HYSYS Petroleum Refining Operations V10 Reference Guide

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HYSYS Petroleum Refining Operations V10 Reference Guide
  Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refinin gUnit Oper ations &ReactorModels Reference Guide  Version Number: V10June 2017 Copyright (c) 1981-2017 byAspen Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.Aspen Plus®, Aspen Plus Reformer™, Aspen HYSYS®, Aspen HYSYSPetroleum Refining®, Aspen Process EconomicAnalyzer, Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator, Aspen Capital Cost Estimator, Aspen OnLine®, Aspen PIMS™, Aspen Prop-erties®, Aspen Shell & TubeExchanger™, Shell&Tube™, SLM™, and theAspen leaf logoaretrademarks or registeredtrademarks of Aspen Technology, Inc., Bedford, MA.All other brand and product names aretrademarks or registered trademarks of their respectivecompanies.This document is intended as aguidetousing AspenTech's software. This documentation contains AspenTech pro-prietaryand confidential information and maynot bedisclosed, used, or copied without theprior consent of AspenTech or as set forth in theapplicablelicenseagreement. Users aresolelyresponsiblefor theproper useof thesoftwareand theapplication of theresults obtained.Although AspenTech has tested thesoftwareand reviewed thedocumentation, thesolewarrantyfor thesoftwaremaybefound in theapplicablelicenseagreement between AspenTech and theuser. ASPENTECH MAKESNOWARRANTYORREPRESENTATION, EITHEREXPRESSED ORIMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TOTHISDOCUMENTATION, ITS QUALITY,PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, ORFITNESSFORA PARTICULARPURPOSE.Aspen Technology, Inc.20 CrosbyDriveBedford, MA 01730USAPhone: (1) (781) 221-6400Toll Free: (1) (888) 996-7100URL: http://www.aspentech.com  Contents Contents iii 1 About HYSYS Petroleum Refining 11 Typical Reactor Configurations Illustrated 16 2 Common Property Views 19 Graph Control Property View 19Heat Exchanger Page 20Holdup Page 25HoldUp Property View 26Nozzles Page 26The Worksheet Tab 27Viewing and Editing EO Variables 28Viewing EO Equations 30Simulation Engine Tab 31Variable Navigator (Multi-Select) 31Variable Navigator (Single-Select) 33The Select Type Dialog Box 34OOMF Variables Handling 36Notes Pages or Tabs 37Notes Manager 38 3 Refining Short-Cut Column 39 Refining Short-Cut Column Theory 40Design Tab 43Specifying Refining Short-Cut Column Connections 43Configuring Refining Short-Cut Column Specifications 44Performance Tab 45Viewing Refining Short-Cut Column Performance 45Calibration Tab 47Specifying Product Stream Information for Refining Short-Cut Column Cal-ibration 47Running Calibration for the Refining Short-Cut Column 48Updating Rigorous Settings for the Refining Short-Cut Column 49Viewing Calibration Plots for the Refining Short-Cut Column 52 Contents iii  4 Petroleum Feeder 55 Petroleum Feeder Property View 55Specifying Petroleum Feeder Connections 55Specifying Petroleum Feeder Parameters 56Feeder Petroleum Properties 57 5 Product Blender 59 Product Blender: Theory 60Optimizing the Product Stream 62Product Blender Property View 63Specify Product Blender Connections 63Selecting the Calculation Model 64Specifying Parameters 65Product Blender Optimization Tab 66Configuring the Optimization Parameters 77Adding Variables to the Optimization Calculation 79 6 Catalytic Reformer 81 Typical Catalytic Reformer Configurations 86Catalytic Reformer Technical Background 87Catalytic Reformer Kinetic Lumps 87Feed Characterization System 90Catalytic Reformer Reaction Kinetics 91Creating an ASW Front-End for Catalytic Reformers 110Creating an ASW Dataset Editor for Catalytic Reformers 112Adding a Catalytic Reformer 116Creating a Catalytic Reformer Template 116Reformer Configuration Wizard 117Configuration (Page 1 of 3) 118Geometry Page 2 of 3 119Calibration Factors Page 3 of 3 119Catalytic Reformer Property View 120Design Tab 120Feed Data Tab 122Feed Data Tab 126Configuring the Reactor Section 135Configuring the Stabilizer Tower 144Viewing Catalytic Reformer Results 145Catalytic Reformer Environment 153Reactor Section Property View 153Configuring Reactor Design 153Specifying Feed Type 154Specifying Operation Details 164Results Tab 170Calibration Environment 172Running Pre-Calibration for the Catalytic Reformer 172Calibrating the Catalytic Reformer 173Validation Wizard Property View 174 iv Contents
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