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2nd International Conference Sociology and Social Work Theory and Practice May, Oslo, Norway Address: Pilestredet 35 - Program - Overview over the program Wednesday, 30. May
2nd International Conference Sociology and Social Work Theory and Practice May, Oslo, Norway Address: Pilestredet 35 - Program - Overview over the program Wednesday, 30. May Registration, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Pilestredet 35, Hall Welcome (Auditorium PH131) Barn av regnbuen (My Rainbow Race), performed by Per Arne Olsen and Svein Fuglestad (text back the program) Welcoming address Rector Kari Toverud Jensen, Head of Institute of Social Sciences Mona Sandbæk, Head of Arrangement Committee Irene Levin Key Note Speaker Margareta Bäck-Wiklund, Professor of Social Work, University of Gothenburg. Towards a Reflexive Practitioner? - Possibilities and Challenges Coffee Break Parallel session 1 (Sociology & Social Work: room PI445) Parallel session 2 (Knowledge production: room PI451) Lunch (ground floor) Parallel session 3 (Social Work Education room PI 251) Parallel session 4 (Work & Welfare room PI 254) All are welcome at Business meeting with wine and snacks (Room PI451) Departure for the restaurant, meeting outside the Rica Holberg Hotel Conference dinner at Ekeberg Restaurant, Oslo Thursday 31. May Key Note Speaker Ian Shaw, Professor of Social Work, University of York. Sociological Social Work. (Auditorium PH131) Coffee break Parallel session 5 (Knowledge production 2: room PI451 ) Parallel session 6 (Individuals & families at risk: room PI460) Lunch (ground floor) Parallel session 7 (Experiences and users perspective: room PI451) Workshop (Evaluating in practice: room PI460) Final Session: Conclusion with Fausto Amaro (Technical University of Lisboa), Søren Peter Olesen (Aalborg University), Anne Halvorsen (University of Adger), Marit Haldar (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences) Irene Levin (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences) Auditorium PH131 Parallel sessions May 30 th 2012 Parallel session 1: Sociology & Social Work (chair: Anne Halvorsen) Maria Appel Nissen, Michael Hviid Jacobsen. Sociology and Social Work Research. Challenging knowledge about social problems. Kjeld Høgsbro. From Social engineering to institutional Ethnography the development of sociological practice and sociotechnics since Lise Cecilie Kleppe. Texts as practice Irene Levin. What happened to the social in social work? Parallel session 2: Knowledge production 1 (chair: Søren Peter Olesen) Michael Seltzer, Marit Haldar. Hegemonic Tales and Subversive Stories: Chicago Sociology and Social Work Revisited Pernille Stornæss Skotte. Exploring uncertainty in child welfare work Helge Folkestad. Theory from practice, for practice Leili Laanemets. Different roles in research practice, implications for theory in social work Fabio Cappello. Social agencies for children and families as street level bureaucracies: a case study between theory and practice. Parallel session 3: Social Work Education (chair: Lise Kleppe) Benoît Renevey. Mixing theory and practice in a graduation work: some considerations from a ten years long experimentation in training programs of social workers in Switzerland Vigdis Madsen. What is meant by a holistic approach to user s challenges? Kari Baardseth, Kaare Torgny Pettersen. How can social work research and sociology meet in an action research project in a socially vulnerable district in Brazil? Amelie Fougner. Peer Tutoring in Social Work Education: A Study of Changes in the Authority of Knowledge and Relationships between Students and Teachers in Norway Parallel session 4: Work & Welfare (chair: Einar Øverbye) Søren Peter Olesen. Sociological perspectives on theory and practice in employment-oriented social work Seyma Ipek Kostekli. Flex security and working shorter hours in Turkey during the global crisis: an empirical analysis of firms and employees Ragnhild Fugletveit. Inclusion or exclusion? A study of how ten employer s evaluate persons with mental health problems and their workability Kjell-Arne Dybvik. Work for all? A study of how persons with mental health problems evaluate the Norwegian Labor and Welfare. Erika K. Gubrium. Promises and practices of personalization: Discursive trajectories in Norway s new work approach Parallel sessions May 31 st 2012 Parallel session 5: Knowledge production 2 (chair: Fausto Amaro) Einar Øverbye. Deconstructing universalism Monica Kjørstad. Transcending the limitation of empiricism A Critical Realist Approach Anne Halvorsen. Knowledge and practice development in social work practice, - a case study in three organizations Torunn A. Ask. Perspectives on the practitioner in partnership Mihai Bogdan Iovu. Evidence-Based Practice: Beliefs, Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behaviors of Social Work Professionals Werner Obrecht. Towards a general normative theory of the professional processing of practical problems Parallel session 6: Individuals & families at risk (Chair: Ira Malmberg-Heimonen) Wei Chen. Home- and Community-based Services for the Elderly in Contemporary Urban China: a comparative study between Guangzhou and Nanjing Jan Storø. A Reflective and Systematic Process. An Investigation of one Tool of the Child Welfare Worker Stanley Tony. Our tariff will rise: Understanding how risks get reified in the social work office Kari Sjøhelle Jevne. Concerns of abuse or neglect in the context of resident and contact disputes: a user perspective on the child welfare service Kaare Torgny Pettersen. How can Social Work with Victims of Sexual Abuse within the context of a Norwegian Incest Center be explained with the use of Thomas Scheffs Theoretical Concepts of Shame? May-Britt Solem. Analytic perspectives for research and practice in social work Parallel session 7: Experiences and users perspective (chair: Monica Kjørstad) Elisabeth Hirsch Durrett, Sabine Voélin. Old age, home care needs and self-determination Ingeborg Helgeland. Social participation, life course and marginality - A 25 years follow-up study of 85 juvenile delinquents . Yuan Rui. Social Exclusion and Neighborhood Support: the Experience of Empty-Nest Elderly in Urban Shangai, China Mari Dalen Herland. Seriously troubled youth becoming fathers: a 25-year longitudinal approach Anne Margrethe Sønneland, Line Baagø-Rasmussen. There is no justice for the poor' - on the importance of sociology for social work in processes of transitional justice Workshop Ian Shaw. Evaluating in Practice: Interrupting, Translating and Inhabiting Qualitative Inquiry as Professional Practice BARN AV REGNBUEN & MY RAINBOW RACE BARN AV REGNBUEN (-My Rainbow Race-) Tekst: Lillebjørn Nilsen. Musikk: Pete Seeger. En himmel full av stjerner. Blått hav så langt du ser. En jord der blomster gror. Kan du ønske mer? Sammen skal vi leve. Hver søster og hver bror. Små barn av regnbuen og en frodig jord. Noen tror det ikke nytter. Andre kaster tiden bort med prat. Noen tror at vi kan leve av Plast og syntetisk mat. Og noen stjeler fra de unge som blir sendt ut for og slåss. Noe stjeler fra de mange som kommer etter oss. En himmel full av... Men si det til alle barna! Si det til hver far og mor: Ennå har vi en sjanse til å dele et håp og en jord. En himmel full av... 'My Rainbow Race' Words and music by Pete Seeger (1967) 1970 by Sanga Music Inc. CHORUS: One blue sky above us, One ocean lapping all our shores, One Earth so green and round, Who could ask for more? And because I love you, I ll give it one more try. To show my Rainbow Race It s too soon to die. Some folks want to be like an ostrich, Bury their heads in the sand. Some hope that plastic dreams Can unclench all those greedy hands. Some hope to take the easy way, Poisons, bombs, they think we need em. Don t you know you can t kill all the unbelievers? There s no shortcut to freedom. CHORUS Go tell, go tell all----- the little children. Tell all their mothers and fathers, too -- Now s our last chance to learn to share What s been given to me and you. CHORUS
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