Causation and Explanation - Stathis Psillos

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  Causation and Explanation  Central Problems of Philosophy  Series Editor: John ShandThis series of books presents concise, clear, and rigorous analyses of the core problems that preoccupy philosophers across allapproaches to the discipline. Each book encapsulates the essentialarguments and debates, providing an authoritative guide to the sub-ject while also introducing srcinal perspectives. This series of books by an international team of authors aims to cover thosefundamental topics that, taken together, constitute the full breadthof philosophy. Published titles  Free Will Relativism Graham McFeePaul O’Grady Causation and Explanation Scepticism Stathis PsillosNeil Gascoigne  Knowledge Truth Michael WelbournePascal Engel Ontology Universals Dale JacquetteJ. P. Moreland Forthcoming titles  Action Paradox Rowland StoutDoris Olin  Analysis Perception Michael BeaneyBarry Maund  Artificial Intelligence Rights Matthew Elton & Michael WheelerJonathan Gorman  Meaning Self  David CooperStephen Burwood  Mind and Body Value Robert KirkChris Cherry  Modality  Joseph Melia  Causation and Explanation Stathis Psillos
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