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  WORKSHEETIDENTIFYING THE PHYSICAL QUANTITIES================================================================Group Name:Stue!t Name:C a##:================================================================A$ Sta!ar Compete!%e: 2. Applying the concept of physics quantities and measurement &$ &a#'% Compete!%e :1.1 Measure physical quantities (mass, length and time) C$ I!'%ator :1.Analyze quantities and units in physics2.Analyze dimension of derived quantities .!ifferenting ase quantities and derived quantities in #hysics$.Applies the quantities and units in physics calculating D$ Re(u're T'me  %ime that allocated for this activity is 2&$' minutes E$ S)ort I!*ormat'o! uantities are the characteristic of an o ect or event *hich measured or stated ynum er. +enerally, quantities in #hysics can e divided into t*o parts those are asequantities and derived quantities. %here are seven ase quantities those are length,mass, time, temperature, electric current, luminous intensity, and amount of su stanceamount. !erived quantities are quantities *hich derived from one or several asequantities. -or e&amples area, volume, density, velocity, acceleration, force, etc. ach#hysical quantities has unit, a reviation, and dimension. %o understand a out physicalquantities, read these follo*ing references of physics te&t oo/.  0udi #ur*anto, (2). %heory and Application of #hysics: for +rade 3 of 4enior 5igh4chool and 6slamic 4enior 5igh 4chool. #%. %iga 4erang/ai #usta/a Mandiri, #age (171$)-endi #ur*o/o, (2). #hysics: -or 4enior 5igh 4chool 8ear 3. 8udhistira. #age (9711)4unardi, (29). -isi/a 0ilingual: ntu/ 4MA;MA <elas 3 4emester 1 dan 2. 8=ama>idya. #age (7) F$ Wor+ Pro%eure# 1.nderstand the standard competence and o ectives of classdiscussion activity.2.=ead and understand a out physical quantities including: asequantities, derived quantities, unit, sym ol, and dimension. .4it do*n and colla orate on your group. $.!iscuss a out tas/ in this student *or/sheet on your group.'.Ma/e your group report in class discussion and prepare thematerial to presentation activity. 9.Ma/e your report personally and collect in the ne&t meeting. G$ Ta#+  1. ?omplete these sentences.a.A physical quantity is a quantity thatcan e measured and consist of @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@..........  .%he physical quantities can eclassified into t*o types the @@@@@@@@@..and the @@@@@@@@..c.%here are@@@@. ase quantities,those are@@@@@@@@@@@@@..........@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@.........d.%here are five e&amples of derivedquantities, those are@@@@@@@@@.@@  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@. e.nit of ase quantities from force are@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@.f.%he physical there are many systemsunits, li/e the @@@@@@@@@@@@...@@@@@.., the@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@and the@@@@@@@@.. @@@@@@@@..g. 4ystem of units *hich use at ase quantities and derived quantities is@@@@@@ @@@@@..or@@@@@@@@.(M<4)2. &plain the different et*een ase quantities and derived quantities . @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@......... @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@......... @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@........ ...@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@........... ?omplete this follo*ing ta le in 46 unit for the quantities &a#e Qua!t't'e#U!'tA,,re-'at'o!D'me!#'o! BengthMass%imeelectrics current%emperature4u stance amountBight intensity $. 6n this ta le is given five e&ample of derived quantities. ?omplete the ta le !erivedquantities-ormulanit!imensionColume!ensityCelocity#ressure  nergy'. 6n this ta le is given different et*een of units systems. ?omplete the units used to the ta le #hysicalquantitiesM<4?+4-#4#anang Mass%ime9. ?onvert every unit follo*ing into M<4 system a. 19 cm 2 D @@@@@@@@@@@.  . E cm  D @@@@@@@@@@@.. c. .E gr;cm   D @@@@@@@@@@@.. d. 9 /m;hour D @@@@@@@@@@@..F. Match the every statement on the left *ith ans*er on the righta!erived quantity that has /g;m   unit is @@@@@@@.impulse  Gne e&ample of ase quantity is @@@@@@@@@@..*eightcnit of force is same *ith unit of @@@@@@@@@@.accelerationd!erived quantity that has dimension MB% 71  is @@@@@.densitye!erived quantity that has m;s 2  unit is @@@@@@@@..temperatureE. ?omplete this follo*ing ta le a out the prefi&es of 46 units  Pre*'.S/m,o Num,er#E.amp e e&a petateragigamega1 9 /ilohe/tode/a
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