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The original first edition of The Lolita Method was written and published by Freedom Storehouse Press in 1989, with a second edition printed in 1991. I have since revised and updated the text. The book was co-written with a friend of mine who has given me permission to revise and post it. At the time I wrote this, I was not PRED. I was just a humble public school teacher with a dream. I left teaching and a failed first marriage soon after I completed the first draft of The Lolita Method, relocat
   The srcinal frst edition o The Lolita Method was written and published by Freedom Storehouse Press in 1989, with a seond edition printed in 1991! ha#e sine re#ised and updated the te$t! The boo% was o&written with a riend o mine who has gi#en me permission to re#ise and post it! 't the time wrote this, was not P()*! was +ust a humble publi shool teaher with a dream! let teahing and a ailed frst marriage soon ater ompleted the frst drat o The Lolita Method, reloating to ew -or% .ity! There met a host o underground writers in the /0ine world! showed one o them my manusript or The Lolita Method, and he turned me on to Freedom Storehouse Press! They printed and published the boo%, and it was distributed under the ounter in porno shops and headshops! 'nyone who has a opy o the frst or seond edition has a real olletor/s item! /#e been loo%ing or an e$tra opy or the last ouple months now, but no lu% so ar!  you ha#e one, put it up on e&bay! /#e had an oer or 2133 or the boo%, whih is amusing beause it was printed on heap paper with a staple binding! 4ell, that/s enough reminising or one day! )n+oy !! 'nti&*islaimer5 6h, .6M) 67 The Lolita Method is the sole property o P()*'T6( Press ntl! .omments, uestions, death threats please e&mail P!!!:alta#ista!net!  The Lolita Method  The Sure&Fire 4ay to Pi% ;p Forbidden <irls by Sott *onner a%a P()*'T6( with =ill >umbert  The authors would li%e to than% the ollowing or their ontinuing inspiration, eort andsupport5 The >umbert Soiety o 'meria ?>ard .o%s in Searh o -oung Twat@A Lolitas)#erywhere ?Than% <od or .lueless .um&*umpsters@A Stupid Parents ?6ur daughterwould ne#er do anything li%e that !!!@A Bladimir abo%o# ?For pro#iding us with a #isionand a name@A 'ndrea ?*oin%in@ *wor%in, .atherine ?MaCuntin@ MaCinnon D theFemi&a0i Sisterhood ?For pro#iding us with ruial insight into adolesent emalepsyhology whih we routinely e$ploit@A The F= D Law )norement 'genies Throughout the 4orld ?.ath us i you an, assholes7@A 6ur 4i#es D <irlriends ?Forpro#iding us peret o#er D u%able daughters@A 6ur Future Prey ?May your brains beempty and your pussies tight@ii! T(6*;.T 6 /m going to ma%e this short beause hate boo%s with long introdutions! do,howe#er, want to ta%e a brie moment to tell you what this boo% is all about, in ase youha#en/t already fgured it out!6b+eti#e & To 'ttain D Maintain the Se$ual Presene o EForbidden <irls in -our Lie -es, you read that right! The Lolita Method is uite simply, a systematiapproah to bagging Eorbidden Egirls in their ormati#e years ?although we do addressthe issue o Little Lolitas as well@! This boo% deli#ers in lear, onise, step&by&stepinstrutions what other >ow to Pi% ;p <irls !!! authors won/t e#en dare to suggest!   The Lolita Method openly addresses the #arieties o teeny&bopper twat a#ailablein the statutory meat mar%etplae and pro#ides the pro#en strategies best suited toauiring those o#eted young unts!For some o you ?parents, ops, preahers, eminists, lesbians and sensiti#eGemasulatedH males@ the language and ideas presented in this study may oend, repulseand, perhaps, indue you to near homiidal rage! 6h well, there/s nothing an do aboutthat! t/s your u%ing ault or pi%ing up the boo% in the frst plae! So u% you! -ouma%e me want to pu%e, too!For those o you onsidering getting into the Lolita Sweepsta%es or +ust uriousabout what =ill and ha#e to say, bid you welome and hope you fnd our wor% asasinating and as stimulating as we do!6thers o you will ha#e ome to the point where you are ready to ta%e that ne$tstep and plunge into the orbidden paradise o Eyoung&adult poontang! Than% <od youound us beore #enturing into these oten troublesome waters without being at leastsomewhat brieed onerning what to e$pet and how best to proeed and sueed!For the e$periened >umbert, we hope our researh pro#ides you with some newand inno#ati#e tatis or inreasing your Lolita %ill ratio! 4e also hope you appreiateour eorts to at long last ollet, ollate and hronile all the #arious and sundrysedution methods whih ha#e pro#en so suessul all these years! ?6h yeah, and thease studies are pretty hot, too!@ 4hat you ha#e beore you is o#er twenty ombinedyears worth o painsta%ing researh, and as ar as we %now The Lolita Method stands asthe most omprehensi#e wor% de#oted to the art o u%ing Eorbidden girls !!! e#er!  you don/t agree, please, do us all a a#or and introdue us to something thatonsiders the issue in the same simple language and puts orward an e#en more pratialplan o atta%! 4e would li%e to read it! , or one, am always willing to learn!o, the Lolita Method is not 133I guaranteed or e#ery Eorbidden girl ine#ery irumstane! 4e don/t need to ma%e hollow promises to satisy our readers! (estassured, howe#er, that i you do read this boo% and seriously ?and mean seriously@ ma%ean eort to implement our strategies you will sueed in your uest to u% Eorbiddengirls777 That/s not a guarantee !!! it/s a at7'll you need to bag bimbettes is a little patiene, a little ourage and a great gameplan! So, let the Lolita Method be that master plan, and lea#e the details to us!6#erall, no matter who you may be or what %ind o agenda you may ha#e broughtto these pages, the Lolita Method presents an e$ellent opportunity or e#eryone toe$plore the psyhes o those o us who li%e to u% Eorbidden girls! The Method alsoe$aminines the issue o se$ with Eorbidden girls rom a wholly dierent ?and may addenlightened@ perspeti#e!For those who would read this boo% in an attempt to gain insight into the methods  o the >umbert and thus thwart his eorts && parents, law enorement oJers, emi&a0is and preahers && go ahead and try! =ut should warn you o something frst!>umberts ha#e been hanging around u%ing your preious little daughters sinei#ili0ation began, and we/ll ontinue to bust their tight herries no matter what you andyour patheti morals ha#e to say about it! So, why don/t you +ust lie ba% and en+oy it!4ho %nows, you might fnd a little >umbert in yoursel as well!So, without urther adieu !!! welome to my world!Sott *onner'pril 1, 199K   1 n the =eginning =eore we begin our Lolita uest, two short narrati#es would, perhaps, be in order! These are the stories o the two authors/ frst reorded %ills, and we are using them here to illustrate a ew points! First !!! >umberts ome in all shapes, ages and si0es! For the most part, seduing Lolita has #ery little to do with how you loo% or how muh money you ha#e in your wallet! Li%e prime real estate, prime orbidden pussy is all about loation! The suessul >umbert plaes himsel in aloation where a resh unt +ust omes strolling by! Thin% o the hunter sitting in his tree stand abo#e the s%ittish young doe who is obli#ious to the at she/s in the ross hairs! Seond !!! The disad#antage o your age is atually an ad#antage!  The tri% is learning how to turn the tables and transorm yoursel rom a *irty 6ld Man to the )$periened 6lder Man! Li%e abo%o#/s >umbert ?rom the no#el Lolita, reuired reading or any man obsessed with orbidden unt@, adult males and only adult males an pro#ide what Lolita is really loo%ing or, whih leads us to our ne$t point! Third !!! Lolita/s primary desire in lie is to beome and eel li%e a real, grown&up woman! 4e all this adolesent obsession the Lolita ;rge, and it is responsible or ditating almost 133I o Lolita/s ations and reations! The >umbert who an manipulate this urge is the >umbert who routinely sores %ills! Fourth !!! Lolitas an be bro%en down into se#en primary ategories5 the Stoner, the <old *igger, the '#erage <irl, the (omanti 'rtist, the Birgin Mary, the ;gly <irl D the Frea%! (eogni0ing Lolita/s type immediately puts you at the ad#antage! .ertain strategies wor% better with ertain types o girls! 'llyou need to do is plug it in! 'lthough neither =ill nor were onsiously aware o these ruial ators when we began indi#idually bagging bimbette pussy years ago, we did, howe#er, instinti#ely pursue ertain ourses o ation that utili0ed all our rules o thumb! =eore we del#e into the Method, then, perhaps it would behoo#e us to ta%e a loser loo% at the humble beginnings o your humble >umberts! Sott/s Story My frst orbidden %ill ourred when was +ust 18 years old, in the summer between my senior year o high shool and my reshman year in ollege! 't the time was a hot&shot, young musiian ?a trumpet player i you really must %now@ who had +ust been awarded a musi sholarship to a ma+or Midwest ;ni#ersity!  That summer, ound wor% as a .ounselor n Training ?. T@ at a summer musi amp sponsored by a loal ollege! This was your basi li#e&in type arrangement  with about 133 %ids ranging rom 11 to 1N oupying ollege dorm rooms, attending orhestra rehearsals and pri#ate lessons, and perorming wee%ly onerts in the ity par%! was part o a sta numbering O . Ts, 8 .ounselors,  *iretors and 1 *ean! From the onset, enountered numerous personality onQits with the sta hierarhy! The *iretors didn/t li%e me beause, as they putit, was a +a00er, whih in layman/s terms meant wasn/t your typial, &eyed lassial musi nerd! n addition to this, the .ounselors immediately pegged me as a bad inQuene beause o my long hair, pony tail, and my propensity to blare loud be&bop musi rom the stereo in my room! n at, the only thing sa#ing me rom immediate e$pulsion was my raw ability as a musiian! was arguably the best trumpet player ?not to mention musiian@ in the amp, and or some un%nown reason the *ean li%ed me! eedless to say, my rebellious ways and +a00star rep ui%ly endeared me to the %ids, and by my third wee% already had uite a large ollowing o Sott *onner wannabes among the boys and Sott *onner groupies among the girls! To put it bluntly, my musial talent and hell/s bells attitude had made me the amp legend, and being the o%y young guy that was ate it up! 6 ourse, the .ounselors tried to ta%e me down a peg or two! They made me dorm monitor or the worst group o older boys, and when that didn/t brea% me they plaed me in harge o supper lean up, whih is really where my story begins! Sitting at my supper table e#ery night ?we all had designated seats@ was a resh&aed, 1R&year&old Qute player named Traey! 'lthough blessed with a shy, pretty smile, Traey stood about K/O ?and growing@, and her thin, lithe rame made her appear somewhat gaw%y when ompared to most o the other girls her age! 'lready, howe#er, she sported a ripe pair o budding breasts that pointed out li%e sot, frm spi%es through her summer wardrobe o T&shirts and halter&tops! n addition, she showed o her long, sinewy legs e#ery day in a suession o ut&o, denim shorts that rode up high along herthighs and ft snugly o#er a Qat, yet slowly de#eloping ass! 'lthough Traey ould not be alled the prettiest or the most popular girl in her age group, her uiet, attenti#e demeanor made her a a#orite among the sta!  you needed someone to help with the dishes or ta%e down hairs ater a rehearsal, you loo%ed or  Traey! n retrospet, guess that/s how the whole thing started! 's an eighteen&year&old hotshot surrounded by a #eritable swarm o adoring, orbidden oo0e, ound it impossible not to Qirt with the girls! Sure, was starting ollege in the all, but the sight o a 1R or 1 year old unt in a pair o shorts ?or worse yet a bathing suit@ still sent my o% straight ba% to Nth grade, when used to +a% o all night dreaming about sin%ing my teeth into some o that tight, tender, teeny&bopper gash! 'lthough she didn/t awn all o#er me li%e a lot o the girls with their adolesent rushes, ould tell Traey was attrated to me! Sometimes would loo% up in the middle o orhestra rehearsal, shoot a glane in her diretion, and there she/d be, +ust staring at me! Then she/d Qash me that shy, %iller smile and go ba% to her musi! eedless to say ound mysel getting more and more turned on at the attention until slowly began to ta%e matters into my own hands!)#ery night at the supper table, /d tease her, tal% to her, do anything ould to see her eyes onnet with mine! suppose somewhere deep in my subonsious mind %new where this thing was heading, although ne#er would ha#e admitted suh a thing at the time! 6#ertly, pretended to be interested in one o the other . Ts, a somewhat stu%&up, nineteen year old bith rom ba% east named Mia! n
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