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Taste Receptor Cells By Daniel Nunez When your favorite foods enter your mouth molecules Circumvallate papillae is found in the back of the interact with your saliva, from there taste receptor cells tongue near the throat that is arranged in two rows in a gather and sample oral concentrations of small v-shape. Each row has 1 to 2 mm projections of molecules in a large quantity to report the sweet mucous membranes. Those projections connect to the sensation
   Taste Receptor Cells   By Daniel NunezWhen your favorite foods enter your mouth moleculesinteract with your saliva, from there taste receptor cellsgather and sample oral concentrations of smallmolecules in a large quantity to report the sweetsensation of taste to centers in the brainstem. Tastereceptor cells are the cells that are found in our taste buds. ur sense of taste negotiates with taste receptor cells, that are bundled in clusters of ! #$! called taste buds. Taste assists us to analyze to%ins and to maintainnutrition. The five basic tastes are salty, sweet, bitter,sour, and umami. &on channels are responsible for detecting both the salty and sour taste sensations. Whilethe sweet, bitter, and umami tastes are detected by ' protein#coupled taste receptors. The gustatory system is made up of taste receptor cellsin the taste buds, where the taste buds are stored instructures that are called papillae. (apillae are smallnipple li)e structures that live on the surface of thetongue, they are what gives the tongue its roughte%ture. There are three different types of papillae thatare apart of taste, which are fungiform papillae, foliate papillae, and circumvallate papillae. *ungiform papillae is found on the upper surface of the tonguescattered around that is more of a mushroom shapedfungiform papillae, and detects the tastes such as salty,sweet, bitter, sour, and umami. The foliate papillae can be found on the sides of the bac) of the tongue, theyare responsible for sensations of taste and have taste buds embedded on the surfaces. +ircumvallate papillae is found in the bac) of thetongue near the throat that is arranged in two rows in av#shape. ach row has $ to - mm proections of mucous membranes. Those proections connect to the base of the mucous membranes that are shaped as a circular depression. &n that area salivary glands clear out the serous secretions, the secretions help to washout the food from circular depression and also help tocatch fresh tastes. *urther aside of the papillae, tastereceptors are in the palate aswell and in the early partsof the digestive system. ur stomachs have their own taste receptors, taste budsare technically ust chemical identifiers that areconnected to our conscious mind to )eep us ingestingcertain chemicals. ur stomachs taste receptors aren/tcommunicating with our conscious brain, theycommunicate with a sensory response system. Thatresponse system detects bitter tasting foods, and puts a brea) to the digestive system because bitter flavoredcompounds have an affect on us. &t holds down food because researchers believe that bitterness could be asign that food is dangerous to eat, it )eeps the bodyfrom having a lot of to%ic compounds at once. Taste buds are in a lot of places,and they/re are part of our  body that is really useful to us every single day,without them you wouldn/t be able to taste your favorite foods.  Left Image:  Diagram of taste cells Right Image:  Papillae of tongue
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