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  Unit test 5A 1 Choose the correct options. 1 They  like to  / like  having supper together. 2 I’d like to apply / applying  for this job.3 She’s fed up with cycling  / cycle  to work. !e’s looking forward to celebrate  / celebrating  his birthday. #o you want to have  / having  a party$% &hat are we going to doing / do after our e'a(s$) They’re good at to   learn  / learning  languages.* !e hopes  / hoping  to pass his driving test this year.+ I don’t want to   leave  / leaving  (y job. 1 point for each correct answer  * 2 Match the questions with the correct responses. 1a#o you like sur,ng$-es good idea.b&ould you like to gosur,ng$ -es it’s 0.2a#o you like being a lawyer$ -es I do.b&ould you like to study law$o I’d get bored.3a&here do you like going on holiday$I’d love to but I’( too busy.b&ould you like to goon holiday ne't (onth$nywhere that’s sunnyaI like 4o(puter ga(es.5an I play too$bI’d like to play so(ega(es on the &ii.#o you$ I hate the(. a They’d love to go travelling ne't year.&here would theygo$bThey love travelling.-es I do too.%a&ould she like to earn lots of (oney$She’d love to.b#oes she like earning lots of She loves it(oney$ 1 point for each correct answer  16   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Unit test 5A Continued 3 Choose the correct options. 1&hat are you doing this weekend$7I ’ll meet   / ’m meeting  so(e friends for a drink.2&e’ve run out of 4o8ee7!ave we$ I ’ll go / ’m   going to the shop and buy so(e.3!ave you got any holiday plans$7-es we ’re going / ’ll go  to 5roatia. &e’ve booked the 9ights.#o you want to go sur,ng on Saturday$7Sorry I 4an’t. I ’m working  / ’ll work   this weekend. !ave you and :hilippe fallen out$7o we haven’t &e ’re going to / ’ll  get (arried ne't year%re you ho(e yet$ I want to 4hat on ;a4ebook.7ot yet. I ’m coming /  ’m going to come ba4k on the ne't train.)Shall we go to the gy( later$7-es why not$ I ’m asking / ’ll ask   ;ati(ato 4o(e too. *&hi4h ju(per do you like$7I think I ’ll take / ’m taking  the bla4k one.+&hat does she plan to do after university$7She ’s going to / ’ll travel around Southeast sia for si' (onths. 1 point for each correct answer  * 4 Complete the email with the correct form of the verbs in the box. 9y love see <'2= take look stay 4ook go 4a(p buy think surf !i 5handraI’( <1= flying  to ustralia ne't week I love <2= >>>>>>>>>>  so I’( <3= >>>>>>>>>> of spending the ,rst two weeks at the 7arrier ?eef. I’( also <= >>>>>>>>>> forward to divingwith lots of tropi4al ,sh and (aybe so(e sharks toofter that I’( going to < = >>>>>>>>>> a 9ight to Sydney to <%= >>>>>>>>>> (y nephews. I have so(e friends in :erth and I’( going to <)= >>>>>>>>>> with the( for one night. I’( <*= >>>>>>>>>> a 7engali supper for usI’d like to <+= >>>>>>>>>> walking in the utba4k. @aybe I’ll <16= >>>>>>>>>> so(e kangaroos if I’( lu4ky. I really enjoy <11=  >>>>>>>>>>  so I’d <12= >>>>>>>>>> to sleep outside under the stars.See you soon. I’ll <13= >>>>>>>>>> you a boo(erang jit 1 point for each correct answer  12 5 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it. 1&e like to leave now. We’d like to leave now 2They enjoy learn foreign languages. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 #on’t worry I give your boss a war( wel4o(e. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #o you like to 4o(e for a drink with (e$ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  I think you are going pass your driving test this ti(e. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> %re you do anything interesting this weekend$ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> )I’( looking forward seeing you. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  1 point for each correct answer  % 6 Complete the sentences with a word from the box.  up out away at on ba4k o8 down ba4k1I’( afraid I 4an’t pay you back  until ne't (onth.2 -ou look terrible Aie >>>>>>> and I’ll get   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Unit test 5A Continued you an aspirin.3 :lease get >>>>>>> your books and we will begin the 4lass. Take >>>>>>> your 4oat and I’ll put it in the 4upboard. re you going to put >>>>>>> your gloves$ It’s very 4old% Aook >>>>>> the 4louds B it’s de,nitely going to rain. ) I’d love (y 4hildren to grow >>>>>>> speaking two languages.* #o you think you’ll (ove >>>>>>> ho(e after university$+ The para(edi4s gave hi( so(ething to take >>>>>>> the pain. 1 point for each correct answer  * 7 Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. 1 !e is looking for  a fullCti(e job.2 5an I try these sunglasses >>>> $3 I’( going to throw >>>> all these newspapers. #on’t pi4k >>>> those heavy bo'es. -ou’ll hurt yourself. #on’t turn >>>> . I’ll tell you when I’( ready.% &ill you turn >>>> the lights when you leave$ 1 point for each correct answer  8 Rewrite the sentences using a phrasal verb from the box in the correct tense. pi4k up look after take o8 give up run out of  get on well with look up fall out with1!ospital nurses deal with (any patients every day. Hospital nurses look after many patients every day. 2 &hen does the plane leave$ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 I’ll 4he4k this word in the di4tionary. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  &e haven’t got any sugar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  I got angry with (y brother yesterday. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> % !e’s going to ,nish his job when he is so he 4an spend (ore ti(e playing golf.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ) She hopes to learn a bit of Spanish while she’s on holiday. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3  Unit test 5A Continued * -ou have a good relationship with your boss. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  2 points for each correct answer  1 9 Complete the conversation with prepositions from the box. out on away <'2= up <'2= ba4k o8 @arta tell us what it was like growing up in a little village in @e'i4o. 7&ell (y parents were poor far(ers. They didn’t have (u4h (oney and in winter weoften had no war( 4lothes to put <1= on and very little food to eat. &e never threw anything <2= >>>>>>>  I had to give <3=  >>>>>>> (y drea( of going to 4ollege B I spent all day looking after (y brothers and sisters. I felt unhappy be4ause having no (oney took <= >>>>>>> all hope for (y future.Is that when you de4ided to leave ho(e$7-es I got a job working here in the DS. I a( happy here and (y 4areer has really taken < = >>>>>>> . #o you think you will (ove <%= >>>>>>> ho(e one day$7I hope so. I try and go ho(e every year B but (y new life is so busy I so(eti(es run<)= >>>>>>> of ti(eI think you’ve pi4ked <*= >>>>>>> the DS lifestyle of work work work7-es that’s probably true 1 point for each correct answer  ) 10 Translate the sentences. 1 E#o you think he’ll pass his e'a(s$’ E#e,nitely’2 EI don’t think they are going to get (arried.’ E#on’t you$’3 EI’( looking forward to working fullCti(e.’ EI’( not’ E!ow’s your job$’ E:retty good thanks.’ E#o people speak ?ussian in 7elarus$’ EI’(not sure.’% I’( in a terrible traF4 ja( and I’( going to run out of petrol.) EI’( going to join a gy( and go on a diet.’ Ere you$’     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   4
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