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  Computer Hardware& Peripherals  SOFTWAREHARDWARECENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (CPU) THE PC FAMILYSERVERSDISK ARRAYS AND DATA STRIPING  Inside PC Computers have become an integral part of man’s everyday life. Theycontinue to grow and open new horizons of discovery and application.It must be remembered that computers are machines created andmanaged by man. A computer has no brain of its own. Anything itdoes is the result of human instructions - supermarket scannerscalculate our grocery bill while keeping store inventory; computerizedtelephone switching centers play traffic cop to millions of calls andkeep lines of communication untangled; and automatic teller machines(ATM) let us conduct banking transactions from virtually anywhere inthe world. It is an obedient slave which carries out the master’sorders as long as it can understand them no matter whether theyare right or wrong.  In other words, computers lack common sense.Modern computers possess certain characteristics and abilitiespeculiar to them. The application areas of computers are unlimited.We find a computer in every aspect of our life. From a simpleoperation as playing a video game to more complicated applicationsas weather forecasting, computers are found everywhere. Let us takea simple example of a person who needs to purchase a can of juicefrom a super market. He walks inside the super market, picks up acan of juice and proceeds to the cash counter. The counter personscans the code that is present in the label to generate a bill. Thisscanning of the code is computerized. The man pays his bills with hiscredit card and walks off the super market. He just used a computer,which will transfer the cost of the can of juice from his bank accountto the super market. The Computers can:   Perform complex and repetitive calculations rapidly andaccurately.   Store large amounts of data and information for subsequentmanipulations.   Make decisions.   Provide information to the user.   Automatically correct or modify-by providing signals -certainparameters of a system under control.All the equipment and personnel connected with computers aredivided in four parts.   Hardware   Software   Firm ware   Human wareHere, in the book, the stress will be on Hardware of the Computer. Theother three terms are being discussed in brief:
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