serious$a8ust you b(ou shoul!11) think # tell your boyfrien! ho you feel$ayou shoul!bshoul!n&t you 1 point for each correct answer  17 4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of ( don’t  ) have   to  or can’t  . 1 Do  you have to   ork late every !ay?2 ) 999999 take antibiotics$ :he !octor says )&m ;<$3 =limbers 999999 be very 't an! strong$4 We 999999 ait a long time for the bus this morning$ )t as very late-5 >ook * his temperature is 30$2 !egrees$ e 999999 go to school to!ay$ e 999999 stay in be!$We 999999 go out no $ )t&s much too hot-999999 you 999999 ear a school uniform hen you ere young?0 he 999999    eat this * she&s allergic to nuts$  We 999999 pay for our tickets$ We on them in a competition$17We 999999 see you tonight$ We&re busy$ 1 point for each correct answer  17 5 Complete the adjectives to match the definitions. 1 calm an! kin!g e   n   t   l   e2 talking too much an! in an l 9 9 !annoying ay3 able to un!erstan! other people&s s 9 9 s   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Unit test 8B Continued  9 9 9 9 efeelings4 trying har! to be better than othersc 9 9 p 9 9 9 t 9 9 e 5 messyu 9 9 9 9 y shy@ not talking very much 9 9 9 t having goo! mannersp 9 9 9 9 e0 liking or goo! at sports 9 9 9 9 y talking a lot in a frien!ly ayc 9 9 9 9 y17noisy@ full of energyb 9 9 9 t 9 9 9 9 s 1 point for each correct answer   6 Complete the sentences with an appropriate adjective. 1 (our !aughter is very  gentle ith the ne baby * she hasn&t oken him up-2 ) !i!n&t kno =hloe as so 999999 $ he runs@ s ims an! cycles every eek$ 3 )&m lucky to have such a 999999 husban!$ e al ays kno s hen )&m feeling upset$4 8artin is al ays 999999 hen e play chess$ e gets very annoye! hen he !oesn&t in$5 Wei Wei is very 999999 tonight$ What&s the matter ith him? e&s usually got a lot to say$ )t&s not 999999 to talk ith your mouth full- Wait until you&ve 'nishe! eating$ 8y girlfrien! is 999999 $ he loves to party an! she never stops talking$0 Does your boyfrien! talk much? ) think boys are usually less 999999 than girls$  oys are usually more 999999 than girls * they love to run@ +ump an! make lots of noise$17(ou&re so 999999 - Why !on&t you put things a ay after you&ve use! them? 1 point for each correct answer   7 Complete the text with the correct form of the words in the ox. orl! i!e appear play 't out!oor catch must B.3C can&t B.2C more not have nationalurling is an B1C outdoor team game playe! ith sticks calle! hurleys  an! a ball calle! a sliotar  $ urling is the B2C 9999999 sport of )relan!$ :he game has prehistoric  srcins@ an! people B3C 9999999 it for at least 3@777 years$ Although many   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Unit test 8B Continued hurling clubs e.ist B4C 9999999 @ it&s really onlythe )rish ho are passionate about it$ o ever@ some university teams are no B5C 9999999 in orth America$Elayers BC 9999999 use their sticks to hit a small ball bet een the opponents& goalpostsinto a net guar!e! by a goalkeeper $ Elayers can BC 9999999 the ball@ but they B0C 9999999 carry it in their han! for BC  9999999 than four steps$ :hey B17C 9999999 thro the ball either$ Elayers B11C 9999999 to ear protective clothing@ but since 2717 they B12C 9999999 ear a helmet$ urling can be a !angerous game so you B13C 9999999 be brave as ell as B14C 9999999 to try it- 1 point for each correct answer  13 8 !ead the symptoms and match them to the correct dia noses. 1 ) can&t go near cats or !ogs$  f . 2 ) ate some ol! meat an! )&ve been  ___   sick several times since$ 3 8y ankle is re! an! s ollen an! it hurts a lot$  ___  4 ) have to go to the toilet every t enty minutes$  ___  5 )&ve got a fever an! my bo!y aches all over$  ___   )&m blo ing my nose an! coughing$  ___  afoo! poisoningbcol!c!iarrhoea!,uet iste! anklefallergy 1 point for each correct answer  5 9 #rder the sentences in the conversation.  1 =ome in an! sit !o n$ What seems to be the matter? 99o@ )&m not$  99Well@ you have a bit of a throat infection$ Are you allergic to penicillin?  99;<$ >et me +ust take your temperature$  (our glan!s are s ollen$ Does it hurt hen you s allo ?  99;<$ )&ll rite you a prescription$  99) haven&t slept for a fe !ays$ 8y hole bo!y aches an! ) feel very hot$  99(es@ it !oes$ 1 point for each correct answer       Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3  Unit test 8B Continued 10 $ranslate the sentences. 1 Was it !iFcult to climb 8t <iliman+aro?2 (ou can&t go out after mi!!ay because it&s too hot$3 Do you play hockey outsi!e or insi!e?4 )&ve ha! to train very har! to be a top athlete$5 Are you going to ear a shirt an! tie to the party? :his is a favourite tourist spot of mine$ :hat +avelin thro as over ninety metres-0 What !oes the !octor think is the matter ith you? :hese feelings are very common bet een brothers an! sisters$17 Does she think boys are har!er to bring upthan girls?11 ) !on&t have to get up early tomorro $ 1 point for each correct answer  11 11 %atch the words to the definitions. 1 a strong material use! to make +eans  g 2 a material often use! to make :6shirts 99 3 a material pro!uce! from animal skins 99 4 a precious yello metal99 5 a material often use! to make +umpers 99  a 'ne material pro!uce! by special orms 99  a precious shiny grey metal99 a silkb oolc gol!! leathere cottonf silver g !enim 1 point for each correct answer       Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   4
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