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  Unit test 10B 1 Complete the table with the words in the box. number waves man news website cardprogram call deal virus laptop phonebusinessradiocomputer 1 point for each correct answer  11 2 Complete the sentences with compound nouns from exercise 1. 1 We ofer great  business deals  online on manytypes o mobile phone. 2 ‘Have I had any _________ this aternoon! ‘ es # your wie let a message.!$ _________ come rom many diferent sources # rom television and radio broadcasts to mobile phones. It is not clear whether they cause health problems or not.% &any brands o des'top and _________ are available online at competitive prices.( We always watch Money    News on )* to catch up on the latest _________ . 1 point for each correct answer  % 3 Complete the sentences with the words from the box. do ma'e start send play ta'e1+ould you make  me a cup o cofee, please 2 I haven!t _________ the housewor' yet.$ )hey are thin'ing o _________ a amily soon.% -he!ll _________ us a tet to arrange whereto meet later.( /o you li'e _________ games on your mobile0 What research has been _________ so ar Was /arwin the rst to _________ a big discovery about evolution3 +an you help )he car won!t _________ .4 &y ather didn!t _________ a business until he was in his ties.15/o you usually _________ a si6e %211&any people _________ photos with their mobiles. 1 point for each correct answer  15 4 Choose the correct options. 1 )he instructions are written  7 wrote  in  8apanese. 2 9aper was invented  7 invent   by the +hinese.$ )ic'ets will be sell  7 sold on the Internet.% :;ray machines are  7 have been  used or over a hundred years.( Has my laptop be  7 been  repaired0 )he electricity supply is  7 was  switched of yesterday. )he radio wasn!t invented  7 invent   by 8ohn<ogie =aird.3 Wasn’t 7 Were  these tic'ets boo'ed online 4 > si;gure password is required  7 require  to access this website.15 >ll the computers have been  7 isn’t inected with the same virus.   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Unit test 10B Continued 11 Isn’t 7  Aren’t this boo'   written by a riend o yours 1 point for each correct answer  15 5 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it. 1 Who was >ma6on ound by Who was Amazon founded by? 2 &obiles oten used to ta'e photos. _________________________________ $ When is the rst tet message sent _________________________________ % &y laptop was too' rom my bag. _________________________________ ( &any new recipes have added to my website. _________________________________ 0 Was the telephone invent by 8ohn <ogie =aird _________________________________  )he lights haven!t be switched of yet. _________________________________ 3 Were any special efects use in The X Men  lms _________________________________ 4 Which president were awarded a ?obel 9ri6e in 2554 _________________________________ 15 How many i9ads were sell in the rst two months _________________________________ 11 I was introduce to you at the =ritish @ilm >wards. _________________________________  1 point for each correct answer  15 6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1 )wo million o these cars were bought  last year. AbuyB2 )op physicists _________ on the Hadron +ollider since 2553. Awor'B$ =ill Cates _________ his charitable @oundation with his wie in 144%. AoundB% )he boss _________ all employees about the new arrangements tomorrow. AtellB( >ll the arrangements or net wee'!s event ______ last wee'. Ama'eB     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Unit test 10B Continued 0 ______ any complaints ______ AreceiveB by Coogle about the blog /id you _________ AthrowB away yesterday!s newspaper3 Will you _________ your house net year AdecorateB4 I _________ a couple o calls to your landline yesterday. Ama'eB15 )his luury hotel _________ last month. AcompleteB11 It says in this boo' that it _________ AprintB in 143(. 1 point for each correct answer  15 7 Write the sentences and questions in the passive. 1 We reDuire more inormation. More information is required. 2 9eople throw a huge amount o plastic away every day. _________________________________ $ We announced a deal on 1% &arch 2515. _________________________________ % What 'ind o things do you store in your basement _________________________________ ( Eesearchers haven!t ound a cure or cancer yet. _________________________________ 0 When did they launch the new web browser _________________________________  )hey predict good weather or this wee'endF _________________________________ 3 Gngineers made some mista'es in the construction o the building. _________________________________ 4 ou need a secure password to access your account. _________________________________ 15)he company will launch a new poc'et;si6ed mini;computer. _________________________________ 11I 'eep the boss up to date with what!s going on. _________________________________  1 point for each correct answer  15     Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3  Unit test 10B Continued 8 Complete the text with the correct active or passive form of the verb in brackets.  )he 1435s race to create a home computer A1B was  AbeB the subect o ==+%!s Micro Men  # a )* drama which A2B _________ AshowB recently. +hris +urry, co;ounder o >corn computers, and -ir +live -inclair A$B _________ AbeB competitors but they were also close riends. )he creators o the ==+ &icro computer A%B  _________ AinviteB to the museum to celebratethe team!s contribution to computing in =ritain today. It A(B _________ AattendB by Micro Men  producer >ndrea +ornwall and some o the antastic stories about >corn that A0B _________ AtellB that day inspired the programme and the writer )ony -aint. )he efect o the ==+ &icro on the J computer mar'et AB _________ AbeB enormous. )he ==+ &icro A3B _________ AleadBto >corn developing the >E& microprocessorwhich you might A4B _________ AndB in your mobile phone or i9od. =ut we mustn!t orget the contribution o -ir +live -inclair, who A15B _________ AcreateB therst home computer under K155 and A11B  _________ AsellB millions o machines into =ritish homes. 1 point for each correct answer  15 9 Complete the conversations with the phrases in the boxes. How can I help+an I spea' to /r 9ierce pleaseI!m sorry but /r 9ierce is out to lunch until two. I!m araid his line!s busy. -orry, who am I spea'ing toIt!s ringing or you now.1>Hello. A1B Can I speak to Dr ier!e please? =A2B ________________Would you li'e to hold> es, please.=A$B ________________ >)han' you.+Hello. /r 9ierce!s oLce. A%B   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   4
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