JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE. LOCKSMITH TITLE Handout. Prepared by Office of Human Resources

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JOHN JA COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE LOCKSMITH TITLE Handout Prepared by Office of Human Resources ~II N COLLEG[ g~iminal JUSTICE Handbook Content Please note, information is printed on both sides of the
JOHN JA COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE LOCKSMITH TITLE Handout Prepared by Office of Human Resources ~II N COLLEG[ g~iminal JUSTICE Handbook Content Please note, information is printed on both sides of the page HR Staff Contact information Job Description for the title Skilled Trades titles Employee Fact Sheet Compensation information for the title Civil Service guide CUN Employees Holidays schedule for CUN Payroll Calendar for Payroll information Timesheet sample Overtime sheet sample Timesheet submission schedule Essential Personnel information Employee Evaluation Employee Transfers Mandatory CUN training Benefits Summary Visit our website for more information The City Unive-sity of New ork ~II N COLLEG[ g~iminal JUSTICE Office of Human Resources Contact information for the HR representatives handling Classified Titles Faina Fradkin HR Specialist /Classified Titles processing/recruiter Contact for questions about: job postings, searches, contractual increases/level changes, Uniform Allowances, Inter-college transfers, hiring classified titles (Provisional, PT, FT, Probable permanent), Disciplinary leaves, classified titles separations, reclassifications and more Toni Mason-Clarke Payroll Specialist/ Payroll support, Time and Leave Manager Contact for questions about: College Assistant, Custodian (hourly), Campus Security (hourly), Theater titles (hourly) timesheets, time & leave balances, annual and sick leave accrual rates, pay rates, and etc. FT Employee - bi-weekly timesheet submission, time & leave balances, annual and sick leave accrual rates, compensatory time, shift differentials, Unscheduled Holidays, and etc., non-payments, missing pay, salary rates and increments Terencia Martin HR Coordinator: FT PSC (Faculty, HEOs) ECPs, and Etc. Phone: Contact for questions about: ADI timesheet submission, time & leave balances, annual and sick leave accrual rates, compensatory time, shift differentials, and etc. Shirley Rodriguez Administrator / White Collar, Classified Managerial Time and Leave Contact for questions about: bi-weekly timesheet submission, time & leave balances, annual and sick leave accrual rates, compensatory time, shift differentials, Unscheduled Holidays, and etc. Gabrielle Calderella HR Coordinator/ Blue Collar/Skilled Trades/Labor Time and Leave Phone: Contact for questions about: bi-weekly timesheet submission, time & leave balances, annual and sick leave accrual rates, compensatory time, shift differentials, overtime payments, Unscheduled Holidays, and etc. TheCity Unive,sity of New ork ~II N COLLEG[ g~iminal JUSTICE Office of Human Resources Contact information for the HR representatives handling Classified Titles Victor De Jesus Payroll Assistant WC/BC Hourly Titles Time and Leave Phone: Contact for questions about part- time payroll for: College Assistant, Custodian (hourly), Campus Security (hourly), Theater titles (hourly) timesheets, time & leave balances, annual and sick leave accrual rates, pay rates, and etc. Christina Lee Benefits Specialist/Benefits Manager Contact for questions about: Medical Leaves, Health Insurance, FSA (Flex Spending Accounts), WageWorks (pre-tax transit), Retirement, Pension, and Supplemental Retirement Plans - Tax Deferred Annuities, Tuition Waivers, Voluntary Benefits and information on contacting your welfare fund. Daniella Donald (alternate contact) HR Benefits Coordinator Contact for questions about: Health Insurance, FSA (Flex Spending Accounts), WageWorks (pre-tax transit), Pension, and Supplemental Retirement Plans - Tax Deferred Annuities, Voluntary Benefits and information on contacting your welfare fund. Aneesa Lesley HR Specialist /HRIS Manager Contact for questions about: HR Website, accessing your CUNFirst account, employee self-service (name changes, address changes, phone number changes, degree update, marital status and emergency contact update), manager self-service: employee reporting structure TheCity Unive,sity of New ork THE CIT UNIVERSIT OF NEW ORK Classified Civil Service Position Description Title Locksmith (CUN) Title Codes 495 Skilled Trades and Operative Services (38) FLSA Status Non-Exempt (Overtime Eligible) Date Issued 8/18/4 General Duties and Responsibilities Locksmiths do work relating to the installation, maintenance, and repair of locks and locking devices. Specifically, they install, repair, and open locks, make keys, and change locks and safe combinations. They may supervise and be responsible for the work of assigned personnel. Qualification Requirements 1. Five years of full-time satisfactory experience as a Locksmith acquired within the last ten years; OR 2. Three years of full-time satisfactory experience as described above plus either two years of sufficient related, approved educational training or two years fulltime satisfactory related experience as a Locksmith Apprentice or Locksmith Trainee, to make a total of five years experience. 3. Before the close of a Civil Service examination filing period, all candidates MUST possess a valid New ork City Locksmith License. This license must be maintained as a requirement of continued employment. Direct Lines of Promotion From: None To: None CUN Locksmith Page 1 of 3 General Work Tasks Key Cutting and Duplication Selects the correct blank for making a duplicate or original key and cut key. Makes keys by code. Adjusts key machines to make accurate depths and spacing of keys. Generates keys by impression. Creates original keys by hand, using file. Repins cylinders. Repair & Maintenance of Existing Locks & Related Hardware Identifies problems with locks, including electronic locking mechanisms. Repairs damaged lock hardware. Lubricates cylinders and locks, as needed. Replaces missing or damaged lock hardware, creating a part, if necessary. Changes safe combinations by hand or by key change. Adjusts hardware, so the doors close and lock properly. Lock Installations Installs locks and related hardware of all types. Installs locks and related hardware on doors, making the necessary cutouts to accommodate all types of locking mechanisms. Installs locks and related hardware of all types from manufacturers instructions and templates. Selects locks and related hardware based upon the type of usage, location, and codes/regulations. Access Control Uses temporary cylinders to provide access to restricted areas to contractors or to others who needed temporary, limited access to facilities. Provides access to officials, such as management, fire, and police, in emergency situations. Uses picking tools to open doors, file cabinets, and desk drawers. Opens safes without combination by manipulation or by drilling. Distributes keys and access cards to appropriate personnel. Bypasses malfunctioning locks to provide access. Record Keeping & Ordering Maintains log of keys/access cards distributed to designated personnel; keeps records of persons who had been given keys/access cards. Maintains data records that detailed which keys corresponded to each lock under your control. Tracks Locksmith Shop supplies and ordered, as needed. Keeps records of which cylinders were installed on each door. Orders hardware based upon organizational need. Master Key System Management Re-keys rooms and areas within existing master key systems. Creates master key systems manually by using progression charts. Creates master key systems using computer software. Utilizes and expands an existing key system according to manufacturers specifications. CUN Locksmith Page 2 of 3 Job Characteristics Required Knowledge Principles/ facts that apply to a wide range of situations Required Skills Developed capacities that facilitate learning and performance Required Abilities Attributes that influence performance Incumbents must possess: Mechanical knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance. Technological knowledge of the practical application of technology, including computer knowledge. Applying technological principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to building security. Incumbents must be skilled in: Installing equipment, machines, or programs to meet specifications. Repairing devices or systems using the needed tools. Determining the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job. Determining causes of operating errors and deciding upon the correct solution. Incumbents require the ability to: Keep your hand and arm steady while moving your arm or while holding your arm and hand in one position. Quickly move your hand, your hand together with your arm, or both hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble objects. Make precisely coordinated movements of the fingers of one or both hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble very small objects. Make fast, simple, repeated movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists. Utilize all tools of the trade in a safe manner. Other Work Requirements Physical and social factors that influence work Work must often be performed in crowded public areas. A significant amount of time is spent standing in this job. Locksmiths spend time using their hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools, or controls. Work is performed mostly indoors but occasional work in the outdoors is required. Locksmiths must be exact or accurate in the performance of their work tasks. Incumbents hands often are soiled in the process of performing assigned tasks. Locksmith shops are frequently housed in the basement of campus buildings, where there is minimal natural light and it is often cold and damp. Work Values and Interests Aspects of work important to a person's job satisfaction People who are drawn to this job typically value: Working conditions that offer job security and good physical working conditions. Organizations with supportive management. Independence to work on their own and make decisions. Supervisors who train their workers well. Being able to plan their work with little supervision. Being busy all the time. People who are drawn to this job typically like work activities with practical, hands-on problems and solutions, using real-world materials such as tools and machinery. In addition, work tends not to involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others. CUN Locksmith Page 3 of 3 N FACT SHEET FOR FULL TIME POSITIONS FULL-TIME SKILLED TRADE TITLES: LOCKSMITH LOCKSMITH (CUN) TIMEKEEPING: Employees must fill out paper timesheets on a biweekly basis. WORK WEEK: For all full time employees the work week shall be 4 hours (8 hour day). Work week runs from Sunday through Saturday. LEAVE PERIOD: September 1 st through August 31 st. OVERTIME: Overtime shall be compensated in cash at the rate of time and one-half (1.5x) after forty (4) hours actually worked. HOLIDAS: Martin Luther King Jr. s Birthday continues to be a regular holiday with pay, in addition to the previously established eleven (11) holidays. PAID HOLIDAS FOR 217/218 LEAVE EAR: a) Labor Day - First Monday in September b) Columbus Day - Second Monday in October c) Election Day- First Tuesday in November d) Veteran s Day- Second Wednesday in November e) Thanksgiving Holiday - Fourth Thursday in November f) Christmas Holiday December 25 g) New ear's Holiday - January 1 h) Martin Luther King, Jr. s Birthday - Third Monday in January i) Lincoln's Birthday - February 12 j) Presidents' Day (Washington s Birthday) - Third Monday in February k) Memorial Day - Last Monday in May l) Independence Day - July 4 1 ANNUAL LEAVE: Annual leave may be accrued at two times (2x) the maximum annual leave allowance up to fifty-four (54) days. All excess annual leave above the maximum on August 31 st will be converted to sick leave as of September 1 st of each year. Accrual rates are based on employee s hire date. Accrual Schedule for 4 hours per week employees: Bi-Weekly (hrs/2 weeks) Days per Annum Annual Leave Cap ear 1st year* th year* th year* th year* SICK LEAVE: Sick leave allowance accrues at the rate of one (1) day per month for a total of twelve (12) days per year or 3.69 hours per Bi-Weekly Pay Period for 4 hours per week employees. The number of Sick Leave days permitted to accumulate is unlimited. Approved sick leave may be used in units of one (1) hour. Approved sick leave may be used as it accrues. More than 3 (three) consecutive work days requires the submission of a doctor s note Employees are advised that sick days of more than 5 consecutive work days may qualify as FMLA and must be discussed with their time keeper and the Benefit s Division of the department of Human Resources. * Please be advised that per CUN rules the Director of Human Resources reserves the right to request medical documentation at any time when reasonably considering that abuse has, is or will occur. JUR DUT: Employees receive regular salary for absences due to jury duty. Jury duty must be reported on the employee s timesheet and a copy of the certificate of jury duty service must be submitted to the appropriate time keeper in Human Resources by the 1 th of the following month. 2 The Family Medical and Leave Act- FMLA: The CUN FMLA policy provides eligible employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, jobprotected leave for qualifying reasons during the designated leave year, i.e., September 1st through August 31st. In order to be eligible, an employee must have been employed by the University for at least 12 months cumulatively, and must have worked at least 1,25 hours during the 12-month period preceding the requested commencement of the leave. BEREAVEMENT LEAVE: Full-time employees may receive up to four (4) days of bereavement leave for the death of an immediate family member. Employees must provide proof of the deceased such as a letter from the funeral home, a copy of the program or pamphlet, or a copy of the death certificate {originals are not necessary}. The documentation must also provide proof of their relationship to the deceased. All documents are to be submitted to the appropriate time keeper in the department of Human Resources by the 1th of the following month. An immediate family member can be defined as: Spouse or domestic partner/ parent or stepparent/ mother-in-law; father-in-law/ sibling / child or stepchild / grandparent / grandchild A child or parent of the domestic partner or any other relative of the domestic partner residing in the same household. Any other relative residing in the same household (if the relative, i.e., uncle, aunt, etc. resides in the household, the employee must submit proof that the relative resides in their home (i.e. copy of a photo ID or bill with name and address matching the employee address on file). SEPARATION: If a full-time employee resigns from the University, their annual leave days will be paid out however sick and unscheduled holidays will not be paid and will be forfeited. If an employee transfers from one CUN College to another on a full-time line; without a break in service (break in service is considered more than 3 working days), the years of service as well as the time & leave balances will be transferred. * Please note: Annual leave payouts will not be for any annual leave balance above the allotted maximum annual leave cap per the CBA. RETIREMENT: If planning to retire from CUN, a full-time employee needs to submit an application for retirement to the Benefit s Manager in the Department of Human Resources. Employees may be eligible for Terminal Leave which is a form of paid leave provided that all requirements for retirement are met including maintaining a balance of at least 12 sick days (84 hours). 3 City University of New ork Skilled Trades Title LOCKSMITH (CUN) Bargaining Unit: Locksmith (local 187) AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE, COUNT AND MINICIPAL EMPLOEES DISTRICT COUNCIL 37, AFL-CIO 125 Barclay Street New ork, N 17 (212) Local 924 Job Subfunction type: Classified Competitive Work Week: 4 hours 217 Compensation : Civil Service Employee Title Title Code Annual Rate Hourly Rate Overtime Rate Locksmith (CUN) 495 $61,85 $29.6 $44.4 ThcCity University of New ork Classified Titles Civil Service Jobs Most NC government jobs, including CUN, are part of the competitive class, which requires permanent appointment through taking and passing a competitive civil service examination. For titles where eligible lists from civil service exams are not in existence, CUN (and other city agencies) are permitted to consider and appoint qualified individuals who apply directly to vacant positions to ensure that essential college functions are executed. Qualified individuals may be provisionally appointed to a competitive position while awaiting an exam for their title or for a similar title. While most positions are classified in the competitive class, there are some positions for which competitive exams are not required. For these positions, qualified individuals may be considered and appointed without further examination CUN, as a separate NC agency, fills many of its positions through the Civil Service Process, a process guided by the New ork State Civil Service Law, which is in place to help ensure that the hiring process is competitive and fair. CUN uses employment examinations to measure a potential candidate's merit and fitness for a particular title. In most instances, taking an exam is the beginning of a hiring process that may lead to employment with CUN. There are three types of examinations: 1. Open-competitive exams are exams any person meeting all the minimum requirements can apply to take; 2. Promotional examinations are open only to employees already in permanent lower level eligible positions; 3. Continuous recruitment examinations are examinations for which applications are accepted on an on-going basis and are used for job titles where there is a lot of hiring activity or for job titles that are very specialized and there may be a limited number of applicants. Continuous Recruitment example: CSA titles Continuous recruitment means that applications are accepted on a continuous basis. Continuous recruitments tend to be restricted to examinations of education and experience. If an applicant passes the examination, he or she becomes eligible for a possible appointment for a period of up to two years. Exam Attendance by current CUN employee: Active CUN employees in classified titles will get paid for the day/time (absences will be excused), when they are taking CUN s mandatory exams (i.e., psychological evaluation and medical examination) or are attending a hiring pool for Classified titles (CUN only) during their scheduled work hours. The employees will NOT be paid, if the day/time they are taking the exam or are attending a hiring pool is on their scheduled day off. According to PPB 1/89, time spent in civil service examinations, appointment interviews or hiring pools for CUN titles shall be excused with pay upon submittal of evidence (proof) satisfactory to the Office of Human Resources. Employees must present sufficient documentations (such as exam notification letters to employee from CUN, invitations to attend the pool/exam) to their supervisor to indicate that they need the release time. This rule DOES NOT apply when CUN employees are taking exams for any other (non-cun) positions/attending hiring pools at any other NC or NS agencies, such as NC Department of Corrections, Police Department, etc. After each Civil Service exam, CUN establishes an eligible to hire list. This list consists of all candidates who passed the exam, ranked in score order and is available to each of the CUN schools with open positions in the corresponding title. When the CUN School has a hiring need, candidates are contacted for interviews in list number order. New ork State Civil Service Law requires agencies to employ the One-in-Three rule, whereby they must consider and hire one of the three candidates at the top of the eligible list for appointment to a vacant position. Eligible lists usually (but not always) remain active for four years. At the hiring pool When the list comes out, after
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