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  Status Bar Lab Bench PaneVariables PaneToolbar   fly-over Hints Code Pane UnoArduSimV1.6 Quick Help  Code Pane: Step or run execution using  , , , or .Halt at a specific program line  by first clicking to highlight that line and then click RunTo  . Jump between functions by clicking   any!here and then using PgDn  and PgUp  or and . Set searc te!t  !ith and then   ump to tat te!t using and #o$e between #include % d files using  . Preferences: . Config   Preferences to set sa e and load user choices &dit'(iew: #o open at a specific line double-click   on that line n the CodePane,  or use )ile   &dit'(iew $and it opens at the last highlighted line%&ill be auto'tab'indent formatted if chosen from Config   Preferences    and you can single'si(e or double'si(e the tab !idth. To add an item $after the caret% f  rom te rigt*and +U-T*S list, doubleclick it . /dd or delete tabs  to a group of lines using rigt*arrow  or #A) and left*arrow  $after first selecting a group of * or more consecuti e lines% .)ind $use ctrl'+% , )ind'Replace $use ctrl'H% Undo $ctrl',% , Redo $ctrl'-% Compile and lea e open   $ctrl'% or /dopt $ctrl'U% and  Sa$e $ctrl'S% and close.+ind a brace/s matcing brace  pair partner by double'clicking on a brace 0 the barces and all text bet!een them are highlighted $as in the image abo e%.Use  ctrl*PgDn and  ctrl*PgUp to ump to next $or pre ious% empty'line break .  (ariables Pane: 2lick on $3% to expand or on $'% to collapse arrays and obects. PgDn and  PgUp or    and   allo!s you to 4uickly ump bet!een ariables.Use the (arUpdates  menu to control update fre4uency !hen Run 'ning. Double-click   to change any ariable to a ne! alue in the middle of $halted% program execution5 -ab +enc Pane and Uno: eft'click any pin to create $or add to% 7in 8igital &a e+orms5ight'click any pin to create 7in Analog &a e+orm !indo!5#o 011#   and 011# 1UT  use the mouse !heel or shortcuts CTRL- up_arrow and  CTRL-down_arrow  .  -ab +enc Pane '1 De$ices Set numbers and types of each using the Config   '1 De$ices  menu selection. Set pins using a *'digit alue from 99 to 1:. Serial (SERIAL) #ype one or more characters in the upper $#; chars% edit box and hit Return .8ouble'click to open a larger window for TX and RX characters. Software Serial (SFTSER) #ype one or more characters in the upper $#; chars% edit box and hit Return .Double-click to open a larger window for TX and RX characters. SD Disk Drive (SD_DRV)  A small <=byte S8 dri e dri en from S7> signals and mirrored in an / SD%  subdirectory   in the loaded program /s directory $!ill be created if absent%8ouble'click  to open  a larger window   to see Directories, iles, and   content 2S? lo! to acti ate. One-Shot (1SOT  A digital one'shot. 7roduces a pulse of chosen polarity on 1ut  after a specified delay from either a rising or a falling triggering edge seen on its Trg  input.@nce triggered it !ill ignore subse4uent trigger edgesuntil the pulse on 1ut  has been fully completed. 7ulse and 8elay alues are both scalable from the toolbar >@ Values Scaler $if suffixed !ith an /S/%. Shift Re!ister Slave (SRSlave)  A simple shift'register de ice.dge transitions on 2B to trigger shifting. SS? lo!dri es =S) onto 8out. S I Slave (S ISLV)  A mode'configurable S7> sla e de ice $=@89=@81=@8*or =@8C% 8ouble'click  to open  a larger window   to setD ie! hex TX and RX bytes.  SS? lo!dri es =S) onto =>S@. Two-#ire I $  % Slave (I$%SLV)  A slave-mode-only   >*2 de ice. 8ouble'click  to open  a larger window   to setD ie! hex !end and Rec bytes Ste&&er 'otor (STE R)  Accepts control signals on either # or $ pins. Use #include <Stepper.h>.
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