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WASHER SYSTEMS Powerfully Simple Design. Simply Powerful Cleaning. Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer/Disinfector RELIANCE VISION SINGLE-CHAMBER WASHER/DISINFECTOR TOTAL INTEGRATED WASHING SOLUTION
WASHER SYSTEMS Powerfully Simple Design. Simply Powerful Cleaning. Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer/Disinfector RELIANCE VISION SINGLE-CHAMBER WASHER/DISINFECTOR TOTAL INTEGRATED WASHING SOLUTION Sterile processing departments are challenged with achieving higher productivity levels than ever before. As a result, you need a powerful washing and disinfection system that can process high volumes of medical devices, utensils and delicate instruments quickly, efficiently and safely. Plus, you need a system that is simple to operate and maintain. Manufactured in compliance with the latest North American and global standards (designed to comply with EN ISO 15883). POWERFULLY SIMPLE DESIGN. SIMPLY POWERFUL CLEANING. Introducing the Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer/Disinfector, a total integrated washing solution from STERIS. Featuring the newest innovations in the single-chamber market, the Reliance Vision combines the latest technology with a groundbreaking design to provide maximum throughput and unparalleled performance. RELIANCE VISION SINGLE-CHAMBER WASHER/DISINFECTOR NEW HIGH-PERFORMANCE DESIGN FEATURES Productivity & Connectivity Faster, optimized cycles Touch screen, PC controls can interface with instrument tracking and OR scheduling Longer spray arms and outward spraying nozzles for improved coverage Large capacity for processing high volumes of medical devices, utensils and delicate instruments Improved drying system Integrated flow meters provide verification of chemistry injection rates, even down to the Prolystica Ultra Concentrate levels A O of 600 (capable of A O of 3000) Quality Easy-to-clean spray arms; simple assembly Self-flushing centrifugal filter system prevents spray arms from clogging and helps minimize maintenance PC control is remote monitoring enabled allowing proactive/predictive repair for improved system uptime Racks are capable of lumen flushing Safety Ergonomic design enhances operator safety Immediate-level disinfection phase helps reduce the risk of infection for patients and staff Cool-touch handles on racks for safe handling of racks once they exit the washer Environmentally friendly system uses less water, detergent and utilities POWERFULLY SIMPLE DESIGN. SIMPLY POWERFUL CLEANING. RELIANCE VISION SINGLE-CHAMBER WASHER/DISINFECTOR NEW TECHNOLOGY Complete Coverage Cleaning System Longer, redesigned spray arms allow water to sweep outside of the manifold perimeter Outward-facing nozzles generate overlapping spray patterns for better coverage Optional spray arm rotation detection system Left Illustration of sweeping action of new spray arm. See the difference in coverage above. Right Traditional spray arm coverage. Intelli Load Racks Instruments can be loaded from any side Water channels relocated to corners of manifold Provides greater coverage from spray arms Cool touch handles Flexible, patented quick lumen flushing ports on each level GROUNDBREAKING DESIGN Improved Drying System Consumes less energy 4-sided inflow pattern increases air flow 30 % improvement in drying capabilities compared to previous generation of washer/ disinfectors (5-level rack, 50 hemostats per tray) New Centrifugal Filter System Self-flushing; minimal maintenance required Prevents spray arms from clogging Improves spray arm reliability RELIANCE VISION SINGLE-CHAMBER WASHER/DISINFECTOR COMPLETE CONTROL, CONFIDENCE AND COMPLIANCE Built-in data management provides optimal connectivity and control, resulting in a high level of confidence in the washing process and compliance with regulatory standards. This management system allows you to: Observe cycle and process status, while monitoring chemistry volume and other time-based variables, documenting each phase of the cleaning cycle Link all systems via RS-232 to any hospital-wide instrument tracking system, to improve traceability of loads Validate each cycle with optional Process Data Validation System (PDVS) software Allows compliance to North American and global (EN ISO 15883) standards. Simple-to-Use PC Controls 1-touch control panel for ease-of-use Access to critical information; visualization of cycle performance/status Large display is visible from across the department Assurance of all critical parameters Above right: Large time remaining display is visible from across the department. Right: Bold graphics clearly indicate cycle phase and status. SIMPLIFIED ERGONOMIC CONVEYOR SYSTEM With its minimal footprint, the SCS Conveyor System can be configured to fit your specific space restrictions. This automated conveyor system has been simplified and standardized, providing logical workflow designs that are convenient and ergonomic for your staff. The automated loading and unloading systems facilitate safe, hands-free washing. Fewer moving parts and built-in hatches provide unimpeded access for easier cleaning and maintenance. The unit also can be positioned for efficient transport and ergonomic handling. The Flexibility to Grow with Your SPD Improved design offers many ways to maximize space and increase throughput while reducing operating costs. Integrate with existing Reliance Synergy Singlechamber and/or the Reliance Vision Multi-chamber Washer/Disinfectors with SCS conveyer configurations Reliance Vision accessories, racks, transport and loading systems are compatible with our Reliance Synergy washer system Conveyor lift gates or remote external control columns give operators touch-control access regardless of conveyor layout Typical layout/configuration. RELIANCE VISION SINGLE-CHAMBER WASHER/DISINFECTOR At STERIS Corporation, environmental mindfulness influences every aspect of our business, including helping you enhance your productivity and maximize your bottom line. The Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer/Disinfector was designed in that spirit to optimize consumption and promote environmental friendliness within your facility. GO GREEN WITH STERIS Water Consumption By completely redesigning this single-chamber washer, STERIS was able to achieve the lowest water consumption rate available. Utilizing a seven gallon sump, the Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer uses only 38 gallons of water during each cycle. This provides a water savings of at least 25% over previous generations of our singlechamber washers. Additionally, the reduced water consumption means that you will use less cleaning chemistries since they are injected at rates per gallon of water. Reduced Hours of Washer Operation With cycle times as short as 20 minutes, the Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer can clean more instruments faster: reducing the amount of time that the washer would need to be utilized. This translates into reduced operating time of your washer and less water and utility usage for your facility. Eco-Friendly Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Cleaning System The lightweight, ergonomic Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Cleaning System provides superior cleaning performance when paired with Reliance Vision Washers. Formulated for maximum performance with minimal injection rates, these concentrated chemistries are much friendlier on the environment. In fact, Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries are packaged in recyclable containers and are biodegradable, and REACH compliant. With dosing rates of 1/10 1/40 oz per gallon of water, STERIS has reduced the amount of cleaning chemistries being sent down the drain, and the total cost of chemistries per cycle. Alkaline Value Beyond the Product Worldwide Service and Support All STERIS washer/disinfectors are backed by an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer support. We offer a host of services to help you get the maximum efficiency and value from your sterile processing department: ProConnect remote equipment monitoring Dedicated service technicians watching over your equipment 24/7 Industry-leading technical service 24-hour engineering and technical service support is just a telephone call away Project design management Our experts will help you attain an optimal use of available space and will facilitate the installation of equipment Process improvement consulting Our experienced professionals will work with you to design the most efficient SPD process for your facility Full range of service contracts Extend the life of your equipment Maximize Cleaning Performance with STERIS Cleaning Chemistries Efficient cleaning starts by using the right chemistries. The combination of STERIS washers and chemistries allows your washer to do the job it was designed to do with optimum output and results. Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Chemistries are specifically formulated with biodegradable ingredients in order to help protect the environment. Lubricant Enzymatic Neutral RELIANCE VISION WASHER/DISINFECTOR ACCESSORIES STERIS is committed to helping healthcare professionals implement highly effective, environmentally friendly washer/disinfector systems that optimize productivity, quality and safety. To learn more about the Reliance Vision Washer/Disinfectors, or any of our technologies that help prevent infection and contamination, please visit or call your local sales representative. A C E B D F A. 2-level Vision rack FD B. Vision multi-function rack for small items FD C. Vision flexible hold-down screen for FD (2 pc.) FD D. Vision multi-function rack for large items FD E. 2-level Vision rack shown with optional accessories FD74-800, FD75-600, FD and FD F. 3-level Vision rack FD G. 4-level Vision rack FD H. 5-level Vision rack FD I. Flexible hose for cannulated instruments (not pictured) FD (4 hose assembly/kit) G H STERIS OFFICES WORLDWIDE Benelux Canada China France Germany India Italy Japan Korea Latin America Malaysia Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom STERIS Corporation 5960 Heisley Road Mentor, OH USA Document # M3283EN , Rev. A Printed 12/2008, by STERIS Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in USA.
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