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Standart Operating Procedure how to use Hi-Leakester HLD 20A. It is an electrical tools to measuring leakage current of medium voltage cable
  WORKING INSTRUCTIONHIGH VOLTAGE CABLE TEST A.DEFINITION Precedure for high voltage cable testing. B.PURPOSE Find the quality and leakage current of high voltage cable, to make quality judgement (good or not good) of high voltage cable. C.RESPONSIBILITY Site manager concerned of the high voltage cable testing. D.SCOPE OF WORK Insulation cable test  megger test. !igh voltage ressure test.#esult judgement. E.OUT LINE PROCEDURE #efer to S$P. F.DETAIL PROCEDURE %.P#&P'#'I$*ue to the test can cause injury or death, before test +orking ermit for this test shall be ackno+ledge by customer concerned de artment ( &ngineering and Safety *e artment ). Check the completeness of equipment. ( Listed ). NO.EQUIPMENTQUANTITY I. Charging E!i #$n% %.Ste do+n transformer -   %%- %set./able roll%set II. T$&% E!i #$n% %.Insulation resistance instrument ( megger 0--  1 %---  )%set.*/ leakage current test ( !i23eakester /hubuseiki !3*2-' )%set/able lead +ire ( double sheath ty e )m%set/able lead +ire ( double sheath ty e )%0m%set/onnecting lead +ire for e4ternal voltmeter%set/onnecting lead +ire for e4ternal ammeter%set/onnecting lead +ire for e4ternal recorder%set/li conductor%set5rounding cable ( green )%set*ischarge cable%set!umidity and thermometer instrument%setSto +atch%set6.*/ high voltage detector ( by request ), !asega+a !S -%set7.'/ high voltage detector, !asega+a !S -, or !S 6-%set0.8emory !icorder 997- !I$:I%setSource cable%set/hannel cable;set III.C'$aning E!i #$n% %.'lcohol%bttl.<asteclothsht IV. Sa($%) E!i #$n% %. !andie talkie % air  .! hand glove% air  6.inyl or nylon sack;set7.Safety barricade%set V. F*r# T$&% %.*/ high voltage ( de end on rated voltage and core number of cable )set/heck the battery of !i2leakester before test, if the indicator of battery at the red =one it>s mean the battery need tocharge..S&I5 $F &S&# &?@IP8& Set the tester equi ment at near of tested cable but still in safe =one area./onsider to use long cable lead +ire if s ace area is not available. 8ake sure all cable connection is correct refer to tester instruction manual.  Page % of 7  6.S&/@#& &SI5 '#&'8ake sure both area of termination tested cable is safe. &nd of termination tested cable shall be guarded bysomeone, and make communication each other by using handie talkie.If necessary the test area shall be guard by safety bariccade.8ake sure ga of cable terminal is safe ( A -cm ).8ake sure the terminal and isolation cable at the clean condition. If there is not, lease clean the terminal andisolation cable by using the +astecloth and alcohol.7./$FI#8 !& &SI5 '#&' IS S'F&0.8&55&# &S*o the meggering test of cable before the leakage current test.*etail of megger test  insulation cable test is refer to ! form test.*ischarge the conductor of cable after meggering test by using discharge cable, and don>t forget to use ! handglove.;.FI* P#$B3&8 I*I/'I$Find 'ny ProblemIf find any roblem ( such as =ero  small measurement, flash over) testing shall be sto ed and check by visualins ection kind of roblem.ot Find 'ny ProblemIf not find any roblem, the high voltage cable test rocedure can continued.C.S$P '* I&SI5'I$Find dan handle the roblem immediately. 'fter handle the roblem, restart the high voltage cable test rocedure from re aration ste .9.! /'B3& &S/onfirm the o+er and high voltage s+itch at the osition off./onfirm the change over s+itch at the osition ammeter short. /onfirm the out ut voltage s+itch at the osition min.8ake equi ment connection as the icture above (metode % or metode ).8etode % 8etode  ake of the rotection ca from the attaced cable. 8ake sure the attached cable at the cleancondition. If there is not, lease clean the attached cable by using the +astecloth and alcohol./onnect the attached cable to the out ut terminal and earth terminal.  Page  of 7
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