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How to Guide Employee Central For Line Managers Version _5//0 Table of contents Employee Files : presentation p. Navigation principles p. Points of reference p. Your C&me homepage p.5 Using the search
How to Guide Employee Central For Line Managers Version _5//0 Table of contents Employee Files : presentation p. Navigation principles p. Points of reference p. Your C&me homepage p.5 Using the search features p.6 Section : Public Profile p.7 Section : Personal Information p.8 Section : Employment Information p.9 Focus : request an organisational unit or line manager transfer p.0 Section : Performance History p. Section 5: Mini CV p. Dashboards and reports p. Employee Files : presentation This How To Guide aims to give you details on available features and actions you will perform on Employee Files. You can also use the How To Guide Appraisal and the How To Guide Learning Management System to help you make the most of C&me. Take a look at the other available resources on the final slide of this presentation. Employee Files is a part of your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) supporting you, your team members and the HR managers in driving employees careers. This section brings together hiring, job, remuneration and personal data in one primary location. Each employee can access the tool through a unique profile; depending on their role and responsibilities within the organisation, specific rights are assigned to that profile, meaning that all expected actions (doing your own selfassessment, validating your team members appraisal forms, requesting a manager transfer ) can be completed from the very same environment. Thanks to specific workflows, you will now be involved in the whole employee s lifecycle: hiring, onboarding, performance Your to-do list Check your Pending Requests & complete them if needed Print your team member s Mini CV before the interview sl. sl. Navigation principles (/) Points of reference In this How To Guide, we use 7 specific words (see below) to give you points of reference. They aim to facilitate your navigation on C&me; so take a look at them and feel free to skip back to this slide if you feel lost! Header menu User Menu Search Header menu Employee Files menu Portlet Employee Files menu Navigation principles (/) Your C&me homepage Use the portlet to add direct links and quickly access the sections/pages you use the most. To do it, click on. To access your full profile(job information, personal information, etc.), click either on Employee Files in your header menu, or on and then Public Profile in the My Info portlet. Access other employees profiles by using the search engine (see ). Access your team members profiles using the My Team portlet. Keep your objective plan up-to-date through the My Objectives portlet. Some appraisal-related dashboards are available from your homepage. You can click on it to get more information. 7 You can customise your C&me homepage, add or remove portlets, by clicking on. You can also reorganise the portlets by dragging and dropping them. Navigation principles (/) Using the search features 6 Use the search engine to quickly access the public profiles of all employees. Type the first letters of the first name or last name. The search engine suggests all the profiles that match with your entry. Mouse over the names to make the associated business card appear. From your Employee File, click on your name to access the list of yourmanagers, peers and direct subordinates. Click on their names to access their public profiles. Feel free to use the search engine located at the top of the list to search for other colleagues. From the header menu, click on Org Chart, then Directory. By clicking on Advanced Search, you can search for colleaguesusing criteria. You can access this advanced search with the search engine too, by clicking on. Section : Public Profile 7 The Public Profile is the place where you can find themain information for your team member: Name Phone number Profile picture Location Job code Company All public profiles are open to the whole organisation. Time zone Organisational unit Division Click on in the Org Chart to access your team members full hierarchical lines; you should see yourself, as their manager, but you should see also their team members if they also manage a team (see ). Section : Personal Information 8 In the Employee Files menu, click on Personal Information. This section shows your team member s main personal information: Gender Names Nationalities address Native preferred language Phone numbers Section : Employment Information 9 Job Family: area of expertise, domain in which you work Job Code: An associated job is a set of individual working positions related by their purpose and common activities Job Title: corresponds to a one working individual position. In the Employee Files menu, click on Employment Information. This section gives you access to the Job Information and Job Relationship portlets: Start date Line manager Legal entity Job code Division Job title Org unit Employment type Contract location Probation period end date Office location Planned contract end date Trial period end date Renewed trial period date Achievement bonus end date & local-specific fields Focus: requesting an organisational unit or a line manager transfer 0 0 If for some reason, one of your team members is assigned to another line manager or moves to another organisational unit, you can ask for the modification in C&me yourself. 5 5 Navigate to the employee s profile and select Employment Information from the Employee Files menu. Under, click on Change Job and Compensation Info. Select the Job Information check box, and then choose the date of effect for changes. If you request a change to another organisational unit, and need to change a Line manager, choose the Event Transfer then the Event Reason Organisational Change through the drop-down menu. If you need to request only a change of Line manager, choose the Event Data Change then the Event Reason Line Manager Change Only through the drop-down menu. Once done, you can check and modify the organisational unit and/or the line manager. Then, click on. A pop-up appears, showing the Workflow Participants no change will appear on the Employee File until all approvalshave been completed. A notification is sent to approvers as soon as you click on. Section : Performance History In the Employee Files menu, click on Performance History. The Performance History is composed of 5 portlets. It gathers all of the information related to performance (appraisal outputs, objectives and competency ratings)in a single place. The information is retrieved automatically from the Performance sectionand from appraisal forms and objectives plans. From here, you can access former appraisal forms. You can access the scorecards of your direct team members but also of your N-, N-, etc. If you want to see the employee s performance progress, click on. Before an interview, click on Take Actions, then Print/PDF to get the full Performance History of your team member. Access former appraisal forms within the Performance History Files, to get all of the relevant information on your employee. Section 5: Mini CV Personal Information Internal Job History Recap of the changes brought to the employee s Job Info Previous internal Job History (SEXTANT) Former job positions within the organization Previous Employment (before CMA CGM Group) Former companies Formal Education Diplomas Learning History Training sessions Career Aspirations Geographic Mobility Certifications / Licenses All business or generic licenses Languages Expertise Your skills and knowledge fields In the Employee Files menu, click on Mini CV. The Mini CV is composed of portlets, all either automatically filled in or filled in by the employee. It gathers all information related to your team member s career: former experience, education, skills, etc., in a single place. You can access the Mini CVs of your direct team members but also of your N-, N-, etc. Click on Take Actions, then Print/PDF to get the resume of your team member. Take a look at the various portletsof the Mini CV. Dashboards (/) Keep an eye on progress of the appraisal process 5 Some dashboards are available only from your homepage: - Performance Form Status: distribution of the appraisal forms by status (manager s assessment, employee sign-off, etc.) - Competencies Team Average: average ratings by competency Click on thechart to enlarge it,and click again on a colourto get a detailed list(see ). You may need to use filtersto specify your dashboard. To do it, click on Filters (see ). You can use filters: - Report Type : you can select different types of reports. - Starting From : you can choose the specific team member s data. - Levels : you can decide to see onlydata related to specific levels of your management line (level,, ). Don t forget to click on. 5 Dashboards (/) Follow up the appraisal process closely Additional dashboards are available when you click on Reports (in the header). Click on to display all the dashboards on the same screen. You can see all the reports available in your Dashboard group. - Average Competencies Ratings: between all your team members -Forms Overdue: number of forms on time and late for the current step of the process -Form Status Grouped by WF: number of forms by status - Performance Rating Distribution: number of employees by appraisal By clicking on a colour/data, you get a detailed list at the bottom of the screen click on Document ID to access the form. Here again, you can apply some filters, by clicking on. You can also filter the data by division, department, and location. 5 Other available resources: How to Guide Appraisal Tips & Tricks Appraisal Tips & Tricks Employee Central Any issues : (available from January 05)
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