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Anesthesia News Volume 28 Number 1 Volume 24 March Number Your Invitation to the CAS 2013 Annual Meeting On behalf of the Annual Meeting Committee, I am delighted to invite you to the 2013 Annual
Anesthesia News Volume 28 Number 1 Volume 24 March Number Your Invitation to the CAS 2013 Annual Meeting On behalf of the Annual Meeting Committee, I am delighted to invite you to the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society (CAS) in Calgary from Friday, June 21 through Monday, June 24. Our theme for 2013 is New Developments in Anesthesiology. The CAS Annual Meeting is a widely recognized gathering of anesthesiologists who share in supporting education exchange and innovation, recognizing important scientific work and promoting dialogue with our national and international colleagues. This year s technical program features a diverse range of thoughtprovoking plenary sessions and workshops that cover issues specific to anesthesiology, including new developments and content in all areas of our specialty. Addressing the needs of anesthesiologists at all levels of knowledge and expertise, the Annual Meeting will also enable members to accumulate CME credits. And don t forget that the 2013 Annual Meeting isn t just about anesthesiology It s about experiencing the warm hospitality and local adventures that await you in one of Canada s many well known western cities, Calgary. It s about bringing your family to explore new and interesting activities both in and around Calgary. It s about signing up for the must attend event on the CAS calendar Calgary awaits you. Please register today. Visit the CAS website and click on the Calgary button. More details on the program, hotel and other information will be available later in March. We look forward to welcoming you to Calgary and sharing our cultural and historical gems. Dr Daniel Bainbridge, FRCPC Chair Annual Meeting Committee Canadian Anesthesiologists Society Innovative leadership and excellence in anesthesiology, perioperative care, and patient safety Dans In This ce Issue numéro Your Invitation to the CAS 2013 Annual Meeting... 1 Highlights of the 2013 Annual Meeting... 2 The Self Assessment Program from the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia CPD Online... 3 News from CAS... 4 Cas has a Facebook Page... 5 News from Research: Progress Report... 6 Recognizing Cas Honour Award Winners... 8 Advance Care Planning: Sooner Rather Than Later... 9 Resident Report from Dr Jennifer Racine From Our Inbox Meet a Cas Member: Dr Ron George Meet a Cas Member: Dr Julie Lajoie The First Canadian Anesthesiologists: Horace Nelson and John H Webster CAS IEF Symposium, Reception and Dinner CMA Recognizes CAS and CAS IEF s Work in Rwanda Board Update /2013 Board of Directors Members President Past President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dr Patricia L Houston, Toronto Dr Richard Chisholm, Fredericton Dr Susan O Leary, Outer Cove Dr Salvatore Spadafora, Toronto Dr Douglas DuVal, Edmonton Divisional Representatives British Columbia Dr James Kim, Vancouver Alberta Dr Michael Cassidy, Calgary Saskatchewan Dr Neethia (Mark) Arsiradam, Prince Albert Manitoba Dr Jay Ross, Winnipeg Ontario Dr David Neilipovitz, Ottawa Quebec Dr François Gobeil, Boucherville New Brunswick Dr Andrew Nice, Quispamsis Prince Edward Island Dr Timothy Fitzpatrick, Charlottetown Newfoundland and Labrador Dr Michael Bautista, St John s Resident Representative Dr Meghan O Connell, Calgary Ex-officio ACUDA President Dr Davy Cheng, London Executive Director Stanley Mandarich Invited Guests CARF Chair CAS IEF Chair CJA Editor-in-Chief RCPSC Rep Dr Doreen Yee, Toronto Dr Francesco Carli, Montreal Dr Donald Miller, Ottawa Dr Michael Sullivan, Aurora You may contact members, representatives, and invited guests of the Board of Directors through the CAS central office. Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Design and Production Dr Salvatore Spadafora Andrea Szametz Marco Luciani Highlights of the 2013 Annual Meeting President s Reception and Dinner: Now being held on Saturday evening, join us for western culture and big city sophistication. And don t forget that western casual (jeans and shirt, white hat optional) will be required Academic plenary sessions and forums, and workshops: Hear from leading national and international speakers, network with fellow anesthesiologists and expand your educational horizons. Excellent value for your registration fee, hotel rebates and other cost-saving benefits: plenty of good reasons to get your registration form in as soon as possible. Include your family: Calgary is a family friendly place with many exciting tourist attractions. Beyond Calgary, there s plenty more to explore and experience Banff and Banff National Park, Jasper, Lake Louise and Drumheller (the Dinosaur Capital of the World ), to name a few. From staying at a ranch, visiting a museum, hiking and horseback riding to cycling, boating and trying out the latest ride at an amusement park, it s all within easy reach. New Recognition Event for Newly Certified Anesthesiologists: An invitation-only event to recognize the 2011 and 2012 newly certified anesthesiologists. Dr Angela Enright Lecture, Dr Pierre Limoges Lecture and Dr Ross C Terrell Lecture: This year s lectures offer an impressive array of inspiring speakers and features topics such as Oil, Natural Gas, Bitumen and Physician Leadership and Adult Congenital Heart Disease. Political Forum: Not to be missed in 2013, the Forum features four distinguished speakers from Canada, the US, Australia and the UK. Different viewpoints and perspectives promise an interesting session the topic is hot and timely: International Approaches to Maintenance of Certification: Can we Manage Maintenance of Competence? Poster Displays and Discussions: Browse the posters on display in the Exhibition Hall and participate in the stimulating discussion sessions. The talent will impress you Inaugural Dr John Wade CPSI Patient Safety Symposium: Debuting in Calgary in 2013, Dr Wade will be a featured speaker and the event promises interesting perspectives on patient safety. CAS IEF Reception and Dinner: The setting is historic Fort Calgary. The event is an opportunity to meet and catch up with fellow delegates and to hear from Dr Mark Kostash, an anesthesiologist who has completed many missions with Doctors without Borders. And there s more enjoy the Welcome Reception on Friday, June 21, learn about new products and innovations at the Trade Exhibit, sign up for a scenic two-hour walking tour of Calgary on Saturday, June 22, consider participating in the Fun Run for CARF (or at least cheering for the runners) 2 Volume 28, Number 1 March 2013 A recipient of the 2011 Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award The Self Assessment Program from the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia CPD Online New CPD module: Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia for upper limb surgery (March 2013) Also available Massive transfusion in the trauma patient (December 2012) Competency-based professionalism in anesthesiology (September 2012) Fluid and vasopressor management for Caesarean delivery under spinal anesthesia (June 2012) Postoperative delirium: risk factors and management (March 2012) Airway management in the patient with potential cervical spine instability (December 2011) Anesthetic management of patients with an anterior mediastinal mass (September 2011) Assessment and treatment of preoperative anemia (June 2011) HOW TO ACCESS THE MODULES Instructions can be found on the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society website at: Successful completion of each module of the self-assessment program will entitle readers to claim four hours of continuing professional development (CPD) under section 3 of CPD options, for a total of 12 maintenance of certification credits. Section 3 hours are not limited to a maximum number of credits per five-year period. Publication of these modules is made possible through unrestricted educational grants from the following industry partners: Canadian Anesthesiologists Society 3 News from CAS CAS AND CPSI SIGN FORMAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT Dr Daniel Chartrand, FRCPC Chairman, Patient Safety Committee, Canadian Anesthesiologists Society Pierrette Leonard Senior Advisor National Partners Canadian Patient Safety Institute From the first initiatives to develop a national patient safety agenda, it has been recognized that improving quality and safety in the Canadian health system will require commitment of individuals and strategic partnerships among leaders of health organizations. It is within this spirit that the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society (CAS) and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) recently established a closer and more formal relationship through the signing of a formal partnership agreement. The agreement, based on a set of guiding principles, validates a common set of objectives in advancing the safety of healthcare services for Canadians. The agreement also makes any future collaboration between the two organizations more explicit and strategic. The formal partnership was also the impetus for the creation of the annual John Wade-CPSI Symposium to be launched at the 2013 CAS Annual Meeting to commemorate Dr John Wade s contribution to safe practices in anesthesia. John, a well-known colleague in the anesthesia community, was the founding Board Chair of CPSI in Prior to this, John was Chair of the National Steering Committee on Patient Safety, the committee responsible for recommending to the First Ministers of Health in 2002 that a Canadian Patient Safety Institute be created to increase awareness of safety matters in the Canadian healthcare system, as well as provide tools and resources for healthcare providers to advance safer care for Canadians. The First Ministers ultimately agreed and gave the go-ahead to Health Canada to create CPSI in The agreement further builds upon a number of previous collaborations between the CAS and CPSI in recent years to work together and collaborate on patient safety initiatives, such as the creation of the R A Gordon Patient Safety Research Award, a collaboration with the Canadian Anaesthesia Research Foundation. Between 2006 and 2009, four fellowships were awarded to fund the development of leading practices for achieving optimal patient outcomes in the practice of clinical anesthesia. In reaching this new partnership agreement, CAS and CPSI saw a common interest in further collaborating on initiatives that advance the national patient safety agenda within the context of their own missions and mandates. The CAS vision calls for Innovative leadership and excellence in anesthesiology, perioperative care, and patient safety, and the purpose of its mission is to enable anesthesiologists to excel in patient care through research, education and advocacy. Patient safety is a key strategic issue for the CAS and its members. The CAS, especially through the initiatives promoted by its Patient Safety Committee, is committed to promote and advocate a comprehensive patient safety program that serves patients and CAS members, to establish initiatives that address specific areas, such as safe medication practices, simulation, anesthesia safety database, workplace human factors, education and research, and standards. The Patient Safety Committee also advises the CAS Board of Directors regarding patient safety matters. CPSI s principal mandate is to develop a safer healthcare system for Canadians. Its strategic priorities include improvement of patient care through learning, sharing and implementing interventions that are known to reduce avoidable harm; building governance capability; support networks; and increase capacity through evidence-informed resources and tools. The CPSI Strategic Plan, annual Action Plan, and roles as an integrator, promoter, catalyst and broker form the principal basis of establishing a mutual patient safety agenda with CAS. In keeping with guiding principles and partnership goals, both organizations have pledged to: facilitate and help broker implementation of safety practices within the team in the operating room; work together in promoting the CPSI Safety Competencies educational framework and integration of the Safety Competencies into the anesthesia academic community in collaboration with the Association of Canadian University Departments of Anesthesia; collaborate on bringing the patient voice in its endeavours together; collaborate on sharing learning from patient safety incident reporting and analysis; and work together to identify the specific patient safety challenges and barriers impacting healthcare delivery in Canada, in collaboration with other like-minded national organizations in Canada and the U.S. continued on page 5 4 Volume 28, Number 1 March 2013 The kick-off for the new agreement will occur at this year s CAS Annual Meeting in Calgary, AB, in June, with the inaugural John Wade-CPSI Patient Safety Symposium entitled Watching Closely Those who Sleep, reminiscent of the old CAS motto before the current one Science - Vigilance - Compassion was chosen. This new annual symposium, co-developed by the CAS and CPSI, honours John Wade s exceptional contributions to anesthesia and patient safety. Dr Wade will first present on the historic contribution and leadership of Canadian anesthesiologists to improve patient safety in the operating room, on the origins of CPSI, and recognize the historical and actual contribution of Canadian anesthesiologists to improve patient safety in the operating rooms and elsewhere. Improving patient safety in the operating room has been anesthesiologists main concern long before it became mainstream Dr Alan Merry, from New Zealand, will then present some of the major patient safety initiatives created and/or supported by the CAS and the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA) (CAS is a member of the WFSA) such as the LifeBox Project, as well as on interactions with the World Health Organization (WHO). Both presentations will be followed by a panel discussion/questionl period. In closing, the Board of Directors and staff of both organizations see a fundamental value for increased coordination and partnering so that the focused and important efforts of each organization are better integrated with respect to patient safety and quality care. The partnership will also better serve the health system, the members of CAS, and all health providers to improve patient safety within their organizations. AN INVITATION FROM THE CARDIOVASCULAR THORACIC SECTION Calgary 2013 is rapidly approaching The Cardiovascular and Thoracic (CVT) Anesthesia Section will be hosting the fourth annual Perioperative Ultrasound: Best Cases. Again, the CVT Section President, Dr André Denault, will be awarding a certificate to recognize the best presentation. Previous years cases included images from TEE, trans-thoracic and pointof-care ultrasound. We had excellent feedback for these sessions and hope to build on the momentum established. We invite you to submit a case (TEE, TEE, POCUS, etc.) that you would consider presenting. I anticipate that each presentation would last 10 minutes, including time for questions from the audience. A teaching point or teaching summary should be included in the submission. You may ask that your case be presented anonymously on your centre s behalf. The cases will be reviewed by the CAS CVT Section Executive and you will be informed whether or not your case has been selected. A brief description of the case, a written description of the proposed echo loops and teaching point ed to me would suffice. Dr Robert Chen, FRCPC Perioperative Echo Chair CVT Anesthesia Section In Memoriam: Dr Jean Templeton Hugill Dr Jean Hugill, a CAS Emeritus member, passed away peacefully on September 11, 2012 in Vancouver. Dr Hugill was the first woman to practise anesthesiology on the West Coast, including many years at Vancouver General Hospital and on the faculty at the University of British Columbia. Dr Hugill was one of four notable Canadian women anesthesiologists profiled in an article by Dr MJ Douglas in the December 2012 issue of Anesthesia News (page 17). Like our Facebook page here. Cas has a Facebook Page Keep informed: The page will feature updates, photos, Annual Meeting posts and more. As well, we invite you to post, comment and share as much as you can. Challenge to CAS members: We need 30 likes to shorten our Facebook URL click away Canadian Anesthesiologists Society 5 News from Research: Progress Report 2011 Career Scientist Award in Anesthesia Dr Ronald George, FRCPC Dalhousie University and IWK Health Centre Halifax, NS Enhancing Analgesia and Anesthesia for Women and High-risk Pregnancies This is the third progress report for the 2011 CAS Career Scientist Award. The past 18 months have been busy and also very productive. The continued support of the CAS for my research program Enhancing analgesia and anesthesia for women and high-risk pregnancies moves my research agenda ahead. Summary of Progress The objectives of the CAS Career Scientist Award were to establish two objective-driven tracks of clinical research. I have attempted to update each of the specific objectives. Objective Track 1. Spinal anesthesia-induced hypotension The purpose is to enhance the safety of spinal anesthesia for cesarean delivery by improving maternal hemodynamic parameters. Study 1.1 A double blind randomized controlled trial of phenylephrine for the prevention of spinal induced hypotension in obese parturients This two-centre trial is continuing to actively recruit subjects at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax and Duke University. At the time of this progress report 75% of necessary subjects have completed participation. This study is anticipated to be completed in June Study 1.2 A double blind randomized controlled trial of phenylephrine for the prevention of spinal-induced hypotension in women with high-risk pregnancies Development of this protocol is currently ongoing. We had hoped to present this protocol to the Perioperative Anesthesia Clinical Trials (PACT) Group at the winter meeting in January 2013, however due to conflicts with the meeting date, this could not occur. Future avenues for this project are being evaluated. Study 1.3 An observational assessment of the sublingual microcirculation of pregnant and non-pregnant women (Parturient microcirculation phase 1) This trial was presented at the 2012 SOAP and CAS Meetings. The manuscript has recently been submitted to the International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia (Appendix 1). This project demonstrated the microvascular flow index of 6 Volume 28, Number 1 March 2013 pregnant women is higher than a comparable non-pregnant group, which appears to correlate the physiological changes of pregnant women. Our microcirculation group has also completed a review article regarding microcirculation in pregnancy. This was recently submitted to Physiological Research. The support of the CAS Career Scientist Award in Anesthesia has been acknowledged. (Appendix 2) Study 1.4 An observational assessment of the sublingual microcirculation of pregnant compared to vaginal submucosal microcirculation (Parturient microcirculation phase 2) We have identified a medical student who will be pursuing this project in collaboration with our Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the spring/ summer of Study 1.5 Maternal Microcirculation & SDF Imaging: A novel assessment of the microcirculation during cesarean delivery with spinal anesthesia and the impact of phenylephrine prophylaxis to prevent spinal anesthesia-induced hypotension. The protocol was recently approved by our institutional REB. We have also received a local grant (IWK Category B - $15,000). We hope to begin recruitment in February Study 1.6 Maternal Microcirculation and Side-stream Dark Field (SDF) Imaging: A Prospective Assessment of the Impact of Labour Pain and Analgesia on the Microcirculation of Pregnant Women. This project received funding from the Dalhousie Medical School Summer Studentship Program. The project was completed in September Results will be presented at SOAP and CA
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