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THE NAR-ANON FAMILY GROUPS WEBSITE HANDBOOK 2016 NFGH Inc. All rights reserved. Cnference Apprved S-318 ~ Nar-Ann Family Grup Headquarters, Inc Crenshaw Blvd. Suite A Trrance, CA 90505
THE NAR-ANON FAMILY GROUPS WEBSITE HANDBOOK 2016 NFGH Inc. All rights reserved. Cnference Apprved S-318 ~ Nar-Ann Family Grup Headquarters, Inc Crenshaw Blvd. Suite A Trrance, CA (310) (800) PREAMBLE The Nar-Ann Family Grups are a wrldwide fellwship fr thse affected by smene else s addictin. As a twelve step prgram we ffer ur help by sharing ur experience, strength, and hpe. We carry the message f hpe by letting thers knw that they are nt alne; by practicing the Twelve Steps f Nar-Ann; and by changing ur wn attitudes. We will respect yur annymity. Our prgram is nt a religius ne, but a spiritual way f life. MISSION STATEMENT The Nar-Ann Family Grups are a wrldwide fellwship fr thse affected by smene else s addictin. As a twelve step prgram, we ffer ur help by sharing ur experience, strength, and hpe. VISION STATEMENT We will carry the message f hpe thrughut the wrld t thse affected by the addictin f smene near t them. We will d this by letting them knw they are n lnger alne; practicing the Twelve Steps f Nar-Ann; encuraging grwth thrugh service; making infrmatin available thrugh utreach encmpassing public infrmatin, hspitals, institutins, and websites; and changing ur wn attitudes. The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin... 4 Planning... 4 Respnsibilities f a Website Cmmittee... 4 Chsing a Dmain Name and Title fr the Website... 4 Paying fr the Website... 5 Website Cntent... 5 Annymity... 5 Use f Nar-Ann Cpyrighted Material... 6 Nar-Ann Lg... 6 Linking t Other Website... 7 Ntificatin Services... 7 Multimedia and Images... 7 Multilingual Cntent... 8 Cntact Infrmatin... 8 Website Plicies... 8 Updating Website Cntent... 8 Accessibility... 9 Accessibility Resurce Links... 9 Website Registratin Glssary Nar-Ann Terms Technical Terms The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 3 INTRODUCTION A website is ften ne f the first pints f cntact fr the public and the ptential Nar-Ann member. The first impressin f a website is likely t have a lasting effect. Fr this reasn it is imprtant t state the purpse f Nar-Ann and Narateen Family Grups n the hme page and keep the appearance simple, withut excessive graphic design r appearing t be a cmmercial endeavr. It shuld be easy t navigate t relevant infrmatin. We can imprve the effectiveness f an already existing website by clarifying the site s purpse. It may be designed t reach ptential members (families and friends f addicts) and prfessinals wrking in the field f addictin. Fr Nar-Ann members, a website allws access t meeting lists, literature, event infrmatin, service resurces, minutes, and cntact infrmatin fr ther Nar-Ann services. PLANNING Planning is imprtant in the creatin f all websites. It is suggested that a service cmmittee be frmed t plan, implement, and maintain the website. Part f the planning phase is t determine the site s gals and audience. A site may be created t welcme newcmers and t help them find their first meeting, r its purpse may be t prvide infrmatin (e.g., Nar-Ann s missin, visin, and principles; news; area/regin infrmatin; service infrmatin; and calendars). The site s purpse may be t achieve bth gals and pssibly ther gals nt mentined here. When planning and implementing a Nar-Ann website, it is necessary t cnsider Nar-Ann s Twelve Traditins and Twelve Cncepts f Service in all decisin-making. RESPONSIBILITIES OF A WEBSITE COMMITTEE Clearly define the respnsibilities delegated t the website cmmittee which is accuntable t the regin/area service cmmittee. Cnsult The NFG Guide t Lcal Services, sectin 6-6, fr guidance in establishing subcmmittees. It is advisable t divide web respnsibilities amng cmmittee members. Fr example, a chair, wh may r may nt have the technical skills needed fr web maintenance, culd be respnsible fr verifying and updating infrmatin submitted t the website. The technical aspects can be managed by ther cmmittee members. Regin/area service cmmittee members shuld make it a practice t review their website n a regular basis t ensure the website cmmittee is respnding t the regin/area service cmmittee s requests. A regin/area is best served by a website that can be easily passed n t a subsequent cmmittee. If a website is difficult t maintain, it may be hard t find trusted servants wh are able t take n the cmmitment. CHOOSING A DOMAIN NAME AND TITLE FOR THE WEBSITE The dmain name is the internet address fr the website. The dmain name f the Nar-Ann Family Grup Wrld Services website is nar-ann.rg. A dmain name shuld be smething that is understandable by thse nt in the prgram and als relevant t Nar-Ann. It is imprtant the website dmain name is easy t remember and nt cnfusing t translate verbally. A dash is nt a gd idea. Avid wrds that are hard t spell. Avid wrds with alternate spellings. The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 4 Avid numbers because visitrs may nt knw if it is a numeral r a wrd. If a number is used, be certain bth dmain names are available, fr example: Befre the website name is registered, make a shrt list f alternate dmain names in case ne r mre is already taken. Once selected, the dmain name must be purchased frm a dmain registrar. There are many reputable registrars n the internet. Beware f free services as they smetimes becme the wner f the dmain name, rather than the regin/area. It is critical the regin/area be listed as the registrant f the dmain name as ppsed t an individual. If the regin/area is nt the registrant, then they are nt the wner. It may be difficult t administer the dmain name if the registered member leaves the prgram. PAYING FOR THE WEBSITE Traditin Seven, Every grup ught t be fully self-supprting, declining utside cntributins, applies t websites as well as grups. The regin/area spnsring the website shuld fund it with cntributins frm its members. WEBSITE CONTENT Once the website purpse and gals are adpted, the next task is t cmpile its cntent. The cmmittee develps the website cntent, always mindful f the Twelve Traditins and Twelve Cncepts f Service. Input is slicited frm the regin/area members. Generally, the mst requested infrmatin n the website is a list f meetings. While each Nar-Ann website is unique t its gegraphical lcatin, it is still representative f the Nar-Ann prgram. ANONYMITY Traditin Eleven states, Our public relatins plicy is based n attractin rather than prmtin; we need always maintain persnal annymity at the level f press, radi, films, internet, and ther frms f mass media. We need guard with special care the annymity f all NA members. Individuals d nt identify themselves as Nar-Ann members n the internet. Therefre, we need t pay special attentin t maintaining the annymity f Nar-Ann and NA members n public websites. When psting infrmatin that culd cmprmise annymity, it is pssible and advisable t place this cntent in a passwrd prtected members nly area f the website. Circulating a cmmn username and passwrd at meetings is a way t disseminate this infrmatin t Nar-Ann members nly. It is strngly suggested that any sharing f experience, strength, and hpe psted n the website be made annymusly. Persnal infrmatin, such as last names, phne numbers, r addresses, included in flyers and dcuments psted n the website may cmprmise annymity. This includes infrmatin knwn as metadata cntained in dcument prperties. Search engines can access this infrmatin even thugh it is nt part f the printed dcument. Mst current wrd prcessing sftware have ways t remve this type f infrmatin. Cnsult the applicatin s Help functin n instructins t remve persnal infrmatin frm dcuments. Avid cmprmising anyne s annymity when using multimedia cntent and images. D nt shw fullface images that allw members t be identified. The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 5 USE OF NAR-ANON COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL The primary purpse f a Nar-Ann website is utreach. It is imprtant the Nar-Ann message be clear and nt diluted with utside materials and ideas. The NFG Guide t Lcal Services, sectin 9-2, reminds regins that Traditins are vilated when members, grups, areas, r regins print, distribute, r publish their wn literature. T keep the Nar-Ann message in fcus, limited use f Nar-Ann cpyrighted materials is allwed by areas and reginal cmmittees fr the purpse f utreach. The Cpyright and Trademark Infrmatin sectin frm The NFG Guide t Wrld Services (GWS), page 27, sets specific guidelines fr use f Nar- Ann cpyrighted materials: Outreach literature labeled This may be phtcpied, may be reprduced by lcal utreach cmmittees fr use in their areas and regins. Area r reginal cmmittees may use qutes r reprint prtins f Nar-Ann CAL that d nt exceed 25% f the riginal piece r d nt exceed 25% f a single chapter r sectin, if taken frm a bklet r bk. The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditins, Twelve Cncepts f Service, Missin and Visin Statements frm the Nar-Ann Blue Bklet r wrld service website may be used in their entirety [emphasis added]. These excerpts shall always include prper ntatin r credit identifying the rigin f the qute r reprinted prtin. This des nt create any legal right r claim t Nar-Ann s CAL. NAR-ANON LOGO In accrdance with Traditin One, Our cmmn welfare shuld cme first; persnal prgress fr the greatest number depends n unity, it is strngly suggested Nar-Ann websites display the cnference apprved lg. Using the same lg builds trust in the Nar-Ann Family Grups and assures visitrs they are n an fficial and active Nar-Ann website. The Nar-Ann lg is in clr and the backgrund is clear, meaning if the lg is placed n tp f anther graphic element, the graphic remains viewable in the inner-circle f the lg. Ryal Blue and Clear with Text Black and Clear with Text Black and Clear Silhuette Gray and Blue Gradient Web Clr: # RGB: 23, 38, 151 CMYK: 100%, 97%, 3%, 1% Web Clr: # RGB: 0, 0, 0 CMYK: 75%, 68%, 67%, 90% Web Clr: # RGB: 0, 0, 0 CMYK: 75%, 68%, 67%, 90% Varius clrs The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 6 LINKING TO OTHER WEBSITES Linking t ther Nar-Ann websites can prvide visitrs with additinal Nar-Ann infrmatin and resurces nt available n regin/area websites. Traditin Six states, althugh a separate entity, we shuld always cperate with Narctics Annymus. T this end, Nar-Ann sites may link t any ther Nar-Ann r Narctics Annymus websites that the website cmmittee finds cnsistent with Traditin Six. The fllwing suggested disclaimer shuld accmpany the link t any Narctics Annymus website: Links t Narctics Annymus websites are prvided as a cnvenience and in a spirit f cperatin and nt affiliatin. Traditin Six als states, Our Family Grups ught never endrse, finance r lend ur name t any utside enterprise, lest prblems f mney, prperty and prestige divert us frm ur primary spiritual aim. Therefre, links t rehab facilities, hspitals, and ther entities ther than Nar-Ann can be mistaken as endrsements. Nar-Ann websites d nt link t these entities. When linking t ther Nar-Ann r NA sites, it is recmmended the new site is pened in a new brwser windw r tab. This is an accepted internet technique t let visitrs knw they are n lnger n the Nar- Ann website. It is als a gd idea t have a site plicy statement explaining that links t ther sites are prvided as a cnvenience and d nt represent an endrsement r affiliatin. Fr example, sites prviding maps t meetings are ften used n websites with a disclaimer stating that Nar-Ann is nt affiliated with the map site service cmpany. NOTIFICATION SERVICES Ntificatin services alert thse interested f new cntent, meetings, and events. lists can be effective ways t pen cmmunicatin t members and interested parties. Shrt Message Service (SMS) sends text messages t recipients cell phnes. Sme visitrs may prefer Really Simple Syndicatin (RSS) feeds as they can easily aggregate many different infrmatin surces int a single interface. address lists and/r ther persnal infrmatin maintained fr the purpse f ntificatin services must be kept secure and nt shared with ther entities. Ntice f this plicy shuld be clearly psted n the website. MULTIMEDIA AND IMAGES Multimedia can be quite engaging. Vides, animatins, audi tracks, and interactive media can all serve t infrm and entertain. Multimedia can cme in the frm f sund files, such as MP3 files. These different types f media require players, plug-ins, r applicatins installed n the website cmputer in rder t view r hear the media. When ffering features requiring a brwser plug-in, it is in the interest f the website visitr that a link is prvided t dwnlad the specific plug-in. Smetimes aut-detectin f these plug-ins can be scripted, allwing fr autmated ntificatin that a plug-in is required. Slutins shuld be prvided that are cmpatible with all ppular perating systems fund n desktp, laptp, tablet, mbile, and ther cmmn, small-screen t large-screen devices (excluding miniature screens such as wearables), and are cmpatible with all ther ppular web brwsers fund n thse devices. Many web hsting service prviders can make lgs available that can be analyzed t determine which perating systems, devices, and brwsers are used t access the website. The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 7 When using cpyrighted cntent frm ther websites, permissin frm the wner f the material is required. Fr example, using images frm a web search culd be a vilatin f cpyright. Althugh there are sme public dmain images, much f the cntent n the internet is cpyrighted. It is imprtant t prtect annymity n multimedia cntent and images. Cmprmising annymity can include, but is nt limited t, identifiable faces in images and vide, full names in audi recrdings, and the use f full names in captins. MULTILINGUAL CONTENT With ur ever expanding fellwship, it can be a great service t ffer website translatins t carry ur message t thse wh speak different languages. Members wh are cnversant in different languages can be f service by ffering their translatin skills. The additin f multilingual cntent shuld be cnsidered befre undertaking such a cmmitment. Just as the site s primary language pages must be kept up t date, s t will the pages written in ther languages. This can present wrklad challenges as a change in ne page will result in a change t all translated versins f that page. At the date f this writing, the Nar-Ann Website Cmmittee is in agreement that autmated translatin tls cmmnly available are nt able t translate accurately the subtleties and nuances f the recvery language. Therefre it is suggested that autmated translatin technlgies n Nar-Ann websites nt be utilized at this time. CONTACT INFORMATION All Nar-Ann websites shuld allw visitrs the ability t cmmunicate with website managers and/r the managing entity via phne number, address, r nline web frm. When psting a telephne number, make it clear the number is nt fr reprting emergencies. In case f emergency, the prper authrities shuld be ntified. An nline web frm is prbably the best ptin because it will nt require an installed prgram frm the visitr. This is usually the case in public envirnments such as schls and libraries. WEBSITE POLICIES Mst websites have a plicy page where its terms f use and privacy plicy are stated. Generally, Nar- Ann websites will nt stre persnal infrmatin. Often a website creates what is knwn as a sessin ckie n the visitr s cmputer. This is usually deleted after each visit and used nly t keep track f the visit. It will generally nt cntain any persnal infrmatin. Website plicies shuld mentin tracking r analytics sftware used n the website. Plicies may als include infrmatin n hw ften the website is updated and the criteria fr listing meetings, cnventins, and external links. UPDATING WEBSITE CONTENT On the internet, n infrmatin is ften better than ut-f-date infrmatin. There are fewer things wrse than directing a newcmer t a meeting that is n lnger pen. If n ne is able t take n a service cmmitment t keep cntent up t date, it might be a better ptin t nt pst cntent at all. A regularly updated site encurages visitrs and members t return t see new cntent and service pprtunities. The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 8 It is a gd practice t include the last mdified date in the fter sectin f each page n the site. This will let a visitr knw the last time the page was mdified and give them cnfidence the site is maintained. The last mdified date can help the webmaster identify utdated cntent. ACCESSIBILITY Traditin Three speaks t the all-inclusive nature f the Nar-Ann prgram. All wh have been affected by smene else s addictin are welcme. T this end, the website shuld attempt t be accessible t thse wh seek Nar-Ann s help, including visitrs with sight, hearing, r physical impairments. The issue f accessibility is raised with multimedia ptins. T accmmdate hearing impaired visitrs, clsed captining f vide and text transcripts f audi can be used. T accmmdate visually impaired visitrs, tuch, magnificatin, and sund can be used. The Wrld Wide Web Cnsrtium (W3C) in cnjunctin with advcates fr the disabled have created a set f website standards that allw easy access t infrmatin fr individuals with disabilities. These website features are nt technically difficult t build int a website. The website cmmittee can be made aware f the hw t and why f the slutin. Nar-Ann websites shuld cntain the fllwing elements: 1. Navigatin links, the first elements in the page, allw visitrs t skip repetitive navigatin links and g directly t cntent and the fter. Anther link in this sectin shuld direct visitrs t a page describing the accessibility features f the website, meeting lcatins, and ther accmmdatins available fr disabled Nar-Ann members. 2. All images, multimedia, and nn-text cntent will have a text-nly equivalent. 3. HTML/XHTML shuld cnfrm t W3C standards. 4. HTML/XHTML shuld cntain prper tags and attributes t pass the Cynthia Says Sectin 508 autmated validatin fr website accessibility. ACCESSIBILITY RESOURCE LINKS This is a list f resurces fr Nar-Ann webmasters and des nt imply affiliatin with these rganizatins. Web-based Intranet and Internet Infrmatin and Applicatins ( ) Thugh these standards prvide requirements that must be fllwed by federal agencies when prducing web pages, they are a helpful set f practical guidelines fr webmasters. Intrductin t Web Accessibility The Wrld Wide Web Cnsrtium (W3C) is an internatinal cmmunity where member rganizatins, a full-time staff, and the public wrk tgether t develp web standards. Web accessibility means that peple with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with and cntribute t the web. The Nar-Ann Family Grups Newsletter Handbk Cnference Apprved. 9 WEBSITE REGISTRATION It is strngly recmmended that webmasters register all Nar-Ann websites at the Nar-Ann Wrld Services Website. Upn registratin, webmasters will have access t Nar-Ann lg image assets t use in the creatin f websites. When the webmaster cmmitment is passed frm ne trusted servant t anther, the website shuld be re-registered in rder t keep the Wrld Service Office abreast f the current webmaster. The webmaster is the primary cntact used by the Wrld Service Office t address website issues and the pint f cntact fr distributin f pertinent infrmatin. The cntact infrmatin may als be shared with the regin/area frm which the site is registered. GLOSSARY This glssary is ffered as a resurce t define many f the terms referred t in this dcument. The terms, prducts, technlgies, and cmpanies defined herein d nt represent any endrsement by r affiliatin with Nar-Ann. NAR-ANON TERMS Area - Areas are cnvenient segments int which a regin may be divided. Apprval fr the frmatin f an area rests slely with the grups within the prpsed area. Cnference Apprved Literature (CAL) - Cnference apprved literature is written by and fr the Nar-Ann Fellwship and apprved at the Wrld Service Cnference. CAL is cpyrighted material and is authrized fr limited use n cnfrming Nar-Ann websites per the stipulatins cntained herein (see GWS, sectin Cpyright and Trademark Infrmatin fr fu
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