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CA Program List
  1Create a HTML file for displaying a webpage with following Tags. The file should contain a brief description about all these tags:1.Bold 2.Italics.!nderline .#lign$ent%.&aragraph'.Te(t color ).Headings*.H+ ,.Bac-ground Color 1. Line brea- 11. &re2/e/esign a 0eb &age of your C with headings as b3ecti4e5 educational 6ualification5 achie4e$ents5 strengths5 hobbies and personal details.#pply following specifications:  Insert a hori7ontal line after e4ery abo4e $entioned heading 89g. Insert hori7ontal line once ob3ecti4es are co$plete  ;et any light color as page bac-ground.  Bold and underline e4ery heading  !se heading tag to specify the headings  !se pre tag for 9ducational <ualification  !se Base font tag for all the te(t/e/esign a 0eb ;ite of IITM with following specifications:  /esign a ho$e page with =a$e5 ision and Mission of the College.  Insert an i$age of IITM on right top  Insert a $ar6uee to display #d$issions pen 8using proper attributes  Ma-e hyperlin-s with the na$e Courses #4ailable5 ;hifts and Location.  Ma-e a hyperlin- to co$e bac- on the page on e4ery web page 8i.e. Courses5 shifts and location.  !se different paragraphs and fonts. /e/esign a 0eb ;ite with the na$e as HTML tutorial with following specifications:Ma-e following hyperlin-s 8i.e. % different web pages: >or$atting ;tyles and Headings: Include Bold5 italics5 !nderline5 ;tri-e5 ;ubscript5 superscript and all si( type of headings>ont ;tyles and I$ages: >ont and Base font tag5 I$age tag#nchor: Internal 8lin-ing within page and 9(ternal 8lin-ing with other docu$ents lin-sMar6uee: Mo4e te(t5 i$age and hyperlin-   ther tags: br5 hr5 pre5 p5 bloc-6uoteInclude following specifications:  In all these web pages only $ention about use5 attributes apply the$.  Insert a bac-ground i$age on ho$e page  Insert a $ar6uee showing HTML Tutorial as $o4ing te(t.  #fter e4ery tag put a hori7ontal line  n e4ery page5 $a-e a hyperlin- for going bac- to ho$e page.%0rite a HTML code to print the following lines in sa$e $anners: In Mathe$atics5 a 6uadratic e6uation is a polyno$iale6uation of the second degree. The general for$ is a( 2 ?b(?c@0here A@  8>or if a@5 the e6uation beco$es a linear e6uation CH9MIC#L 9<!#TI= H  &   @ H  & ?&H   and other e(pression as & new @ & old  ?  2 DE acos( '/e /esign the following list:/epart$ents of College1. /epart$ent of Co$puter ;cience ã B.;c. Co$puter ;cience ã M.;c. co$puter ;cience ã &F/C#2. /epart$ent of Mathe$atics  B.;c. Mathe$atics  M.;c. Mathe$atics  M.&hil. Mathe$atics. /epart$ent of Goology o B.;c. Goology o M.;c. Goology  o M.&hil. Goology o &h./. Goology#pply following parts:  Insert an bac-ground i$age  /isplay a $ar6uee displaying #d$issions open for &h./.in Goology  !se different font styles and colors for depart$ents  Insert hori7ontal line after e4ery depart$ent  /isplay /epart$ents of College in center with appropriate heading )Create a nested list as follows:Co$puter ;yste$1. Input /e4icesi. Jeyboardii. Mouseiii. Koystici4. ;canner a. >lat Bed ;canner  b. Hand held ;canner 2. utput /e4icesi. Monitor  a. LC/ b. C+Tii. &rinter  a. I$pact &rinter  b. =on I$pact &rinter #pply following parts:  Insert an i$age of co$puter on top right corner of web page  /isplay a $ar6uee displaying Input and utput /e4ices  !se different font styles and colors for Input and utput /e4ices  Insert hori7ontal line after Input /e4ices are o4er   !se bold5 italics and underline in headings*Create a HTML webpage which display the following list. >+!IT;  9F9T#BL9; #.egetables nion To$ato+adish &otato CarrotB.>ruits #pple Banana 0aterDMelon Mango  Frapes  =ewspaper  Maga7ine o=ewspaper %.The Ti$es of India '.Hindustan Ti$es ).=a4bharat Ti$es *.&un3ab Jesari ,./aini- Kagran oMaga7ine i.Business Ti$es ii.The 0ee- iii.India Today i4.Har4ard Business +e4iew 4.Co$puter 0orld #pply following parts:  &ut hori7ontal line after newspaper and $aga7ine  #pply heading tag for newspaper and $aga7ine   #pply base font for whole web page and different colors for sub3ects of each se$ester   #pply a bac-ground color   Insert $ar6uee tag displaying =ewspapers and Maga7ines ,/esign tables as follows:+oll no=a$eCourseMar-s1#3ay Ju$arBB#)*2Ja4ita ;har$aBC#'2+ohit FargBB# C#M*) &oo3a JapoorBB#')%Mohit FuptaBB# C#M)21/esign tables as follows: !ni4ersityCollege;tudent11/esign tables as follows:12/esign tables as follows:&roduction;hoes%Bags*!ni4ersityCollege;tudent
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