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FOOT, TACK & CLEW East Coast Sailing Association P.O. Box Satellite Beach, FL BOAT/US number GA81299B April 2005 THE OFFICIAL LOG OF THE EAST COAST SAILING ASSOCIATION
FOOT, TACK & CLEW East Coast Sailing Association P.O. Box Satellite Beach, FL BOAT/US number GA81299B April 2005 THE OFFICIAL LOG OF THE EAST COAST SAILING ASSOCIATION Board of Governors Flag Officers Commodore David Merchberger Vice Commodore Joe Luthman Rear Commodore Joe Coleman Secretary Phyllis Paradies Treasurer Tom Schrader Elected Governors Wes Whitley Chip Worster Sherry Beckett Fleet Captains Cruising Ron Vanderveer River Racing Jim Yates Women s Racing Sherry Beckett Newsletter Editor Brenda Merchberger Program Chairman Open Membership Chairman Brenda Merchberger Rating Chairman Jim Miller Open Advertising Hospitality Brenda Merchberger Open Legislative Affairs General Membership Meeting Wednesday ~ 13 April 2005 ~ 7:00 p.m. Satellite Beach Civic Center (565 Cassia Blvd) Latitude 28º 09' North, Longitude 80º 36' West April Program Melbourne Yacht Club's Youth Sailing Program Presented by: John McNeil APRIL Calendar of EVENTS 9 ECSA Spring River Race #3 10 ECSA Spring Women s Race #4 10 IRYC Spring Series #1 10 TSC Spring Series #4 17 MYC Small Boat Racing 17 TSC Spring Series #5 22 MYC Spring Rum Race # ECSA Boy Scout Island Cruise** NEW DATE MYC Spring Regatta small boats 24 IRYC Spring Series # MYC Spring Regatta big boats MAY Calendar of EVENTS 6 MYC Summer Rum Race #1 7 IRYC Spring Series #3 11 ECSA General Membership Meeting ECSA Tentative Cruise Date IRYC Brevard Challenge 15 MYC Small Boat Racing 20 MYC Summer Rum Race #2 21 IRYC Spring Series #4 21 MYC Seafood Raft-Up 22 ECSA Spring Women s Race # ECSA Sebastian Inlet Memorial Weekend Cruise CBYC Spring Regatta 29 MYC Small Boat Racing Foot, Tack & Clew is the official newsletter of the East Coast Sailing Association and is mailed to the membership each month o r available at The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the East Coast Sailing Association. Getting Involved THOUGHTS FROM YOUR COMMODORE David Merchberger The Board has been very active during the past couple of month exploring ways in which the ECSA can better serve its members. As a result of their work, I am pleased to announce the following initiatives. First, we have redefined and renamed the Publicity position to Legislative Affairs. This new position will be responsible for informing the Board and ultimately the Membership about current issues that may have some impact to the sport we all enjoy. The chairperson will not necessarily speak on behalf of the ECSA in public forums, but rather stay in tune with the local and state government and their various commissions. It will be up to each and every one of us to take the time to speak up and voice our concern to issues that may negatively affect us, as well as supporting proposals that are in our collective best interests. This important position remains unfilled at this time so if any member has interest in helping to define this new position and acting as its first chairman, please contact any member of the board. You would be doing a great service to the entire sailing community in our area. Secondly, I am proud to announce that Louise Worster has agreed to accept the leadership of our newly formed Sunshine Fund. The purpose of the fund, which is completely separate from the ECSA general fund, is to have the resources available to send cards, flowers, etc to those members or their families who would are going through some difficult times such as the loss of a loved one, or a hospital stay and could use a little cheering up on behalf of the ECSA. VIEW FROM THE VICE by VICE COMMODORE Joe Luthman Well, there is good news from Cocoa. The Whitley Bay marina will stay 90% public. Here is an editorial from Florida Today if anyone missed reading it: We re glad to see the State cabinet has ruled that the Whitley Bay marina must keep most of its slips public for the next three years. That s because the new owners of the only public marina Cocoa has left want to turn it into a membership club with costs too high for the average boater to afford. Since the marinas submerged shorelines belong to the public under state law, many Brevard County residents opposed to letting the new developer restrict access to a wealthy few. Cocoa City Council also is against the change. With the help of Representative Bob Allen they successfully lobbied the Dept. of Environment Protection in Tallahassee to put at least a temporary halt to the proposed switch. The Cabinet s decision means 90% of the slips must remain open till a victory for public recreation. The ruling does leave the door open for Cocoa and the new owner to make a deal. We say don't give up any more slips and if more public boat slips around the state are to be handed over to private interests, these initiatives should be bucked one marina at a time. Kudos to the Cocoa City Council for their insight to fight this problem. As boaters we have to keep an eye out in 2008 so they don't try again TALK TO YOU NEXT MONTH YOUR VICE COMMODORE JOE LUTHMAN Elsewhere in this newsletter is a short form that you can use to help get this fund started. Remember, funds will be kept completely separate from our general fund and will be used only for this purpose. If you know of anyone that are facing some difficult times and could use a little sunshine, please let Louise or myself know. Our contact information is in the directory. (Continued on page 3) Page 2 A VIEW FROM THE REAR by Joe Coleman Recently Dave Merchberger and I made our yearly trip to the Dania Flea Market. For those of you who don t know, Dania is just south of Ft. Lauderdale, and has what is touted as the marine flea market of the year. Now good things don t always come easy, meaning we had to get up and get ready before six, just like the Miami boat show. That s A.M. Dave and I both have this thing about getting up before the sun, so it was a struggle for each of us. We left at six so we would pull into the parking lot right at 9 A.M. when they open. After an uneventful trip (no, we didn t hit any power poles) we pulled into our parking space at exactly nine o clock. As we walked toward the gate, we noticed a very long line of people waiting to get in. I told Dave to save me a space in the line and I would go purchase the tickets. As I walked up to the booth, there were three lines. Two of them had two or more people in them and the third had only one. I quickly jumped into that line and waited - and waited and waited - for my turn. As I looked to the other lines, I saw that everyone who was in the line when I got there had already gone and new people were queuing up. Then I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder. It was Dave. The long line he was in had worked its way up to the gate, and there I was still waiting to purchase our tickets. Finally I ordered the tickets, only to hear the young lady say, You ll have to go to the other window; I don t have any change. Finally, with tickets purchased and bright blue bands on our wrists, we headed into the flea market. Now there are three things to remember when going to a flea market this big. Number one is that you have to be looking for something specific. Number two, everything is as is and not as it should be. Number three, it matters to us who purchases the first item and why. Now after attending the Miami boat show, Dave and I weren t really looking for anything specific. Dave said it best, I m not sure what I want, but I ll know it when I see it. You must beware of terms such as just like new, hardly used, and one of a kind. Just like new can mean exactly that, except the new one works and looks better. I m sure that hardly used means a man named Hardly used the hell out of it, and one of a kind means I can t find the other one. Regarding who makes the first purchase, this isn t as easy as you may think. There is some psychology going on here. If you make the first purchase, before seeing and pricing everything in the flea market, is it then only an impulse purchase? On the other hand, if Dave makes the first purchase, is my secondary purchase just in response to his or did I really need or want what I bought? As luck would have it, we both reached for rigging tape at the same time. Thank God, the pressure of that competition was off until next year. By the way, I paid one penny less than Dave did for the rigging tape. Thoughts from your Commodore - cont d.. From page 2 Finally, remember that we continue to have a full schedule of cruising and racing available to our members. By the time you read this, the Spring River Race Series will have wrapped up and it will be the time to get your applications in for the Summer Series. I ve been encouraging my crew to get off of Thirsty Whale and race their own boats this summer (Ron s Oreo consumption is putting a pinch on my food budget!). In addition, at least one other hard core cruiser has indicated that he will join us. As more cruises come out to join the racing fun, there is more of a demand for crew, so if you re interested, speak up soon! Please, seriously consider joining us for the Summer Series. Information about the series is on the web site, or call our River Race Chairman Jim Yates and he ll bring you up to speed. It s only a total of three Saturday afternoons to commit to, and what better way to spend a day than on the water? Well, on the water with a bunch of other boats! In summary, speak up if you re interested in the Legislative affairs position, contribute whatever you re comfortable with to the Sunshine Fund, show up for the cruises, and come out to race with us. The ECSA is a great organization and YOU can help to make it better by your involvement. See you on the water - Dave TREASURER'S REPORT by Tom Schrader Income Statement Fiscal Yr to Date REVENUE Mar-05 Sep 04 - Mar 05 Activities Income , Membership Dues Merchandise Income Miscellaneous Income Total Revenue 2, , EXPENSES Activities Expense - 5, Bank Service Charge - - Dues & Subscriptions Insurance Miscellaneous Office Supplies Postage/Delivery Printing/Repro Rent Sales Tax Total Expense 1, , Net Income (284.86) 2, Balance Sheet for Period Ending March 31, 2005 Assets/Checking Restricted Cash Security Deposit Total Assets 8, Liabilities & Net Worth Unrestricted Cash 6, Retained Earnings (485.80) Net Income 2, Welcome New Members Steven & Susan Eklund 240 Juniper Avenue Merritt Island, FL Allmand 31 - Mad Viking Harold & Dolores Kersey 556 Majorca Court Satellite Beach, FL Hunter 27 - Sukie Christopher Kiesel, Mary Kay, & Sherry th Ave SW Vero Beach, FL ft - Malia Kei David & Joyce Klahr 165 Ocean Breeze Circle Indialantic, FL Currently boat shopping! Harry & Darlene Pawlak 748 Atlantic Drive Satellite Beach, FL O Day 28 David & Linda Purkerson 2728 Trails at Hidden Harbor Merritt Island, FL Tartan 32 - Eroica Mark & Jeni Stanford th Court Vero Beach, FL O Day 27 - Name change pending Ken & Pam Windsor 3002 Nina Court Merritt Island, FL Catalina 22 - Lost Dream Total Net Worth 8, Page 4 SECRETARY S REPORT By Phyllis Paradies EAST COAST SAILING ASSOCIATION GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MARCH 9, 2005 The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. Board members present were Dave Merchberger, Joe Luthman, Joe Coleman, Phyllis Paradies, and elected Governor Chip Worster. Tom Schrader, Treasurer, was absent due to being out of town. Dave welcomed all including new members, guests, and past commodores. OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE REPORTS: Commodore Dave read a note of thanks from Pat Walker, Sterling s wife, regarding the support she and the family have received from ECSA during the last two years and after his passing. New members voted in at the March Board meeting were announced: David and Joy Klahr Christopher Kiesel and daughters, Mary Kay and Sherry Harry and Darlene Pawlak Ken and Pam Windsor A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the following new applications: David and Linda Purkerson Harold and Dolores Kersey Mark and Jeni Stanford Dave welcomed these new members and noted ECSA has received 30 new member applications since the new fiscal year (Sept. 1 st ). Dave asked all members to make our new members feel welcome and encourage them to become involved. A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the February Secretary s Minutes as published in the March FT&C. A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the Treasurer s Report for February as published in the March FT&C. Dave and other ECSA members attended a meeting led by House representative Mitch Needleman regarding issues affecting boaters, i.e. boat ramps, Condo development, marinas, etc. In regards to the issue of the Whitley Bay Marina going private, there is no additional information. However, as a result of the changes going on in the County affecting boaters, the Board created a Legislative Affairs group to keep the membership informed of activities in this area. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Dave. Sunshine Fund The Board has established a Sunshine Fund, which will send cards, flowers, etc. to members who have lost a loved one or who are in the hospital. The Fund will be kept completely separate from the ECSA primary account and contributions to the fund will be voluntary. Louise Worster volunteered to serve as the coordinator of the Fund. Regatta Time In The Abacos (RTIA) is scheduled for July 1st through July 9 th. There is information on this event on the ECSA web site. The Board is considering purchasing can coolers with the ECSA logo for about $2.00 each. The board is also considering acquiring ECSA patches that can be sewn on to clothing, etc. They will be about $5.00 each. More information will be provided on these items at the next general membership meeting. Dave announced that the club made a $ profit on the Miami Boat Show Bus Trip. Vice Commodore Joe Luthman welcomed new members and encouraged them to participate in future events. The June general membership meeting will be a Hands On program presented by our members and some vendors on subjects of interest to sailors. If anyone would like to participate in this program, please see Joe Luthman. Rear Commodore Racing. There was no report as the Fleet Captains were absent. However, Joe Coleman stated that the next Spring Series race is on the 19 th, the same weekend as the St. Patty s Cruise. Cruising Ron Vanderveer stated that the next cruise is the St. Patrick s Day Cruise to Melbourne Harbor. ESCA cruisers will anchor outside of Melbourne Harbor and use the MYC dinghy docks. The group will walk over to downtown Melbourne to watch the parade and participate in the festivities. A potluck breakfast will be held at Front Street Park at 8 am. Next cruises: Boy Scout Island in April and May 14 - (Continued on page 6) Page 5 Secretary s Report continued Member s Classifieds (Continued from page 5) 15 th will probably be Capt. Katanna s we still need a host for the May cruise. Patrick Air Force Base has cancelled their Air Show. The Coleman s will be sailing to St. Augustine again, probably in late May or early June. If interested in joining the cruise, please contact Joe or Karen. If interested in Bahamas Cruising - Gil Paradies will be having a meeting at his house the first week of April. If interested, sign up or call him. Recap of Miami Bus Trip and Mardi Gras: The bus trip to Miami was a great success again, including an encounter with a telephone pole. One ECSA couple set a new record for spending the most amount of money in least amount of time. The Mardi Gras weekend was fun with a nice sail to Cocoa Village but the second day weather not cooperative for the return home. OLD BUSINESS: None to report. NEW BUSINESS John Lynn, ECSA member and member of the Cocoa Beach Power Squadron, does boat safety inspections at no charge. If anyone needs one done, please contact John. His contact information is in our ECSA directory. Jerry Butz spoke on the next Sail a Small Boat Day to be held March 19 th. The event is sponsored and run by the Indian River Yacht Club. It is a great opportunity for the public to test sail a small sailboat, ranging in size from 12 to 25 feet. The event is held at Whitley Bay Marina, from 11 am to 5 p.m. Jerry is looking for skippers for the event. With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m., followed by the program on Fractional Sailing by Jerry Butz from Boaters Exchange. Respectfully submitted, Phyllis Paradies, Secretary FOR SALE: West Marine RU 260 (8 6 ) dinghy and Johnson 3.5 HP O/B motor. Dinghy 5 yrs old in excellent condition, O/B 9 mths old also in excellent condition. $1, Call Frank: Place your sailing classified ad here Just contact the Newsletter Editor or send an to Upcoming Cruise Boy Scout Island Area Cruise April 23rd and 24th Location: Cruise Headquarters will be Bill & Carla s house at 3255 S. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island or due east of Marker 85, Indian River (about 5 miles south of the Cocoa 520 Bridge on the east side). By Water come up the ICW until north of Marker 85. Then head bearing 105 degrees on Starbird (their boat anchored behind their house) and you ll be there. Starbird is anchored in 8 ft of water. Contact cruise headquarters by VHF on Channel 16 when approaching if you have any questions. Festivities: The party starts Friday evening - TGIF and goes through Sunday. There will be swimming, dancing, and lots of time to relax and enjoy the cruise. For the kids (we are all kids!), there will be pool games on Saturday and dancing and music on Saturday night. There will be a cookout Saturday night with hot dogs and hamburgers. Attendees should bring a side dish or dessert to share. On Sunday morning, a potluck breakfast will be held by the pool. Attendees are on their own for all other meals. Please bring your own plates, utensils, and beverages for the shared meals. Contact Information: Bill & Carla Jones CRUISE QUARTERS Mardi Gras Cruise 5 th Annual and maybe the last??? By Brenda K. Merchberger For those of you unaware, it seems that the weather gods do not look down kindly at us for this event. The weather gods did lull us into a false sense of security with our first event in We had light winds and good weather for the first cruise to the Mardi Gras party & parade at Cocoa Village. And, then the tide turned began with north wind 20 to 25 knots with pelting rain and winds increasing to 30 gusts to 35 by midafternoon. A few boats hung out on the south side of Pineda causeway for shelter and one hid behind Boy Scout Island. Some were tied in a web of lines at Whitley Bay. Others stayed on their boats north of 520. Needless to say, no one made it to the event proved to be an improvement over the prior year; however, the weather forecast was still formidable and several chose to be land cruisers and some who ventured on the water turned back after making no headway attempting to sail/motor to the event. Dave and I made it to the location and decided to dock at Whitley Bay for shelter. I ended up breaking my foot during the docking. We had a good group dinner; but by parade time, the rain was steady and many chose to return home another gusty day traveling to the event. A cold front had just passed though temperature 57 degrees, wind NNE at 25 mph with gusts to gale force. Johan had lost his anchor and rode in an attempt to anchor and returned to his marina. We did enjoy the festivities during the evening and had a nice potluck breakfast the following morning but the trip there was exciting. Now on to this year s trip. The weekend start couldn t have been better. For those of us coming from the south, we had a great sail up the river with winds NE 15 to 20 mph. It has been a long time since we could sail all the way to an event. It was great! The extended forecast showed rain, but it was still uncertain when it would actually arrive. We did have several boats opt not to sail up due to the impending weather; but we had a good turn out nonetheless. Arriving by boat were: Si
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