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  Unit test 12A 1 Choose the correct options. 1 Do you think you’ll  / You might   come on the picnic tomorrow? 2 The volcano isn’t active but it won’t   / might   erupt in the future. 3 I expect you will  / might   get a better salary with your new ob! won’t you? I’m sure everything will  / might   be #ne. $on’t worry%& $on’t be so pessimistic% 'ur team will  / won’t   lose.( If you’re late! we might   / won’t   wait for you. )ou’ll have to ta*e a taxi.+ The earth will  / might   be the only planet with life in our solar system., -he might   / might not   pass her exams although her teacher is worrie she won’t. 0e careful with the plug  it might   / won’t   give you an electric shoc*. 1 $o you thin* the shops will be busy?’  Won’t they.  / They might.’  11 $i he o it on purpose?’ I on’t thin* so  but he might   / will  have one.’ 1 point for each correct answer  1 2 Read the notes, then write the questions and answers. 1what/going/o/in the summer holiays?not sure  go to the beach/wor* What are you going to do in the summer holidays? I’m not sure. I might go to the beach or I might work. 2you/going/tal*/that goo4loo*ing girl?haven’t ecie  o5er her a rin*/as* herto ance 6666666666666666666666666666666666666  6666666666666666666666666666666666666 3when/the inosaurs/ie out?not sure  & million years ago/( million years ago 6666666666666666666666666666666666666  6666666666666666666666666666666666666  what/watch/on T7/tonight?on’t *now  programme on the solar system/new $7$ 6666666666666666666666666666666666666  6666666666666666666666666666666666666 &what/o/at the wee*en?haven’t ecie  cycling/wal*ing in the 8ew 9orest 6666666666666666666666666666666666666  6666666666666666666666666666666666666 (how/going/stay/in touch?on’t *now  email/phone 6666666666666666666666666666666666666  6666666666666666666666666666666666666  1 point for each correct question and 1 point for each correct answer  1 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. 1 If we don’t hurry  :not hurry; up! we ’ll be  :be; very late%2 If it 666666666 :be; col toay! I 666666666 :wear; my gloves an hat.3 <hen my girlfrien 666666666 :get; home! she 666666666 :go; on 9aceboo*. )ou 666666666 :cut; yourself if you 666666666 :use; that sharp *nife.& I 666666666 :open; the winow if you  666666666 :get; too hot.( )ou 666666666 :see; =ars if you 666666666 :loo*; through the telescope now.+ >ea 666666666 :rive; you to the station if you 666666666 :nee; a lift., <hen we 666666666 :get; to the crossroas!we 666666666 :go; straight ahea. If you 666666666 :start; ta*ing the pills now!you 666666666 :feel; a lot better in 2 hours.1If -olea 666666666 :be; late for wor* every ay! her boss 666666666 :give; her a warning.11I 666666666 :put; the pia in the oven if you 666666666 :be; hungry now. 1 point for each correct answer  1 4 Complete the conversations with the verbs in brackets. 1@<hat woul you o if you won  :win; the lottery?0I  would give  :give; all the money away to charity%     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Unit test 12A Continued 2@If you 666666666 :not have to; wor*! whatwoul you o?0I 66666666 :learn; how to paint an play the guitar.3@Aow woul you feel if you 666666666 :can; only eat un* foo?0I 666666666 :not be able; to o it% @<hat woul you say if >amon 666666666 :as*; you to marry him?0I 6666 probably 6666 :say; I wasn’t sure. &@If spaceships 666666666 :travel; to =ars! woul you go there?0)es  it 666666666 :be; a fantastic opportunity.(@If I 666666666 :be; you! I’ stop wor*ing so har.00ut if I 666666666 :not wor*; har! I wouln’t be happy% 1 point for each correct answer  1 5 Choose the correct options. 1 If I ha more money! I B a new laptop.a woul buyb will buyc bought 2 B I’ phone the police.a <hen I am you!b If I were you!c If you were me!3 They B so unhealthy if they ate less un* foo.a wouln’t beb woul bec won’t be I’ll get some mil* if I pass a shop that B still open.a isb wasc woul be& If I see him! I B him to call you. a tellb woul tellc ’ll tell( <oul she help if we as*e her to?a )es! she helps.b )es! she will.c )es! she woul.+ $o you thin* -usanna B if I sen her an invitation?a comesb will comec woul come, <hat B if you met a celebrity?a woul you sayb will you sayc i you say If you in’t live in Chicago! where B ?a live youb will you livec woul you live1 If he stoppe tal*ing! we B the meeting on time.a woul #nishb be #nishec will #nish11 If there was an earthDua*e! I’m sure this builing B collapse.a willb isc woul 1 point for each correct answer  1   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Unit test 12A Continued 6 Complete the interview with the correct form of the words in the box. alive bring shoul woul live proucebe ie out loo* after appear not be@@re there any inosaurs :1; alive  toay?08o! there aren’t. 0ut many scientists thin*that birs :2; 66666666 be calle inosaurs because they are irectly relate to inosaurs. @$i humans ever :3; 66666666 at the same time as inosaurs?08o! e#nitely not. $inosaurs : ; 66666666 over ( million years before humans :&;  66666666 on the Earth. @:(; 66666666 it be possible to bring inosaurs bac* to life using their $8@?08o! it wouln’t. It’s an increibly goo story but it :+; 66666666 possible toay. @0ut if we i :,; 66666666 bac* the inosaurs toay! how woul we :;  66666666 them?0In a very big oo% -ome of the inosaurs :1; 66666666 absolutely huge. <e woul also nee to :11; 66666666 a lot of plants an raw meat to fee them% 1 point for each correct answer  1 7 Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. 1 The Earth rotates at  an angle to the -un.2 I have mar*e the newspaper story 6666 an arrow.3 The -un is 666 the centre of our solar system. -he lives a short istance 6666 the unergroun station.& =ilena has put a big bet 6666 that horse.( I’ve ecie to stay 6666 be this morning.+ Is -om marrie 6666 Fhueng?, Aave you rea -tephen Aaw*ing’s new boo* 6666 the Gniverse? There must be a problem 6666 this software.1 @re you loo*ing 6666 anything special toay?11 I’m listening to a speech given 6666 =ichioHa*u. 1 point for each correct answer  1 8 Correct the prepositions. 1 I’m ma*ing frie eggs from brea*fast. for 2 -hane li*es being by his own.6666 3 <e use -*ype to *eep on touch.6666  The hospital nurses are going in stri*e next wee*. 6666 & <here’s your a?’ Ae’s away at business.’6666 ( Is your little sister afrai for the ar*?6666 + Ela is very ba of writing in English.6666 , I’m worrie of all the sugar an fat in un* foo.6666  @re you getting use with your new neighbours?6666 1 Ae’s writing me a cheDue to 2 euros. 6666 11 I’m very i5erent than my two brothers. 6666  1 point for each correct answer  1 9 Match the sentences with a reply. 1 Than*s for a great party.  d . 2 The coc*tails were fabulous%666 3 I hope you’re in time to catch the train%  666 Than* you very much for helping me. 666 & I might come in the summer. 666 ( Is someone meeting you at the airport?  666 + <ill you give your parents my love? 666 , I love staying with you. Than*s so much% 666  There’s ust one more thing! though. 666 1Aave a goo trip% 666   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3  Unit test 12A Continued 11<e learne such a lot from you.666 a )es! my mum an a will be there.b <ill o  they’ll be please%c Flease you li*e them. =y pleasure%e @n you’ve been fantastic to teach%f It was nice to help. 8o trouble at all% g That woul be lovely.h Than*s. I’ll text you when I’m at the station.i I’m sure I will. Than*s again.  'f course  what’s the problem?* Come bac* an see us again soon. 1 point for each correct answer  1 10 Translate the sentences. 1 Than*s for everything  it was goo fun%2 $o you thin* that worl population is going to be a problem in the future?3 @t some point illness an isease won’t exist. <hat woul you o if you weren’t going touniversity?& <hen i the inosaurs become extinct?( <here i homo   sapiens  come from?+ It is very har to unerstan what in#nity means., I can’t believe you i that on purpose% -he hasn’t been to the alapagos Islans yet but she hopes to soon.1If I bro*e up with my boyfrien! I woul be absolutely heartbro*en. 1 point for each correct answer  1 Total100     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   4
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