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  • 1. THE FACES OF ANTHROPOLOGIE Documented by: Nathania Fuad Summer 2016
  • 2. THE FACES OF ANTHROPOLOGIE Documented by: Nathania Fuad Summer 2016
  • 3. INTRODUCTION First off, thanks so much for taking the time to fip through this book. My name is Nathania Fuad and I'm a Summer Intern with Anthropologie's Soft Wovens Product Development and Production Teams. In thinking through what have been the most memorable moments in my time here, it's the conversations and relationships I have been able to develop that have really taught me so much. I knew for my intern project I wanted to feature and unveil beautiful stories behind the people that I've gotten to work with. Some of you may know most of the people I featured while others may have not met a single person. My hope is that regardless of who you know, this book would help you gain a deeper understanding of Anthropologie as a brand. Perhaps you'll discover sometthing new about someone you work with that you never knew! I hope this book opens your eyes to the diverse blend of backgrounds that are crucial to shaping this unique, but dearly loved company. I've only spent nine weeks at Anthropologie's Home Office, and to be honest, I came in feeling like I knew so little! I was fascinated by this brand, and this project has inspired me and taught me so many lessons about the brand and life in general. Getting to interact and learn from so many individuals across all teams here has ignited such a gratitude for this opportunity. Enjoy!
  • 4. "I never knew you could go into fashion.I had these little barbie dolls that I would preforate cut out clothing for! Later in high school when I new I wanted to pursue fashion, my mom encouraged me to to take a sewing class during my high school senior year. I took it as a joke, but it actually really prepared me for college as a fashion design major! I finally feel like I'm in a really good place. I had been working like crazy in New York City for six years before coming back home to Philly. It is definitely not a one man show here. Because my team and I see things very differently, it makes us so much more well rounded and supportive of one another. I love when I'm fitting something and when I see the problem, I know exactly how I'm supposed to fix it. It is so rewarding to make sense of what is wrong." - Hilary Armstrong Associate Technical Designer
  • 5. "In grade school I thought that I wanted to work for a fashion magazine, or perhaps become an architect. I had never planned on doing recruiting. But I have been here witth URBN for thirteen years. I love the brand and what we stand for. There is something so unique and different here. I own what I'm doing and I want to do my best. I love the people I am working with. You quickly become become very close with people you're interacting with every single day! My advice for interns would be to always be willing to try. It is always the interns who are self-aware, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, who will succeed. It is cool seeing people who are eager and positive, being proactive and focusing on what they know they want to do with their time here. The highlight for me is when I know I've found someone that is joining us who I know will be doing great things for the company!" - Robin McCann Anthropologie Senior Recruiter
  • 6. "I worked for The Gap for 15 years, starting as a seasonal part-time sales associate in school. I never thought I'd go into retail...I was going to be a doctor! But I've been here since 2005. My parents are my biggest role models. They both immigrated here from Greece. They are such hard workers and motivated me to do well. Their hard work ethic has always stuck in there and it drives me to succeed. One pieces of advice m mom says all the time is, "You should never say no to an opportunity, but you can say no to an offer." Just marry your passion with your job and it will never feel like work. I'm a full believer in that. My passion is seeing processes succeed; my job is to clear the path for my teams. It doesn't ever feel like"work" to me though. I love the technological pieces and breaking them down to see how our customer can benefit from it." - Demo Lymberopoulos Executive Director of E-Commerce and Omnichannel Platforms
  • 7. "My first job was designing military uniforms for chemical warfare, and I was also a buyer for an outdoor clothing company. Growing up, I had a lot of personal sewing projects! I made my own prom dress, graduation dress and homecoming dress! I taught myself how to sew, and it was up to me to figure out all the Vogue patterns I bought them from the store. I love getting into the details; it's like engineering for clothing. You're constantly asking yourself how to make a piece work, and that is not always an easy feat. Anthropologie does an amazing job at building a lifestyle; you can't always get that all encompassing type of experience. It's exciting when there's a piece that you struggle with, and it is now a successfully selling style. The company is very creative driven and outside the box. Nothing is off limits here. If anyone could make pizza and retail work, it would definiteley be URBN. - Kristen Hultzapple Associate Technical Designer
  • 8. "I started with Anthropologie in the downtown office for three years, but I moved to Kohl's and Victoria's Secret for some time before coming back. I really liked Philadelphia as a city, and I missed the culture and environment at Anthropologie. It's so fast paced here and there is a special camraderie between the teams here. I like negotiating and really seeing the product through to the end of the lifecycle. I used to run my own pageants, but after moving here is when I stopped. I was featured on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network in 2012, where they featured my own pageant! It is mainly my daughter who does them now, but I did win Miss Congeniality in a pageant and win first runner up in another! I don't consider myself extremely creative, but this is a little bit of creativity that I get to do with my daughter! Don't ever be afraid of hard open minded and ready to learn. Say yes to as many opportunities as you can. Be willing to talk to different teams to get a better understanding of what other people do!" - Satanna Warren Production Manager Soft Wovens
  • 9. "I grew up in a small town in North Carolina. I never thought about moving to a city. Growing up, my grandma owned so many W magazines. That's what I grew up reading. I fell in love with the fantasy of what fashion could be. My grandma was a huge inspiration. She'd sew everything from clothes to minature dolls. I wanted to be like her. I had almost gone to school for dentistry, but I ended up studying fashion design. As an Anthropologie stylist, I always want to challenge the customer and give her something different. Even if it isn't a great day in the studio, I still love the physical act of what I'm doing even if it's just steaming a shirt. It's mundane, but also very thereuptic. I really do think fashion goes over the is being able to express yourself without words." - Christy Michal Senior Web Stylist
  • 10. "Growing up, I always liked being different, I wanted to wear things other people weren't wearing. I loved looking through magazines and dreaming about different things I'd want to buy and wear. As a teenager, my mom took me to our first Greenville store, and it became the place where my mom and i could walk around for hours. As our brand evolves, I find myself evolving as well. The best and worst part of my day is that no day is ever the same. We always have something new going on, and it makes me reinvent myself. I like that I get to meet with so many people of all areas of expertise. One minute I'm with a buyer, and the next minute I'm talking to an allocator. No matter what part of the role you play, to say you had a part in making this happening is a great feeling...not everyone in retail has that strong of a connection to their store and I'm always amazed at what every story here produces." - Bari Fisher Director of Business Operations
  • 11. "Working at URBN cultivated my love for jewelry design and is what encouraged me to pursue it in my personal life. So many people here are also pursuing their creative passions outside of work. And this company has a beautiful way of melding those two worlds together. Being here has helped me develop my own creative aesthetic, especially when meeting other people with distinct visions themselves. I am so incredibly inspired by the people I work with. The key to inspiration, especially for our Visual team, is that we must be open to find it exhibits, Pinterest, blogs, in nature, even just walking down the street... and to have an endless sense of curiosity in all things. I love that my days are never the same. One day I might be working on budgets in Excel and another day I could be wire working or dyeing fabric. I also love that I have ownership over what I do. I have always felt that way here. I feel encouraged and empowered to continuously push my contributions." - Kelly DeMott Jones Senior Manager of Visual Operations
  • 12. "I've been doing sewing for a long time. As a kid, I made all my clothes. My shorts and shirts were just replicated with the same patterns as I grew older! My mom was a sewing teacher in grade school and high school. Even my son knows how to crochet... But I love it. When my last employer closed down for good, I called one of my old friends who was working here at URBN. Now I get to work with,let me, two, three,four other sample makers I worked with seventeen years ago! I have my own side business doing wedding alterations too! I remember being in this beautiful Urban Outfitters store and there it of my beautiful dresses I patterned. There is something really special about getting to see one of my dresses in catalog or store." - Annette Gottsabend Pattern Marker All Brands
  • 13. "What makes this company so unique is that you're literally thrown into everything! Youre able to dabble into a lot of things and take on a lot of responsibility early on. I still vividly rememer the specific moment I went to the Wayne store with my mom. Just walking in there, it was something I had never experienced at any other retailer, from their beautiful clothes to their bedding. There was something so warm and welcoming. The store does a great job of making someone really feel something as they walk in. Not many retailers can get you to do that. Make sure to dress for the job you want and not for the job you already have. Keep your end goal in sight! Make yourself excited to get up and go to work!" - Annette O'Malley Merchandising Assistant Blouses & Skirts
  • 14. "I started my career going into real estate in Florida, but I wasn't really into it and I wanted something more creative. I met a realtor magazine photographer and asked if I could start assisting him. I got to travel all around the world with him. I realized this is what I wanted to do with my life and eventually, I really felt like I could go on my own. The people here are my favorite...I like that the brand puts heavy emphasis on the creative process, letting you explore creativity. You really get to learn about the brand. You see how decisions you make affect the brand. I even enjoy just going to Jharoka or the lunch room and saying hi to people. I love the energy...I need that positive energy to keep me going. Not a lot of companies allow this much freedom." - Landon McCann Director of Photo Studio
  • 15. "My family is from Ghana; fashion wasn't a career. But my mom taught me how to sew. In Ghana, you receive fabric for your school uniform and you have to sew it yourself. I would stare and watch her sew thinking she was making magic. I was an economics major, not realizing I could do this with my life. It felt like I was marrying Prince William when I realized I could. I didn't think this job was actually possible!" We get all the customer reviews and feedback; it feels so rewarding if our customer loved it. Anthropologie has a high design concept, but what I love is that my customer could be a mom or a school teacher. We really love our customer. The decisions we make aren't just for money, but rather because we want to make pieces that she would want and be excited about. It doesn't matter if the trend is flattering. If it's not on trend, but it's stunning, beautiful and we know she'll be excited to get it, then we go for it! Considering what we charge for our product, the Anthropologie customer is getting incredible value for her money. We treat each piece like a collection; that's what makes it fun!" - Beverly Schley Senior Technical Designer
  • 16. "I came to America from China in 1996 when I was 32. I was a designer and Vice President of Beijing Fashion Institute for fourteen years. In 1987, I had the opportunity to go to Japan to study fashion. Going to Japan opened my eyes to fashion possibilities outside of China...that's why I came to America! I enjoy fashion, no matter what apparel it is. For four years, I worked for couture companies like John Anthony in New York City. That season gave me a lot of new experience. All the people working with me here at URBN have experience and they make my job so easy. They have a passion to work and when they want to finish, they want the product to to be perfect. It helps make the process so much more efficient." - Susan Cai Manager of the Pattern & Sample Room
  • 17. "When I was young, I dreamed of following Anderson Cooper around the world as a traveling journalist and had no intention of going into the retail industry. I would always ogle at Anthrpologie's elaborate window displays but I didn't realize the company was based in Philadelphia. Once I graduated from college, I made a habit of consistently checking their job postings page. I initally applied for a temp role and didn't get it. Then as fate would have it, my current role became available a couple months later. Everyday I am faced with a spectrum of challenges. Anything from dealing with crazy vendors to delivery obstacles, I get to help find the solution. I also have the to opportunity to collaborate with mutiple teams, shadow different departments and have access to a vibrant corporate campus. The people here are amazing, URBN attracts the best of the best. My manager is incredibly supportive and fosters my growth. My teammates kick ass! It's never a dull moment in our pod. I like to think we are the definition of work hard, play hard, laugh hard. At the end of the day I am sincerely grateful for this entry level role and the introduction it has provided me to the insane world of retail." - Emily Plummer Buying Operations Coordinator Blouses & Skirts
  • 18. "Growing up, my parents renovated historic home and sold them. I have never lived a house built past 1916! When I was 11, I started working and helping them out. At 16, I worked at an interior designer firm as the low man, processing inventory and all, but by the time I graduated hgh school, I had assisted in design of full homes and had my own homes and clients that I worked with." "I love when historic pieces meet modern functionality; I love that juxtiposition. It's very intimate. You have to study the home and time period of the home. I'm learning that design is a process, not an end goal. . It can always be evolved and made better. Behind every good design is a great product. When you're the first man on the line, you need to make sure you're giving them the right product to design their home.That's why I've always admired Anthropologie's visual standpoint. Their experience of making the stoore a magical thing for customers is so cool." - Hudson Moore Home Buying Intern
  • 19. "I was an English and American Literature major at Harvard, minoring in Islamic Architecture. I intended to get my Masters or PhD and become a professor, but after graduating I needed to take time to work. Investment bankers were recruiting on campus, and I couldn't imagine myself doing that. Bloomingdales was there as well; I applied for a training program making just $18,000/year. I stuck with it and loved it. This company is unapologetic regarding creativity. That alone is the spinal column of what we're about. It is front and center here. You see people painting at their desk, or even hanging things off their wall! Our customer values a a beautiful life over a flawless face. We want to give her products that are both beautiful and effective. When I started this department, it was just me. Now, there's nine of us! Know that it is never too late in your career to pivot. Everything they tell you about following your passion... it's true. Figure out what you love, and make time to do it. Trust your gut, and follow it. It has never failed me." - Catherine Moellering General Merchandising Manager Beauty
  • 20. "Since I was a little kid, I would draw little designs in class and secretly pass them to my friends. They would rate them and then pass it back to me. I realized very quickly that designing wasn't for me! But as I got older, I began to grow fond of certain subjects and gain more skillsets which I've been able to encorporate into a job within this industry. I love the energy and vibe down here. Everyone is low key and creative. They just want to work with you...that's what I really appreciate about this company. And being a stylist, I can literally send an email directly to our customer- that one on one connection is so unique. Connecting with her is what keeps me excited about the URBN brand. There's so much contact here that opens the door for different conversations with such unique people." - Caroline Dilsheimer BHLDN Senior Stylist
  • 21. "My family has owned a dairy and egg farm in Lancaster for three generations. But even at a young age, I loved playing dress-up and sewing clothes for my Barbie dolls. I visited Savanna College of Art & Design (SCAD) my junior year of high school and I decided to apply a year early. Suddenly I found myself omitting my senior year of high school. I'm a college drop out! Then I graduated from SCAD three years later. I work with the same design team now that I worked with during my internship here. I realized finding a team you love is half the battle. Our team especially is so tight knit and everything is hands on. There's so much opportunity for growth! A highlight of my weeks are receiving the catalog samples and getting to tangibly see what we've designed!" - Khalee Kreider Blouses and Skirts Assistant Designer
  • 22. "My father was in retail as a buyer in dresses, He told me not to do retail, but I actually fell in love with it! I've been in retail for 30 years and it never gets boring. It's worth the hard work and everything we put into it. It all goes back to creative and artistic element and the way you create the product-making sure its rooted in art and never forgetting what we stand for. This brand always pushes for that element of surprise. Something I've learned is to never lose sight. It's the little things that mean more than the big. It's the simple things in your day-to
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