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  Progress tests answers Progress test 1Exercise 1 2When did you start learning English?3How often does she play tennis?4What do you like doing at the weekend?5What would you like to do this weekend?6Why haven’t you got a dictionary?How !uch sugar did you put in !y coffee? What were you doing when #ohn phoned?$Who is going to !ake the sandwiches?%&'oes your !other en(oy listening to the radio?%%Where did )nna live when she was a child? Exercise 2 2Where do *r and *rs +a!sey co!e fro!?3Where do they live?4How old is ,avier?5'oes he have - Has he got any .rothers or sisters?6'o *r and *rs +a!sey have - Have *r and *rs +a!sey got any children?What does ,avier do - What’s ,avier’s (o.? Where did ,avier go on holiday last year?$How long did *r and *rs +a!sey stay in /cotland?%&What are they going to do on holiday ne0t year?%%What is ,avier going to do on holiday ne0t year? Exercise 3 3'o 111 know4!et5was working6'oes 111 livelives has got$is working%&to invite%%co!e%2to see%3saw%4was teaching%5had%6talking%to write% don’t have%$rang2&a! going to ring-will ring2%’ll .ring22seeing Exercise 4 2!oney3rice4!eat5.read6ho!eworkfood Exercise 5 3an a4a$5the%&6%%he /avoy Hotelthe%2 Exercise 6 2.3a 4a 5a 6.. .$a%&. Exercise 7 2nice%&!ost3friendlier%%as4!ore%2tastier5than%3latest6worst%4Whatwas%5funniest the%6funnier $as Exercise 8 2out for a !eal3!usic and fil!s 4a foot.all !atch5gigs and clu.s6a !istakefor clothes online   a coffee $!e the ti!e Exercise 9 2. c3a $a4a %&c5. %%a6a %2c.%3a   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   1  Progress tests answers   Progress test 2Exercise 1 2studied6started3foundhas .een4has changed has .een5has lived$spent Exercise 2 2a6. 3. .4. a5a $a Exercise 3 2has to train3should take up4!ust go to .ed5!ustn’t forget6don’t have to go to schoolshouldn’t have had to work$'id  have to study Exercise 4 2refused3when47ut5had6was en(oying.ecause weren’t wearing$hadn’t%&)s soon as%%decided%2)fter%3!anaged Exercise 5 2has failed5don’t grow3was written6have .een taken4were cut downhas stolen Exercise 6 2he post wasn’t delivered until !idday138ylon has .een !ade since %$3214ons of ru..ish are thrown away every day15When will the new super!arket .e .uilt?69he:ues aren’t used very often now1*y car has .een scratched1 Exercise 7 2a 6a3a .4. a5. $. Exercise 8 2; ’ve worked here since last su!!er1 3; wasn’t  .orn in hospital14We ’ve taken a.out %&& photos15/he ’d love to .e an actress one day16Hurry up< ; ’ve been waiting ages for you1  They moved  house two !onths ago1 ; ’ve already spent half !y salary this !onth1 Exercise 9 2;f she passes her driving test= she will .uy a car1-/he will .uy a car if she passes her driving test13;f the weather is .ad= we won’t go out1-We won’t go out if the weather is .ad1 4;f you stop s!oking= you will feel .etter1->ou will feel .etter if you stop s!oking15;f she doesn’t apologie= ; won’t invite her to !y wedding1 -; won’t invite her to !y wedding if she doesn’t apologie16;f you have a pro.le!= ; will help you1-; will help you if you have a pro.le!1;f they don’t win= the fans will .e very annoyed1-he fans will .e very annoyed if they don’t win1 Exercise 10 2; !ight see you later13>ou !ight not need to .orrow the !oney14/he !ight not .e at ho!e today15/he !ight call you at the weekend16He !ight .e a .it late1hey !ight not live there any!ore1   Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   2  Progress tests answers   Exercise   11 %;f ; lived in 7rail= ;’d-; wouldn’t learn @ortuguese12;f ; earned !ore !oney= ;’d-; wouldn’t save it13;f ; knew *aria’s address= ;’d-; wouldn’t go to see her14;f ; had a dictionary= ;’d-; wouldn’t look up the word15;f ; were you= ;’d-; wouldn’t !arry Aeorge1 Exercise 12 2single3your wallet4pregnant5an u!.rella6a photothe housework Exercise 13 2ho!esick3disappointed4co!petition5e!ploy!ent6successfulwellBwritten .adlyBdressed Exercise 14 2. 6a3a .4c a5c Editable   © Oxford University Press 2012   3
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