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Jonathan Curran AICE Media Studies Mr. Furman 10/30/2016 Thriller Analysis ‘ Thriller by Michael Jackson is one of the most recognized music videos ever made. The music video had influence from many other thriller movies such as An American Werewolf in London, The Night of the Living Dead, and The Phantom of the Opera. The creepy music video is basically a short movie within a movie. Michael Jackson wanted to make the highest quality music
  Jonathan CurranAICE Media StudiesMr. Furman10/30/2016Thriller Analysis Thriller  !y Mi hael Ja #son is one o$ the most re o%ni&ed musi 'ideos e'er made. The musi 'ideo had in$luen e $rom many other thriller mo'ies su h as  An American Werewolf in  London, The Night of the Living Dead, and The Phantom of the Opera. The ree(y musi 'ideo is !asi ally a short mo'ie )ithin a mo'ie. Mi hael Ja #son )anted to ma#e the hi%hest *uality musi 'ideo to %o alon% )ith his son% Thriller, so he alled the a)ard )innin% Ameri an $ilm dire tor John +andis. To%ether Mi hael Ja #son and John +andis made one o$ the most i oni musi 'ideos o$ all time. In the !e%innin%, Thriller sho)s Mi hael Ja #son and -la ay )al#in% do)n a dar# and ree( road. The miseens ene used made the musi 'ideo seem li#e it too# (la e in the 0s. Soon enou%h, Mi hael Ja #son starts to trans$orm into a )ere)ol$. A loseu( shot on Mi haels $a e sho)s the amount o$ detail (ut into the ma#eu(. Mi hael also started to s ream )hi h made the metamor(hosis seem 'ery real. Suddenly, Thriller uts to Mi hael Ja #son and -la ay in a mo'ie theatre. At this moment the audien e reali&es Thriller is a mo'ie )ithin a mo'ie. -n e Mi hael and -la lea'e the theatre, the musi $or the 'ideo starts (layin%. -utside o$ the mo'ie theatre, the 'ideo uses an esta!lishin% shot to sho) the audien e themiseens ene o$ the short $ilm. The )ord Thriller is )ritten on to( o$ the theatre in red, to ma#e it seem li#e it )as )ritten )ith !lood. et, the 'ideo uses a lon%ta#e to sho) Mi hael and -la sin%in% and )al#in% do)n the dar# and eerie road. E'entually, the $ilm uts to the emetery to  sho) &om!ies es a(in% $rom their %ra'es. 4ie%eti sounds o$ &om!ies %ro)lin%, s*uea#in% noises o$ the %ra'es o(enin%, and the 'oi eo'er )as all used to s are the audien e. -n e Mi hael and -la )ere surround !y the &om!ies, the musi sto(s and all that )as le$t )as the die%eti sounds o$ the &om!ies. Mi hael suddenly turns into a &om!ie himsel$ and the musi starts (layin% a%ain. The amera (ans out to sho) an aerial shot o$ the &om!ies dan in%. All o$ the &om!ies are )earin% dar# olors )hile Mi hael is )earin% his !ri%ht red 5a #et to stand out $rom the ro)d. The audien e an still hear the die%eti sounds o$ the &om!ies )al#in%, shu$$lin%, and %ro)lin%. +o)#ey li%htin% )as used all throu%hout the $ilm, !ut this s ene )as es(e ially im(ortant $or lo)#ey li%htin% !e ause it allo)ed the moon to !e the only sour e o$ li%ht on the dar# street. E'entually, the 'ideo uts to a lone and ni%htmarish house )here the rest o$ the musi 'ideo )ill ta#e (la e. A$ter -la ta#es re$u%e $rom the &om!ies inside the house, the musi sto(s (layin% a%ain. 4ie%eti sounds o$ the &om!ies %ro)lin% and !an%in% on the )alls made the 'ideo e'en more s ary. A$ter all o$ the &om!ies in ludin% Mi hael Ja #son7 made it inside the house, the amera uses a (ointo$'ie) shot $rom -las (ers(e ti'e to sho) the &om!ies losin% in on her. A$ter )hat seemed li#e -las death, the musi 'ideo suddenly uts to a normal house )ith hi%h#ey li%htin%, and Mi hael )as no lon%er a &om!ie. The musi 'ideo )anted to seem li#e -la )as 5ust ha'in% a ni%htmare. 8et, the $inal s ene o$ the short $ilm has a $ree&e $rame o$ Mi haels $a e)ith ree(y yello) eyes, and a shuddersome lau%h to %o alon% )ith it. Throu%h the use o$ sound,miseens ene, editin%, and amera an%les, Mi hael Ja #son and John +andis )ere a!le to reate a 'ery s ary $ilm, to %o alon% )ith Mi haels i oni son% Thriller  .
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