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  Unit test 7B 1 Complete the sentences with  for   or  since . 1 We’ve lived in this house for  years.2 The lawyers have been in that meeting  ______ hours.3 I haven’t seen Sam ______ last November.4 e studied at ! #ord $niversity ______ three years.% ave you seen &udol# and $ta ______ they got married'( I haven’t )layed a game o# )o*er ______ ages.+ I’ve had this ,amera ______ I was twelve years old. - The royal #amily has lived in u,*ingham /ala,e ______ 1-3+.0 She hasn’t had a brea* ______ this morning.1 e hasn’t seen his )arents ______ over si months.11 I haven’t seen you ______ a long time 1 point for each correct answer  1 2 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it. 1 ow long have you live here' It’s a great )la,e How long have you lived here? It’s a great place!  2 What did you done at the wee*end' ____________________________________ 3 What has he do be#ore he be,ame a )oliti,ian' ____________________________________ 4 id you ever been married' ____________________________________ % When did you inherited all that money' ____________________________________ ( I didn’t seen you #or months ow are you' ____________________________________ + y great5grandmother die last year. ____________________________________ - We stay   here #or two wee*s on holiday lastyear. ________________________________________ 0 She has moved to ar,elona in 21. ________________________________________ 1ow long have you *now the u*e and u,hess' They’re ,harming ________________________________________ 11They’ve got ba,* #rom their holiday last night.  ________________________________________  1 point for each correct answer  1 3 Read the interview answers and write the questions. &amona avid is a ,elebrity )hotogra)her. We tal*ed to her about her )assion #or ta*ing)i,tures.6718 How long have you taken photos 'I’ve ta*en )hotos ever sin,e I ,an remember.6728 ________________________________ 'y dad taught me to use a ,amera.6738 ________________________________ '9es: I’ve won a lot o# ,om)etitions 6748 ________________________________ '9es: I’ve )hotogra)hed a #ew members o# the royal #amily ; the u,hess o# <ambridge most re,ently 67%8 ________________________________ 'No: I’ve never thought o# doing anything else as a ,areer. I’m very ha))y.67(8 ________________________________ '9es: I’ve made =uite a lot o# money ; but I don’t do this >ob #or the money. 2 points for each correct answer  1 4 Complete the conversations with the Present Simple, Present Perfect, or Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.Conversation 1 671 have8 Do  you have  a dog'9es: I have.672 have8 ow long ______ you ______ it'We’ve had e,tor #or #our months now.673 ,ost8 ow mu,h ______ he ______ '     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Unit test 7B Continued 74 )ay8 We ______ about ?%: I thin*. Conversation 2 67% do8 What ______ you ______ '7( be8 I ______ an e,onomist #or The Guardian news)a)er.6 7+ wor*8 Where ______ you ______ 'I usually wor* #rom home.67- wor*8 ow long ______ you ______ as an e,onomist'@or Ave years. Conversation  670 meet8 Where ______ you ______ 6ntonio'6t a Bower show at Cew Dardens.671 *now8 ow long ______ you ______ ea,h other'Sin,e summer 21. When we Arst met: 711 tal*8 we ______ all day about our )assion #or e oti, )lants 1 point for each correct answer  1 5 !ake another word from the word in brackets to complete the sentences. 1 I’ve always loved boo*s: and as a ,hild I wanted to be a librarian . 7library82Eason de,ided to be,ome a ______ and run in the ele,tions to get into )arliament. 7)oliti,s83!ur boiler bro*e down: so we had to ,all an ______ . 7ele,tri,84y #avourite ____ o# all time is &i,hard urton. e was amaFing 7a,t8%When she was younger: my mother wor*ed as an ______ . 7a,,ount8(y brother trained to be a ______ at university: but he ,hanged his mind later. 7law8+eing a ______ isn’t easy. 9ou have to get u) really early every morning 7#arm8-The $nited Nations needs a lot o# ______ tohel) di)lomats dis,uss things with ea,h other. 7inter)ret806stronauts need to be ______ to do well in their >obs. 7s,ien,e81ost )eo)le love )ainters li*e Geonardo: i,helangelo: or Turner: but I )re#er modern ______ . 7art811I’d li*e to ma*e a lot o# money as a su,,ess#ul ro,* ______ . 7musi,8 1 point for each correct answer  1   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Unit test 7B Continued 6 Complete the te t with an appropriate form of the verbs in the bo . love move be run grow use write Anishhave wor* startGarry Hernon 718 has worked  as an inter)reter #or twenty years and is Buent in &ussian. Garry 728 ______ the variety o# >obs: )eo)le and o))ortunities that his ,areer oers him. JI 738 ______ never ______ bored so #ar:’ he says. JI 748 ______ even ______ a boo* about inter)reting’e 7%8 ______ a su,,ess#ul #reelan,e translation and inter)retation business in Gondon. JIn ,ollege on a language ,ourse in os,ow: I7(8 ______ the o))ortunity to train as a ,on#eren,e inter)reter:’ says Garry. JThe ,ourse 7+8 ______ and I 7-8 ______ ba,* to Gondon. I 708 ______ wor*ing as a volunteer inter)reter.’6s the demand #or translation and inter)retation servi,es 718 ______ in Kngland:’ he ,ontinues: JI 7118 ______ my bilingual s*ills to start my own translation and inter)retation business.’ 1 point for each correct answer  1 7 Complete the table.#oun$erb#oun%d&ective 718  employment em)loy*indness7(8 _______ 728 _______e )lain7+8 _______#riendly,olle,tion738 _______7-8 _______dangerousdis,ussion748 _______res)onsibility708  _______ 7%8 _______inherithel)718 ______  1 point for each correct answer  0 8 Complete the sentences with words from e ercise '. 1 I’ve got an enormous   collection   o# boo*s.2 /lease sto) tal*ing. I don’t want to ______ this any more.3 <ould you ______ why you did this'4 She will ______ her )arents’ house when they die.% What a lovely )resent That’s very ______ o# you.( JWhat does the sign say'’ JIt saysL ______  Cee) out’+ Who is ______ #or loo*ing a#ter the ,hildrentoday'-I’m going to the Bower show with my best  ______ : Eo. 1 point for each correct answer  + 9 (nderline the stressed s)llable. 1dierent%,om)ete2de,ide(e )lain 3,riti,+invitation4dangerous-de,ision 1 point for each correct answer  + 10 *ranslate the sentences. 1 I’ve lived in ubai #or most o# my li#e.2 She won an award in 21.3 Whi,h members o# the royal #amily have you met'4 I’d li*e to e )lain the histori,al ba,*ground to this ,ountry house.% What a magniA,ent suite o# rooms( y #amily has lived here #or generations.+ The house is situated in a,res o# im)ressive )ar*land. 1 point for each correct answer  +     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3  Unit test 7B Continued 11 Read 1+. !atch them with a repl) and comment. 1 9our old house was huge: wasn’t it' 10 c  2 9our )arents married young: didn’t they'  ___ ___ 3 9ou’ve got two ,hildren already: haven’t you' ___ ___ 4 y driving is getting better: isn’t it'  ___ ___ % e’s visited <hatsworth ouse: hasn’t he'  ___ ___ ( So)hie loves tal*ing on S*y)e: doesn’t she' ___ ___  Repl) + No: she doesn’t.- 9es: we have.0 No: they didn’t.19es: it was.11No: it isn’t.129es: he has. Comment a 9ou’re terribleb Two boys., 6nd it was in a ni,e area: too.d She’s always on @a,eboo*.e They were in their thirties.# It’s got a vast estate with a,res o# )ar*land. 1 point for each correct answer  1 Total100     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   4
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