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  Unit test 6A 1 Match the questions and answers. 1 What does she look like?  e . . 2 What’s Francisco like? ____ 3 How’s your brother? ____ 4 What sports do you like? ____ 5 Do you like Don !ian? ____  Do they like #hinese $ood? ____ % Do you like &ona? ____ ' What’s the weather like? ____ a (es) they lo*e it+b ,o) - don’t. He’s rude and un$riendly.c (es) - like her a lot.d He’s tall) dark and ood/lookin.e 0he’s ot lon brown hair and she wears lasses.$ eauti$ul+ lue skies and sunshine. He’s ne) thanks.h - like swiin and cyclin. 1 point for each correct answer  % 2 Write the questions using the notes. 1 what  &eico #ity  like ? What’s Mexico City like? 2 what  $ood  like ? ____________________________ 3 what  the children  look like ?  ____________________________ 4 what  weather  like ?  ____________________________ 5 what  buildins  like ?  ____________________________  what  ,ew (ork tais  like ?  ____________________________  1 point for each correct answer  5 3 Match the questions in exercise 2 to the answers. a-t’s uch ore delicious than the &eican you et here+  2 . b 6hey are yellow 7 and there are any o$ the in the streets.  ___ c 6hey’re both tall and they ha*e beauti$ul brown eyes. ___ d-t’s bi and hectic) and surrounded by ountains.  ___ e When we were there) it was hot with beauti$ul blue skies.  ___ $ 6hey’re a i o$ old and new. ___  1 point for each correct answer  5 4 Complete the sentences using the adjective in brackets. You may need to add other words. 1 0he’s 8intellient9 more intelligent than  her brother) but - don’t think she’s 8creati*e9 as creative  as hi.2 We think !ondon is 8ecitin9 _____________ city in :urope) and it’s also one o$ 8iportant9 _____________ nancial centres.3 He’s 8ood9 _____________ student in the class) but he’s also 8borin9 _____________ +4 6he 6a; &ahal   ser*es 8ood9 _____________ $ood than the &aharani) but it’s also 8epensi*e9 _____________ .5 <aris is usually 8hot9 _____________ than !ondon in the suer) but it isn’t 8hot9  _____________ as &adrid. His new ;ob in the city is 8hard9  _____________ his old one 7 he works *ery lon hours. ut his new salary is 8ood9  _____________ he’s e*er had.% &y sister is 8oody9 _____________ and ore shy than e. ut she’s also uch 8abitious9 _____________ . 0he’s oin to be *ery success$ul+ 1 point for each correct answer  12     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Unit test 6A Continued 5 ind one mistake in each sentence and correct it. 1 -’ a little old than y sister. I’m a little older than my sister. 2 =What are the shops like?’ =6hey are like epensi*e.’ ___________________________ 3 !ondon isn’t as ecitin than - hoped. ___________________________ 4 6oday is the hotter day o$ the year.  ___________________________ 5 6okyo has a bier population $ro >saka. ___________________________  Do you earn the ore oney in your $aily? ___________________________ % Who works lonest hours in your copany? ___________________________ ' !et’s eat here. -t’s ost cheaper than the other restaurant. ___________________________  =What does Heinrich like?’ =He’s really lo*ely.’ ___________________________ 1@ 6oday is ore war than yesterday. ___________________________ 11 =What do the people like?’ =6hey’re *ery cosopolitan.’ ___________________________  1 point for each correct answer  1@ 6 Match the adjectives in ! with an antonym in . #here is one adjective in you don$t need. A1sallsad2happybi 3easypoor4intellientstupid5richcheer$ul aw$uldiBcult%noisyCuietlo*ely 1 point for each correct answer      Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Unit test 6A Continued 7 Complete the sentences with the correct %orm o% the words in the box. cle*er diBcult loud terrible tiny well/o pleased1A&y wi$e’s parents are rich.(es) they’re well-off .2AAre you happy with your new ;ob?Actually) -’ not *ery _______ with the salary.3A>ur new neihbours are *ery noisy.(es) they’re uch _______ than our old neihbours. 4AHe’s intellient 7 he’s oin to study edicine at uni*ersity.- know. He’s the _______ in the $aily.5AWe bouht a 0art because it’s saller and easier to park than other cars.ut it really is _______ . - like bier cars. A6hat was the easiest test -’*e e*er taken+- aree. -t wasn’t *ery_______ .%A6he weather is aw$ul this suer. 6he skies are always rey.Was it as _______ as this last suer? 1 point for each correct answer  8 Complete the sentences to agree politely. 1A-’*e ot the essiest children in the world+(es) they aren’t *ery tidy ) are they? 2A-’ sorry the house is so dirty.Don’t worry. &y house is ne*er *ery  _______ either.3A0hall - turn the 6E o? 6his prorae is borin.>. - suppose it isn’t *ery _______ .4A-’ really anry with &a. 0oeties he’s so stupid+(es) soeties he isn’t too _______ .5A#heer up+ (ou look iserable.- know. -’ not $eelin particularly  _______ today. Aill has no iaination+ - don’t think he’s *ery ood at art.Well) you’re riht) he’s not *ery _______ .     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3  Unit test 6A Continued %A6he waiters in this restaurant can be rude soeties.- aree. 6hey’re not always _______ .'A!ook at the bill+ 6his restaurant is incredibly epensi*e. &. - suppose it isn’t *ery _______ . 2 points for each correct answer  14 9 Complete the text with an appropriate %orm o% the words in the box. $ed up rude aw$ul ood 839 noisy loudessy ecitin $riendlyDear 0usanna)As you can see $ro y new address) -’ now in Gio de aneiro+- arri*ed two days ao. &y plane took o *ery late so - ot 819 fed u  waitin at the airport. 6he people $ro the airline were 829  _______ and un$riendly too. Anyway) - nally ot to Gio and the weather was 839 _______ 7 not uch 849 _______ than the rey clouds and rain in !ondon+ ut it ot better Cuickly) and soon there were beauti$ulclear blue skies aain.-’ sharin a Iat with two other irls.  6hey’re both lo*ely) but they can be Cuite 859 _______ 7 they play uch 8 9 _______ usic than y Iatates back hoe. And the Iat isn’t *ery tidy 7 in $act) it’s 8%9  _______ than y eiht/year old brother’s roo+ut Gio is the 8'9 _______ city - know. -t’s busier and ore hectic than !ondon. ut people are ore polite and 89 _______ too. -’ studyin <ortuuese at the uni*ersity.  6he classes are oin 81@9 _______ than - epected 7 but -’ not as 8119 _______ soe o$ the other students in the class.Write soon) and tell e your news.With lo*eHelena 1 point for each correct answer  1@     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   4
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