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  Unit test 4A 1 Choose the correct options. 1 How much  / many   calories are there in this meal? 2 I’d like any   / some  cofee.3 How many   / much  tap water do you drink every day?4 an I have some  / a few  milk?! Have you ot many   / any   cheese?# $here are a few  / a little  tomatoes in the arden.% $here isn’t any   / some  pasta in the cup&oard.' (ould you like some  / much  salad with your steak?) I usually steam some  / any   rice to eat with rilled *sh. 1+ Have you ot any   / not much  cookin oil? 1 point for each correct answer  ) 2 Complete the sentences. some  or any  ?1 $here are some  &iscuits on the ta&le. Help yoursel,.2 Is there ------ tea in the pot?3 I haven’t seen ------ tropical *sh swimmin here.4 (e’d like ------ slices o, man o ,or dessert. much  or many  ?! How ------ tissues do you need?# $here aren’t ------ people on the &us today% $he teacher didn’t ive us too ------ homework.' oes she have ------ ,ree time these days? a little 0 a few 0 a lot of  ? ) he likes ------ milk in her cofee0 &ut not much.1+$here are ------ people waitin on the plat,orm  the train is oin to &e ,ull11It’ll take ------ minutes to download this so,tware. 1 point for each correct answer  1+ 3 Complete the sentences. no 0 any  0 some 0 or every  ?1 $he concert was a hu e success. Every  onecheered and clapped.2 ------&ody likes ettin &ad news.3 I’m &ored. $here’s ------thin to do.4 orry  did you say ------thin ?’ o0  ------thin .’     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Unit test 4A Continued ! (e know ------one who is an important pro rammer at 5icroso,t.# I can’t *nd ------one to ive me a li,t home. I’ll have to et a ta6i. thing 0 where 0 or one/body  ?% 7re you oin some------ nice ,or your holidays?' an we meet later? I’ve ot some------ important to tell you.) id you &uy any------ at the shops?1+ (e’ll have to stay at this hotel as all the others are ,ull. (e looked every------ 1 point for each correct answer  1+ 4 Complete the conversations with the words from the box. a little somethin anyone everyone 8629 some&ody 8629 a ,ew no&ody anythin anywhere somewhere 17I ,eel shy. I don’t know anyone  here.:on’t worry  I’ll introduce you to  ------  $his is ;ars and his wi,e 5aria<77ctually0 ------ I know =ust walked in the door. Hello0 7n ela27>errald’s depressed. He thinks ------ likes him.:$hat’s cray  ------ thinks he’s a lovelyperson. 7nd he’s ot lots o, ,riends.7I know. :ut he needs ------ special to say that. @ou should tell him37@uk ------ in this pasta sauce tastes terri&le:Alease don’t say ------  Hassan spent a es cookin it. He’ll &e so disappointed7BC0 BC. I’m oin to eat ------ =ust to &e polite. 47I don’t like oin on holiday.::ut this is our honeymoon Isn’t there  ------ you would like to visit? 7(ell0 i, we really have to o ------ 0 let’s o to the 5aldives. (e could spend  ------ days there I suppose. 1 point for each correct answer  11     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Unit test 4A Continued 5 Write a / an , the  or – (nothing). 1 I’m oin to have two desserts  an  ice cream and --- slice o, carrot cake.2 id you know that there’s --- restaurant in $hailand where all --- waiters are ro&ots?3 @ou can et --- &est latte in 5anhattan here 4 an I have --- lass o, water0 please?’ B, course. (ould you like --- still or sparklin ?’! (hat time are we havin --- lunch? I’m hun ry.# id you stay at --- home in the holidays0 or did you o away somewhere?% I usually o ,ood shoppin once ---week. 1 point for each correct answer  ) 6 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it. 1 he oes to the work &y train. She goes to work by train. 2 an you ive me recipe ,or this delicious soup? ------------------------------- 3 I always drink an lass o, apple =uice at &reak,ast. ------------------------------- 4 (e live in south o, Dn land near the sea. ------------------------------- ! id they come to work &y a &us? ------------------------------- # o you ever use internet to do your ,ood shoppin ? ------------------------------- % I o on holiday three times the year. -------------------------------  1 point for each correct answer  # 7 atch the sentences with a place. !o can match some places with more than one sentence. 1 $he checkEouts are all so &usy2 I need somethin ,or a headache.3 I’m lookin ,or a pair o, &lack =eans. 4 $ake two pills twice a day.! Fruit and ve eta&les are on aisle si6.# $hese two wines are &oth reat with chicken or *sh.% Bne espresso and a slice o, cake. Is that to eat here?' orry0 there are no more copies o, the Evening Standard .) @ou don’t look ei hteen. o you have I?1+ I’m a,raid these only come in &lue.hemistupermarket  1 . lothes shopBfElicenceewsa enta,G 1 point for each correct answer  ) 8 atch the # antities in the box with items $–%. a loa, a &ottle a kilo a pair a slice a litre a can a piece a packet1 a loaf  o, &read#------- o, cake2------- o, petrol%------- o, sun lasses3------- o, potatoes'------- o, chewin um4------- o, oke)------- o, ham!------- o, water 1 point for each correct answer  '     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3  Unit test 4A Continued 9 &rder the two conversations.'n a newsagents  1 Hello0 have you ot any copies o, The Sun?  ---$hanks. How much is it? ---Bh0 and I’ll have a can o, oke0 too. ---BC. $hat’s '!p alto ether. ---Here you are. ---@es0 it’s over there0 ne6t to The Daily Telegraph . ---3!p. *n a caf+ 1 Hi. an I have two lattes0 please. ---$hat’s 3.++ please. ---7nd would you like chocolate on the top? ---Bne medium and one lar e. ---(hat sie? ---@es please. 1 point for each correct answer  11 10 Complete the conversations with sentences a–h. 17Alease help yoursel, to the carrot cake.:I will. It looks a&solutely delicious. Did you make it yourself? 7I did. -------------- 27-------------- :Have you ot any deca,?7o0 sorry0 &ut we’ve ot deca, cofee.  -------------- 37-------------- :o thanks0 &ut I’d love a little more wine.  -------------- 7$here’s a &it. Alease *nish it47ould you pass the &read0 please?:@es0 o, course. -------------- 7o0 thanks. -------------- a id you make it yoursel,?& I ot the recipe ,rom my &est ,riend.c How would you like your tea?d o you want the &utter too?e Is that BC?, ust the &read. Is there any in the &ottle?h (ould any&ody like some more dessert? 1 point for each correct answer  # 11 ranslate the sentences. 1 (ould you mind helpin me carry these &a s? $hey’re really heavy2 an you tell me what’s in this dish? I’m aller ic to dairy.3 5any stations have automated ticket machines  you use a touchEscreen computer to &uy your ticket.4 (ould you mind lendin me some money?’ o0 not at all.’! $he &each is spectacular. @ou can swim with turtles and tropical *sh in the crystalE&lue sea. 2 points for each correct answer  1+     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   4
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