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Antenna for radio network
  Part Number:7331.00Horizontal Beamwidth: 65 ° Gain: 16.5/16dBi/ 14.4/13.9 dBdElectrical Downtilt: 0 ° Connector Type: 7/16 DIN female      8     7     0   -     9     6     0     /     1     7     1     0   -     1     8     8     0     M     H    z 4168.11.33.00 Dual Band ALXC Antenna 65 ° 2.0 m X-polarized FET Antenna The Powerwave ®  ALXC is a dual-polarized dualband900/1800 MHz antenna with outstanding performance characteristics. Its outer radome is made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP), while the inner RF-module utilizes sophisticated patch technology for covering the two frequencies. ALXC radiating elements are based on a patented dualbandfunction that allowed designing an antenna matched for two or several frequency bands, with no need for diplex filters. This technique minimizes intermodulardistortion, while generating less loss and ensuring higher gain, maximum efficiency, for each set of beamwidths. The  ALXC is available in a number of variants, to provide the widestrange of solutions for specific individual cell-planning strategies implemented by Powerwave clients. Research and field studies conducted in cooperation with system suppliers and operators establish the Powerwave dualbandconcept as an outstanding technique for enhancing system performance and cutting costs. Key Benefits ãHigh gain performanceãLight and slim designãRobust and reliableãPre-mounted bracketsãGuaranteed passive intermodulation performance     D   0   3   1  -   0   8   1   4   8   R  e  v   A ©Copyright September 2003, Powerwave Technologies, Inc. All Rights reserved. Powerwave, Powerwave Technologies, The Power in Wireless and the Powerwave logo are registered trademarks of Powerwave Technologies, Inc. Corporate Headquarters Powerwave Technologies, Inc. 1801 East St. Andrew PlaceSanta Ana, CA 92705 USATel: 714-466-1000Fax: 714-466-5800 www.powerwave.com Main European Office  Antennvägen 6SE-187 80 TäbySwedenTel: +46 8 540 822 00Fax: +46 8 540 823 40 Main Asia Pacific Office 23 F Tai YauBuilding181 Johnston RoadWanchai, Hong KongTel: +852 2512 6123Fax: +852 2575 4860      8     7     0   -     9     6     0     /     1     7     1     0   -     1     8     8     0     M     H    z 16.5kg (36.4 lbs)Shipping weight2160x355x255mm (7’1”x1’2”x10”)Packing SizeLight gray RAL 7035 on all visible plastic partsRadome Color GRPRadome MaterialDC GroundedLightning Protection70m/s (156 mph)Survival Wind Speed 610Wind Load, Frontal, 42 m/s Cd=1 (N)13.5kg (30 lbs) Weight with Brackets1990x280x125mm (6’6”x11”x5”)Dimensions, HxWxD7/16 DIN femaleConnector Type Mechanical SpecificationsElectrical Specifications Frequency band (MHz) 870-960 / 1710-1880Gain, ± 0.5 (dBi, dBd)16.5/16 14.4/13.9 PolarizationDual linear slantedNominal Impedance (Ohm)50VSWR<1.5:1Isolation between inputs(dB)>30Horizontal tracking (dB)<2 Cross-polar discrimination (dB)>11 Horizontal -3 dB beamwidth65° +/-5Electrical downtilt0°Vertical -3dB Beam width9°/9°Vertical beam squint <0.5°Sidelobe suppression, Vertical 1 st upper (dB)>16First null-fill (dB) >-22/-22Front-to-back ratio (dB) >25Front-to-back ratio, total power (dB) >21IM3, 2Tx@43dBm (dBc)>-150Power Handling, Average per input (W) 300Power Handling, Average total (W)600 Dual Band ALXC Antenna TypicalHorizontal and Vertical 7331.00 Patterns 925 MHzTypicalHorizontal and Vertical 7331.00 Patterns 1805 MHz  All specifications are subject to change without notice.Contact your Powerwave representative for complete performance data.
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