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See over for Department of Transport Registration Owners Responsibility to Complete and Return TOYO TIRES WARRANTY Millennium Warranty Passenger & Light Truck Tire Limited Warranty TOYO TIRE CANADA Inc.
See over for Department of Transport Registration Owners Responsibility to Complete and Return TOYO TIRES WARRANTY Millennium Warranty Passenger & Light Truck Tire Limited Warranty TOYO TIRE CANADA Inc. Tire Registration Center 7791 Nelson Road, Unit 120 Richmond, British Columbia CANADA V6W 1G3 Effective November 1st, 2015 This warranty supersedes all previous warranties POSTAGE SUFFICIENT AFFIX PASSENGER & LIGHT TRUCK TIRE LIMITED WARRANTY This section describes the TOYO MILLENNIUM WARRANTY package which includes the Workmanship and Materials Warranty and the Treadwear Limited Warranty. It explains which Toyo tire patterns are covered, the nature of the coverage and what is required by the purchaser to maintain the coverage in force. TOYO MILLENNIUM TREADWEAR LIMITED WARRANTY SEGMENT TREAD DESIGN TIME PERIOD TIRE REPLACEMENT COST CALCULATION Eligibility Requirements Toyo warranties apply to Toyo brand Passenger and Light Truck Tires bearing the Toyo name and complete Tire Identification number (DOT#). Ultra High performance Proxes 4 Plus V Speed 1 = 80,000km W Speed 1 = 80,000km Y Speed 2 = 72,000km The warranty benefits are extended only to tires used on the vehicle for which they were originally purchased, operating in non-commercial service and in accordance with normal highway use. To be eligible for warranty consideration the tires must be the correct size and load range for the vehicle according to the vehicle manufacturer s recommendations or according to the vehicle information placard. You have properly maintained and used the tire (see Important Safety And Maintenance Information section). How to Make a Warranty Request In the event that you make a claim under the terms of this warranty you must: Present your tires and vehicle to an authorized Toyo Dealer. Complete and sign the Toyo Tire Adjustment Claim Form provided by the dealer and leave the tire with the dealer. A free replacement or a pro rata charge depends on the age, service life or mileage of the tires submitted. Claims based on Treadwear Limited Warranty a completed Mileage Warranty Registration and Rotation Record (see page 18) must be submitted with the tires. To qualify for warranty calculation under the Free portion of the 800 Ultra Material and Manufacturing warranty the completed Registration Card must be presented to confirm date of purchase. Premiun Touring Premiun Touring Premiun Touring Premiun Touring Eco-friendly All-weather Value All-weather Premium Touring Versado Noir Versado LX II Tourevo LS II (++) Versado LX Tourevo LS (++) Versado Eco Celsius Extensa A/S Celsius CUV Versado CUV H Speed = 120,000km V Speed = 100,000km W Speed = 80,000km H Speed = 100,000km V Speed = 80,000km W or Y Speed = 64,000km T Speed = 130,000km 80,000 kms or 5 years from date of retail purchase whichever is first. S, T, H Speed = 100,000km S, T Speed = 100,000km H Speed = 80,000km H, V Speed = 100,000km 80,000 kms or 5 years from date of retail purchase whichever is first. Determined by multiplying S.R.P. 4 by % of kms achieved e.g. : # kms run = A Warranty Kms = B Rep. cost = S.R.P. 4 x (A/B) Tire(s) eligible for warranty will be replaced with the same or comparable new Toyo tire(s)* by the dealer as determined by the coverage outlined in this booklet. * A comparable Toyo brand tire is the same tire or a tire of the same basic construction quality as the original tire, as determined by Toyo Tires. Highway All Terrain P Metric Open Country H/T Open Country A/T II 100,000 kms or 5 years from date of retail purchase whichever is first. P-Metric 3 = 100,000 km LT-Metric 3 = 80,000 km purchase, whichever is first. Value ECLIPSE For details of Treadwear Limited Warranty Contact OK tire Contact OK Tire Printed in Canada ++ Available from Unipneu Dealers 1 For staggered fitments where rotation from front to rear is not possible, the REAR tire mileage warranty is reduced to 40,000km 2 For staggered fitments where rotation from front to rear is not possible the REAR tire mileage warranty is reduced to 36,000km 3 Excluding Open Country A/T II Xtreme sizes and non-oe replacement fitments 4 S.R.P. = Suggested Retail Price 06/11-25M TOYO WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS LIMITED WARRANTY IMPORTANT 800 Ultra Warranty Considerations For implementation of the FREE replacement portion of the 800 ULTRA warranties, proof of original purchase date (Registration Card) is required at the time of presentation of the tire for warranty consideration. If no registration card is presented the replacement cost will be based PRO-RATA on Remaining Tread Wear. 6. Tires purchased outside of Canada (for Treadwear Limited Warranty or tires on vehicles registered or usually operated outside of Canada). 7. A tire in an out of round or out of balance condition after 10% of the original tread is worn. 8. Tires which are smaller in dimension, carrying capacity or of a lower speed rating than those installed or recommended by the original vehicle manufacturer. (Winter tires are excluded from the speed rating provision of this section.) Tread Design Time Period Tire Replacement Cost Calculation Additional Consumer Cost 9. The Millennium Treadwear Limited Warranty is not valid for tires used in commercial applications, campers, Police or Emergency vehicles or off road use. All Passenger and Light Truck Tread Designs ** Life of original useable tread or 5 years from date of manufacture, whichever occurs first. Determined by multiplying % of useable tread worn by Suggested Retail Price Installation, Balance, All Applicable Taxes & Levies ** Tires beyond the 5 year (60 month) time limit from date of production but are within a 5 year (60 month) time limit from date of purchase must be accompanied by proof of original purchase date (registration card) for warranty consideration. 10. Tires submitted for a mileage adjustment that have worn out unevenly and/or show a difference of 1.6 mm (2/32 ) between major tread grooves or between the front and rear sets. 11. Road Hazard damaged e.g. impact damage, snags, cuts, bruises or punctures, whether repairable or not. 12. The cost of mounting or balancing replacement tires or any other dealer service charges or applicable taxes. 13. Damage resulting from improper repair materials or procedures. 14. Any tire that has been run with low inflation pressure or while flat. Failure to meet conditions of the Limited Warranty, not limited to: Any tire for which mileage and tire rotation records are not available or verifiable. Any tire not presented and available for Toyo Tires inspection. WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY 1. Irregular tread wear or rapid wear due to failure to rotate the tires in accordance with Toyo s recommendations or from vehicle misalignment 2. Damage from incorrect mounting or dismounting of the tire, incorrect wheel size or failure to balance the tire and rim assembly 3. Damage or uneven tread wear caused by misuse, but not limited to incorrect inflation, overloading, fire, theft, racing or spinning, chain damage, curb impact or abrasion, defective mechanical conditions, wreck or collision and wilful damage or abuse. 4. Damage, corrosion or rubber deterioration due to the use of oil based chemicals, water based sealers, balancing substances or flammable gases. 5. Claims for weather/ozone cracking or chemical damage after 5 years from the date of manufacture CONSUMER S OBLIGATIONS The Consumer is responsible for proper tire care and maintenance. 1. Tires must be rotated every 8,000 km, or sooner if irregular or erratic tread wear is evident. Ensure the dealer endorses the rotation record. 2. At the time of purchase, please complete the Millennium Warranty Registration Card enclosed. This completed card will be necessary should your dealer need to process a Millennium Treadwear Limited Warranty claim for you and may be necessary to prove date of purchase to qualify for certain elements of this warranty. 3. Transport Canada recommends you complete and return the attached Tire Registration Card (see page 19). It is also possible to complete the warranty card online at 4. The consumer must maintain the recommended air pressure in the tires in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer s specifications. 5. The load capacity of the tire must not be exceeded. 6. The tire s maximum speed capability must not be exceeded. 7. Tire must be presented and available for Toyo Tires inspection CONDITIONS AND LIMITATIONS This Warranty supersedes all previous or implied warranties and all subsequent submissions are subject to these conditions and limitations. This Millennium Warranty is limited to Canada. All implied warranties are not a warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, of merchantability, fitness for purpose or otherwise. To the extent permitted by law all obligations or liabilities for incidental or consequential damages connected with the failure of a tire(s), are hereby excluded including without limitation, inconvenience, rental vehicles, travel or lodging, the loss of commercial or personal property, loss of time or revenue. No Toyo employee, Representative or Dealer has the authority to make or imply any representation, promise or agreement which in any way varies the terms of this warranty. These warranties give you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from province to province. SPECIAL ADVICE FOR LIGHT TRUCK RADIALS 1. For tires designated as LT It is not recommended that any light truck be operated at speeds in excess of legal limits. a) At speeds from 106 km/h through 120km/h, cold inflation pressure must be increased 10 psi above the recommended pressures for the load being carried. Do not exceed the maximum inflation pressure of the wheel/rim (all wheels/rims have maximum allowable inflation pressures). 2. For tires designated as P Metric The maximum load capacity stamped on the sidewall of P-metric tires is reduced by dividing by 1.10 when used on a light truck, sport utility vehicle or trailer. In addition to the above, light truck tire replacements should take into consideration the following: Proper spacing between dual tires is necessary for optimum tire performance. If chains are used, particular care must be taken to assure adequate clearance between loaded tires to avoid damage from chains. The allowable overall diameter difference between a tire and its dual mate is 6.4mm (1/4 ) for light truck tires. Select the proper tire and wheel. The tire must match the width and diameter requirements of the wheel. The wheel must be free of cracks, dents, chips, and rust. The tire must be free of bead damage, cuts, and punctures. P-metric and LT-metric tires are not necessarily interchangeable. P-metric and LT-metric tires follow completely different Load/Inflation tables and are designed to carry different loads at different pressures. LT-metric tires carry their load at higher inflation pressures and do not always have adequate load capacity to replace P-metric tires of the same size. Tire installers should exercise extreme caution when replacing tires on light trucks. After reducing a P-metric tire s load rating by dividing by 1.1 for fitment on a Light Truck, the P-metric tire may not offer sufficient load capacity to replace an LT-metric tire of the same size. Contact your Toyo Tires dealer or Toyo Tires Technical Service for help determining how to choose a proper replacement size. Driving with underinflated or overloaded tires may result in immediate tire failure, which can cause an accident and could lead to serious personal injury or death. Large-diameter tires and modified suspensions that increase ground clearance will alter vehicle handling. The vehicle may become more likely to roll over. Braking distances may increase. Slower speeds may be required to maintain control. Drive with extreme caution until you become familiar with how your vehicle handles. Always wear your seat belt. Some modifications may be illegal in your province. Consult your Owner s Manual, the instructions for this product and provincial law before modifying your vehicle. Consult the load and inflation charts that can be found at Contact Toyo Tires Technical Service with any tire replacement questions: TIRE SAFETY Caution! Sudden Tire Vibration If your tire develops a sudden vibration, have your tires checked immediately by a dealer. DO NOT continue to drive on tires which have developed a sudden vibration! A vibration in your tires may indicate that you have lost a wheel balancing weight or could signal a more serious condition such as a puncture which could result in tire failure. Approved Rim Width. The Tire and Rim Association designates approved rim widths for each tire size. It is important that any replacement tire size is fitted onto an approved rim width listed by the tire manufacturer. Using rim widths that are not approved can lead to irregular tread wear, vehicle vibration, poor handling and undo stress on tire components. Warranty coverage may become void if the incorrect rim width is used. Radial Tire Rotation. The purpose of tire rotation is to achieve a more uniform wear for all tires on the vehicle. Before rotating tires determine the cause of any unusual wear and correct any misalignment, imbalance or other mechanical problems. See Tire Rotation Chart for acceptable types of rotation patterns: Important! These tire rotations do not take into account different tire types mixed on the vehicle. Do not mix radial and bias tires on the same vehicle. Some vehicles are designed with different tire sizes on the front and rear axles. Normally such combinations will not allow rotation. Prior to rotation consult your vehicle owner s manual. Some vehicles are equipped with unidirectional wheels which limit the choice of rotation pattern. Consult your vehicle owner s manual. Do not include special temporary spare tires in the rotation pattern. After rotation adjust individual tire pressures to the vehicle or tire manufacturer s recommendations according to the tires new position on the vehicle. Do not mix or rotate different speed rated tires on the same axle. Higher speed rated tires must remain on the rear axle. Consult your local Toyo dealer. TIRE ROTATION CHART These rotation patterns are acceptable. Please refer to your vehicle owner s manual regarding tire rotation. Preferred Tire Rotation Patterns Non Directional or Asymmetric Patterns Rear and Four Wheel Drive Vehicles All Vehicles Alternate Tire Rotation Patterns Wheel Drive Vehicles All Vehicles Full-size spare tires (not temporary spares) of the same size, construction and speed rating may be used in a five-tire rotation pattern. After rotation, check the inflation pressure of all the tires. The front and rear tire pressures may vary according to the vehicle manufacturer s specifications. For more information on rotating tires please visit our Tire Information section on Rotating Your Tires located on the Toyo web site at WINTER TIRES Winter driving presents special challenges for vehicle handling. The use of winter tires, studs, and chains, while improving traction performance in snow and ice, requires additional caution and care with regard to braking, cornering, and speed. It is important to drive with care not only on snow and ice, but on dry and wet roads as well. Studded tires may require longer braking distances on dry or wet paved surfaces. Failure to allow for adequate braking distance could result in serious personal injury or death. Traction is considerably reduced as winter tires approach 50% tread wear, and replacement should be considered in order to maintain effectiveness in heavy snow conditions. Tire speed rating: When lower-speed-rated winter tires replace higher-speed-rated touring and high performance all-season radial tires, do not exceed the lower-rated speed. Follow recommendations in the vehicle Owner s Manual for winter tires, studs, and chains. Consult your tire dealer, the Rubber Association of Canada website (, or your provincial Department of Transportation for information regarding regulatory and seasonal restrictions for winter tire fitments or stud usage. Toyo Tires recommends that winter tires be installed in matched sets of 4, or 6 on dual rear wheel vehicles. Tires designed for use in severe snow conditions generally have tread patterns, structure, and materials for giving superior performance. These tires are marked with the M&S designation plus a mountain/snowflake symbol. Dual Tire Rotation Patterns Unidirectional Tire Rotation Patterns 5-Wheel 4-Wheel Transport Canada recommends: To assist you in controlling your vehicle in winter conditions, always install your winter tires in sets of 4 only Studless Winter Tires It is always preferable to apply winter tires to all wheel positions, including dual tires, to maintain vehicle mobility and control. CAUTION! WEATHER CONDITIONS If winter tires are applied to the front axle of any vehicle, winter tires must also be installed on the rear axle. DO NOT apply winter tires only to the front axle. This applies to all passenger and light truck vehicles, including frontwheeldrive, 4WD, and AWD vehicles. If winter tires are installed on the rear axle of any vehicle, it is recommended (but not required) that they also be installed on the front axle. Unless winter tires on the rear axle have comparable traction qualities to the tires on the front axle, the vehicle may experience adverse handling characteristics. This may result in loss of vehicle control, which can lead to serious personal injury or death. Avoid excessive tire spinning! Never spin tires above a speedometer reading of 55 km/h (35 mph) if your vehicle becomes stuck in snow, mud or ice. Spinning develops excessive centrifugal force and may result in the tire exploding with resulting injury and vehicle damage. Never stand near or behind a tire spinning at high speed. Studded Winter Tires Studded winter tires have higher traction qualities under most winter weather conditions. If studded winter tires are installed on the front axle of any vehicle, studded winter tires must also be installed on the rear axle. DO NOT apply studded winter tires only to the front axle. If studded winter tires are installed on the rear axle of any vehicle, it is strongly recommended that they should also be installed on the front axle. Only if studded winter tires are installed on all wheel positions of a vehicle will optimum handling characteristics be achieved. Installing only two studded winter tires on the front axle of any vehicle (including frontwheel-drive vehicles) without studded winter tires on the rear axle can cause adverse vehicle handling characteristics. This can result in a loss of vehicle control, which could cause serious personal injury or death. Driving in Rain or Snow Driving in rain and/or snow considerably reduces the traction between your tires and the road surface and you must always reduce your speed to allow additional stopping distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Hydroplaning - Wet weather driving Hydroplaning occurs on wet roads and refers to the loss of tire contact with the road due to the buildup of water between the tire contact patch and the road surface. There are three main factors which affect hydroplaning and consequently your tire traction on wet roads. 1. Vehicle speed - As speed increases wet traction is considerably reduced. 2. Water Depth - The deeper the water the sooner your tires will lose traction. Even thin water layers may cause sufficient lubrication to create traction loss at low speeds depending on road conditions. 3. Tire Tread Depth - As your tires wear down their ability to resist hydroplaning and wet skidding is reduced. Since hydroplaning may result in a complete loss of traction and vehicle control, you should always reduce speed with consideration to the traffic around you. Driving on ice and snow Your all-season tires were designed to provide higher l
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