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YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR LOCAL NEWS, SPORTS, EVENTS AND MORE M AY 2 7 J U N E 2, L O C A L N E W S Y O U C A N U S E VOLUME 4, ISSUE 21 Tourists Bolster Budget City Council approves two-year spending
YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR LOCAL NEWS, SPORTS, EVENTS AND MORE M AY 2 7 J U N E 2, L O C A L N E W S Y O U C A N U S E VOLUME 4, ISSUE 21 Tourists Bolster Budget City Council approves two-year spending plan that predicts increased revenue from bed taxes E Y E O N D P/ PAG E 8 Tourists like the Diepenbrock family, visiting from Illinois, contribute to the city s single largest source of income, the transient occupancy tax. The TOT generates 32 percent of the operating budget and over 40 percent of overall city tax revenues. Photo by Andrea Swayne Mako Shark Caught in the Harbor EYE ON DP/PAGE 4 Doheny Days Music Festival Returning to Dana Point EYE ON DP/PAGE 3 GROM OF THE WEEK: Capo Beach s Rachael Tilly SURF/PAGE 26 Eye on DP LOCAL NEWS 1& IN-DEPTH REPORTING DP Dana Point Saturday, May 28 Farmers Market 9 a.m. 1 p.m. La Plaza Park, La Plaza Street. Admission is free. For more information or to inquire about purchasing a booth for $25, please call or Monday, May 30 City Offices Closed 6 p.m. City Hall offices closed in observance of Memorial Day, 33282, Golden Lantern, , Memorial Day Services City and Business Calendar 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Dana Point VFW Post 9934 and the City of Dana Point will hold their annual Memorial Day Services at Pines Park, Camino Capistrano in Capistrano Beach. Curbside parking along Camino Capistrano and chair seating for 300 will be available. Keynote speaker is Col. Thomas McKeown, USMC (Ret.). The services will include special recognition for Vietnam veterans. For more information, log on to Tuesday, May 31 Quarterly Siren Testing Quarterly emergency siren testing is set for May 31 and June 1. Each siren will be activated individually giving off short bursts of sound that should last no more than a few seconds each. This quarterly test is completed in each neighboring city on a different day and may be heard in one location for several days. Remember, this is only a test. Please refrain from calling 911 unless there is a life-threatening emergency. For more information please call Wednesday, June 1 Sunrise Rotary Club 7 a.m. the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club meets every Wednesday at the Ritz- Carlton. 1 Ritz-Carlton Drive, , D A N A P O I N T s T o p 5 H o t t e s t T o p i c s What s Up With... 1 Bullying in CUSD? THE LATEST: The family of Daniel Mendez, the San Clemente High School student who shot himself to death in a Talega neighborhood, has settled its lawsuit against the Capistrano Unified School District alleging school officials did not do enough to stop bullies from picking on Mendez. Attorney James Traut, who represented the family, did not return a call for comment, but told Orange Coast Magazine in a story on the case this month that the family did not receive any money from the district. But in a related issue, the Cool 2 B Kind (C2BK) Club started at San Clemente High in the wake of Mendez s death is being honored next month by the Violence Prevention Coalition of Orange County as a 2011 Ambassador of Peace. The club set up hotlines and a safe atmosphere for kids to talk to other kids. WHAT S NEXT: The coalition will honor the club between noon and 2 p.m. on June 3 at a luncheon in Costa Mesa. FIND OUT MORE: See the Beyond the Blackboard blog at com for details on the settlement and for details on the Violence Prevention Coalition. C2BK has a Facebook page and can be reached by at Jonathan Volzke 2 Maddie James Foundation Reaching $1 Million Goal? THE LATEST: On May 20 the Maddie James Foundation reached its $1 million goal after only three months of fundraising. The Reaching for the Sea Stars gala, held at the St. Regis on May 20, with over 400 people attending and participating in the silent auction, tipped the scales. As the night wound down, the total amount stood at $920,000 until it was announced that the St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, Marriot and Doubletree Suites hotels would join together to donate the last $80,000 to reach the final goal. In January, Maddie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma and passed away eight weeks later. Her parents, Kajsa and Collie James, embarked on an effort to memorialize her life by donating to the Ocean Institute, a place Maddie loved to visit and where she had attended summer camp. The Ocean Institute, already in the process of a $4 million expansion, will create the Maddie James Seaside Learning Center as a result of the $1 million donation. WHAT S NEXT: Building is set to commence in late summer and early fall More details will be announced by the Ocean Institute in June. FIND OUT MORE: To find out more about Maddie s story and the fundraising efforts of the Maddie James Foundation, log on to or read more at. Erin Thomas and Maryann Doudna 3 Doheny Beach Being Named to the Beach Bummer List? The report card grades beaches on a 100-point scale and then subtracts points based on a formula for severity of bacteria counted in regular samples, according to this year s 98-page report. On the other end of the spectrum, Dana Point s Ocean Institute Beach made Heal the Bay s honor roll and north Monarch, Salt Creek and Strand beaches generally earned As for cleanliness. In Dana Point Harbor, Baby Beach s four testing points in the west end, buoy line, swim area, east end all received grades of A during the April to October testing period. The beach s swim area earned a B and east end earned a C during the wet periods of the year. WHAT S NEXT: The report also included an update on a $4.5 million study by Heal the Bay and county, state and federal agencies documenting how contaminated beaches affect swimmers. Funded in part by the City of Dana Point, the study homed-in on three beaches known for contamination woes, including Doheny, Avalon Beach on Catalina and Surfrider Beach in Malibu. The Doheny study, the first to be completed, will be released in the next couple of months, the report said. FIND OUT MORE: To see the full report, visit Stacie N. Galang 3 Doheny Days Music Festival Returning? economy. These regional events attract overnight visitors who also help support our shops and restaurants. For last weekend s Doheny Blues Festival, several of our hotels benefited from customers who came to Dana Point specifically for the event, said Economic Development Director Christy Teague. Whenever the hotels, shops and restaurants gain business, it is good for the entire community. The direct revenues to the city go back into services, public improvements and enhancements like our movies and concerts in the park. According to a press release, the festival is set for September 10 and 11 and much like the Blues Festival, the event will include multiple stages, art, a food court, microbrews, a vendor village and a kids zone. The lineup so far includes headliner Ben Harper, G. Love and Special Sauce, Donavon Frankenreiter, JJ Grey & Mofro and Katchafire. WHAT S NEXT: Omega Events representatives say that many more artists will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets will go on sale May 27 online at FIND OUT MORE: For the latest news, including updates to the concert lineup, visit Andrea Swayne THE LATEST: After a seven-year absence, festival concert promoter Omega Events the same company that brings the Doheny Blues Festival to Dana Point has announced the return of the Doheny Days Music Festival. City staff is pleased by the return of the event both for the high caliber enter- THE LATEST: Doheny Beach ranked No. 6 in Heal the Bay s annual Beach Bummer list released this week as part of the nonprofit s 21st annual Beach Report Card. Doheny was one of only two Orange County beaches to be black-marked with placement on the Top 10 list. San Clemente s Poche Beach earned fifth place. anticipated positive impact on the local (Cont. on page tainment it will bring as well as for the 4) 5 a Mako Shark Caught in the Harbor? THE LATEST: On Monday, May 23 Capt. Joel Colombo of WaterBase Sportfishing was doing some work on his boat with his cousin Jordan McNaughton when they spotted a couple of fins cruising along in the harbor. I couldn t believe my eyes; it looked like a Mako so we put a line out and the shark Dana Point Times May 27 June 2, 2011 Page 3 Eye on DP (Cont. from page 3) shark took it right away, quickly broke the line and swam toward the Wind & Sea Restaurant with the hook still imbedded in its mouth, said Colombo. We started up the boat and followed it to the bait barge. According to Colombo, the duo then snuck up on it once, it sunk out and then popped back up. When the shark reappeared, McNaughton quickly sunk a gaff in it. The shark rolled with so much power that it snapped the gaff in two, said Colombo. At this point we knew it was really wounded and if we didn t bring it in it would probably have been cranky and dangerous for a while and then later died. We decided to keep pursuing it and about an hour and a half later we saw it near the Jolly Roger. They pulled the boat up next to it and McNaughton hit it with a second gaff and Colombo followed with a third. They were finally able to get a rope around its tail, get the flailing fish under control and pull it up on to the swim step of their boat. Colombo said that by this time there was a group of onlookers watching and he thinks that some may have gotten the wrong idea by seeing only the end of the pursuit. It must have looked pretty brutal just seeing the end of the chase but we couldn t give up, said Colombo. Capt. Brian Woolley of Dana Wharf saw the fish and reported that it did, in fact, appear to him that the fish had been hooked previous to the last gaffing and agreed that once injured it would not be prudent to allow one to continue to swim around the harbor. There was a rumor of some anger by onlookers about the killing of the shark, a sentiment that Dana Wharf Sportfishing President Michael Hansen says he can understand. We don t believe in killing sharks. There aren t enough of them left. We feel that sharks are good for the ecosystem and taking them is not good practice from our point of view, Hansen said. We won t directly embark on a shark fishing trip, although every once in awhile a charter customer will hook one. Most throw them back but many feel that Mako and Thresher are good to eat and keep them for their meat. That is exactly what Colombo did with his Mako. The meat definitely did not go to waste, he said. We kept some for ourselves and donated the rest to a local church to help feed the hungry. It s something we often do with the fish we keep. I am all about conservation and would never take more than necessary. We love to eat Mako and enjoy providing meals to charity. We hadn t caught any big fish since October and decided to go after this one both for its meat and since it was in the harbor near recreational kayakers and stand-up paddlers. According to the California Fish and Game Department website the shortfin Mako is as dangerous as any shark and probably swims faster than most. The site also carries the following warning, Watch out, when you catch one, because this is a dangerous fish that will not hesitate to attack you or your boat. The largest recorded Mako taken in California was 13 feet in length and weighed about 1,000 pounds. Efforts to reach Harbor officials for their take on incidences of sharks in the harbor An approximately 300-pound Mako shark was caught in the harbor on Monday. Courtesy photo were unsuccessful. WHAT S NEXT: Colombo said his outfit routinely catches sharks but keep only about five percent and always release the females. This shark was a male and its meat will be feeding a lot of people. We would never intentionally overfish the shark population. We keep only about three or so every season and none go to waste, he said. FIND OUT MORE: Log on to to see more photos. AS DP Sheriff s Blotter Compiled By Erin Thomas All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff s Department Web site ( and reflects data available from calls placed from the field by the responding officer(s). An arrest doesn t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD Web site. Sunday, May 22 Prowler Doheny Park Road, Block (9:53 p.m.) A man called 911 after seeing someone jump into his backyard. The caller told police that the prowler said, I was just trying to avoid something, when he confronted him. Disturbance Doheny Park Road, Block (6:57 p.m.) A man was bleeding from his head after a fight broke out at a bar. Authorities were notified and sent out to assist. Welfare Check La Plaza, Block (6:36 p.m.) Deputies were sent to assist two children left in a car parked outside of a bar. When the children were asked where their parents were, they told officers their mother was inside the bar. Assist Outside Agency La Cresta Drive, Block (4:56 p.m.) A 71-year-old man with Alzheimer s was reported being belligerent and talking about killing people. His wife was unable to control him. Disturbance Selva Road, Block (11:49 a.m.) A father called police after being verbally abused by his ex-wife about child custody issues and claims that it was her time to have the children. Disturbance Street of the Amber Lantern, Block (5:18 a.m.) A man called 911 to report his girlfriend, who was yelling at and harassing him. The caller said she was keeping him awake and that he was scared of her. Drunk in Public La Plaza, Block (3:07 a.m.) A man called police after his ex-girlfriend s new boyfriend invited him to meet at a bar so he could beat him up. Saturday, May 21 Traffic Stop Del Prado / Street of the Blue Lantern (10:22 p.m.) During a traffic stop, police arrested a man after discovering he had several warrants out for his arrest. The man was a pet trainer. Disturbance Pacific Coast Highway / Del Obispo Street (7:06 p.m.) A woman was reported kicking and screaming at people waiting at a bus stop. The woman was also caught urinating outside of the restroom. Disturbance Puerto Place / Dana Point Harbor Drive (12:48 p.m.) A call was made to dispatch reporting a group of transients carrying dead pelicans. Suspicious Person / Circumstances Colegio Drive, Block (2:09 a.m.) Police were called when a man reported being chased by three men as he exited a bar. The three men had been detained earlier in the night for another fight at the same bar. Friday, May 19 Disturbance Pacific Coast Highway, Block (10:41 p.m.) A car owner was reported by a tow company for becoming belligerent and attempting to block the gate so the tow truck pulling his car could not drive through. Suspicious Person / Circumstances Santa Clara Avenue, Block (7:22 p.m.) A man was reported living in a trailer on a vacant lot. The caller said the owner of the property had passed away two months ago and nobody should be living there. Suspicious Person / Circumstances Pacific Coast Highway, Block (6:37 p.m.) Police were called when a male transient was seen smoking what appeared to be drugs with two juveniles. Dana Point Times May 27 June 2, 2011 Page 4 EYE ON DP H A R B O R H A P P E N I N G S Done Derby This year s Dana Wharf Sportfishing Halibut Derby served up fun and competition T he Dana Wharf Sportfishing 2010/2011 Halibut Derby was a very competitive, exciting and fantastic six months running November through April. This Derby lures anglers from all over California. A few of the anglers come from afar like Jerry Ostercamp who flies in from Muleshoe, Texas. But Derek Massey wins the farthest traveling angler award, having flown in from Ontario, Canada just to fish in the Derby. M O N I Q U E G A N N O N This year s Derby started off with Jerry Vyhnis. The fish-off winner from last year and a local fisherman from right here in Dana Point, Vyhnis caught the first largest halibut on December 12. The fish weighed in at 12 pounds, 11 ounces. He held the lead for a few days until Andrew Shin, who has been fishing with Dana Wharf since he was a very young angler and lives in Fullerton, reeled in a halibut weighing in at 21 pounds, 6 ounces. As the Derby moved into the new year, Mike Pinson from Orange reeled in a 25 pound, 7 ounce fish. Also in January, Peggy Stein, a Dana Wharf Lady Angler who fishes at Dana Wharf almost seven days a week, reeled in a whopping 25 pound, 11 ounce halibut, Mike Knudtson holds his winning check. Photo by Monique Gannon putting her in the lead. Paul Pappas from Garden Grove, last year s winner of the Halibut Derby, got some action hooking a 9 pound, 14 ounce halibut that saw him ranked in 14th place. Then in February, an angler named Mike Knudtson from Orange hooked a really big one, weighing in at 43 pounds, 8 ounces. Fortunately, Knudtson s catch did not discourage eager halibut drifters from trying to capture the next one. BY MONIQUE GANNON Fish-off participants are shown here (L to R) Brandon Hopper, Amy Strauser, Scott Buchert, Andrew Shin, Don Harris, Young Kim, Derek Massey, Javier Calvo, Bijan Ronagh-Laugroodi, Cher Owens, Denise Claycomb, Jacob Master, Cindy Mullvain, Jerry Nguyen, Scott Evans, Jerry Vyhnis, Peggy Stein, Paul Pappas, Teresa Davis, Frank Perrello, Richard Aliviado, and not pictured Jeanne Koester. Photo by Monique Gannon Throughout the Derby, anglers caught a total of 68 halibut ranging from 3 pounds, 7 ounces to Mike s whopper. One never knows when a big one will turn up on the end of the line. This point was proven when Jeanne Koester, a Dana Wharf Lady Angler who has been fishing at Dana Wharf for many years, on the last halibut drift of the derby, scored a whopping 37 pound, 8 ounce fish which put her in the runner up spot on the leader board Mike Knudtson holds his whopper of a halibut 43 pounds, 8 ounces. Photo by Monique Gannon behind Knudtson. Along with Koester, women were very well represented in the Derby this year with seven ladies on the board. As the Derby came to an end, the jackpot rose to $4, Knudtson took home half of the prize, $2,015, for catching the biggest fish. The fish-off for the remaining half of the jackpot drifted on May 1. None of the anglers caught anything at the fish-off so all the anglers split the jackpot and took home $90 each. Dana Wharf would like to thank all the dedicated anglers that participated in the Derby this year. We look forward to next year s. Until then; anchors away. Monique Gannon (formerly Monique Berry) is the Kids Club Coordinator for Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching. She has been living in San Clemente for four years and has been delighted to spend that time passing on her love of fishing to young anglers. DP Gotta Regatta Dana West Yacht Club is set to host the annual Leukemia Cup Regatta in Dana Point Harbor D ana West Yacht Club will be hosting their 15th annual Leukemia Cup Regatta June 3 through 5. All proceeds from the event go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The land side event is held in the parking lot adjacent to the club at Dana Drive in the Dana Point Harbor. All events and races are open to the public and yacht club membership is not required. The three-day event includes a Newport Beach-to-Dana Point Regatta and kickoff party on June 3, a racers breakfasts, random leg PHRF and Cruising Class races, Junior Regatta (Sabots and Lasers), Dinghy Poker Run, dinners, awards ceremonies, and live and silent auctions. There will also be a bone marrow donor screening for those wishing to become part of the donor registry. For more information, including a full schedule of events, please call or visit DP Sailors race in a past Dana West Yacht Club Leukemia Cup Regatta. File photo Dana Point Times May 27 June 2, 2011 Page 6 Eye on DP Tourists Bolster Budget City Council approves two-year spending plan that predicts increased revenue from bed taxes By Andrea Swayne Dana Point Times ity officials are forecasting a near 16 C percent increase in tourism dollars in the next two budget years. The projection is key as Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is the city s single largest source of in
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