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The North Jersey Orchid Society NEWSLETTER APRIL 2013 The Official Publication of the North Jersey Orchid Society Our Next Meeting is on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 th, Bill Stender Will tell us how to take our
The North Jersey Orchid Society NEWSLETTER APRIL 2013 The Official Publication of the North Jersey Orchid Society Our Next Meeting is on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 th, Bill Stender Will tell us how to take our Orchids on Summer Vacation Bill Stender has been growing orchids for only about 5 years. When Bill and his wife Lynne took their 25 th wedding anniversary vacation to Hawaii, they bought their first two orchids. One died almost immediately, but the other, a Nobile type Dendrobium, refused to die. Bill started researching the culture of orchids and how to get this orchid to bloom again and he was hooked. Now 5 years later their orchid collection numbers about 150 plants and pretty much covers the entire spectrum of orchid growing. They have a greenhouse/sunroom connected to their house which holds the collection. When not growing orchids, Bill is the owner of Inc. which specializes in museum and gallery display and design services. Bill can often be found travelling the world for his clients. This month s talk titled Summer vacation for Orchids will be about how to put your orchids out for the summer. We will touch on various styles of structures, shade and cultural needs for orchids when they are out for the summer. So what happened to that Nobile style Dendrobium? Well it took 5 years, but he was finally able to get it to bloom just in time for their 30 th anniversary. Dinner at 7 P.M. Program begins at 8 P.M. President s Message, What Some People Will Do For Attention! Patti Lee, our auctioneer, fainted before the end of the auction. Many of our members came to her aid. The police and ambulance were called. Patti was questioned by a very young and handsome police officer. I knew Patti was back to normal as she was flirting shamelessly with him. Patti was given the okay to go home after being checked out my the paramedics. Due to the circumstances we suspended the auction and ended the meeting. We have called Patti the following day and she was doing alright but extremely embarrassed about the whole situation. (Did anyone take pictures?) We were not able to collect the money from the auction that night but Anita ed everyone regarding their winning bids and totals. Please mail your check to Bart Costello, 46 Donna Drive, Fairfield, NJ or bring it to the next meeting. We have been informed by Angelo that Hanover Manor will be raising the price of dinner to $14.00 effective May. They have kept the price at $12 since the day I joined over ten years ago so it is inevitable that the price will increase. They have been good to us and the dinner is still a good deal at $14. Hanover Manor will be renovating the downstairs dining room and have asked us to remove our storage cabinet that holds the library. It was the consensus of the board to do away with the library since it was not being utilized and the reference materials are outdated. There are old AOS Bulletins, VHS tapes on orchids, and hard cover books. The board decided to let our members take what they want rather than throw them away. We will disburse the contents of the library at the April meeting. Thank you for those who took the time to fill out the questionnaire regarding the plant table. We will report to you the results soon. Richard Page 1 April 2013 Vice President s Corner Greetings fellow Orchid lovers! If you have not heard already, I (Bill Stender) have taken on the role of vice president of the NJOS. I enter my new role with fear and trembling! Since I have only been actively growing for 5 years I truly consider myself a Newbie in the hobby of orchid culture. It will be difficult filling the shoes of Sharon and to be honest, Sharon did so much for this society, it would be practically impossible for one person to do everything she did. You will be sorely missed Sharon Chaplinsky and especially by me as I try to figure out how you did all the things you did for our society. As part of my duties to the society I will be concentrating on our show speakers and monthly events. I hope to start putting together a list of speakers for the coming months, so please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions to make our monthly meeting better. I want all of our meetings to be interesting and educational. Hopefully this month s talk will be both interesting AND educational. I will be speaking for the first time to the society on putting your orchids out for the summer. The talk is titled Summer Vacation for Orchids. It is just coincidence that I am speaking on the first month of my position as vice president. I was actually scheduled for this talk for the last 6 months! Besides finding speakers and events for our meetings, I also will be heading up our show committee. This committee will oversee our own annual show as well as shows that we participate in such as Deep Cut and SEPOS. Our next show that we are setting up will be the SEPOS (South East Pennsylvania Orchid Society) Show at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. This show sets up on Thursday April 11 th and the show is open from April 12 th to the 14 th. If you are interested in helping, please contact me. For further information on the show, go to the SEPOS website at Please note that the SEPOS show was formerly held at Longwood gardens, but they have moved it to Drexel University in Philadelphia for various reasons. Happy Growing, Bill Stender NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS The NJOS By-laws state that a nominating committee shall be formed and present a slate of candidates to the Society members at the April meeting. Our committee has been working diligently to find officers who would further the Societies endeavors of study and enjoyment of Orchids. We will present our slate of officers at the April meeting and hope that any member who would like to participate on the Board of Directors or as a Trustee would come forward and tell one of the nominating committee members of his/her interest in participating. At the May meeting all the nominees will be presented and additional nominations may be made from the floor. The election will be held at the June meeting. We, the Board and Trustees, hope that every member takes an interest in these elections as a means to growing and promoting our Society. The current Board positions are listed on Page 8. The nominating committee is made up of Maureen Boyle, Julie Hallberg and Anita Gibaldi. If you would like to put your name forward please contact Maureen Boyle at Julie Hallberg at Anita or find us at the meeting. The job descriptions are listed on our website, Please give thoughtful consideration to being an active member of YOUR ORCHID SOCIETY. Thank you, Anita NJOS MEETING LOCATION Location: The Hanover Manor 16 Eagle Rock Avenue, East Hanover, NJ Dinner: 7:00 P.M. A complete dinner, including coffee/tea and dessert is available to members and guests at a cost of $ Cash bar is provided. Program Begins at 8:00 P.M. Please have your plants on the Plant Table by 7:00 P.M. so voting can begin during dinner. Page 2 April 2013 Sharon s Corner Hi all, Where do I begin? First thank you so much for your lovely card and generous gift. I can not tell you how much everything meant to me. Leaving the society has been very difficult, but in the words of Arnold I ll be back (at least for a visit in the future or maybe as a speaker). Who knows maybe one day you will get a call that a society from North Carolina wants to enter the NJOS Orchid show and you ll know who s behind that. Hee hee. I ve been doing a lot of clean up and repotting in preparation for the move. It s amazing how many divisions have ended up in the NJOS section of the greenhouse. I think that you folks will have well over a hundred plants by the time I leave. Amazing how fast these things accumulate. A few may be a little rat nibbled but still very nice plants. That leads me to my latest problem with the greenhouse. A family of rats moved in. I have a new respect for those beady eyed rodents because they are smart. I didn t realize how smart until I tried to eliminate them after they destroyed a nice group of Oncidiums and ate the new growths off of my Cymbidiums. I left Pumpkin Puss in the greenhouse overnight but still had damage so I didn t think it worked. A few days later when cleaning I found ½ a rat so Pumpkin must have decided he was a one rat a night kind of cat. I tried all the suggested methods like peanut butter, chocolate, bacon with traps that electrocute, stick and snap and nothing worked. It really, really hurts when you snap your fingers in those traps and no I was not trying to get the chocolate out of the trap. To add insult to injury, the traps were actually buried by the blasted rodents. Finally after another round of plant damage and fresh tunneling, I found a blog by a professional trapper who swore by fresh almonds. I kid you not there was even a video on how to carefully scrap the almonds to give the appearance of gnawing and to release the oils. It worked the first day but then I found I had to move the trap after each successful catch. I also switched to a trap that is easier to set and haven t caught my fingers since. So now it s just a matter of getting rid of all the little monsters before any more destruction occurs and it looks like I m getting close. Hopefully this will be taken care of before my May departure. Until I find a place to live my sister and mom will be caring for the plants. Then hopefully, once I find a house I can build a greenhouse. The backup plan is for me to rent a greenhouse in NC if I can t get one built before I move. The whole process is scary as there are still so many unknowns but hopefully all is going to work out. Stay tuned as I will keep you updated as the transplanting process continues. Happy growing to all of you and all my love until we meet again. Neostylis Pinky Starry Night Sharon Chaplinsky, Bronze Slc. Seagull s Apricot, Sharon Chaplinsky Silver Page 3 April 2013 Page 4 April 2013 Page 5 April 2013 North Jersey Orchid Society Plant Table : MARCH 14, 2013 ID PLANT AWARD OWNER GREENHOUSE Orchids of this division grow primarily under greenhouse conditions. 101 Catleya (unknown) Edith McGrath Paph. Larry Hevel Malipoense x emersonii 102 nager Edith McGrath 103 Bletilla Big Bob Sharon Chaplinsky 104 Den. Angel Baby Little Darling Sharon Chaplinsky 105 Den. Pink Rabbit Grace Bronze Sharon Chaplinsky 106 Blc. Silva Hill Abby Jazzlyn Sharon Chaplinsky 107 Catleya (Unknown) Russ Polo 108 Paph. Donna Hanes Pa x Alex Szabo #5 Sharon Chaplinsky 109 Den. Himezakura Sanokku Sharon Chaplinsky 110 FDC After Midnight Pearl Silver Mike Mazur WINDOWSILL Orchids of this division grow primarily under natural light conditions. 201 Paph. Conco-Bellatulum Silver Paul Bundarin 202 Den. Mini Snowflake Silver Paul Bundarin 203 Phal. Minho Princess Lightning Jeannette A. Vreeland 204 Den. Thyrsifltorum GOLD Bart Costello 205 Paph. Tree of Galaxy Supergiant x... Ken Stiefel 206 Cym. Goeringii var. alba Carole Bivens 207 Polina Marie? 208 Golden Aya? LIGHTS Orchids of this division grow primarily under artificial light conditions. 301 Paph. Super Eureka AM/AOS x Paph. Silver Anita Gibaldi Raisin Pie Hsinying MINIATURE Orchids of this division are mature plants including foliage up to six inches in height; monopodial orchids having leaf span up to six inches 401 Slc. Seagull s Apricot Silver Sharon Chaplinsky 402 Neostylis Pinky Starry Night Bronze Sharon Chaplinsky 403 Slc. Mango Spice Sharon Chaplinsky NO ENTRIES NOVICE Orchids of this division are plants entered by growers new to growing orchids FRAGRANCE Orchids of this division are fragrant plants also entered in any of the above divisions 110 FDC After Midnight Pearl Silver Mike Mazur 106 Blc. Silva Hill Abby Jazzylin Bronze Sharon Chaplinsky Page 6 April 2013 Den. Pink Rabbit Grace, Sharon Chaplinsky, Bronze Den. Thyrsifltorum, Bart Costello, GOLD FDC After Midnight Pearl, Mike Mazur, Silver & Silver Fragrance Den. Mini Snowflake, Paul Bundarin Paph. Conco-Bellatulum, Paul Bundarin Silver Silver Ballots tallied by Russ Polo Page 7 April 2013 CLIP & KEEP THESE DATES ***April 10 Wednesday** DATE CHANGE*** April NJOS Meeting-Bill Stender Summer Vacation for Orchids SEPOS International Show & Sale Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel Univ. Philadelphia, NJOS will be putting up a display lend us your blooming plants to be in the display May 3-5 Long Island Orchid Festival 2013 May 9 June13 July 11 Planting Fields Arboretum State Park, Oyster Bay, NY NJOS Meeting-Tom Nelson NJOS Meeting Elections, Potting Party NJOS Meeting BOARD OF DIRECTORS JULY 2012 JUNE 2013 President Richard Ho Vice President William Stender Treasurer Bart Costello Recording Secretary Marion Israel Corresponding Secretary Sandra Mackowiak Membership Officer Sandra Mackowiak Conservationist Open Position Newsletter Editor Anita Gibaldi Trustees : Trudy Bliesath; Carrie Buchman; Lisa Choplo; Raymond Kwong; Russell Polo; Richard Rampinelli; Irwin Slotnick; Librarian Rosemary Teeple; Web Master Anita Gibaldi AOS Representative Marion Israel LET S CONTINUE OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANT TABLE BRING YOUR BLOOMING PLANTS TO THE APRIL MEETING and share their beauty with your friends. Please have them on the table before 7 P.M. so members have time to vote. We have six categories: Greenhouse, Lights, Windowsill, Miniature, Novice and Fragrance. Start earning points now for the Plant Table Awards. BRING YOUR BLOOMING PLANTS FOR THE SHOW TABLE AND REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES!!! The North Jersey Orchid Society, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization, dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, information and instruction concerning the culture of orchids, their hybridization, conservation, display, arrangement, and exhibition. We are an affiliated member of the American Orchid Society (AOS), Joint Presidents Council (JPC), and Orchid Digest. North Jersey Orchid Society, Inc. is a taxexempt organization under Section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code. The objectives of the Society are to promote, carry on and aid in the development, improvement and preservation of orchids; to disseminate information concerning the culture, hybridization or development of orchids; and generally to extend the knowledge, production, use and appreciation of orchids of any kind in any manner. Page 8 April 2013 AOS Corner If you have had an occasion to speak with anyone at AOS Headquarters, you may find some new additions (or changes of duties) for the staff. With the addition of Gladys Garcia-Greenberg last summer, a realignment of some of the duties over the past few months has occurred. As a way of introduction, the current staffing at AOS is: Ron McHatton, Chief Operating Officer Gladys Garcia-Greenberg, Director of Administration and Finance Naya Marcano, Membership Associate (responsible for Judging/Affiliated Society/Shows/ Awards) Maria San Juan, Membership Assistant Alexandra Cernat, Membership Assistant John Wrench, Advertising Alain Gonzalez, Accounting If you have any questions that do not fit into any category listed above, you may always send them to The main phone number at headquarters is Each Committee also has its own address. The various committees and contact information may be found in the front of Orchids, as well as on the AOS website. Hopefully by now you have checked out the digital version of our monthly magazine, Orchids. It can be downloaded and read on your computer, tablet or whatever portable device you may have. It has been very well received, especially for those recipients outside the United States. It is usually available before the first of each month. Time is running out for the purchase of the 2013 Conservation Calendar. I understand that supplies are becoming limited. Contact headquarters for special bulk ordering or to just order one! Remember $2 of each purchase price funds the AOS conservation initiatives. Lynn Fuller, Chair AOS Affiliated Society Page 9 April 2013 North Jersey Orchid Society C/o Anita Gibaldi 133 Pershing Avenue Nutley, NJ Calendar of Orchid Society Meetings: 2nd Tuesday, 7:30 pm Deep Cut Orchid Society Monmouth Reform Temple, Tinton Falls, NJ 2nd Tuesday, 8 pm Greater Westchester O.S. 7 Saxsonwood St. White Plains, NY 2nd Wednesday, Manhattan orchid Society, SLC Conference Center, 15 West 39 th St.,3 rd Fl. NYC (btwn. 5 th & 6 th Aves.) nd Thursday, 8 pm North Jersey O.S. (dinner 7 pm, $12 per person) Hanover Manor, 16 Eagle Rock Ave., East Hanover, NJ 2nd Thursday, 6:30 pm Long Island O.S. VFW Hall, corner of Vincent & Merrick Rd., Lynbrook, NY 3rd Tuesday, 7:30 pm Staten Island O.S. All Saints Episcopal Church, 2329 Victory Blvd., Staten Island NY 3rd Wednesday, 7:00 pm Greater New York O.S. Westchester Country Club at Villa Maria Academy, 3341 Country Club Road, Bronx, NY 3rd Thursday, 7 pm 3rd Saturday, 10 am 4th Tuesday, 7 pm Ramapo O.S. Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, Englewood, NJ AOS Northeast Regional Judging, Bartlett Arboretum, 151 Brookdale Rd. Stamford, CT Call Rita Cohen Jersey Highlands Orchid Society (JHOS) Tri County Federal Credit Union, 47 Route 206, Augusta, NJ Editors Note Deadline for the MAY newsletter is APRIL 24 th. Please submit your articles before the due date to me directly at errors or corrections to the editor Please call ahead to confirm date and location before attending. Page 10 April 2013
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